HMMS Hour 2 – “I Get a Kick Out of Americans” 07/20/18

Friday, July 20th

This hour we have LB’s Sports, Matt Lauer’s costly divorce, THR released a list of The Greatest Movie Villains and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Not now I know you like that feature market and tigers 7 o'clock yes or no usually do with your 7 o'clock that's OK but anyway that's okay you're great mark dory but we're gonna do sports and then we'll get to the irrational fear later OK maybe I know you like it that's cool on glides like that aspect you listen sports. And now they'll be doing come to a come home unless you know. Did you get disease she got out with a W. Yes sports they've. I just. Friday by a doctor Matthew diversity doctor Robert Leonard hair doctors are Wes Welker. Rob Ninkovich Brian Scalabrine and yours truly the first place red size to back after tonight out in the motor city Sox tigers 710 on NASA. The good old boys. They're they're they're doing great before wrap up on the Nazi yankees have the Mets in. The Bronx 705 price Johnson still wolf face. The tigers over Carnoustie Scotland Kevin kiss their leaves. The British Open now they're playing around two as I speech he's five under. Lynn. This team now and Lombard are all tied it formed okay well if it's hard because it it it's it's. When you see it it's the now ha but his spell cast by hand and a U so you've been out. Yeah he's 'cause let me just. He's I was informed about day all day players because of the foreign pictured Turkey's reports on the other Gillette others caused cancer rolling. As well there I think by two camps got under way yesterday. It's about time for for football nation Celtics Marcus Smart that deal is all done for years just under fifty mill. Gordon Hayward says I'm healthy. We got just about everybody back and that's that's really exciting for me because I had a front row seats all the games and got a chance to be around the guys just. Didn't get a chance to be on the course so for me to be a little playing with them next chair mark a Smart bring so much stuff to the table Forrest he's what he's a winner and so it'll be fun to play with post doesn't share. How Carmelo Anthony was traded from Oki C. It's and then he released by Atlanta. The hawks did not deny he's now free agent we box UB 20/20 21 rounder smokey seen little boys. Our New Hampshire Motor Speedway they're getting it done today you're practicing right now probably albeit there Schwartzman. Thank you very much LD at 703. Coming up very very soon we're going to be. We're compare these Florida not like the rest of listener reported some fifty LB on today in history at 835. On. Hunts. I keep getting out to give this a CT ET HC. And and double duty so MobileMe at the street when Greg here yet we can't get if Shana when he's not here you do like ninety seconds worth of sports and banging out. Yes an actual sports minutes warrant Morey and earth doesn't take bingo so fast nasty. Senator offenses that Nancy normal yeah you know you love to pretend like you're in charge are just like you pretend like you're in church not pretending I'm just curious I mean normally can't shut you up. Nobody out and return of chick on the appointment by banks around the show over they don't I got I got a bunch of corrections to I'm now is actually from the United States. He's not a Fuzzy foreigner. Is that why you're actually up but are you barriers as Dexter points out six of the Dixie you're actually a Fuzzy for our thanks to dot planner and duck we'll press yeah he wouldn't be Fuzzy who wasn't for those two yeah movement and a all right listen to see you then heads up parents all right it's at 704 let's let's get this. I guess again and I have a very disk yeah located outside the Lewis the president you just relax I was actually and asking Daniels it. An awful Ireland and a massacre and happens to everybody knew getting apple allowing. Flowers divorce could cost him. Millions. Like fifty million to be specific. I have gone on an expensive divorce settlements. Of course the former today show host fired after he allegedly sexually harassed multiple women. On however. His wife. And neck had been married for nineteen years and part of this 19190. Wow for a time I'm down. On he essentially handing over half his net worth to his soon to be ex. He according to a source that spoke with us weekly lauer would reportedly be giving up their current home. The horse farm on. She not the horse farm Harry out of out about half. An aide to pull out one time payment of 25 million dollars. If this source tells us weekly that Mac could fight for a better deal in court. The double only result in dragging this out and longer and negative headlines he's ready to move on this life. He believes that eight television comeback is possible the think he comes back. Aria yeah I think so Americans forgiving. Very America different Air Canada that forget there was a short memory definitely they'll be something else outrageous for them to care about that point I Felix and they'll kind of get over that. Yes and he's he's most upset about the horse farm Alia I wouldn't be doing do you think its fair share. I I you know. These big divorce is like where Harrison Ford have to have a couple of hundred million dollars what that is little diamond still the worst knowing that it was I think it was an athlete that jumped at it and they'll let me let me know that I think Neil Diamond was 250 million but but is that fair. I mean isn't he well be how many people here like as you Holler people here ever low have been married to Neil Diamond. But it may be fair we don't know. I mean is 25 million not fair. It has 350. Sheehan wasn't out seeing remarried she is sitting at home in a mansion by the pool. You know do rice walked. Well we don't know that either I was so they're pouring in sleeping with the groupies and seize or forever and I just don't understand. Click OK some arsenal to error. What is his wife tomorrow morning is live around is she deserve 25. Mean unity yeah. Our GI button installed in his office that would lock the door and so and so what cuts. This one on bingo I hope that at his feet and let that. Now that's I guess it just amazes me the amount of money that's award did you think the tiger adults do squad as you think the Tiger Woods thing was there with his divorce now. All right well you know so what is its leadership bearing got to give it because she was married to Tiger Woods in new issues are a pro life you know. Again. Nobody knows more about divorce than you do you've been divorced more than anybody in this room nobody is credible means. It's about it's a boat it's not it's a vote fairness. So I just store under you know their situation you know. What what what can be done that's worth 25. Million. Dollars call past and I went over on the latter would better. Wednesday. This Dexter it's NASA didn't Paul McCartney you look like 300 million yeah. Phil Collins paid out about thirty million us techsters. Paul McCartney's was 48 point six million proof. Harrison Ford's divorce with 118 you shield diamond 150. Mel Gibson's divorce is reported to be in the vicinity of 425. Million. All right that is costing us almost half a billion dollars this casting my whole whole leg Steve Wynn is divorce is estimated at one billion. Rupert Murdoch one point seven million okay these guys got their bees but the way he's the Genovese. The deals arrested Neil berg was 100 million. Were. Loan while Michael Jordan 168 million and a. Oh my god sorry asked Kenny Rogers sixty million winded at that can rotisserie and ethanol are the wives get to keep dot. 42000. Square foot house near this is Dan on the premium forward studio line what's up Dan. But in that you'd think it might actually are so poor protection you know I mean he knows he's in it's it's the allegations. And it actually just settle up now which is why would you like a lot of some work. Is that. It's. Didn't act to protect in his back to you as maybe they don't really wanted to support. The. Now they're I don't I don't believe that for a second you know the designer and I think this is a very bitter contentious divorce. And I think people that came. Forward. That is accused him of harassment we're gonna assume I feel like they were fun and I don't think it would behalf if they announced the plan although that's a good theory. I don't wanna shoot that down to and that's a good theories but I couldn't express I think you'd be more than half maybe yeah. Men ninety year ninety you'd be better you don't. Well. I don't I don't think it's the protective move at all contact all day I appreciate the comment thanks. All right seventy and it's CT ET HCN double. For yet another Friday. But feel for you get your hill Mel messages and about that or you know the pricey divorce of Matt flour or anyone else. Annie B ladies dictatorship flavors that we were talking about this morning. Mark just jumping the gun on the irrational fears story will get to that coming up soon I'm mark Beckel aren't meant. So get irrational feels fierce story coming up we got Florida not like the rest of us and the Hollywood reporter has released its list of the top 25 movie and television Ville villains of all time. Very disappointed with the number one because I just think it's it's too easy and compared to some mothers out there are some that were neglected. Criminally neglected we'll get to that and coming up next here on the the Hill Man Morning Show which is up presented by Echostar technologies. You're data center solutions provider for more of footing good echo stored dot com. That's much better than that wolf yeah. With the velocity was that in Sanford. Fashion coordinator plus pins also not all those John do you think Ohio there all the house the other day daddy they're all the same they went to attested that he had worked kids they'll soundness and now they don't want there to assist I'd they have never adjusting to Nile found. Anything. Redeeming about any of the boy pants. From the eighties of the nineties and I'm sorry. That for Tony Tony and Tony but they've now boys they were men they've done it again that's rights. That's right it's a 720 it's CT ET eight CN double. For listening weather today. Brought you by Nissan intelligent mobility sunny today beautiful high of 81 partly cloudy highs 75 for tomorrow rain starting after midnight tomorrow fitted over the Foo Fighters show so hopefully it'll hold off. The show and and rain pretty much all day on Sunday it's 64 right now beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts. It's a great data enjoy a ride that is for sure Nissan can control the weather but Nissan intelligent mobility is technology that is changing the way you drive for ever it's time to enjoy the ride. And upgrade to Nissan intelligent mobility technology that moves people go to Nissan USA dot com. To learn more. Tex Linus. 97107. Cents import Dexter Gloria gets me rocking. That's on is beast she's lucky to be alive good call the spore went through texas' on Miami sound machine thank you. You know what this F five away hey. Just like rush sons might they also on the same note there are very different sir each rock song is a universal within itself right what you actually listening to them to the brilliant music. All right instead of making fun negating these Comodo. Okay Eric 977 is attacks on what you're gonna bust on rush hill Mel messages of more than welcome 617. Some 795463. You'll play them back at 8 o'clock hour coming up in just a bit organ nerve report at 750 we've got LB on today and history. Bats at 835. Kind of not really in their report just a few really in the movies. I'm boring you Daniel now decide to. Hollywood's a report came out with a top 45 favorite villains survey of nearly a thousand working entertainment industry insiders that's the first problem right there right there yes is Greg kills the time now now he's not at the top of that list that's kind of in the middle. The most feared and admired. Villains evil geniuses and stuff like that. Let me. Anyone wanna guess what number what is. Are the Joker. Good guess LB yeah I guess the Joker actually I think came in at under his number four number four yeah yeah yeah notice well and a. It's. Oh. Take here. I'll back Iowa loses Naia Robert dinero offered to know beyond our Susan good bad guys that he's actually not even on the list. Resonant now which is crazy because that is a good bad guy and he guesses how mark. Being the young guy in the room mark any any guesses on who the top villainous. How to Hannibal Lecter know you're very close ousted from the excellent with C number two is number two yeah that's a good one. Now let's let's just play a drop from who the number one villain is on this list. We told. You're so busy ourselves. Yeah I was an incredible moment much it's right there yes Darth Vader the number one villain a little disappointed. He always makes the number one felon he does and all the lists. He's you know once it's getting to be like it's kinda easy right now and you know who else is not on the list vote but does the Cape Fear guy which I forgot. Which is good. Connor Noonan seeing. You nonetheless. Con pro wrath of com where. I mean that that that's an evil genius super super strength yell you know genetically altered bad guy right there I can't yeah. If people don't know con is that you know William Shatner captain Kirk screens on his name it's an iconic moment we could play that con audio there yeah. X com. And people don't know that's. You're here so someone would just you know not just. Do okay down. If you know if that's the Iran Contra we play the other con audio please let me. Not even on there. Where was lord helmet from space balls I again. Criminally overlooked. Persons like what about dumb. Santos. Now I thought that house from my infinity war was. He was a great idea it was a great greed bad guy that's a great movie a B stick will stir that's really good. What about this person is saying. We Jenny from Forrest Gump was not a villain threes to. And I was not a villain for boyfriend in the sixties was the villain right wearable Wiley Coyote. I'd seen wily coyote made the list LB. 24 nights Wiley Coyote is up there this person is saying Max Cady is the name of the bad guys keep fear nobody. GAAP measures it is normally he was fantastic. You know this person agrees it's finally taxer Congo rolled. The sources say Hans Gruber the out and Hans Gruber is on the list he's weighed down no. It's like again should have been higher like Hannibal Lecter should have been number one. Ons Gerber is number eleven via a set at. Never seems house Gerber is one of those bad guys that he was pure evil. But you couldn't help liken because he was so damn charming you know. Like IMAX Landau from a glorious bastards he's also on the list. The the the Gestapo guy. He got an Oscar for that. Chris Christopher Waltz was on his name and thinks got the Oscar against pure evil. But so charming you dislike those goes up and and he's murdering people in cold blood he sees the the guy may 25 agent Smith from the matrix. Made sure that should be higher good bit like. While. In an agent Smith. Well I mean each ethnic people runoff for crying that street is a ball and he fails yeah he's a road runner is really the bad guys back rates. You know I think if Hans Gruber AKA Allen Edmonton and we think it meant neutron from Vietnam yes. That's right. Her voice of god Denzel for training day that's a good bad guy naive anomalous there. Yes nerd text or some some four ticks your Baltimore lord vault them I don't at all sorry. Never have you seen by the way number fifteen from Baltimore is. The issue. The bees. From my girl. Off rock collective villain we have a bee's story coming up that's just horrendous marksman waiting for all morning it was a Macaulay Culkin of the girl. Was wasn't the girl bigger I think so. Kaiser Sosa oh yes. Not even on the list she. Only Hollywood insiders morons Simon bar sinister yes of Wiley Coyote is going to be on there. And underdogs nemesis Simon bar sinister should also be on there. Scar from Lion King this Texas's narrow list when NASCAR. History. Yeah Tony Montana's son ever really low. 22. You know what Tony Montana is well over discusses during the break mark and I is the anti hero is that the right like Viet like somebody you'd. The villain you rooting for him. As you know is back story. And where he came from telling Michael Corleone he's also on the list. Mandate to lose it where is it way and seeing right you know he's kind of like that villain that you're kind of rooting for teaching for brief hard via the duck down your Caesar the dented usually arousal Caesar from gladiator Shia and you make the list. Because there historical characters yet and it's probably Hal 9000 from 2000 dollars on there. Jack Lawrence from the shining. Here is charity. On earth. Colonel Hans Wanda any Wilkes when your favorites Daniel Boone yes Annie Wilkes for misery of the mr. manna. Not enough and knows a guy. All old what was there was the movie both San Francisco would people moved and boast the roaches. Is superior. There was a Psycho. The tortured dude there husband ordered the mood in entrance I don't know I had severe night signed see that ball was called the money that. All those good mark on giving again. I think that was Michael Keaton LB might keep unbelievable. So aren't from Lord of the Rings there. Doctor evil from Austin yes. More of an anti hero warned him one million ounces Shelby from shallow wow yeah good villain. It was a Pollack yeah you're in Verona park. In with two good hit the gas poses rigor of their clout. Norman Bates from Psycho was on the listener of ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest yes she's ago when the jokers on their LB what Kathy Bates yeah we just mentioned that might welts. Mr. man. Fortune wasn't anything I say mr. man mr. Armey and the witch from the wizard of laws. Number three. On the list. Yup okay classic number three yes UConn or an insane doesn't make out list. Or Max Cady yes Chucky absolutely not the sense they have cobra Clyde what was his name. Now what was his name. Yes he was a total. Not not so much ability yeah more more like it do each bag not so much a villain I guess they should have a big they should have reduced medalist John Kris dot tax increase yes that it would see it like Johnny did anybody watch the Covert guys series. And knowing her really well done real deputy YouTube religious you know the prime not gonna want to say this you sign up you get the trial watch it. Ten episodes are half hour. Very well done I thought it was gonna be like. Lights as awful but it was it's fantastic if you watch a lot of YouTube content I feel like YouTube Brady is totally worth it. Like I've. I'd cut down volume famous exit they must have those subscription level MSR videos right and Samari whatever that is we'll. It's great because if you're listening to a some are one of the worst things in people who listen today. Videos for relaxation in singles will now that if you're kind of falling asleep and it jumps for the next video and auto plays in you have. Some big. Car commercial with screeching noises and explosions kind of ruins the whole experience but even even beyond that. It's just nice to deal says skip the ads it's Maxtor content and you can leave YouTube playing. In the background on your phone number mock interviews other apps I've Felix or there was jigsaw. Broke objects does not on here. Ms. trench bull for Matilda. That's for you get it easier for everyone who has kids out there. Zionism. Christopher Guest in the princess bride yes the six fingered man now. Ladies love them. Team Iceland for Mighty Ducks. Well now see them as a lottery could put stuff on your own dresses him. Other stacks of the dude from a clever warrants that would be Alex demarche he is actually on the list I think he's like in the teens somewhere down there. Penny wise the clown the a lot that are on here all right so like most listeners this one was seriously flawed. That was the top. That's not villains here pray imports studio line 6179311. And this is a justice's high pitched Jeff. Are. I. When he got men. How do you make solar cute little kindness and besides using. I use at your back he started jerk list annoying his top of the annoying was this thing you that's a good when Jeff thank you very much. Dollars another good one here from off from Gus yeah gusts woody got. Well the one literally get on eat more eat in area is the double aspect. He is good he's creepy bad. So he's very good idea I that's a that's an excellent excellent thank you very much now. All this this yeah this what should be on the list next. Hour. Should be somebody that like well wait a bold he also liked about it. They know what are the LDQ. Or to let out first what I was far lower while the lesser from a game in New York. Yes. I don't go out or Jordan center. Yes Kevin Spacey. And seven yeah creepy very very creed be excellent to excellent ones that are thank you very much so 6179311. Efforts extant as as many people are David though we have Lampard. That's a good one and then hell raiser. Oh. The Alpa chino on the devil's advocate. Now that movie is the very very ged almost as scary as Jim far from Aladdin this Dexter this time yacht. Yeah. Nice all right there you go. The flawed topless of the top 25 villains here all maxed. Yeah and it's it's. CT ET HCN double deal this morning Gregg Zahn at 734. And let's get to see what you get to some news. Yes please news this hour brought to you by mid state auto group looking for a car under 101000 dollars visit raising new lot. 496 Washington street in Auburn quality cars. Under 101000 dollars or two also by liberty mutual insurance in a nothing story about everyday insurance should be one of them. The only worry behind when liberty stands a few liberty mutual insurance. So funeral services that will be taking place later this morning for fallen Weydert please sergeant Michael Chesnutt. The wake was yesterday afternoon huge turnout not only of law enforcement officers but also. Of the public as the procession. Headed to the idea of the church Saint Mary's and an over. I see me saint Mary of the sacred heart now just a heads up for those you who may be in the area the funeral takes place at 11 AM this morning. Starting at 9 AM Hanover street will be closed and detoured between silver street Rockland street that's in Hanover. Access to any streets in the area will be limited to emergency response vehicles at detour will remain in effect until 2 PM. And officials in Hanover has asked that residents of nearby streets. Avoid driving in the area and then the interment at Brian Terry will be a price there aren't. And thanks again to everybody who donated to the Greg Hill foundation it was over a 130000. Yes I believe thank you so much and as Greg has said. On numerous occasion occasions and as he was talking with the governor yesterday. The WA AF listeners you guys are. The most generous listeners ever you always step up and and we ask a lot so we really really appreciate your support. On that one and this case in this particular case and and every other time you guys really step up so we appreciate. So the Director of National Intelligence was caught off guard at a conference in Colorado yesterday. It was speaking. When he was asked about the threat from Russia. And the moderator. Interrupted him to inform him that Vladimir Putin is reportedly going to be visiting the White House this fall. And Dan Coats could do nothing but chuckle. Say we could use the White House has announced on Twitter. That not only prudent is coming to the White House in the fall. So again. Vladimir couldn't come on it yeah yeah. Okay. The. That's going to be special. While. It's it's one thing when someone from the press says that but when your own national intelligence so director says that let. It is for some reason he doesn't think it's a good idea. Borrowing. I I I don't I don't I don't just don't understand. Hoopla. So I had to decide usually of somebody cited within adversary over our intelligence agency. So that we should be saudis are where you need. It is to be at war with Russia forever not a war we just need to to be where social studies and not so as well not come across a trusting is just not good diplomacy. That the guy that runs. Russia it is willing to come to our country to sit down with our president. Have a discussion about making the world better to make. Some look bad in our country instead of a neutral country. Making it looked at trump trump what a triple better for important comes here as that's what food do you. It's just trying to do is just as you guys are so it. Look he's gonna come across as a very strong understand you run your vision can Belarusian human bones star in the open are you audience. I don't know what do you react to like he'd taken choose at this point on Obama what I don't understand. The problem. Okay so. So we do billions of dollars. A financial industry with China who allegedly wants to kill us you're fine with Barack. Right by your your pennies in a barn stood potent. Is coming here to me return. Just don't think it's a good idea to have to have another summit so franchise so soon. Ina. Jiang China ten billion dollar trade industry with America that's fine. We don't have a problem with that. They wanna tell us by wooten who trump making friends with Russia is a bad thing. Well let me let me tell a minute and an interesting that's happening with regard to the president. You know it's not. That's difficult to control your Google search results pretty easy to clean yourself up if you Google yourself feel like a comes up in only your photos. I'm however. If you this morning going to Google. And type in the word idiot and then navigate over to the Google images tab in the search to be flooded with images of president trump. Now how does that happen there's an algorithm. And in 2015. There was a black web developer of the realized that that revealed this feature exists at what happened was. You'd there was a photo let him in a friend online. In this global feature had labeled him and his friend as guerrilla us. So he contacted who only like Kate this is wildly inappropriate so Google apologized and they pledged to fix the bug. However the feature that. Certain popular thing social connect to other things still exists so this pretty much happened. In a Redick post where users often voted a photo of trump. In the post to contain the word itty. Since we're so many votes and the poster so popular. Google's algorithm picked up on it and gusts associated the word any with the image of Donald Trump. So they can't so that's so unlike the other guy with the guerrilla group. The president can't do anything about that not right now both Kubel in the White House did not respond to requests for comment from new source about that. I'm sure are scrambling which are both sides scrambling on the Google says that they change their course search algorithms at least once a day. Part of it is in order to expand matter the results so I would think that after today this could change fairly. Oh my gosh yeah it's all the end it's all. Yeah it's all the president well here the tell it's obvious. It's trump but in his Green Day that's thrown for American idiot. And here's the stooges. Four while I was surprised some surprises the I'm surprised the White House and like jump on Google immediately NC can't do something about those. But I thought and it's done legally. And I hard. I just get a kick out of Americans. Ed very Americans is so mean mean mean it's what our warrant in the tower warrants. You know. Was everybody up in arms were in our. When was it four to forty Warren went to our Japan impugn our himself. I'm yet it was a pretty big story. Yet. Right they killed by I don't know 3800. American soldiers in World War II nearly didn't know then don't but don't we beat them. No war and through the Marshall plan are able to have a real problem with our our president gore Japan and having dinner was somebody but. Trump I married Russian not the same Russia really. Rushers kill American soldiers. I I don't really need to. We have to wrap yeah I don't know we finally. I wore a little example a Mesa, Arizona I don't know we have a right for them and they became our ally yeah Russia helped America. Crushed the Germans in World War II. But we can't have Putin knew where Donald Trump but it's not a problem that there Japan killed 3800. US soldiers. But it's fine if the other president goes and has dinner and has agreed two week vacation. It's not so I don't know wasn't a vacation to remember the op. Roar there there wasn't a vacation and you were absent that day that's what went there from an astronaut goes okay thanks so that during the it's Sox at seven Gary two fronts. Some 42 and I'll see here Brendan. Is on the Framingham Ford studio line he wants the comment on this if you wanna call for an imports due line 617779. I'm sorry 61793118. Out in this is this is Brendan what's up Brendan. Hey what is something that I'm. Eight you know that this is you try to remember this and he didn't use the news you might have seen before they dissident go on for awhile they did some people call it global bombing. And not this is valid if you remember I don't believe that corporate like during the presidential election like Rick Santorum have one bombed on home. And the and Bush's tenure. I didn't hear it can do that surge that you put in my top armored those weapons of mass destruction. You'd you'd get that not found error page. You know like a lot of technical for Eric and on and if you put in like his failure bush came out. So there there there candlelight plain fanatics because it's it's it you know any hash tag or anything you put a lot of hits on. But Michael gonna just keep putting the alternative referred to keep what they eventually it's gonna pick out and put that person particularly acute. Obama had it happened on the mood it was like a real racial wanted to tell exactly what. There was Kerry I feel like there was an offensive caricature the First Lady that was. You but it was I think you're right and you put that and but disorders mentioned it happened now I mean tangled up prolonged one more quick thing what direction things they'll be dairy clicked. Quick. I think. I don't get hurt I'm more proud of the group to the guy said nobody hurt them more because. You do have to keep an open dialogue on but I get resent what he says it was wrong and it looked it up look bad and I'll pick up here and Republicans want that to. I. I'm Daryn again. Semantics. Where the greatest we're the greatest country in the world we keep the world safe we send billions and billions of dollars to other countries veteran in need to. The premiere and we run the show. All right. Thank you Obey its. Okay we're just trying to work against the clock we're trying to get us aren't thank you with 745. Here on CT ET AC and and double. LB today in history at 835. And always your comments and suggestions. The offering import steel line 6179311. Craig on vacation. Once again another Friday off and it's CT ET AC. And double. Yeah I may feel free to call and premium sports studio line 617931188. Alf or you can text and at 97107. Weather for today beautiful day today sunny high of eighty one's going to be partly cloudy tomorrow. You're going to the Foo Fighters show that at Fenway high 75 rain starting hopefully it'll be past midnight in the rain all day on Sunday with a high grade. It's our 64. I will be there tomorrow night if you Simi stumbling and who. A good time fu fighters always extremely loud and extremely awesome. So looking forward to that and try to get there early as a here dinosaur junior is opening up one of the great. Local bands knife from a over their beautiful Amherst. Recently for treasures at the acoustic soul awesome. At Fenway it has a dispensary sitting if you're like an extreme corner where they said that the states of stays a tenets of the of the right of the green monster there are so if you're kind of and one of the extreme corners it gets little Dicey but it's pretty much. Like breakdown and all the way it sounds really good so. I mean this shows I've been there the dived into you know this the second clues have seen Pearl Jam there and and Bruce Springsteen which Ariel sounded awesome. Like your seafood are bizarre up in the what was the Budweiser section on the sandman all right China. There was an on yes very nice. Very nice so I don't forget listen if you signed up to. The end the WA AF sweets it's for the Foo Fighters show listen to Matty nick today at 530 he signed up and you hear your name get back to him. Within thirty minutes and you'll be in the suite which is nice pass this rarely. Any kind of line for the bathroom unlimited hot dogs right has had a lot of as I get too excited here. But it's pretty comfy man the leather couches and you know you can step in for beverage and it's just. That's the best way to see your show it's a pretty awesome so you shaking your foot in your chair. Could trigger that squeaking noises you know what it is it's my fat shifting on my body because when I move my arms. The sat ships and it's probably the stress on putting on this chair. Right is that the new paper wrestling is that like your is that you are idols Russell in on I'm just as god made me Daniel I'm sorry I expect you on that thing you know I know there's a lot of fat shaming them you know look I can't know you can control. Paper shuffling you can't control the way your weight shifts on their sheer mental illness and her or her way. I'm all insecure. I know before this quarter as well if I'm going to move too fast to squeak one hour. Yeah just yet used cross your fingers or does spank. Art and then we got help melt coming up here in just a couple of minutes a las like clocked as the computer front vehicles or computer. It looks like one of our top 25 villains the Hal 9000 has taken it over and now I'm getting. All sorts of crazy stuff on but there's there's slight strain showed cheese porn and then there's likes of pop up things in the I feel like Greg. I'd I'd dot I got a back aren't aren't. And you know we're the miles ones yeah. The what do you guys go to that little bit it's like it's oh my god. It's like watching one of the transformers movies and everything's blinking and then you just freaking out you know and it's easy getting an algorithm thing here. Anyway don't worry about it so and so although I do like heavy use of course right here Daniels like standing right next to me you smell very nice morning. Is that bad to say this is yet to tell that it HR now there ago thank you do and you know you're. We got your hill mail messages coming up here and just a bit plus another tax code word for the thousand dollar collar but first. Let us get to this. Lights. You heard horrible or heard. Good news here at. The line letting us. I hope the number one for tonight nerd David Price is paying attention to this because he's got more to lose than some of the people that were victims of this already but. And Mason Ohio. Jack Bates. Was in in his home and he has had set on playing fort night. It to gain control in his hands he was firing away and then. Someone got on there and tried to ask. If they can use his password to play. And he and his mother Amy gates learned that it's very easy for teens to let their guard down when there in the middle of planks there I asked. Your mid battle. Your your fallen things all wrists somebody pops up and says hey I need you username passwords so I could play. On there and there's a CJ out a case of this because any personal information that was in Jake's emails or anything else. Credit card number all that stuff has now been compromised. I'll be out so if you're in the middle you're flying on fort night you think you're doing great. Watch out for some like that this is some this is his mom Amy gates. And when he logged in to hit us. Account he took everything over they got to ever account but also took over his. Email account and change their passwords. Change is that I'm recovering Catholic and Penn number I says coming into the game not getting information out and you know I'm like it's a lesson learned. Now the foods while you suck I know that's that's that's crazy man you know when they're this they're making kids victims. You know the taken advantages that kids that are not awful will still play sport right Larry's got a heart set on all their sorry and I do you tell them as men he's ever had severity of the laptop he's a force screenings of the four guys whose best ones are planting this year over a hundred people tonight. Well just let him know that. I don't know I don't what you did you know I can't purity paying out a lot out of my pocket and admit I'd pay a lot of attention to will play in foreigner. Can you imagine that will giving out his and phone and then LB rips the headset.