HMMS Hour 2 – Mountain Bike Rattlesnake Bites 9/14/18

Friday, September 14th

In hour 2 an FBI investigation against a supreme justice court candidate is dropped. The top video game habits to piss off your girlfriend and LB enlightens us on how often people get bit by snakes while biking.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge. Pin on your schedule at W. You AS dot com. Well what the controller down it's ruining the they're ruining your marriage it is 722. And there is information this morning that is very important. Turns out. That fort night. Is responsible. For about 5%. Good divorces in the sky totally Condoleezza Rice I have to let my son out. I actually have to take drove away from world because he will it will play sport and yet on these and stick it we haven't heard that you know children. I think this could look at it on the pads you're in the Bronx that. Some surprise you now not at all now. Giving it make it creates. I divide in a marriage and the other spouse is not getting attention getting neglected in the spouse that's playing is probably selling to a that is taking up. Almost all their free time and that's electing their focus not. Now. Look at all. I mean I think it's a generation. Like gently bring the people that are married. Were born in the gaming generation kind of teams and being played all day every day there law. System. They have gained. So wouldn't be if your. Theory was scrapped now wouldn't the wife be fine. Live the gaming or the husband be fine but I don't think I've got there in the gaming generation I don't think women are gamers like manner gamers don't mannered addictive it's like to get away from me. If it's it's like email spammers are different well right now I'll make what nobody it's like the wives that can't. Comprehend. That their husband wakes up Saturday morning right watches college football hall. 1 in the morning Mary gets up Sunday and watches NFL football too old 1 in the morning moon and never serves two words tour. Here's a Texas is I believe I save my marriage ten years ago. By stopping. The playing of video hands. Off flow solidity and very much you might think. You might think that it's just about money. Or it's just about sex. Or it's just about not putting dishes all the way into the dishwasher but it is. It is invite you in 5% of the horses. It is about playing for today now it decent and about losing their children to DCF as a are spending more time with Netflix. Yeah an idea of merit and it's. Eight. It is 724. Ed today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to echo stored dot com that is echo stored dot com a reminder. We've been talking about it all morning but if you're just joining us a reminder. That. The exits from 495. To Lawrence and two and over into North Andover. Are closed this morning. The authorities in those cities those towns. Are asking that if you don't have any real. The virtual emergency reason to be there that you are not there at all today. Due to what happened yesterday with the Columbia gas explosions and I've been talking about it all morning but we are raising money today for those families. That. Were affected yesterday. And we are at last check you had donated over 2000 dollars the regular foundation is matching. Those donations O started 2430. Dollars you have donated so far this morning. We are matching. Up to 101000 dollars and we will get that money to those families immediately. Here is a text that says. Cue the angry protesters who say that those people all had all. Owner's insurance. Okay now I'll tell you this you're talking about. In the case of Lawrence I would assume that you're talking about people who are. Rent tourists and and maybe not necessarily owners. Same probably true man I don't wanna go. One per center shame. And over anything Biden. EE you know EE EE in until all the details become. Cleared they these people have lost everything so. Out now lets you know they used were the same jeans and shoes that they were warrant for the next two weeks don't even worry about it if are they I don't know might might might might might newborn baby doesn't need food don't worry about bad. How long is that insurance money technique. To get to these. A reasonable amount of time and you're talking about later today and I'll check out tomorrow if we could soon as we can identify. Right who have been affected. We will get them money to them and sell off you're such a loser for being a big guy here. Let's civilian what are knob you are. And I think we saying you know I certainly wanna. Thank. First responders school. I rushed there. Yesterday afternoon and evening. And work throughout the night. For what they do that that's its guests it's incredible. As we mentioned last hour. One casualties from this in the an eighteen year old man. And he was in his vehicle. When I'm home exploded and the chimney fell on who booed the vehicle is right in the driveway and it's like one of those timing things you know Alina you know we outlet like what you. Of those split what are the odds now sells awful. If you'd like to give you can go to the Greg gill foundation dot org that is the Greg Hill foundation dot org. And it is a tax deductible donation. We are registered 501 C three foundation and we are matching your donations today up to 101000. Dollars. Speaking of the foundation. And I shared this on my instant and yesterday. I I had an awesome time yesterday because I got to go pick out. The Rolex that we are giving away my follow her around her wind watches and wheels did you account and when pierce. No no no no doubt in LA got master knowledge that I did not best ally while I'm here. And a higher though I wanna thank. The fine people at long's Jewelers in Burlington. And it's I mean for some. Day if they you know some people are excited by. You know the next half marathon that they're gonna run. Order of the year or that you have to go and and and interact out in the wilderness and some kind of a hike yet. To be in front of all those beautiful watches yesterday that was an area prowess at. That's a great experience. Experience for me Ella watches hello hey Jose. Hey look up to article one myself. The normal problem they have one goalie and an old quarterback situation going I'll mobile video camera in my life a bit of video game kids. Not married debit medical fourteen years and it sort of you know. Big deal in not a bad thing over and releases camp create digital game one or the other you the two injuries and so on but he. You can't be so that they do what you wanna do it and sickened beyond the game nobody. I'm not it's if it's like anything else it's like what are it's like watching a lot of television photo. A second there worrying imminent you know is a dad he's in the basement yen up the try to squeeze other things in your life speaking of squeezing other things in your life. Is the tailgate all set for Bentley. I don't even have time to go into that. I. Delegated some of their responsibilities. On the tailgate and to my home to mrs. hill I'm not sure that. I I was also dogs I was hoping all out I was hoping whose stated tips and and and the like math. And we can handle that we ended up with dogs and burgers and native potato salad and cheese and crackers -- that benefit going to be that will be fine cheese and crackers for tailgate actress Jennifer. Are you guys Jennifer that the that's fine. I think that's fine I don't don't them I'm looking forward lying I believe it's. I believe it's at 2 PM start over it Bentley university in mile Bentley verses Merrimack. And and it's going to be a beautiful day why do you ask. I ask because they saw something on the top he'll eating trends of 20180. Ernie I. Little while until there's a patriots home game but this is probably and informative for people good for you to prep though I mean start you know get your ideas on early so shoppers dot com did a survey and they found out. That our favorite tailgating food. By far. Is wing's cry yeah. Name point 5% and of course after that we get burgers. Pizza hot dogs nachos and tacos. I don't Chile commit not hot stuff. A lot of people the transportation of the Chile might prove to be a little difficult but also how do you tray how do you. Transport them not show them in their aluminum trains are they just make a manner against nick in there you bring the strategies and the other there are cooler yeah and then maybe throw on the grill you know not showcase them on like that now. And then our favorite thing to drink at a tailgate you wanna take awhile gas. Fire ball no it's not Pierre so clearly they're trying to nobody. 53% of respondents said their favorite thing to drink with beer followed by mixed drinks iced tea wine or wine coolers and eatery. A text it would like to know if I'm bringing the marble coffee table to the delegates and I'm not I don't I don't have a marble. On the table and might after the show 80 yeah. I doubt that's a well the salutes the big those of the food items that are most popular. And what what is one of the thing I do wanna mention that comes up and show quite frequently when it comes to TO meeting games. Half the people said corn hole as the best Alia. Of course writes what used to be throwing the football star now expects. Here's somebody says their favorite food for tailgating as grilled shrimp. Blob Reynolds LB give us so old man muscle on the grill privilege and how the grand old Danielle can do what I can't do it on command there. Mines are gimmick of a at certain regret. Now. If somebody says jello shots. For us. Automatic. Automatic. Cuckoo Jews and you know you get the Gatorade. Your theory container and loaded up from the in a bottle of each liquor. Here's somebody 71 texas' pizza WTF. Well. I think that's kind of if your mailing in man to stop on the way in Bryan and gravel cover large defense for everybody them. People like to grilled gourmet fine print files. They don't know it you don't feel yeah. You know one guy jail thinking oh shoot OP there with the ball on the production and know you'll pay bill that would get on over here like global we've got a little sporadic at the beluga caviar Obama. That the creme fresh on some of Bellini. And now that is Russian Ruble on. I. We're about fifteen minutes away from. Our Friday segment LB's greatest moments of the week. We'll get to that a little bit similar players know Mel voicemail messages back. And you can leave one of those right now on any topic you'll Mel voicemail numbers 6177795463. Looking ahead to Monday will be here Monday we had inside simple mail mind. Eddie fifteen. And of course a Monday Smart dog in the studio. Who is hoping you'll give them a fur ever home at 730 on Monday on Tuesday. Perhaps the greatest moment. Nancy Nolan dolls broadcast career. We will be joined by Kenny login it's her second favorite. Yacht rock artist on Tuesdays Hill Man Morning Show during the 9 o'clock hour this is Michael Mike. Well done guys so we go on with my. I'm here I'm just. Totally flabbergasted by that surveyed 53%. It's gotta be with the beer beer mug late. Tailgate beer and big goal and an air them. Where where the hell what Warsaw to have been brought order. You know a lot of people weren't texting yen. About some a side dish and yeah and then the brats. I there was gas and I was surprised about that you right. All right let's get to the news in the news this hour is brought to you by. Nissan it's a great day to enjoy a ride Nissan take control the weather beneath an intelligent mobility technology is changing the way you drive forever. Time to enjoy the ride an upgrade to Nissan intelligent mobility technology that most people go to Nissan USA dot com to learn more. So the FBI has decided there LaMont investigate last minute claims made against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Cott Cavanaugh. Senate Democrats had been sending a letter about Cavanaugh to the F practice state this year. They did send this is a new low. I get it I have to tell you something this is that this is an absolute new low. And I would say this if if the other side tried this as well and I'm on the record. I I I have never what when it comes to a guy like this. I mean. Diane fine steam. Einstein Einstein like for a losing sent a last minute letter. On the eve of confirmation. Which said that she had. Information from somebody who needed to remain. Anonymous group. That there was sexual misconduct by the judge in high school now now okay well. This guy has been investigated. By the FBI. Since 1993. And and you're telling me that we're supposed to believe that something like this would would never come up before right. I mean. So what with the FBI is saying they're not they're not investigating a. They're saying they're not investing in our state are in the White House said that Cavanaugh has been thoroughly vetted by the FBI where's the go to to get his reputation back on the. What is that I haven't visited regularly mean as we learn from Clarence Thomas you never get them. I could hold. All right what else is in the news. The season premiere of doctor Oz is going to feature an interview with Rosie and all. She opens up about a lot of different things. Indy interview and we've got a little preview of that where she talks about. What she does on Ambien and I have. Also done this on ambient. The lock down some weird things on hand and I think a lot of people left to I've heard from thousands of people about it one guy got up and cooked a Turkey. And he'd. That was like four hours and think about it and didn't remember it in the morning. And all the time that happens to be a leg up in the kitchen and there's a whole box Petraeus gets laid out in eggs cracked on the wall. So he's everywhere I Ambien. Like Tiger Woods Ambien drove. It is from Al where drug. Now speaking of new lows. Opportunity here for you LB just blame your reading on Ambien and so there and that's just been through it can I ask a question of course you can always ask a question. We actually just get right to it now skip why why do you take can be linked sleep of people big sleep but when I don't know if that's the downside. I mean if you're gonna be taking Ambien you're gonna wake up get your card and run somebody over it. I had 1 in the morning I don't strategies and had a fire cooking that's an art did isn't written about their movement or better. Sure not our I don't hold hey it's insomnia is a tough thing I don't I can't do it for years I I took Ambien for awhile. But it makes it easy categorize in the morning and if you stay awake if you don't fall asleep you well loosening like crazy I don't want to doesn't. House burned or were because remember. I take you to one camp falsely from turner figured the melatonin known I don't know how they make their energy until the end. Yes he had a lot of it doesn't work for a lot of people they need like a prescription strength and like our channel and. It doesn't rush hour when your house on fire now. Companion must like the fact you get up in the Ambien cooker that's about. Amateur and it is very happy and I think that's a must have really could guess that's. I wealth is in the news in now so there's an irrational fear in the news bike crash on rattlesnake. The video circulating online this guy's writing is like trail crashes his bike lands right on a branding iron on eight rambler copper over term luckily. He did not get bitten. But we have since sound from his video recording while he's right right. Underneath my bike just rattle snake has to bail lots of barely make it out look at left. Shoes left the room. And she can. Soon. We could reduce the UA. On all now. Sure if you're just saying things to say anything so. But. It happens all the time and it happens all time now why I don't regret it fall rattles now what now in an explosion happened. All the time if you're dirt bike rider. In your ride on trails in the wards. Tons of guys get bit by rattlesnakes when you you bride and scared them and and they and they get in big snapping get in the leg camp. All the right. I guess I don't know that much about that I do you do I swear I was secure our interview with Rouse and whoever this story was that this guy. Crashed and fell on a rattles right I don't think it. Happens all the time. Well what are you a Big Dig is would you ride to dirt biker was rude driving in the middle of the street in the middle ground is in Arizona driving down main street. I'm just telling you R&R K can I get some dirt bike writers out there. Mean here's the 978 text that says please tell LB that question. Is literally. The only thing he can mask. You're out there and help yeah I yelled it's you know you've got you guys have lived such. Quiet lives so now that Mike and our big burner we we we lived on a golf course. I was playing golf my father walked walked on to a green that was on the art it was like in Ireland parish. You know hall where surrounded by water. And what was on the green a rattlesnake won't. When was a trailer next to a golf course. Now hours hours or order to forgo it and I was where I was on big burden was always changes you it won't know he was just the mechanics of Pacific 66. Owner there in the garage gave my dad the Pacific 66. There immutable all the money that we bought two bars in protecting British Columbia which is an amazing travel town like Newport and then I ended up and Banco. Coming up in just coming up in just a few moments. We will get to LA vis Korea gets the moments of the week of that wasn't that enough. And then Omar is and it's a skating and asks us. We now you've got you've had a right that you I got a library and I didn't limp when he won town my whole life and never go anywhere shouting radio that you don't know I don't know what I was emotional men's Jindal won it was. Here's attack. It's grad I've been riding their bikes my entire life I have never once run into a rattle snack in Massachusetts. Biden those parents a so try to try west tried tribe western America and western. Canada where. It's you know it's. Mountainous and dry. And here again I don't have to explain. Don't story here story your life so now he's OK so enjoy driving your year under 125. Followed David. Good care of outrage yet. They are handy and and I hope all Wheeling all that I have and I've never been hit. Yeah Massachusetts. Wrote thanks a Massachusetts actually have a whole lot less label island writes yeah club that's right that's where they put on. They'll ride go right on the quad only equipped to somebody from Phoenix talked to somebody from California taught some reform. Non British Columbia Alberta please and I just you know sort. I you know I you know me no different than tons of people crashed her car reader Roy ever question mark caller. That's their detector says you elect a fat Forrest Gump. I. Where it. Yeah wins we'll be right. Hello Bob. Edit page audit what's happened Bob. Eight so. I thought I did. I moved back here at what eight port. You know where where did that in both but you'd be out in the desert couldn't budge it. I did indicate that you did. Not only have I ever being rattled they do not know what people have been. Well yeah it get beat more and there it is here. It's definitely not a figure that out all the time. Why I say I didn't say it happens every hour every day I'm just Tonya about people who Ryder parts out in the country it do you have. Did bitten by rats of course there are you said it happens all the time no I didn't know what Obama and don't lie all the time. And seeing all the time. One I mean again you just see guys just like to try and get legal. Well yeah you get at a cards all the time BC if you get the carts and all the time would that be. I don't know once a month. OK so do you think you don't want you know let's just drop it. I'll I'll get the guys to Google it and I will just Google how many people in America yet yet. By rattlesnakes. On moldaschi. When well why motorcycles. During that's what I just heard it I just hot in. That when you ride dirt bikes up in the mountains and mountain in the wilderness. You get a lot of a lot of dirt bike riders get bit by brown. Snare but that wasn't the story. What do you mean the new story and yeah we're talking about yes. It was not it wasn't somebody running a dirt bike who got bit by a rattlesnake while riding a bike. If this story good news story yes was the the the uniqueness. Of this story OK was that a man was riding his. But a cycle right and roll over crash rattles and landed on it rattles. And I actually since day and I talk all the time scared what is what is what is it with so does it's so yes it I'd. I I can't I can't if I a newly you wanna make your point you can you can win you win and I'd point my point ones. That the story was about rattle snake and I kind of liked it got it right. A guy who was riding his bike crash who had a crash and fell onto a rattled and out did you notice it needed it it's an irrational fear right to. Some might point users. They're people that. Are unsure what's difference between a street by air and sought my point is he was riding a motorcycle not no I was riding a bicycle art that was emotional. Now satellites can now back home on yeah. So abused his motives and La idea and let's take on LB again. And me to be sunk so and so so so. The fact that you mention I mentioned to bite and I have. Not relevant story. About. Hurt by it. Riders which is a bike but it has a mortars sort it's not a pedal bike and they didn't. Well the same situation I think that's just I guess trying to point out any of you win I care I care I just air. So bring up something that it you know use the it to Bubba down a bike whatever kind of fight they get that. Walls and a rattlesnake so I tell you slice I say something because. I actually wrote more bite was bitten by a rattlesnake had to go to the hospital and an area and my point is is there. A lot of deer bikers better ride in the mountains in the wilderness. I did do it by stance. The Greg I gotta agree with LB just like you know how Rhode Island shut down. All year yeah S Rhode Island. Yes I kind of agree. And this is just glowed Johnston. Good morning. Eight it didn't turn out and now. We want to talk about Rupert who will incident. In bit by rattlesnakes yes. It actually knows. No results though it also works with the I didn't limit. Police in a little blog about it loosen up I don't know in my in my abilities are ordered parts like I was there's something there out of this is this is a hello bill. Hi Greg yeah. I was just watching Oprah reruns have couple days yes bad. LB it's important to love yourself you're great for a while what brings this to this wonderful show. Take a deep breath I can't afford. Lose you on Monday so have a great weekend. Europe Europe valuable resource some bungee gate if Luxor and actually act. It actually acts are not the bill speaking of dirt bikes have you ever have. And ice cream cone dipped in chock laden and why so delay I guess I can't get over this controversy. On. The difference between. What you call. What's the what's the phrase you used when they take Vanilla ice cream and they did in the hot chocolate freezes. The day. So so it by shape dipping and ice cream cone in chocolate. It's the same thing. We just what we weren't quite talking about chocolate in this sense I think our listeners. Should refrain that we recover anything that's Leona out of your blessing mine that's because you have a certain game in Massachusetts. Where we weren't talking about ice cream at all artwork on chocolate in the sense of the ice cream. Hard shell. This this is hello dad. Why didn't bring up well but you're gonna. Want. You know OK okay. The.