HMMS Hour 2 “See You After the Holidays” 6/22/18

Friday, June 22nd

This hour we discuss how much people on their pets, Irrational fears, Danielle’s upcoming podcast with Stiz Grimey and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always I'm. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Judge judge judge determines regarded as host on human cloning or whatever and act as members like. Juicy Susie do you have to play all day while you're wasting your life I seriously. Dear dear aren't here that we go to some beat. Him you can we you'll have a subway. And let's yes what you know how you mentioned that a lot of people don't know that you can get inspection of the Mac sauce on anything at McDonald's yes I had a delightful happy accident is Bob brass would say the other day where I got and I enjoy the plain hamburger mcdonalds know very basic. But they gave me the sesame seed bun instead of the non seed bun. Complete game changer and we all really good he's really good this week he'd made all the difference that was enough. Change your traditional style burger and the something like and may I ask for that now and I can you please put the burger on a sesame seated then it's usually like the big Macs at the sesame seed bun. Have you seen the news today. We were talking about how much kids costs. And what do they say it's about couple on a grand Barack Purdue in India plus that you and it's been seven years the news is out today on how much. During its lifetime a dog costs you have you seen that they did know that this is probably going to be. Alarming for you because we'll lose some calculations afterwards based on how many dogs he had come in and out of here shelter. Or year arc over there but Shelton it is about 141000. 300 dollars. If you average the average person spends on that path not surprised. I don't really skin cancer has asked that already by about 7000 and surgeries I Mona. The F fourteen is a really good piece by our body bills bureaus are not spots and and and Harold and about it. But 141500. Dollars over the lifetime of an animal. And when people complain. Wire adoption fees so high at certain rescue is his. They wanna make sure you can afford to a if something should happen if the animal should need treatment or surgery or whatnot that they look at. Well I'll kinda step medical bills. Food insurance. Registration all that stuff. At in the first year of owning a dog you can look at spending between anywhere between 12100 in 2000. And down over the course the lifetime almost 151000 that's according to the ASPCA so. Things are certain dogs your kids well we are your motor on Valentine's Day and how how crazy is it. That that Americans. Spend 8200. Million. Dollars. I'm down times gives for their nets for their. Then he's in six. A lot of people we've discussed previously that a lot of people are foregoing children and then just going with the dog yeah announced though. I think it's important for people to realize that they're considering pet ownership that you know what are the worst kinds of abuse you can actually. Engage in. Is getting it a pet and never taking it back to the back and never getting preventive care and never addressing things like rotting teeth or you know obesity or act UT eyes and Macy's Ernie animals that. A simple vet visit in a quick course of antibiotics would leave them pain free but they suffer for ten years here there are like whatever it's just dawn. Your dog means their teeth between may well make it to the event there's a 508 text from somebody who just spent 15100. Dollars. For their caps to have dental surgery. Needed to needed caps probably defense and that. Yeah and have a nice track smile on fees are added on to. We were targeting I also wanna just give everybody a heads up on next week we were talking about food briefly with regard to the number one restaurant. That. Still is guilty man written and I want to remind you that Wednesday. Our next. Blind. Food. Taste tests challenge will happen in the studio. And it will be lobster rules where. For once and for all. We will end the ongoing debate about where. The greatest lobster roll in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can be found. And we're. Now we're looking we're talking with Sullivan's. Kelly's. Would mean and thousands. Even giant even JC's out of went over all I'd talked to JP yesterday yes they respectfully to what. Unfortunately or very nice as that some kind of some kind of commentary on this program I don't know all of us so that. I don't think it was a million maybe you're worried you're talking about extra personal lives maybe they're worried that trade secrets shared with other competitors if they bring their moms rule a lawyer's. Point. I've ever heard of long boards in Salem that's up your wading out text there says they have an amazing monster EF I think I mentioned that yesterday Iran when that conversation yeah that at long or longer Hillary step could spot credit Pickering morphed into. China to the the terrorists. Here's somebody says Quinn sea food. That's over and I conquered I believe West Concord is where that is. Here's somebody asking how I feel about steamers I'd love Stevens and nobody's business what you have to have that yet to have the hot water. Did did the steamer and be right Gloria do the butter yeah at the US pushes witness stand and everything out of there gosh what's the pub. Almighty god the public to endowments there. In. And it. There don't they do garment steamers but yeah I'm gonna get your immediate teeing you order two bags of them some. I'm. My body not science cannot sit there listening. I Acxiom to Hillman show this Dexter says you should get a hold of blood boils over and JP that they haven't I don't know hills and it boils. Arnold. You don't even halfway can't thank pathway Kepler. Yeah it's a pleasure is awesome they garlic steamers or two bags. You're you're good together. Don't forget somebody was saying the beach warm and sunny out just texted him about that whereas before. It's something that we get a lot of text messages about that the other day and we sort of talked about. Ourselves like to borrow. It is 706. Here acts WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston WEEI. HD two warrants. And WW BX HT two Boston and the news this hour is brought to you by her. Sadie and performance never takes a vacation in a sizzling offer and the Mercedes-Benz you've always wanted at the Mercedes and Benz summer event. OT NB USA dot com slash summer event to learn more or visiting from local Mercedes-Benz dealer at sex drive today. Sounds like an individual. That our president had an affair with a Mercedes bug Mercedes. Insert that I met a rotating opponents. Mercedes bonds and I were friends because the of the apprentice. Aren't what it was what do I thought about news line when other one other new sponsor this in our state. Farm go with the one here to help life go right talk to an agent today and 800 state farm sponsored by. State farm. Since we're talking about the Boston Harbor Islands earlier thought we should mention the ship crash that happened yesterday the Odyssey. He had a bunch of my ward boats with a 320 students from new date middle school on board bag cash Albany accurate aggregate cash. They were doing a pre graduation field trip happened about just just after 11 o'clock yesterday morning. And Vernon Fitch is an instructor at Boston sailing club talking about are. She demonstrate its good to me about three yards and a comeuppance as big started coming straight toward me there's startle or surprise. A sonic iron out of they have the video jumps right off Somalia. Of his boat yeah of course you brush of some sort of ought to vote yes to both basically. The area of the way as a salty dog though he captain's hat in the obscure reference. Judge no Rodney Dangerfield bowed to. Threatens heading toward gesture to smell snapped what. What the name of judge mills vote the flying wants to pass that. Does it then move money should keep the little nine and got the stock market beat and I think from that they're. I'll bet they're doing things that raise okay. Everybody's okay crew on the honesty say geeks. Students are moved to a lower deck on the on a CD continued with their cruise until their 1 PM to help bounces three you know it's. In Reno and speed. Art form miles an hour. Solid used during 63. Knots looks to be a little just under three and half mile per hour. Not fair. An irrational fear. A wallaby. Causes a car accident in Montana. I didn't even think we have wallabies and then in America I thought they were only in Australia we don't it escaped from a pending sale poet did well yeah will be was on the loose yet old so well that they all believe on eleven mate. Montana trooper Matthew Finley responded to the scene. That's not a wallabies. I'll always creates. Its own wild days when they're cute. And rail. Well crease situation in Worcester couple that lives in Leicester wants to know who shooting arrows into their roof. One yeah down arrows arrows three arrows with a razor tips. Have hit their home since last Friday. It seems like it would be easy to. No disrespect these few but to identify the person I mean if you see somebody with a blow. Who was right across extra innings and I thought like they could become my hopes. Miles away it's kind of scary and an area the at the un hit the garage roof is still there is they're older and they can't get up there to take it out but this is Lauren as well funny. Into the house into a funny inevitably just visit arrow stuck to our garage. The real fights are you kidding me that error could penetrate iChat go right to I didn't kill dia. We'll go right to a child I would believe if it's kids may be vigilant. Topic practiced some of the get killed. That's my biggest hit out afraid to walk in the act now and I'm afraid for the kids that come and make sure you if you see in narrow someone bowed out we put it. Because someone's life. Is in danger. Sack practice. I am glad I had unseeded Italian press scented with Damon to the global. Definitely Iraq and sure enough for another notes that some dude it's. Like your parent or their parents are legitimate professional ball a hunting arrow pollute Jillian to suit accusing you shoot and go foreign yards. Five are you shoot you shoot like apple where you. If you march heroin thing. I don't know forty don't know what I mean I don't know I know. I it's apparent that you know you should I don't know it is first of all it's some loser. Knitwear and who they're cute he'll write your time what I hunting error yet you. That's a hunting arrow so some non. Is launching our an arrow that is worth probably forty dollars loses her aero. Any enemies want you know and I'm just I'm. Let you know that it's not a crosses to read to you you shoot Naira from right. 500 yards a techsters suggesting that maybe this is Elon mosques new project. Because it's a component flaming arrows to shoot. Or something yeah opinion the Carolina Carolina yeah. Could be what is it that you're here in the front here is that a is that earmarked this. Yeah. Just joined the program at 722. Are concerned about. Lindy this morning and I Scott. Well they're texting and then there. This Texas says has Lyndon already started vacation. And the man is in. Keen student his student find out what would it work or award that was always you sure reads the dark corner who loses Sharif. Well it's a mean. The here's somebody said they just got a flashback. Of well last time LB was terrifically sick. And sounded like he was on the verge of death any second I believe you're on the verge of death you're just you're you know I'm I I might be talking a little personal. One and I two occupants are Marcum sweep one or normal. Her son are so that's not so a lot of people does she. Now so talking a little bit slower that I can't even. Think right now because I mean so much pain. I may have slowed Daryn the sleep talked so. I guess maybe you wanna be dead but on the I'm all of a zone like 95 years on my my granddad cracker Jack my own man mine you know every era. It's gonna sock three people here's the I I I I'm going to be nineteen years old. So unlike ninety. I don't do ganging chicks in Newport. Yeah you know you don't figure Norway this weekend like we get a week ago hello transferred I get to take all our next call is and I just. For all the people boss going nuts. When I go to the hill mango off German. MI not do why not have two small show. Cheers out my sire in Albany every day. You do have. Two women with you I will say. They often say beauty is in the eye of the beholder are only if I heard it's tough to judge. It's tough for me it just yeah well. If I apologize all right well. Right now is that I guess I get to hang with them yes I'm more insane right. Yes Thursday. Armored at the golf term enter in my golf current. We we finished. The charity golf term I go there hotel room. At fox roads where they proceed DA completely unique borrow money towards too much information why isn't to much less about felt like this I just wonder how don't I just wanna bring people up to speed about the part where you think government it will. So there. And then fried address tomorrow to my wife and my son while. Struggling I'd get it now. Ways sympathetic he's awake up and throughout the problem and Obama as the taxes says today is the perfect day to do LB. On something on his job and my generation we should do that I worry if I if anybody's got oxy code on tape I use that oxy code or Archie go to our own bottom photo op. Content on photo his Turkish and rap there's fear invited to a four perch are now over the barbed barbed wires are being pumped its. That fact that's at LP it. Obese hallucinating. And what the future it is the ultimate. Obviously and it is unclear what you guys I I just thought I'd love people a lot of Idaho. I don't know if I'd just slow people. That don't. Just do me a favor com's if you warrant you can jump in the truck proved me. I won't drive down a botched it up and you can spend a weekend with me. You now I'm I'm amber numbering in my buddy we aren't lost on the clean line and that's an oil. We're minus it was regularly and I'm sitting with Tracy Bingham and her sister yeah I won five grand prize last year is yours should Joseph loser. Is leaning on the one armed man no that was that was outside of the talent always on these unknowns is here's a Texas as the two women are actually. A known as he'd nurses. LB but I can live without. After the Brunswick incidents we always have it paid nervous when I hear you used I can only a couple of their season with a bronze and yes. This Medicare Canada the now. Right well we're going to be fart he's he's going to be capacity. After August. Mean like Christmas. Or relatives and you know men's figure some are shooters. Let's see here is Patrick on the Framingham Ford's studio line hello. Actor and walking my all right glad to have glad that glad that you're having us on it by Q. Ed might let it it didn't Obey it great. And that can help everybody out and what we got it who who do you manage. Umbrella. The. Trying to have agreed date yet. Here's a matter awesome dinner instantly wondering about. My idea is perfect the army seven point seven perfect weather perfect. It. Expects. I said perfect yet nine out ethnic yeah you can kind of are your thoughts in my announced here. Don't want him I was wearing that comes with Procter and particularly to Revere. Jones for an. While. It's announcement opera goes on. I am going it's his grimy customer waiting for a podcast experience not reform isn't quote. What do you what you're doing what you're trying to say they're trying to be famous. And they're chasing my fan but. I clearly care. When you're going to is grammys house. Aggies turned looks. I mean is it like it is niece is in some sense not. Oh yeah it's as you and it is an additional. Netflix and I'd like you've definitely met at a lot of them are people model you know agrees you know I was at duke for two more money at it. By Sunday night. Jodie foster's be knocking on the front extras is gonna go oh was she a big old fat person. What is it about. Technically it yesterday and the now. It rubs the lotion on it's skin. You. Hate track. I am Mike's although those. Stupid fungal pop fungal pop things and they are eighties he loves the Freddie from nightmare Arnold street Texan like. May she get all the creepy at that your place before optimism and he's like yell at you beat him in the back door annual I keep most of them eliminate my my unlike. Honey I just kept my fine. On the outcome in the back door or yeah that's a new Grafton. And I forgot how much darker beard there. Somebody's that the in the elderly you know you never go back to the actual sometimes it was a dry Isabel. And non units at. It's WB thing. Can get recording podcast to stand is not well planes going back to the well. Have you been Gatsby bird and standing on social media. As you do a ideology it's really expensive collector's edition fungal thing by Amazon wouldn't want. This is Indy. It well and he. Yeah yeah. You phone that settlement and yell mom make Dan Ellis out along the public. Wait isn't that Joker and just I can't pump enough. And let out you know about a size fourteen Yahoo! if I could. The silence of the spare nothing near the deserted. You count and I love this couch you yeah. It is and I guess and I my arm gotta think if you get if you of unity as excellent and and get them. Yeah I hurt myself laying down some tracks it made my arm I hurt my. Arm. In it hobble me like Kathy Bates and did Jamestown and misery that you imagine like the block machine and that like it's pair split at that camera before we go to practice of these joggers elect spandex on his audience this damaged miscue sure. I make breakfast third checked that commie host Malone. All that took and that's. The whole play small Smart I really can't believe it. I wonder if this has ordered a new mattress. Just reminded me your security knowing my pillow mattress Topper and advance our agencies can order knew she put a new for a she. I well our this is racist for agrees on is that dramatic development and are currently over its news out and we video right now. That premium videos and media. I'm. Doing now you want come over and podcasts and she. Eliminate that attracts you came up its podcast a well. We're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back and half an hour. So leave one of those right now on any topic 6177795463. Is the home L voicemail number leaving a message right now we will play your messages back. And a half an hour eight what time are we doing the LB weight yet. You know players some wanna regardless of what were termed you wanna do it is on I get a segment is. Yeah. Skills in my truck let's certain we'll send one of the system pretty just out to get us via. And I'm gonna do do it right after home on a leader that they don't live. Now what what the predicted weights again I was the lowest and a I had you guys to 78. I had to sit 8280 yeah I mean you had 268 ground. The Mariners angels are literally what what did you have shown to seventy. I think I had 262 to be honest he's sincere as it to 68 and gets so close to issue and usually with prices right now. Not only do it aren't what you have to know where just 286. Point seven. If you listen to Obama for not doing so if you listen to the show you know that I'm LB from time to time. Every day is talking about how he's lost 4050 pounds last week oh great. The older parent. I mean tons of compliments from home. Some heavier guys that are referenced it during Casey's. Thank that's very much on the new it and there's a text their ninth somebody taxer. I'm so glad it's working out betweens is and Danielle yet when I listened. Matty and nick in the afternoon you can tell that he is so smitten. Excellence nice spin a huge yeah I want well that but I mean well no not. Like that but you know the thing is often times. Don't they say the best relationships. Come out of friendship when unedited Perkins of us. I mean. Kind of what happens I mean ever I don't know Barbie kids freak what we're. I mean I talk I mean not from government be it if he did it if he kidnapped Danielle. Now be. I really mean when in the lottery. And those that help with us is the great Latin and you amino. Duties if there are KC edges. You were rumor I have to worry myself and I. I learned Lorena offered I don't know how to get I'm not allowed I'm not allowed themselves to do is easily your wife would soon. Alkaline I did my ideas for more than Chelsea. Donate I don't hear from I love music period. Yeah I'll and that's Chelsea by the CEO. Not just Chelsea it's Chelsea by the sea right just into the ocean to a sequential and I don't carriers and now it's Chelsea by the Euro share. And where you all know cake being served tomorrow fact I don't. Pensioner otherwise I want to legit manner I wanna get to. Believe it or not when it comes to rescuing. Does little creatures there appears to be somebody in the news today. Who is worse than Nancy Nolan on yet. With her obsession with rescuing all kinds of things all things God's creature like. Yeah this is you. This is I think this is crazy. I mean Odessa and apparently I mean no disrespect but there is it you know there's a booming there's a woman in the news today. Who has rescued. And is sheltering. A black widow spider yet. She asks aren't traps ethnic out. That people hate spiders we've talked about that before people can't stand spiders. And they're terrified of them like that woman and still 50 lead called collapse has shed one trapped under a trainers strength and a kitchen. But this lady it was a black widow spider on some broccoli. And that this woman immediately demanded that should be allowed to rescue and save it. So the latest story started in Toledo Ohio is that this guy named Jacob on live bought some fresh broccoli at the local Kroger supermarket. And he lives with a couple other guys and the fridge was also he said we need to cook the broccoli right away. Tony was ripping adopt a black widow spider presented. A with the he was saying that's the spider was very feisty and aggressive throwing his hands in every direction that the guys quote not mine and so he threw it in a couples lip lock bags are on the piece of broccoli that it was sitting on. And his mother posted about it on FaceBook with the old check to produce. PSA. Now a friend of the mothers Cheryl Garcia. Somber black widow photo and realize that she could help. Because she works with the rescue facility that would potentially adopt out the spider here's the best part one as of last night. The spider who has been named broccoli is pending adoption. Here wouldn't people you know I've always. Haven't I mean I read blitzer rich and get a hobby. There obviate them it's Iraq meant vials. Anyway here is Cheryl the friend of the month. I thought the video that I kept there if he would mind holding onto it like it arranged and export partner here because I knew I was gonna have time to locator. They have naturally he wanted her gone she's unique she's not everybody. But she deserves a home. I just Paris here's the text. I intimidate tax. Yesterday. I saw an advertisement on FaceBook. For a no kill trap. For housewives. I'll ask so he can release so you can probably is the books I spiders and it will release slice that's. I know thank you idols take what you can executioner. He electrified tennis racquet out there personal Rihanna Chris scenario Delis for show me that think that thing is now made and it's not from being hated it's like just. You know the best is when you're able to trap them in a room and shut the door and and hunt them down that's what I did yesterday when one article one was really bothering Kobe will be dogs really get bothered by supplies I don't know if you don't let this city eat them. Well dogs Kobe was taking a nap. All the sudden he was awakened by fly I think the howling ears are flat and can't do anything again and so I was able to usher the thing into a small room. And if small. How so first of all Tibetan and that was an event misnomer I think Al is able to take care that undermines the for the greatest dog that's all right well. I mean there are people who. When it comes to insects they just can't bring themselves to kill them like you and that are out there there's like an energy explaining parts that battle after tennis racquet in visitors and report. Has worked on people as works yeah. Actually does it. Somebody would it while it still tax it'll snappy. Well we did web we weave when we won't we hammer. A couple of parred the lights are better councils where I have read. Couple thirty each other yeah my tennis rallied tears yeah yeah basically turns out the year after year here where their troubled times and I'll do to myself. Now an hour apart or. You know when he got word tonight whole idea here when you hit your head if I count take on out. We're at the tong part all you're missing a great YouTube experience you should be yours should be on them now. It's like when when people Lindley and if given bark collar on your dog and people like would you like to be electrocuted you know that feel like it like actually I did we've done that gap back to outspend our arsenals artery breaking bad. Obscure reference at the fly. Yeah just like I love that episode follows Greg a lot of people hated and why yeah I just hated that Arizona is hugely on line discussions blogs articles like EV clubs names as the worst morons I know I thought was why. Six era over their heads since through I mean I. They hate flies there's no single. No single bad episode of breaking that I don't I don't I I find that that statement to be looked here lunacy you should start a Twitter war with one of them. I'm maybe I will now Qaeda. Network and I can't handle another like that and I took a night off from Twitter though it's gonna last night that's at and I am not a I when I was did you see the picture of Trump's plane by the way quietly ended in New York as dead and so I shared government's program. And that started and it's a grim more like. Like he did Feeney saying you know little about earlier show the guys thought it was interesting to people die guys. The guys plane sitting right there he's got the big 747 with Carmona on the and in some aggressive comment oh yeah yeah I thought like some people are saying oh that's pretty cool and then these people were like cool. Other other children being how things are better players and that's what warrior. CR Kevin McHale took a bunch yeah. The march or what do you think about that are just pay it I'd just don't understand. They hatred. On trump well I was transcended the Prez I noticing that. They're countries doing great and he's doing great things she's you know where he's gonna win the Nobel Peace Prize and so. I'm just McHale. Legendary Celtics hall of Famer. Is it trumps that and ever were well Obama. But he went to an event. That the president of the United States was speaking at. I have been two events. That presidents. Like for instance Bill Clinton. I. I went to two events the Bill Clinton was that because the guy that was invited the man is the president of the United States and I do that whether I agree or disagree with with their with the politics but I'm so this picture. Appeared of Kevin McHale ID at trump event. And I love does it did did the periodic zoom NC get the wide angle and I closer little consonant like picking out. But they are saying that Kevin Mikhail. Should never be employed again now I try and Palin is. He's good as John McCain is all these online lesson it's clear I mean if it's clear if you listen to the Chicago. Marc Hsu. Not a fan of the now the current president now and yell not a fan of the current still play particulates what is the I have not I don't think I've heard before. Where people say. That somebody should lose their livelihood. And based on who they vote for the thing you should see if a person that was starting it you know. You're gonna get at year's show is gonna be boycotted your restaurants are going to be public like I wanna Wear out because they voted for somebody I mean it they would they were. There was a choice in the election of two people and one about a three hour. Larry Johnson below apologize for somebody like there are they gonna bring up Jill Stein. Six but they. But you know so you have a choice there are some people who. Just could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton because of and policy would. Or other thing. Now but you should those people lose their that we have to face them they should Kevin McKeon never work in the NBA again on television again because it. In support candidate. Without being thrilled about everything that they do it like I liken it like when people go to church they're Catholics that go to church every single week. And there are a lot of them. Don't care brave gay people get married. Or if divorced people are allowed back into the church or of people terminate a pregnancy there are various things that you can't and can not agree with Eric comes to a platform whether it's political or religious. I 1980 photographing those people and be like they should never work again because they. They visit an organization that stands firm up it's like where is this home parents others and I thought people were supposed to be tolerant. We live in America. If you wanna go to try to rally your free to do so. He's the sitting president of the united that ran just going by it doesn't mean the year. Endorsing. Any movies with you totally you just want you know maybe it's gonna go there while it may be carbon. Maybe Kevin McHale looked at a game of course was gonna break out. I don't know America trip probably traveled. Some nameless and we return after two Ingraham do arguments on mine and don't know about that and other sort of case that you 401. And work and are right well. Well. Yet Tex from resell them hates the fly episode also freely out. That they help every free you get a job or can your own way I can't believe get outs are implicated motor that. I kid. It is 7:45. Todays Hill Man Morning Show it is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Still to come this morning and about 35 minutes I will announce the winner of the final remaining foursome for next week's 26 annual. WA AF celebrity golf tournament. To benefit a great deal foundation. You have to be listening 830 and yet called back in half an hour. And claim your foursome and then you join us next Wednesday. And Thursday. At foxwoods and the beautiful lake of idol course. And one of you. I have to bring there's one requirement we is that you have to bring a practicing nurse to care for Lyndon. About that during the golf tournament. In your foursome than dollars Lindy friars need some assistance. On there actually gonna fit right in you can get harassed all and his little underway well in a way around the slobs right here and all Scotty everything dark arts way better than Oscar writes he probably of one of those notes where you can use a golf cart right up put it right on the green my yelling at you guys get you know images there and do what they do down in Florida it is you know turn me a golf cart and toward the rules race golf course. So ordinary off of your satisfaction I get an unloaded. Obscure caddie shack reference answering. Rodney had the trick though. Golf cart yes. And heads out there you gotta buy your golf balls. For twenty dollars. Before Thursday. At the great gill foundation dot org if someone is going to win 5000 dollars cash when we drop. The golf balls from the helicopter on Thursday morning or late Avaya also go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great he'll foundation dot org. Golf balls are twenty months. Last I checked were about 300 of them that it's sold and so yep pretty good chance right now are suddenly automatically wins the five program. It's our automatic. Diet pill addict last year slash race looks lottery last year you want it people suddenly you're not going back to back to what people thought it was fixed last year well they're following me about it and it's not fix its to pull Italy G Eric. And I'm going back to pay well. I don't know about that really matter what anyone thought that's what. We knew the various and you play poker yes you play it'll lose or don't but the the odds are probably astronomical. So is that you really losing when your when your when your playing. Black Jack in your Darren. A thousand box. What do you do what you play I for parents of a thousand boxer and because you know why you gonna forward. That doubled him I am. Frugal. So therefore she argues. On their people I set myself a limit of 100 dollars and once I get down at all anymore yeah. Hopefully challenge out there I'll put the challenge on this so. You're gonna go home by golf ball it's phony bush year old ball yet applied you know by for whatever. Moon I'm gonna buy 500 dollars and the golf balls down here probably win the thing if you buy it again I guess what I do last year she didn't like and and you know you like the Yankees. On the golf ball champs and others. I am World Series is exactly my this I'm rumors of the good helicopter football challenge that. Like to know from those skeptics how exactly they think it could have been great for LB to win because it was all on FaceBook live. Date the foundation send out an email. With every one name and fall number job every time I Andrea. Well I mean nine everybody's they're looking at it all of balls did not have the same number so I really would like to know how you think they re out. I think there I think they're really do most people just Joseph I mean I first saw it kind of it's cured. It's basically your whole thing yeah I mean you're you've been very lucky under rises higher it's yeah I'm doing the morning show with you here today. Arm words dates. That's about it a little out of our whatever residence for doing it's important to us it's Friday 28 team yes I'm I'm here doing a morning show with my my best spotted. Small show and I am the greatest dharma planet might ship oh yeah I'll win. And and yet thank. It was great it's it can't be if it can't be rigged I was sitting I think was even by the green I was seeing the trees she Bingham co. Baywatch are like why does Tracy Tracy back to ten LBL bingo we got to ask if you're playing lifetime of playing L bingo our definitely listen we're working we're working on Sonoma deal on them scientists are you chat on trees. You probably. Feared that the time bill. I love you until we want to note. We have some well it's a certain way I don't sort. If it is it. For for people think it's rated it's ridiculous it's it's not you know outside legit it's a great event and shame on you if you don't get involved with a great deal. Foundation garnered golf turner characters is. The greatest. Cheered you're there. While I'm giving away a foursome and a half an hour if he signed up online this week it WA AF comic your listening. And listen I. I was involved in the whole process last year I can tell you factually LB but 8000 dollars worth the golf balls and want to. Anyone 5000 dollars and I'm glad that's not that's not downright loans it has probably on its like those people who. They play their number and they spend.