HMMS Hour 2 - Greg Hill: Professional Gamer 3-20-18

Tuesday, March 20th

This hour Greg has a new bff after dining last night with Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck and Gordon Hayward who we found out is a big video gamer who enjoys watching Twitch in his down time, a Nation of Pussies report about a kid getting suspended for snapchatting a picture of him with his family at the gun range, we have a How Creepy Is It case from a woman who met someone at the St Paddy's Day Parade and being a mom counts for multiple jobs!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. And yes so that's okay Don't like the Tesla actually it was a fair comparison because that's. Tesla is our in auto pilot it's not expected to like completely believe the driver of I mean eligibility yeah I know you're most alike still. Pay attention of your hands on the wheel to supposed to make less of a workload for the driver whereas self driving cars as let's stick to work Louie completely ya so it's not quite the same thing. This is an act on the Framingham for a studio line Cranium board no one will sell you if Ford. For less what's up next. I'll gladly they didn't tell me about it. We must disclose trustee automatic or expect it to our people should always we Oakland post. Whites worked yeah forgot it at all. Yeah that can be a problem out there with a whole. Well anyway. This is first. Death that is related to testing. Of autonomous vehicles self driving vehicles. Wilbur in this case has suspended all of there. Self driving vehicle taps drag and here in the city the mayor is doing the same of the companies that were testing it over in the seaport. More on this later it is 701. Here at WA AF Afghan. And HD one west Borough Boston. WEEI. HD to Lawrence and WW. PX HD two in Boston. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to win your share of 300000. Tied the code word this hour is bare and BAA and the ban. Text that code word that this tax number 7288. Wives and you. Will be entered to win 1000. Dollars in the thousand dollar collar. Message and data rates apply. Your chance to win your share of the 300000. Dollars that we're giving away. It is happening right now so just text the code word B&B a and he. 72881. I will have Bjorn tax code word your next chance to win. Coming up at eight. And now go beat. Well a lot of members of my life and sometimes you conduct dump the small ones and bigger the bigger one with a WAS. Sports that. It's Roger miner doctors doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew oppress the out call 1800 get here changer let us change your life. Okay. Jack him brick with a caller NASA and now what an amazing night for the denial of family. His father played for the veterans for I think it's. Thirteen fifteen years. Him that his first game a doozy over causeway street. Four did not apparently there were all jacked up worn jerseys up in the skybox. You can add two helpers as well as the golfer's three point nine in game one as the Boston. Room it was fun it ended tough. But again today I was excited in the I think it always. Personally but obviously it's still better because of the off during warm ups actually houses kind of like taken away I mean I kind of felt like a dream and everybody get that warmed up because those two focused on everything else and scandal situations it was an unbelievable experience and those of us. I saw a great photo making their rounds yesterday. It was the mean. No that is they'll be a met a man Maggie you know those are the man Mays and it was basically said do you feel. Old. And did showed him on the bench and he was like five years old and Joseph Thornton was there and that was it was it did make me feel really really all of our program that was a very fair chairs yes it really cool but that's pretty cool feud that played for the Bruins in the and you get to play for the Brian's announcement iBook reborn you know bubbled work in niners signed Chris -- has yet played together yeah kinda bizarre it's pretty cool. On the boys lost in overtime to Columbus 54. Brad Marchand got marred. In overtime should have been a penalty shot and I got hosed and it's one of those. You know attitude payback calls the rough side Politico. Obviously alarm him active since dashed when any another child last night as well the black we'll begin. Four on the road beginning in Saint Louis tomorrow night. Then Dallas Friday meaning Sunday before finished up in Canada in the paid next week against the jets a big news yesterday bird he skated. And is now dated days. So we'd love down trees lose them back a step father of such route to beat the Phillies 65. On the Christmas dearest single in the ninth Zander went yard yesterday east Chris Sale. Got lit up giving up by a spectator after hitting two batters in five innings of work he allowed four runs no worries he'll be fine Sox are fifteen and me this spring. They're both the box this afternoon. The jetBlue park 105 allegedly deals in the works. But the greatest Major League Baseball rivalry to do battle over in London next season. Red Sox yankees two game mini series next June well it's pretty cool. Not a QB not a not a few of the keys at the Red Sox are too cool for that well the people landed but yeah five hour flight and a five hour flight back. Baseball season you play almost every day we have what ten days off and on and since two days you a fastball. I don't want either and if baseball would be as popular as the NFL is in London. I would hazard a guess at suspected going to school Fred Couples here. And I think you would fly in other news closure crate kimbo is out back at camp. After dealing with his daughter's heart surgery it went well. And way to work to Kimbrough family for a stand tough. It's it didn't. The thing we've ever been through but cougars have been the right place. I can't say enough about. How amazing Boston Children's Hospital than nurses the doctors have definitely raising purposes process who you know more room for me actually conservative ladies take care ten. They're definitely raising cheese and lots weaker coverage then have a unbelievable hands and shoulders some very blessed with the Red Sox. Ballots were then all hell and extra benefits and but it's been tough. Yeah it's obviously very emotional and hopefully. Everything goes well and he gets back to and knowing guys in fireball and and knocking at certain guys are very very Celtics then Russell restroom. Russell Westbrook who loved him down to maybe PM tipoff over to garden. Guard Marcus Smart we'll have some surgery going to be out indefinitely. Surgeons says has provided an out of court we needed to quicker recovery. Real real real excited and eager to get back out there whenever that is hopefully sooner than later this is so hopefully team competitive business have you back. But I disorders are sweet sixteen now March Madness action at the garden Friday and Sunday. And I ducked out do you take on number one Cornell. And northeastern taking on Michigan. The DCU center Worcester this weekend in the frozen four so some cool stuff from Boston's close calls towards. All right by QLD I didn't hear him mention me and Gordon Hayward surgeries going to be. I'm. I did not jinx him at all we went back I got a place what do you got smashed to never forget I didn't do it again that they something Gordon. Hayward nine and her. Shared a few laps last night and men and we spent a most of the whole entire dinner talking about fort night and overlook. He is a massive Jean Marie you yes you. And wait wait and to the on line gaming and weigh in taxes. Why didn't twit stream he loves. Watching those that are on twitch and he was telling me about. This numero uno dude. Who's on. Who's on twitch. And makes 850. Grand a month. From people watching him playing really playing for tonight a bit on. And I mean he is the most successful apparently. On line professional gamer this guy. Perhaps Jimmy's making an 800 and at the bag of cash that's a billion dollar industry elderly out as and it's one of those things will get on the computer in track and well all I'm sorry over watch I said overlook it is over watch ice there and corrected. I've never played them but I do join Greece in the in the fourth night occasionally. But I think it ninja. Was it Linda exactly what was. And the guy I collects 850 grand a month from people watching him. Get hands on how to beat how to beat the game even at over three point seven million twitch Boller isn't over five million YouTube's. Amazing thing that's. So singling you like their curriculum and well and cannot get rid of it are not all of heat it up bacon evening ninja. In Asia food that might mean youth mean yeah. Writes it is 709. It and it is if you'd like to be on the show this morning you can call on the premium sports studio line that number is 617. 931. One a a today's weather it is going to be partly sunny temperatures going to be in the thirties. And then tomorrow. It is nor Easter number four. Arriving in the afternoon and into the evening hours. And they've upped the storm totals that looks like. Somewhere around earth six to ten inches of snow falling here in the city of Boston tomorrow night. It'll and by Thursday morning. If you on the caper this out schori giving it a little bit less than three to six that's a nor'easter for in March and number five is coming on Sunday an affair. Well now all right. Coming up. The nation output c.'s report to why some students were suspended. From their high school. For participating in a family activity. And it will seem to think about that coming up next on today's Hill Man Morning Show. Tax that would like to know how many times I told Gordon Hayward at dinner about my puppy gate incident happened. I didn't. I did not mention it at all. Which we don't want to draw parallels between your own group or yourself in the lead amply I only. We only discussed. On line gaming and that is that is it. Here's texas'. There is an absolute jinx in play. Because he mentions. Hayward dinner last week in many of the setback on the treadmill. I don't believe that I can be blamed for that in any way shape or form this is mark. On the premiums for its studio line this morning. What's up mark. And yet to agree right up the two are you calling abouts. Ninja and and a good food and energy had to worry about the career could expect. I can you and keep them do you do you do you watch ninja. It is important that they gave up. You know I think it doesn't dilute what's gonna that you can't trying to limit repeat. Are at and I mean I when he was telling me when Gordon Hayward was telling me about this dude. I was blown away by how much money we started off talking about the fact. That. Which was there at dinner and we thought we were talking about the fact. That the crafts. Had purchased. A franchise. In the online gaming league and that they paid about twenty million for it. And so now and so we're talking about. How much money you can make and and how you you know how you generate revenue. When would these kinds of things and he was mentioning that this guy ninja. Is the most popular online gamer. And that he is collecting about 850 grand a month from people who are watching him. With his with his with the gaming and and and it's I mean. Me personally I enjoy it and listen I used absolutely dominate grand theft no I'm OG OG Grand Theft Auto guy here is your son where they can enjoy playing. Not sure that I would be one who would sit down and watch somebody Paul's doing and I for an extended period at bat but I mean. People wanna they wanna get that is paid the wanna figure how to beat the game and the only way to do that as though the watch ninja. Why it's massive write bishop recently peso at the Boston Garden yeah they just did there was a stud garden thing. Couple weeks ago there were tell them last night where it. I mean I didn't think the outer Dario a case of he's the bastard he's pulling down 850 now would you be just pump to pull in fifty an extra fifty K you're going to how many people are making 50607082. Well he LB that they took the month. That sooners and 8000 mark yeah month yes I am and that's what I'm an impromptu didn't you need bring about a hundred K plan game a year away after Kate and networks already rampant. Is it's. Pretty amazing all right. It is 722. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Sun is out here in Brighton it's going to be partly sunny today temperatures in the thirties. And the storm is coming tomorrow night into Thursday may be and a little bit early Thursday morning. Six to ten inches here in the city and a little bit last South Shore and cape. That is nor eastern number four in March and yes spring is officially underway later on today it's the first day of spring and I. Storm on tomorrow. Way my fault and I only to their proverbial might might tiny little hand sit there on button hello Matt. Able to look at what's. They would happen to me so fortunate and happen collection action up there must walk it might sound sad. That's what I'm panicking but no mole he's like on the Washington. Like I know I didn't like watching this fall but it's got some work when you I don't think. How how old easy map for four. Yeah I know I mean it's. It's it's it's really honestly. It people are in to them do it but again. We were talking about if you go to a Celtics game. And you're watching. Grown men. Play basketball. Why wouldn't you watch and play online here hammer like you're in what it will with Willis. Infatuated with my craft and there's a student named squared. It has millions and goings of followers he just watches square odds amusing muscle in my car. It's it's really it's amazing. All right I wanna get through the nation of policies record because I think some of you will be as bothered as I was about this this morning there are. Some high school students. Who have been suspended. Them. Four are going to the gun range with their family and snapped chatting about it a privacy and reigns with their family adds so they're obviously a threat to the whole entire school community. And must be removed immediately. So a photo circulated and snapped at one of the kids not too high school students in the Finley had been. Suspended Vick where there was Lacey township New Jersey okay and they've been suspended. Over this Hachette photo now one of the students took a photo with four rifles. The magazines and gun bag arrange bank. And it said. I'm day at the range. Not I'm gonna go shoot a place up or anything like that just. Fun day at the range. Of people posted photos just like that with no repercussions. However. So much of a screen shot. That screen shot then made the rounds among all the other students. And high school officials were made aware of it. The school has a policy. Banning weapons possession. So both students received a I eve day he will in school suspension. Wait wait they can't possess a gun and in their personal life that's is that if you're saying is hit outs I deaths and I defend the exact length has just all ridiculous yeah. I'm well this is a ridiculous story and everybody if they're if he can't own something that you. Personal property here we're talking personal property that's particulates that doesn't fit the agenda. Of this administration. And that teachers you know that mr. shoe that's all students must fall in line would the political agenda. Of the teachers that's how it works the rule states that students could be suspended for up to a year if they are quote. Reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type. For any reason or purpose on or off school grounds on quote that seems a bit Bryant yeah or off. Fully paint brush so you can't go he can't even go to a gun range with year with your parents with your adults supervise its. Without being without beings spend at least learn gun safety and learn how to properly handle gun he this this kid's doing it by the rules whole of World War I would soaps so vigorous hunt with his dad and uncle and it may take yourself after they issued a bark when their rifles. Suspended suspended him freer by first concern was was he snapped chatting while he was shooting that it is not because that's. That's great but still. That's. His attacks mean I'll address this text message in ninths and name Texas says I am tired of you. Who isn't I am patent you should meet my family they're really tired I could I am tired of you blaming this. On teachers and administration. Have you met. Parents will listen I'm not. Trying to paint. Everyone with a broad debris Russia Selby was just alluding. So however I get alarmed when I see. Videos. That surface. That ours both the surface. Teachers and administrators and schools. Suggesting how important it is. That teachers. Make sure that every child participates. In aid. Protest walk out I don't think that is the I don't think that is the obligation or the function. Of the teacher. To be pushing their own. Political agenda on. Our young minds I don't believe it's like. And if you remember. The day after the election. When young priest still locked in the school. And day teachers said that she felt the same. That morning she felt on the morning after September 11 and I said. Italy amid you felt the same after you stupid election. That you felt after 3000 Americans plus were killed. Like so I don't believe that that's where that that's not the obligation of of the school administration in my opinion below James. Oh good let's. They I didn't like this I go to I'm Iguodala but I'm not a lot of big 12% but can you imagine if Hillary was in the air right now. We take it now I could even imagine. Yeah I mean here's attacks from a bleeding heart liberal teacher. By the way Texas as bleeding heart liberal teacher here and even I think that policy is absurd. Now that the kids can be suspended for going to a gun range with the apparent. By the way one now one local gun and this advocacy group had pointed out that. You know this is a very broad definition also there's no specific definition of weapons so the school district since it could consider it like off fork a weapon. Since that yeah and it can be little I I consider it a complete necessity at all. Always have a sport would make just the case of some kind of a meal ops are. Let's see here is a Texas says 774 Texas as Greg. You paint all of us liberals with a broad brush and you blame Iraq for every. Thing come on now what did you do you please share that rural area in the school I've ever imagine. My sign could be suspended for a year if if there was we took a picture of us hunting in northern Canada. And that that's that's that's a joke. As of five away Texas says I am a teacher and I totally agree with you Greg but. I can tell you that the Macintosh. Syndrome. Which is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Is very real. In our schools. And our hard working students come from hard working parents. And are entitled students come from and title parents so like I imagine I can imagine that stroke below jog. Article guys let's I want. This bit like making my blood oil and I'm not. You what side you got John you got you got your phone cut out so it's making your blood boil and what. And I'm not even a gun owner tell. Oh yeah they are orchestrated you know first a lot of vitally that you can't usual right. He yelled to bear arms accurately. Let's say you know I pathetically. It kicked all the alone. There's a home invasion he Defense Department. The fire on these noted that the hero on the news business schools built them. And right yes under I don't I don't win here uneventful and that's. I mean. It's I'd Ike monopoly I was bothered yesterday by the news story that we spoke about. Where a student was suspended from school for not participating. In the walk out. But to me. This is worse I mean if you're on your own time. With your family. Out big gun range. And you get suspended from school for that would go what does that doing anybody of it quickly what could that that we missed it says let Kyle is that. I mean because somebody goes to a gun range doesn't mean that they automatically. Have a blood thirst for shooting up school the next the next day and that's partly OJ. What's up Jay what's going on. So my question is that. What if you are a voice out and you are sharing their country. Because I got my merit badge in both of those things. Some. What do users are perfect for this yeah yeah yeah yeah. I. See this is Bob on the premium for its studio line what's up Bob. Lol lol. Or is it felt like okay we're all before. You heard. Or use our own school. Although the local also important. Although it was. All over. Well as I'd like you sort of formal little mind Moore who. Let them into what they're doing is not. More good news also widened it doesn't know about also about all this is good luck so far. Arnold that's about what people want aren't in there are also floated in two efficiency tool yes or. Why all of a sudden acceleration doesn't cold. Odd look quiet although all over. It's going well that's cool off nothing to do with the outside outside the cool everybody a everybody. If wolf we have a lot out of what they feel if you don't. Well you just heard it but Bobby used to be a free country used to be you could go. And do what you wanted to do if you're a kid at home and if that ended up being that as LB indicated. They yell and some parts of the country may be more so than here you have. Kids who go out go hunting with their dad or go hunting with their right what their model where it used to be able to do that. They what they would like to what they would like to do is to make. That's impossible for a student to do you know I and that's what the school is diet. Not only with the suspension. But would this rule that they have the cannot possess a weapon at all as a as a student at their school you know and apparently. You can't even use one edit on Braintree get suspended on the opposite end of the spectrum in Pennsylvania they get an extra day off. On Thanksgiving break because that's the start of deer hunting so really right out of business. They you know like the rest well for a western. This is evil of Steve. It and it looks like some. Not what it teaches in this administration. Overstepped their boundaries last week when they had to walk out problem. We're getting help from the principal. That thing back during the day they let. Great students go to my docket it great classroom. Talk all the walk out. Talk about what happened in it the question in every shut my wife and I because white child pocket the Mike's idol. The book itself. Crazy you know ID question we don't like that it be great no that doesn't know and the action that that would that be up. The website they gave. What is the one with the others wish. They are seeing it are cop and I acquired by air force is gonna be cleaned your comedy opened a web site they'd get tied cop. It has it is good looks are content with what he gently into that web site and it has great feedback that. It really insist that it is illegal what I feel the schools be allowed to do today. I was that I always thank have been caught I was told yesterday about. A parent. Whose child. Did not I won't name the town I want to get anybody in trouble 'cause it's actually I think it's going to be ongoing legal issue okay. Child did not want to participate in the in the one note and was. Essentially bullied. The guy. And administrator. Over their decision that they made not not the participant insane and once the parents got involved the this situation changed with regard I owe it to how it was being all off core humid understood. But to me that's just not any in any way shape or form. What you're what you're supposed to be doing as both the beam. You know molding mindset. To be open and to be a YouTube to be willing to accept all kinds of ideals and to be able. How discussions about. Differing differing opinions and to you know on the track and I sessions and to make decisions and to be suspended because you went through a gun range and your family is that seems to mean. Absolutely ludicrous looked at. Good morning everybody what's up to. Question. Might sort of reinforce goats so as you're too hard earned oracle shooting. Of course go to America you'd be suspended. Yes yes there and it's got some good under that pool yes yes. I mean. It's it's really. It's it's unfortunate and it it makes you it makes you to think about where where we are right now although Josh. They re going to look let's just say. Those are due look in the in the US. What I worry walker. Well yes good people down and MS walker. Actually Cody Stanley and everybody great people down there. Absolutely and I still look good. That's what just wanted to have caught up on the gun thing it's like. But it just window coverings. You know public you're going. Whose belated great spirit. Flake. I think learning how to shoot is. And actually. Important skills so where it's like. I don't think well that you know site. Well I mean if you. Look at wanna build these idols in life. Swayze GAAP. When they took that when the rest Keyes started the parachuting and the middle of the school day. And they took to the woods. What would they like what would have happened to America if they weren't able to defend themselves and in my right about a legend to require them I am I right about that after. It it is funny because they're teachable moments in you know if that's what you do was apparent. Yeah you know I took you know might if I put myself behind the real in my truck. Eddie years old. People will loser GD minds about what he's doing 55 miles an article one and marry him and and he got taught how to drive he got pot. Our hand signals he got caught the flags to stop lie acquired pass let somebody passed. And now I've got an eight year old that I know how to drive a. Car that only you drive in your condition over there are due back for a little bit nuts a bit nervous about that and I don't want to go outside and that's matching. And I read Jeff Gordon finished second and Jeff Gordon. At that. Sauce is this is nation puts these report and it is 740. Year on the Hill Man Morning Show. And now his intention to go from being. Who won a grand Hill Man Morning Show prisoners I need to get some sort of smooth talking he's manned the truth is gorgeous yeah freaky how. Is to introduce this. All right. This is an interest in one email that I received yesterday. Read it verbatim I am a 28 year old from Hyde act. And my friends and I went to the preyed on Sunday in south the we took that this is a woman we took that he home. And I sat next to a window dude. The only personal information I shared. During our may be ten minute conversation was where I've worked. Yesterday afternoon. Boy flowers arrived. At the office from him rose savage 2.0 and he said he had really enjoyed our conversation. And want it to continue the I'm creeped out. Because I don't know how he tracked me down main allies dollar believe that's not that difficult of. When he eighteen. Think that I behind someone and Dunkin' Donuts. In line. And they could say one word at some Hamlet while knowing know who you're wearing going to probably not I this is the nice thing that the guy down and it's she's creeped out by. I don't know still want to penalize you. Is it I think the that this 'cause it was a short conversation is sure irritation I think it it it was a nicely written note. It wasn't like weirder repeatedly show up at her house but Aaron ninety different social platforms like this just kind of got a good shot yeah I don't find it you don't think it's going to be the bold gesture now aren't good for once you don't. What do you think she'll now now I'm a true Donald your national conversation and all the sudden this guy's in your life. Now with flowers and everything there. You know all of page username and you're on the social media that's agreed to bar and you know you don't need name you can generic right see who checked in at whatever place you're like if someone in line says different. We best played par LA are all you have to do is go see who checked in their you can. The other pictures. And given them. Here's a finally texas' this is why don't talk to random people like a machine and what a share and enjoy your lonely life now. Here's the 29 year old. 617 tax. Which says chivalry is dead to us Milan meals and I'm 29 years old and famous. Well the guys that chivalry or is it creepy and mean you you be the judge I don't. Let's see here's the Texas says it would be way creepy years the flowers arrived at her house. I suppose that's true. If it was bugs she wouldn't decreed death laugh and now we thought out all the time it was if that was Bob settlement should be jumping for joy of smoke. Loved Chilean cattlemen do you really need him murder. Yeah. Moon actually it's a world. We let him yeah yeah now you can't even open a door burger you go reached opened the door and she she takes it. Two quick steps to get done and reported a million taste yeah. All of Z here's. Here's a 603 texts from the granite state. Which says welcome to facial recognition people who scale of one to tenets of fifteen on the creep ohm meters so that person thinks it's creepy because they were able to find out where when her name was. And send it's and the flowers there. That's not the kinds faults that she's all over the Internet soon. Yeah just Nina advantageous. Weren't. Here's a six on seven texas' this girl probably posts are whole entire life on social media on a guy in real life tries to attack era I doubt about it right now. But Kenny showed up when my friends and Edward brunch how did we know how do you know we're here and and just. Posted 9000 pictures in your answer and story of your bloody Mary. Here's a 71 text from the 36 year old female who says I'm wondering why you would tell a stranger where you work. Well I don't know what comes up. In 1950 what did we usually I'm on a creep vice geographic program conversation nicer Orman Boston's only added what he had to Adam and pray that player for the parents and gray area. A so. You're saying that it's not that creepy yeah this is Brian hello Brian. Very very hard April crude out wide pretty moderate throughout. News is that it's the way it goes our. We're gonna play your whole male voice mail messages back at eight it is 744. Today's weather across the nearby town fair tire and the world of wheels on March 23 to 25. Seaport World Trade Center and the sun is out. She enjoys a small boy habit it is gonna snow tomorrow. There is another nor'easter nor'easter number four which is coming and six to ten inches of snow will fall. By the time that's done tomorrow night into Thursday morning this is Mike hello Mike. Memorial large your dog okay it's my day this is this is grimy what. The the block your ball a lot February on a period I wanted to call and then and talk about this. Whole narrative that we're witnessing in the country. You know what would your kids. It suspended for you know what they do outside of school yes I'm it the funny thing to me is. The same people that are orchestrating this mask. Other thing people that. Have been crying fascism fascism fascism about. Donald Trump in the Republicans. Meanwhile this is probably the best example action demolishing a long time. You know it it and to me. As a person that. Generally on the light wing side of things. What if look for occasional. In all. Of transportation towards being logical. I'm more certain. Aspects of politics. To me I I hear people on the right wing side Hastings and compare things well this is what they're not feasted this is what the Nazis did. And to me that's always been kind of ridiculous yeah because we're so far away from. Political condition that they had been in Germany at the time of you know before World War II look like little things like this. Icu where people try to make that comparison because absolutely ridiculous. We've got teachers out there we can't even count on the futures. To keep from sleeping student but we're gonna have become a column that called in that mentioned about how. He it is fair. Their rates are student I think he says yeah and they had a great a great students come and talk to those those kids are so impressionable they're. There early. I mean they don't need to be involved in this discussion and out of each grade students. Incorrect when I was in the eighth grade when you're eighth grader won almost word hatred. We didn't know anything. I don't know anything I'm still an idiot. Upset and comparatively. A pretty Smart compared to what I wasn't a great. Where it went to school get off to do something now are ridiculous. Perhaps you grade kids who don't know they're they're bringing it even developed. To be able to formulate an opinion. Going in there and spew this nonsense. On these impressionable little first rate kids that have nothing to do what they're little agenda that they're trying to push and the school allowed them to do it that's our system at its back. It is pour Mike is referring to this story that we discussed before the break about the New Jersey high school. Where students were suspended. Because they have snapped chatted a photo. At a gun range would win that would parents and and they have policy that you're not allowed to who'd be in possession of a weapon. Anywhere ever outside the little added on a range re learning how over behind learning how to shooter under or anything like that slogan. Guys ranges are also basically schools. We've right there and learned about guns and gun safety at a clean caliber all that stuff and and they're doing with the parents I'd there's no like negative side to what this kid was doing did you ever. Go to a gun range to learn how to fire a phase there. You don't need a gun range you do that on the holiday. Do you stimulation on the holiday. Listen there's. The responsibilities also on the parents though it's it's not even it's not on the teachers on the parents do so odds. Parenting Danielle was telling me in the office and consider the source because it's. There it they're all sisters as as the. Miss line and beautiful girls the greatest movie of all times said but a lot of fun there and they're only they're all sisters imam however. You were telling me that being a mom. Has now been determined. Bid require the same amount of effort. As to full time jobs that's is correct a study was done by Welch's. Of 2000 moms and they find their average day. Goes from about 6:30 AM 6:32 AM until 8:30 PM that's not 98 hours of work per week they say the average mom gets only one hour. And seven minutes of time to herself every day. Air go it's the equivalent of two and a half full time job at hand. And you look what are you talking about. Chose to pop out to give blips. Yeah aren't on the clean and warm yeah I can't get it yet to pick up after them now where I've met again and you you you don't wanna work too and have jobs don't get married don't have kids. We didn't between them and. Anyone was complaining about it now just stating nothing back tomorrow searched on snatched out. You sound a little defensive are insecure because maybe you don't contribute to you as much slime you yeah you're talking about your talk on guiding of course if you're part about a guy who is that when it comes to the late parenthood for him has been an 818 of the full time address on Iraq there's not a lot of hours. And it could direct deposit. Yeah exactly it's. Three times a month.