HMMS Hour 2 - Sex in Politics 7/11/18

Wednesday, July 11th

In hour 2 of the Hillman Morning show Larry Army is in studio solving legal problems for the listeners while LB makes it all about himself and we have a sex in politics story but this time it’s a woman strong arming a man.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Job those who have blown in the very good about that you know I didn't I was looking back as I get a lot of people that did much better than me yeah I've never even called that's you know I'm still alive midshipmen at. Leo listen you really good I don't know if I told this on the or you were really good and that he's stronger our thanks again thank you guys I thought was the better job Boston Marathon bombing movie yet that better than Mark Wahlberg one no disrespect to mark I'm not much of Lebanese that that that government don't but I mean the I think Mark Wahlberg is gonna be playing the coach. Who took the kids into the case and the right yeah hear the movie about a new crazies probably that they didn't need rescuers after all rescue them themselves to himself I've always known by I think. That stronger. Was it was a great movie an early age I think you're you're at it I just did smell. You know. She. And I'll drink a shot does not show all the love that affliction it's a show to go to a joke documented and it's amass it really only had met. Beau Biden and it Frankie on themselves strong. Rosie O'Donnell like. You know she's it is let me give you much you know another person. But I was I was pretty black belt back that's I don't remember a lot but I was always in the rose people whose boat album before Allen and me yeah like the way from 56 million dollars just walked its particular kids yeah greatly the ice and you know. These plans mean some and so what do you think about what happened with Roseanne. Old and in all that got me in the box. Israel and they think about it's OK well let's go to. You know I mean. The Rosie had on she's a racist. I know I have no idea you know my age you know viable black my family did learn a White House last twelve years. Yeah that's that my shirt and black guys like that she's in usage around Iran ironically enough. I take them to. Ink well. I've done in the vineyard you know I'll gladly take is that equally I don't I don't talk like that you know what a joke and others talk about it that they Albright. Well they don't know what do you think that he'll make it back on television now. Not an action not a it's about you like to me it week yeah still. And she's. I don't know what I don't know about it you know I mean I've I have no opinion I could not do it may. Get. Tell us you guys tell I'm a beaten old white man I can't back idiots you is going to Syria great seeing you thank you so much thanks for the body it was fabulous. It seemed. Like lies my love. And news. And it's afternoon. It was an item in our region data Friday night c'mon. The ball. Art Lenny Clarke it 7703. And Lenny Clarke will be at the regent theatre in Arlington on Friday this is WA AF FM. And HD one not less robust than. WEEI. HD to Lawrence and WW. PX HD two Boston. Has an answer and Tyler yeah. And now LV poll out. With a WAF. Sportsman. Doctor Matthew oppressed and doctor Robert Leonard a sponsor in the sports minister Meir doctor there are doctors about Brian Scalabrine. Our blood Nikko and Wes Welker is well O gelatin. Then I. That is in the that is not the green looking at Sperry. He throws. Red Sox were. Uniform. WER McAuliffe thanks Benny that was a five run third and the boys rolled him over Texas the war due to counting the Sox have pulled off. He's in a row. Many may teach you very soon though JBJ had two reviews of peace last night Sox strangest nights tonight seven tankers sail. Has Bartolo Cologne who desire I think he just turned sixty war. I am yes 45. Still humming pretty amazing creative things about it. 45 year old man. Doing well and patriot league baseball and that was pretty amazed by his front load but we have great well yeah it embodies and sauces great job this is I think that's why does his body is so fat he can take it re supposed to someone McGuire yeah. You know like Pedro yeah someone like that got us out faster so you gotta like David Wells he could pitch forever commitment to. And malice and go to our Red Sox dot com slash vote and let's get on the hander Ben Internet bandwagon to get him in the all star joked. Next week in the capital Seoul you know. I think voting ends dated for clocks are written or AF nation Red Sox Nation did after viewed due diligence also. He Pedroia is heading to Phoenix to continue. His knee rehab I am no clos. Who. Athletes are gators forward don't they have stated here rehab step forward. I think they have trainers. And in other news finally killed I mean now nobody in there and then that you. The truck is history down attempt to bring about ugly nasty stadium where you'll play the balls off the roof. Tampa Bay is allegedly building a new baseball stadium. For the race speaking of Tampa Bay the lightning superstar an acute because drove into me your ticket. Nine point five mil per 39 you'll see if you want helpers hundred points he deserves it. Wimbledon championships continued today with the men's quarterfinal action at the clock on ESPN yesterday legend 36 year old American Serena Williams. Knocked off super Heidi commuter Georgie. Oh yeah she's there for eight Wimbledon title 44 major she's going to be tennis hall of fame Tour de France stage five. I think it's are at the R&B CS and World Cup yesterday France. Is in the final would like Belgium one meal today at 2 o'clock you got England vs Croatia. On NASA and consolation Saturday chairmanship for all the marbles on albeit snare sportsman it. All right thank. Obi it is 707. And 2 days Hill Man Morning Show. It is presented. By a coast or technologies. Data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. It is eventually going to be sunny today there's some showers around this morning showers and thunderstorms but and the sun will be out. And the temperature he's going to be between 76 and eighty today. Depending on where you are. We are going to get to ask an attorney in just a few moments with our in house counsel Larry army junior. No question as we learn on this segment out about yes that's true if you are sticking. If you're seeking some free legal advice you're going to get it in just moments. From art in house counsel area army juniors so asking attorney coming up we can text your question on the tax line which is 97. 107 that's 97107. And then we're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back at eight. That home L voicemail number is 617779. 5463. Leave a voicemail message now and won't play your voicemail messages back. On any topic. At 8 this morning and an 830 in the studio with us the youngest and ever played the warped tour there are 910. And eleven year old. And there and play alive in the studio as long as there. Parents say it's OK yes that is coming out. Thirty on today's Hill Man Morning Show. And finally here in beautiful safe for Brighton Massachusetts and today's weather is brought to you by Nissan intelligent mobile would be. Some will be out for most of the day today temperature will be between 76. And eighty. It's a great day to enjoy a ride Nissan can't control whether. But Nissan intelligent mobility is technology. That is changing the way you drive forever it's time to enjoy the ride. And upgrade to Nissan intelligent mobility technology that moves people go to Nissan USA dot com. To learn more it is 78. Team. Interests and legal advice I promise you I'm big cash settled. And force them free legal advice might he is 50%. That journey. Ask your attorney with our in house legal counsel Larry army junior you may now text any kind of legal related question. June 97107. And get your free legal advice how are you attorney our army how are you their task I've missed you last week on your vacation Obama while we're back we're glad to be back and I didn't wanna ask you first and foremost since Lindy has been whining about it over the last few days whether or not. Legally there are any charges. That you believe will be filed. Against the soccer coach in Thailand who took those boys. In two decades you know you know I hate to go against my my Canadian associated yes yes yes and I hope he continues to give up that good legal advice today but I will tell you this I personally. Think that guys probably hero. I mean think about this there in his ski the waters come Russian. He gets these kids somehow height two and a half miles into the keys to avoid drowning. Over terrain that from all intents and purposes was ridiculous ya ya and they keep she's gives a lot for nineteen days yeah. And they all get out. I mean do you make that guy hero lightly arrest that I can't. If he's not the he's not the hero. Number that's going to be good on the heels of the heroes what new what knew it would have to have you. What do you got to watch the video where they they actually showed it to me. At one point. You have to go down. Seven feet. In a one foot space now so what min O wiggling Clinton and my point is Navy SEALs have been. Well this focal points that's what we laugh that's led. And we love went yeah that's what she says that choke points on his sleeve and is only. There's nobody that recently Danielle nickname in college the job that joke ever but. Yeah no no and Blair and I are talking yeah. On your computer and I would say out of business anyway. The word documents that anywhere Barbara how yeah I just I just don't believe but it also lean on me yeah probably that hole I don't know charged legal would you say this vote move LV if you had twelve kids Mickey for nineteen days you had to adapt miles underground with no light no food in back crap everywhere. Making it Kyra Kyra yeah no we answered not. I had to send us into America. If if if a soccer coach dragged. A bunch 116 year old kids got stuck in a two point nine miles intuit Canada. And they were in payroll loss for two weeks. I would hazard a guess that would there might be some losses. Yes and yeah I'd hazard a guess on LB no LLB bingo at that mark that off you may have been all right. Our question number 1 this morning for ask an attorney at 721. I am locked in when my cable company for another two years and they just told me. That they are removing Cinemax. From my package and they know can't get a Mac yeah and they can they do that. Well so you looking your contract I'm sure you're going to find the small small fine print which says that they have the discretion in the right. Two at a sutra channels as the case may be. So I don't think you're gonna get out of there with a breach of contract however. If you call mopping your voice your complaint I'm sure they'll let you go all right this is Chris hello Chris. Grasp I don't know amount Goodyear on and asked an attorney with the art in house counsel Larry army junior when he got. So admirably. Rental properties down in Rhode Island. We use a third party. Company. Provide the renters to us also does see. Leases dozens you know all that kind of back and stuff. So our relationship is gone though however we have. You can then moving him in September. Police said they signed current lease states that. All these checks go into this third party company and then they give us the money. Now we're not gonna be using them anymore is it possible to cancel. Lease or break that we supported that we get payment. Mean so let me just are pricing in places that so yes yes cannot give you legal advice however I'm still gonna answer the question ethnic that's ever thought he lives in Africa cup. If you have a kind at least a contract if it's time by the tendency in by you. And he rental company management company EU secured that Tenet for you the chances are. They can be entitled to their feeling is that. Common sense advice here is to contact them and paid at their feet. So he checks go directly to you you have to deal with now let out as it is his contacts you're gonna get. I am building here is 617 text I am building a tree house from my kids called in I've consulted I consulted with the town's building department in person and I was told that no permits are needed. And there's no byline of that is related to this. I was told that there that it's not considered a structure salon has not supported by anything but the tree. I have completed the platform that the house gonna sit on in just received a letter. From the pound building department saying my anticipated treehouse is clearly a structure. And is felt the same set back closet. Shed pulled a nosy neighbor right there. Never mind. All somebody knocked out and locks up a man by the way obscure reference yes great show on Russia would be good stuff and assured journalists on yeah. Tree house through Arizona don't listen dude bills are 200000 or trios people. The obstacles are discovered at the opry house master I got a blank here what's the what's the deal on this. He's already in about a thousand bucks for the tree house platform that he's built latte this we really need to know what town their rented to look at the town bylaws Andy's here you'd. Number one that you got the building inspector Tony this is in the structure and assuming he has now that writing if he does that might change things. However I will tell you that week who would huge go to the Massachusetts state building code which a lot of situations trumps the local building code. And you'll find anything under 200 square beaten terms retreat house. Needs no permit. Now there's two different questions here though the corporate question is does he need a permanent and at the tend to square feet which is basically you know. Pretty big yeah about ten by Tony Alamo great trio. Not replied I don't my third that my child must have a 1000 square foot tree house yeah yeah that over a 150 square feet. Needs to comply with the setback requirements of it is this vote it's under 200 square at the you do not need a permit millions over a 150 square feet you do need to comply with the setbacks which are typically ten feet or something like a structure like. The parent for seven anyone tax. Social Security overpaid my mother for twelve years. And they are now asking for the money back it's over 60000. Dollar on why what do we dale you. Listen I love these questions somebody had to know she. More than you. Your big pretty share. Well you know a's was getting you get blown out now on the brakes shark who opens up in the money home club about two and 93. The little different line. What do you what do you think I think that at some point in time you're gonna have to pay some of that money back there is a deal to make. Make a phone call get a lawyer and negotiate about if it wasn't her money it's not our money. My buddy got arrested drunk driving a boat on lake. He refused the sobriety tests which led to his arrest is that legal. So the police can arrest that they have probable cause so you know legal is. Is yes but the the better question is why would be doing and step lock and turn on a blow. Honestly bold sounds like some like attorney army might have a little wriggle out loans they like we have defense. So the boat was was rock band and you're their parent so I don't water it was hard to be walking and has not I'm not Maria my yield nine feet and a message is up and whatever what is it I'll be honest I don't you know I narrator an affair I was sobriety test ever. Glitzy. This is asking attorney our weekly segment with our in house counsel area army junior. You can text any and all questions or call within you know questions. A five point next few months back my company laid out twelve people who lob that severance pay. Myself and another warned formed two weeks ago that we were also going to be laid off. But they have another position available if we interview for it. They told us that if we don't take into position we will still be laid off but we will get no severance unlike the others who got sentences that okay. Well it is okay we will get potentially is unemployment so others sedatives that. In terms of the severance I would imagine you know we have to look at contracts to the other people have contracts that you have a contract as their severance call for in the contract. You know basically company can do it they wanna do. You know again. I'll tell you one thing and and this goes really into more about real world verses legal advice companies don't like to see lawyers involved in cases like this so. You typically get a lawyer you can end up walking when it's something. 50 wait text on the female who was sexually harassed by a co worker last year it was reported to my boss but no action was taken. The perpetrators has since left the company ten Aysu Mike company for this. A year later yes well I mean you're within your statute of limitations. I think that your biggest problem is the EU are probably going to sue for sexual harassment in the workplace. Gain the back east they differ a year is going to be is going to be a mitigating circumstance in terms you damages. I mean if it was that bad why do you stay for twelve months. What is the statute of limitations. Or on sexual harassment workplace asking for a friend. Had no comment I'm in residence and your friends talk about conflict of interest. Daddy knows the answer to that that they asked that and then you get fresh threat. Funny how that policy this is David on the Framingham Ford's studio line during ask him at Ernie what's up David. They're great things take my call I appreciate it followed by a mother who assumed my father sort security. When he passed away in 2004. Got a letter from Social Security in 2016. Cheap and all the papers. Well what you need to. While so and other social results gentleness and security is the way I go sound area. Larry said earlier you you have you have to pay it back the money has to be paid back but there isn't really hears it. Is there anything. He's even though she felt all the all the cut paperwork also urged Sochi was daughter of state pension. And change while all that information she'd been told them every year about her pension increase. They finally it's finally in 2016 but hey we can double pay it. See this is nice and we keep people on the phone that follow up they don't know that that's a little bit of a different situation in the first caller yeah. You know she's firmly taken those steps to let them know this and they haven't and I will tell you this. This kind of goes to the point earlier for the first acts. Somebody obviously if you didn't know she wouldn't have been telling them all these years that hey. You year old pain so you know what they would say you should have done and we probably should blaming. Now what Larry did is to put the money into a bank account and in Atlanta for one day but use your saying. What what you should know that all all she did was what when my mom or dad died she assumed that sold securities and she got. I painted she didn't know it was the wrong thing. I'm not saying that anything wrong I definitely announcing that. But I am saying is they had to do better reason that she continued to let Social Security no year after year. That are state pension was increasing because when state pension increases your Social Security benefits decrease so so eight. So but below Larry says he could negotiate with them most likely right and give them I don't give them give them some of it. And there's a lot of lawyers up I'm not one of them yeah and army and Roche we do not do Social Security by now there are a lot of lawyer is especially as an actress. All right this is Marisa hey Marisa. What's going. Content I am I saying I'm moving from all they need a lot and that. And contacted at that they. He didn't say it the record. Did he do that and he. Like it all. End. And all lottery. Act they're yeah. I think. It'll. Now. Or. Eight at that press. Yeah I think that that something cool. Thing I court. And not primary and they like. And that indeed. And it copier like reading that I act and act. A lot happier it it Alan. And it's not now I. Know. Popped it. I'd. Act out of it. Yes. That Jerry. They are. Pretty. And I'll eat that I going to create. There and working out now and all of that that are a lot all of it didn't tell them to bed. Oh yeah so the I I I wanna say this this is this is a situation that we see in the law firm ally that people do their research after the problem arises verses before the club and get an up and I I don't want listener. Now. What I'm saying is is that the effort in the time you put in to. Understanding what went on after the problem is what should happen before you hire these people. No more to. Choice of law and class action waivers are. Often typically contracts many different types of contracts and you gotta be bound by that so. You're not going to be the Sudan uses necessarily. You certainly can't call the attorney general's office in Massachusetts as a consumer protection hotline number. Which you can call them you Google that its its available to anybody in this state. I think realistically. They're not going to chase moving company uses a lucid is the one at the U views. Through Washington State cal. One person. But having said that you should certainly at least at a minimum contact the attorney general in the state of doing business which actually is is Merrill and there operative Merrill. Oh okay so do that there. His and 978 tax. My wife's family is very wealthy so I had to sign a pre nup. I just found out. That she is cheating on me with the art landscaper. Does that. Boyd. Does that void the pre nup so I and I am going to say yes. Now what I can prove that the difference or yes but that so that I could that could void the pre nup that this kind of conduct is an element of these things out accurately. Hit a lot of a lot of preen apps actually had a clause in talks about infidelity. And yeah Cody cause now which. Look at you cheat on me in the arena is invalid via. What if it doesn't have that I mean I think you still have an equitable argument unclean hands you know summed it says hey. I'm gonna marry you you're gonna get any of my well but I'm gonna go screw around on your chance again that kind of doesn't feel right. Part of my rent includes two parking spaces however people are always parking in my spot and mightily in ward does nothing about it. Can I deduct rent for that. I I wouldn't deduct rent from that I think the better thing to do these. Maybe a start with the Euro letter in that doesn't works with a certified letter. The other thing you might want to think about is if it's other tennis that parking spot put him on notice that those a year spots and if there's ace in the there reserve spots. I'm a lot of times you can tow. But if you told somebody supposed to tell you going to be on the hook for the co payment. It also be in just put oil out there while I'm proud that America and they didn't mention about it yes. It's 735. This is basket and Ernie wins in the house counsel Larry army junior and this is Bonnie on the framing him forward studio on what's up Bonnie. The question and that occurred a little bit about another segment but I wanted to ask so I married. And my height and bought a house that we both lives then before we were married and also. Look at our vehicles are registered in his name and I was curious as to whether or not. If something ever happened to him or if we would ever be divorce. Would I have rights to those things. You what's great about this one she's not asking for. He's got the I've asked her crown but not enough. Now on is set contemplating all kinds of options Celtic which is a funny it is yes what what a funny let's start with the obvious question that divorce to answer yeah it doesn't matter of Massachusetts whose name the cars or your house is that doesn't matter. Makes no difference doesn't matter what might make a difference is where the source of his down payment came from the home prior to the marriage what the value of the homeless on the in the marriage and equitable value is as a today okay for those things primary in the may matter in terms of what part of those things you yet but in terms of title. Makes no difference for marriage she still gets half that Bonnie they'll get half dozen matters payments and I. Okay. And it's a funny word. Like I know I'm not I'm not planning to beat divorce that nobody is running out and that nobody that way yeah. I would don't have those rights even though like his parents actually help them out with has dealt payment so that's kind of you know I wouldn't wanna be without a home if something were ever happened to him. So bunny that is that little bit of a different question is a very simple solution for that one. Penny on how you have title to that property is what's called tenants by the attired in Massachusetts. With a right of survivorship. Which means if you're married to somebody you can hold title to property as tenants in the entirety. Which means that that property or pass outside the probate process to the last person that remains so he passes party of unions on that he didn't go directly to you. Otherwise you gotta make sure your husband has a well. Which leaves these things do you and then as parents have no sight I feel like Bonnie husband might need of food taster. Yeah we'll definitely. In the end of the concerned about each of them children well now the only previous. High but not divorcing after. He just might be. And this is Chris hello Chris. Equation alert yes Chris. Very I yeah I recently had a soon youth sports organization. Because they're mismanaged the fund that we did them. And would look small planes or. And I would open to negotiation to get my money the other part of refused negotiation. Than what we want when much of the city clerk. I was always awarded. Money. Yeah apparently it is old people process for small planes and I just wondered how. Old are. You continue to partner pews negotiation. Or people who would be a percentage of or simple. So I was say this first of all there is an appeal. Or the defendant on small claims actions taken to the district court. When you choose to go to the small claims court though as a plane that you do not really have any anything you can do at that point in time with the judgment. I'll tell you this this falls under the category of splitting the baby. Go to small claims court you're never gonna walk away empty handed torture never gonna lock away fully fully compensated is my dad hasn't watched Judge Judy and. That works I'll be back on that. Let's see I have a tenant who said that they did not have children on a sign les they moved in and they have a daughter. And they're using one bedroom using a one bedroom has a two bedroom. In my able to break the lease with them. So use it at that you have kids on the police and sign that. Canyon. Look I mean again yes you can. OK can sue them and try to bury the least what you are heading into a very hostile territory. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is housing court and as a landlord you probably know that are ready it's a can't warms if the kids not doing anything wrong in the outages. Can anybody right up pre nup inhabit signed by both parties and have no motorized and we'll hold up or would you lawyer need to write it up that's 50 wait that's all right so the short answer is anybody can write appropriate. The long answer is there's many technical requirements for pre nuptial agreement in this state. Or this commonwealth excuse me to be held. If that full full disclosure of auditor income assets liabilities has to be fair and reasonable at the time of the drafting and at the time of the separation. It's a very complicated thing and if you're getting a pre nuptial. I assume you have money that you're trying to protect spend three days seven grand on a lawyer and do it the right way. I just 978 Texan just left the job after six years. They did not pay me nine months of expenses such as mileage and phone reimbursement etc. And my entitled to this money under the Massachusetts wage act so if you. Put in reimbursements slips for these things in the with things that you were to be reimbursed from yes you definitely have a claim I would contact an attorney there is again is a lot of attorneys to specialize in in this current number one comment on whether or whatever you can call us at army approached you wrote okay in this is Johnny John what's up. They didn't go that and I'm like good morning good morning thank you have another question on all my brother eat. You eat house with his girlfriend are probably around ten years ago. On the and they had two kids together a Big Ben she's an out of the pitchers you move ballot to elect. And that he was wondering if there was a way to get her name moss. On the deed on. Without you want to sell the house in the future sites like ours that's something that you get to stick. So whose name is the house. And it's important here and so I don't like very girl she wants cabinet. You know tap the equity. Humans. And humans have the payment to block. Well that elect. That's after an attorney it's does it always amazes me that the time slot Soviet. Will be back to bury the card slot next week next Wednesday 35 it's that's asked if any with our in house counsel every army junior. And of course we disclaimer allies. You're not you only offering your legal opinions is not official legal advice that is legal advice can be attained through army and Roche dot com I'll get Taylor news coupled with them over anyway I'd guess it is seven. 751. And coming up in about half an hour or forty minutes the youngest the band to ever. Lady warped tour will play live in the studio. For us. And they're called color killers and actually said he actually their parents are sending. Erodes their parents at their next life which is pretty cool off and I always wish it could have played him a musical instrument that just like I wish that I could have started one high school basketball game I wish I wish I could play music and. They dragged me to the New England Conservatory of Music every Saturday for piano lessons hospital for years and I hated it and I never practice than the other issues like. In anti ever regret not I'm not plan a panel want them like yeah exactly I wish that I kept up of that. Should you seem like somebody who played an instrument growing up I was an advance through most of the ninety's way. And staff always or animal farm out animal stars as a drunken new you know fraternity basement party man and done and what doesn't have gone to a van went up and on the East Coast for. A few years. There was. It was. If I can't remember most of it godly guy that was loud I remember that it was very loud bush or go to Louie Louie a okay I'm Lou Lou sorry Louie did we did a great really fast punk version of whipping post no body ailment bothers you Ellie I usually eight minutes on we gotta down to about Hillary. Well these guys are 910. And eleven. Or 128. How what it. 810 and twelve she's okay very important clarification there yet 810 and twelve years old. And you'll hear them play live at the bodies thirty years so on today's show. Tomorrow still 50 is back it's been a couple weeks since since nullify those so. We'll take a brief look at the horrifying and terrifying crimes that had been walked in or called him. To my lifelong home pounds police force the still police department that steering. Still five all in and at 750 tomorrow we'll go inside. Though warped female brain. Yeah we have an update on the Rockland select woman we spoke about on the show animator at a week or two will go couple weeks ago. She's alleged it was there was and he said she said about whether or not there was an alleged. Incidents. Romantic nature between her. And there had been they had been at the. Town hall. App after hours. A whale known nothing could have been the town hall after hours after hours and then the woman. When it had been when it had been found out the route this woman had said that essentially she was. It was a me too moment writes that he had been inappropriate. With with her right there if I remember correctly I believe she didn't want to be. Surveillance video. That was into the release of the there was there was some questions there about. You know what does any of the phenomenon does anyone ever want no surveillance and I was entered. An unknown unknown now now now. None no rules what he's now. An independent investigation found that she did. Pressure the town administrator into an after hours encounter and he has that bit then she resign all and she's had to resign. Catcher is 90 my goodness so this is the case of a woman yeah who was pressuring an underlying yeah. Referred the author come. And there this is huge disconnect just got it's hair as Alex and I ran up front now yes that's unfortunate that we've gets and sound from Regina Ryan who is with discrimination and harassment solutions LLC. Miss hard used her position as a member of the board of selectmen who is actively. In the Sunni voting on this request for contract extension in salary increase. To pressure him into engaging in sexual activities with her. I. Now there was this I can think with this ever came. In. In time and grab Internet commercial egg but there's video on line. You on the patriot ledger YouTube account of these select means meaning in Rockland a couple weeks ago. And down one of the select and one of the chair stripped of his chair ship. Because of the way he handled this that only god and hassle. Music sexuality and that fight. Things got a little yellow. Now waiting to and it some. Mass. I write on there it's you know yesterday we you're. Conducting into the man town hall of fame the gentleman who showed up. Town meeting. To demand. That. Happy endings Bil out of them massages and night in Lawrence Kansas and that that audio was I was pretty fantastic yesterday. I'm we catch you wanna go back and hear that audio message because it is and it did well there's no there's been town meeting audio that I wanna play for you okay. Not to make this a regular feature anything but there's I don't know any we might find enough contact there is this new town meeting idea that I wanna play for you. Where a woman. Goes on a bit of a rant about a personal life but first I wanted to relive yesterday in which this man. Was at town meeting begging for happy endings. Thacker is this city allows for licensed as viewers to get Janet to a massages. And the Missouri and the client with a victory today. We let someone get naked and have every other pars there I'm attached and ran by him besides there and that's. Now we led propped colleges and their date. And sticking things that there so if someone wants to yank it guys thing I think Atlanta pictures of Eagles laid back guy. Led get them off with your hand actually be that much worse than. Giving him up well violence. He didn't have been there under the fault of fat are being that prop colleges stick in your fingers. Is. And that brings me to my last point. This is that group that people imposing their morality on the rest of society. They've grown adult lines there. Another grounded and another round it dollars willing to give one for money and let him. That's both freedom and capitalism and that that foundation of our country. If you have a problem with it gentlemen's thoughts then don't get one and allow and other consenting adults to do what they line. That would truly be happy ending. You America. Yeah we don't know if Lawrence Kansas has responded to them answer requests. We hope so but I gave him I was just happy that they gave him time for the full statement oh yeah absolutely council now this is a woman. That you probably wish they did not give full time tube yet but you as a teen. This a woman. Is. Delving into a lot of her personal situation that nobody really needs to hear. Hello. My name is Lisa and why wit you learn why didn't. I just moved here because I'm kidding and divorce. And it's not final till September 18. I'm not very loving parents. Ma'am we're discussing the rezone into the port tell us here opening comments on that. For a while we're discussing the re zoning and 53 for all Thailand I'm sixty years. Again we're here to hear comments about the resounding. While I don't like FaceBook. And I don't. Like the Internet because I can't find a job. The library and blocked my password. May does that make any sense yeah.