HMMS Hour 2 - This Is A Family Program 9-12-18

Wednesday, September 12th

This hour we learn that spiders are horny at night and 7:35 pm is the time you are most likely to get bit by one, Paul McCartney just revealed he and John Lennon would participate in aggressive bullpen sessions together, Plus Bears in the garage and a coyote in the bedroom!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. So you don't see lower he never shoot like paper airplanes at each other for a trust the cubicles. And. Here's the Texas says they can't wait to hear LB say Kenny I love your chicken restaurant. I don't happen hawk I don't know why is grocers and Kenny Rogers roasters Marron must must go to fuel. Them. Would you it is 7 o'clock and this is WA AF FM and HD one less robust than WEEI. Each key to Lawrence. And WW BX HD to Boston. Would you like to give a few seconds. Two of the most annoying collar ever who has upped his game lately I believe I'm on my out liar on this I think he's up this call in game. He wants to talk about the hurricane would you like to give Scott from Weymouth now that's twenty seconds or sometimes I just thirty okay an extra ten seconds for the internal we don't need the timer on it but yeah good morning Scott. But what about these introductions beautiful. That I'd like to portable after the game that I struggled at the time yet so. Can you believe this thing I was watching the news the National Weather Service is calling it the storm of a lifetime. But you know it's pretty wild. Yet they'll beat that there's still some people they were interviewing on fox who refused to back you. They're talking about what you put some sort sperm. Certain excuse me I'm too what did you think he looked at south 260 people died working Cindy what two years ago. And it all deductible got a all the people refused to listen to the warnings it's crazy now there's a quick question what you get the site. Guess what wal mart's most popular product as Turkey that you like best you wanted to generator but obviously that's. I'm loath both blood. Plus I would I would say Pluto it. Beer out. Yeah it's par par or other sport united in their hopes go up percentage lies Padilla. They sell here at Home Depot don't want and I don't a Wal-Mart science and is there so Wal-Mart so here is the most popular thing not. Not like not plywood or not. All are still lies par percentage increase in sales. You know yeah. And it's kind of stating the obvious heavily you're evacuating to go live and at and for a week what is she gonna do but drink didn't barbecue I do believe. That Scott has made a good point which is that there are people. Who re fi when it's when the weather channel or whomever that the National Weather Service. Says. That the storm of a lifetime its content and you decide to batten down the hatches and stay there that's not enough it's not wise decision. Now there are some people probably can't get out again you know the roads I'm sure you were you were talking about. 95. Being like a parking lot of people trying to get out there and who. Hold on a second speaking of your favorite callers yes. Joseph the music college this is on the Framingham Ford studio line what's up Joseph. What's going on everybody. They didn't know you know our lunch Ali Larter yes no joke now did you get the little thing that radio essential. I probably you probably not outside checked checked you're stuck well. In schedule can you do every night out. Locate. And a great just great get this great and it was that and you know he's got an air about them. He is a little stack up I love him but he's a little yeah I met him back in the day real quick and down. So be ready for a little you know get a little I'm just saying he's so you can an error of sick Syria are you about them what but he's. Yeah so art movement in the text their finds it funny that I think that you can get plywood at Wal-Mart because I've never they believe I've never been the Wal-Mart I've been the Wal-Mart you cannot issue. The issue is I misheard I invite Scott was saying home people out on gay rights all right let's get to this. And now though beat LB lives in a parallel universe where there are no consequence. With a WA AF sports minute. I've brought you by you would hear lots experts doctor Matthew grosjean doctor Robert when you call 1800 against care. And the good practice to win again can you say playoffs because of hurt when he hit driver right. More than. He. Love that Kid Rock. Does that every time Barack general I call on that kid to play left field center right first. Yeah I'm I'm I'm surprised current madam pitches your boys were 072. In the first of three. Against Toronto and if you have a score card that's wearing number 99 on 46 losses were the best team in Major League Baseball Chris Sale. Two k's in one inning of work his pitch count got up so you're supposed to pitch two innings putting what one and that's because of the shoulder inflammation. Coming off the DL David Price goes to the century mark for the Sox made against Sanchez 705. First pitch at Fenway tenure b.'s bat back foreigner an amazing group and out of McQuay who traded yesterday to the Rangers. Redeem and Stephen camper. And the fourth and seventh round pick in the morning nineteen draft GM Don Sweeney. Very difficult day for me personally and for the organization as well we wanna thank Adam did a tremendous program. A tremendous teammate. There's a lot thrown into it and I was airliner step of the way and as I said it was difficult decision to you know because of what he's meant to Boston Bruins and always means the most. Yeah echo that sentiment times house. Great so. You feel like Don Sweeney did Adam equated to a favor here. Yeah sending him to a new team he had what this last year left on his deal and would have gone elsewhere anyway right and via a right. And I NRA and they got a and so why he's more skills guys bring quitter corridors or do everything beat everybody up. I kind of a plumber type defenseman that was an all around getter done does. And yeah a discount offers little more loose skills guys like 5:11. O'clock 95 moves the puck wall. But you know again quarters through the Rangers getting new three year ticket. Maybe you'll make stupid to figure shows career using incredible Bruin. But I think it's a win winters swings get so fourth in the seventh rounder is wall so hard you you know McQuay is on the last year of his deal. So I think you saw a win win for everybody. Police the bees have split squad training camp tilts beasts flames. In China Saturday and Wednesday and now they squeeze the other half of training camp against wash Saturday and Sunday. Behind her but got. It's just understood these people want me to acknowledge that you are caught at one moment you Colin stamp for the next only Colin camper. I demand I call stamper and let me here earlier yesterday as soon as sports you just detail what whatever it is I don't even know the kids are right you don't know what we're we're right here now it's a million seriously ten years I show even care what I call hearts and Aoki who cares about his name on the I was down yeah. I had I had 166 games tangles sixteen helpers with the no with we're just in the skills guy was plus fifteen. While with the beast he was actually lift the b.'s action I think 20102000. Elevenths so. He's familiar with territory. Did you know that you know that he played he's. Also a lot of swings outside and police step may act in that damn winter to try out tickets. For counts that stuck neck was a drone previously when it had six schools point three points with me last year good luck fellas. And I did decree TA has these issues so we cannot go to China bill dollar check preloaded. On more receivers adding Cleveland 20161. Round quarry Coleman. Bernie Fowler comes from Denver. He's he's going to be a four year veteran. And the best organization I grab the running back. From the bears pension barn if I'm not mistaken pats and jags Sunday for a five. Cornered Jay on Ramsey is already off and about Ron being ultimately. Our hurricane interference. I expect to Tommy games on you know it's called streets and trying to game's going to be canceled time changes the BC Wake Forest game. Saturday went from 73530. I'm albeit Smith's fortunes. Arguably. It is 70 wait and today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented. By Alco store technologies you're data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to echo store dot com we now know. Thanks to science. Dean Mon. That you are most likely to be bitten by eighths biter yes now that Iraq in the films yeah. I think there are a lot of people. Who are terrified of spiders we have discussed this and when it comes to bugs. People don't like this byters. And it turns out that at night. It is when you should be most careful. Because they act is when speeders. Are horny yes yes hello on the spiders get all horned up. And that is when you're most likely to get bitten during the 7 o'clock now or yes so. Group of scientists from Ingle into did a study and they looked at spider patterns and behavior. They found that you're most likely to see a spider your home between 6:9 PM with the target time. A 7:35. PM being the most popular whiny. Because that is Wendy this all comes down to basics of people should use this for humans as well hooker that's when the female spider is making her web. And the boys know it so they come out in droves looking to mate. Are you saying that her web brings the boys than the art that is a credit though you were saying yes and there are like it's better than yours is. So our it was 735. Be on the lookout for horny spiders. Great now you're teasing spiders. How does one know. I'm thinking. Of. Do you know how. You can tell. A horny spider how. She buys the first three drinks. Do while that's while. That's an interesting information I don't know if I've ever been bitten by a spider. In the morning I had never been bitten bars it sounds to me like he sounds to me like that's that's trio will be revealed he's never been bitten by a spider and you'll excuse blood diamond and I'm not the Don is on the Framingham boards studio line what's going on Donna. I have they got from Lehman corrections yeah it's lots of us has been made great satisfaction that this. He's been working skating with a couple years ago actually 2012. And in got word a look it up. Literally. Speaking of that. Several people want the proper information on Boston College football shared they're all texting in. They played they don't play Wakefield that was yesterday Nadal not Wake Forest they play wake format Wake Forest it's tomorrow not Saturday sportswriter Jeff at Marcum and tomorrow's third day I got right now that we'll do whatever yes it's always so nice bit of it but you already know. Well they wanna share the right information. They want to know and oh yeah. About if you plan and it's it's only Wednesday and yeah if your BC fan you'd have figured that. I announce. All right coming up next. What Paul McCurry. He has revealed. That he and John Lennon used to do. In the privacy of their own home. Which gives new meaning. To the album title. Meet The Beatles or maybe or maybe they should've been called the measles and not good enough. No I'm comfortable like the term meet mine meet. I don't like that we will get to that and the rest of today's news coming up next on the Hill Man Morning Show. This scares car fell on the Hill Man Morning Show on the premium Ford studio line what's going on Kyle. It's 730 all mauled and I got all these. We're building that there are blocked or dog fighters out there about fighter for the sport. Mere hours he sent. Oh yes and emptying. I will say this. You can take us with you win and you are hunting horny spiders. If he used the radio dot com and then you should download that today and he can listen to us any time. Anywhere. It's cut in seasons so if care if you're going apple picking. Warriors heading off to get yourself some kind of a pumpkin spice locked payers something like that a make sure the yeah measure the radio dot com maps of the UK and listen to this show. And this station anywhere. Coming up and about forty minutes or so we will play your home ill voicemail messages back. And so you can leave one of those last minute now and get it and lot of great potential topics today. It is national. Video game day today. And it turns out. According to a new survey that 67%. Of Americans. Play video artists. Ways so it's not Jesse's law and teams load. Ask rock agreed. Unions are so used it to seems like everybody plays video games to see her own car than that I mean usually they just don't wanna admit they spend so much time. Well yeah of of this sixteen hours. That are sorry of the twelve hours. That video gamers have. For leisure time during the week. They spend about 16% of it playing video games so what. I think you have to add in you like fathers with their silly guy play EA hockey or whatever the name of it is where you know NHL hockey was well. I've played MLB baseball with will on video I can't yeah I can do for my report. Yes. There's probably some that are playing because they're playing would have it would Cymer their daughter as your as I think you're alluding. His Texas says 67%. Seems high. Now owns that now we talked and gaming consoles or loses it's not all all all devices so says so so low. 6067%. Play on at least one type of device. And half of them play on. Multi multiple. Platforms and so whether it's Smartphone or whatever so. They don't follow. It and I don't know. Why I'm so old mill. You can immediately to help melt voicemail message about. The old town teams securing a playoff spot. 99 wins. For your beloved Boston Red Sox. And mr. baseball says don't get too excited about it but they have secured a playoff spike in the middle Mel voicemail message on that. Or on the incoming hurricane or any other topic and we will play your voice mail messages back in about a half an hour. So thanks Paul McCartney has done this this interview yes every very fascinating everybody's talking about this today. I'm Paul McCartney did an interview with cheap Q yes. And he's get a new solo album that just came out last week called Egypt stations we spoke with GQ about the album and sister with Beatles Sutter. And they talk about. Some of the stuff that the boys in The Beatles used to engage in together around. Central sir sir Paul oh Yasser pop talked about threesome yeah Vegas one time that he he wasn't really into but I guess John Allen and really wanted the experience than. Well no date in the article he says that one of their road managers said that they were going to Vegas do you want a hooker who Andy got Paul McCartney to hookers and that was one pol. He's saying that that's morning I had is only threesome. I didn't hear what you don't do you know now if the aria I don't know maybe the maybe only had one now. It's the children out there be knighted and he's musician. There and then. He talked about John Lannan. Jack hammering a a wife yes and then finding out that the husband was watching film he was intuit use of The Beatles. I also said he watched George Harrison lose his virginity when he was seventeen and the whole band applauded him afterward our chorus that's good I think now. The most interesting slash raunchy part of the revelation in this interview is that The Beatles used to engage in non. Union. Group masturbation sessions and I they had an aggressive bullpen yes growth aggressive bullpen session yes and there. Act it was it was that I don't think they invited Ringo and George. Illness. Bill is the article the interviews says that it was just John and Paul and some friends and three friends and they would they would CJ their way through through a tour or something on. I don't know if they were trying to. Seeking like enlighten me enter. You know that word but they were they would they would do they would they would. Master Bates. Together and that day he says that they would shout out. The name Brigitte departed go. Yeah its ilk as inspiration death when they were doing their group in masturbating and then once in awhile they have a Joker who would throw out something like Winston Churchill. Well I'll I'll I'll mom a little bit I've been better. And so I think you know I knew that man one sex as is as is well documented on the show. I'm a musicologist. And I knew this. Because. There if you look at the at the at The Beatles. And their lyrics. Oftentimes. Song titles. That they ended up releasing them. Maybe I shouldn't when we're talking about this solution needed and now he says that don't oh. But it is. The soccer title that they ended up with. Was not the regional song title that they had working for the for the song and a lot of these songs in there in the original form. Apparently our about. These group masturbation. And yes. And it never hurt to open about who. Are not so for instance. And unity of your party I mean this is inside this is really inside beatle information nobody else no other radio station NASA's on but for instance. You know you probably know this non. Got to get Q and in my life yes you know you. That song was originally titled. Got to get you in demise song and wait a minute race. Yeah I think that once you know that I didn't clothes get believable I guess now are you familiar. Are you familiar with the mega hit from The Beatles. I wanna hold your hand yet you're familiar. That was believe it or not that was originally titled I want a wash mine he. That was. Yeah that was originally yes and I don't I'm glad they tell by the exchange Parrish Fisher. What do ballots. I'm sure that you know. The the big hits on all you need is love you know that yeah. I'm originally titled. All you need is a Tug. And are there for diaper her elegant and I'd prefer either yeah ending a sixty minutes now. How about while my guitar gently weeps. And you know amazing Beatles song you know them. Yeah. Originally titled. One of my left hand gently creek. Oh yeah song but The Beatles changed and changed her first landed did the preferred public option for the care. Am and then and that's when this is not as well known as the others. Well actually none of the others are known problems. You're familiar with target by a little help from my friend I. As we just learned originally titled I get off with a little help from my. I'm buying and I didn't have on our but that's so they thought I mean honestly. It would anger I believe you would never have known that if you haven't tuned in this morning. And heard about the Paul McCartney interview who did gentlemen's quarterly mag I just feel bad for me to. An. Image that you just killed five and here on Long Island I'd tell murdered them well liked. I attacks there. Says that they dot the soccer title does. Got to get you into my wife. Currently based on the job eleven story that reared hello. Oh. This this this is Jeff on the Framingham forward studio line what's going on Jeff. Any element good morning ignited go let's let's. I don't have a great shot on from The Beatles really late into what you're talking about unlimited. On the Chinese us badly to join the joint action yes yes. Together. And at 73170. I. Now all over me surprised by that hurt me it's not surprising was the sixties right it was the man. My staff and I need to hear about right now and well. Let's let's skip to the news. And the news this hour is of Iraq to you by. Nissan intelligent mobility it's a great day to enjoy a ride in sun can't control the weather but Nissan intelligent mobility this technology is changing the way you drive forever. Time to enjoy the ride and upgrading Nissan intelligent mobility technology that moves people go to Nissan USA dot com to learn more. A lot of second. We can address this this Dexter says that. I am better than that yet. Nine some text no you're not that it is play our bread and butter that show that it says that it is way off the mark what do you know him on Monday and you know like the first week you listen to this morning's. And it's like a good to double on on my day and date and to get it sounds crazy you know that text message like if you want now view on and if you'd like to. Text in and you'd in enjoy that particular habit than I have my sincere apologies to what did you prefer I don't know over the I don't I don't know that it doesn't mean it's really what I do but. You know write it dying on the topic. Let's get to the news when you talk about first. I have. Reason number 2957. YU Greg don't take public transportation yes. Bed bug infestation. On the bus well all those guys so nasty note thank you captain in Philadelphia. There's a video circulating that shows a bed bug infestation of one of their septa buses the southeastern Pennsylvania transport starting. Crystal Lopez was the individual who shot the video she found that the bugs after she she kind of ran her arm over an upholstered seat back and then. All these little bed bugs came out. She said she suffered allergic reaction when she was bitten all of her arms she broke out my Ives and our strategy fascia totally gross so the transit authorities said that there are in the process of replacing upholstered seats with plastic ones. And here's crystal talking about the bad bug ordeal. Read the files and a political word I feel late if it's seeing burning filling in my arm. And I looked up and there was this entirely from my list always confident I found lake. I got my whole arm what went on fire it's seen on the ones. No and ask you and they were produced by the sacking. Britain went through that ruin that for years. Apartment after apartment after apartment though you know gross gross gross. There's an irrational fear out of New York. Black bear in the garage. This as speaking of reasons that this is reason number 974. Why I don't do any work on my wife's car wreck or my car yes this guy who was working on his wife's car in the Garrett Jones who. And he when he went to the garage to change the oil or whatever. He saw a shadowy figure and who and then he saw teeth and the and it turns out. It was an error the band and its active yet he went into the garage and then the red they had internal lights on yet. And all the sudden poem sprang off so the the guy's name is William orange. It is treated a local hospital is that for a long scratches from the Bear's claws. On his chest and stomach. He's given tetanus shot he's in an antibiotic treatments and here is bill saw. Like shadows and there's like a salute a dark object in the in the blackness and so likely to. And it and it looks like my form and not even speak out. I don't know I guess yeah now that you uses the word ugly laughter the door open and the coyotes. Came in yes and and this in her bedroom the photos are big knee and it's the where was that in. Tulsa Oklahoma. Only had. Well now to a coyote in her bedroom she got her dog and cat or fighting at first that she turn the light on Amazon well not today. That he tried to get coyote out with a golf club that didn't work and that she called police so animal control couldn't come down. They got coyote out released back in the woods but Bonnie Moriarty is the homeowner. Around four and 94 for fifteen also hear it sound like a cat fight Hamas I woke up. And a cat and a coyote came running into my around. It's still dark and that's very nice for the kind of got coyote stuff in my bedroom. He somehow just a lunch at the door and the door open. Holy crow now. Holy crow there's a cut and did care coyote noises are terrifying and I don't know what it is neat he like when I lived injury it briefly it. They elect woods behind the house. And there was a den of coyotes back there and I for the longest time I didn't know what they were beaten I never had the near my home and fonts that. Hell is it always nicer group William plans that. Terrell I back to sell I think gonna Canon laws and inserts like. In a cat fight when their dorm and analysts yeah well. The others what was animal that nearly. Cornered me in the India parking garage here here at twenty guest street and almost. Went for the jugular Fisher if they make a Medicaid they make it weird not like loud it gets to which scared him. What else is in the news so yesterday were talking about. Commemorating all the events surrounding 9/11 and I don't know if I don't know if you've seen as picking police the situation. In Somerville with what happened with the flags at the cemetery. I saw this on the news last night it's really disturbing very well Basra what is wrong with I guess there's people who hate this country today are right so then I asked choir you. Why would you be here yet like with somebody hates work in if you hate the place you work out why he would write party stated yeah about that this that some guy was. Keying on of American flag it it it appeared as though he was. We have a confirmed when that he was but he certainly made the motions so. Always hear from a witness and in a moment his name's George Gaffney and he was sitting in traffic. By veterans memorial cemetery is Somerville and seizes couple man and woman in their Taiwanese. Any he claims that they watch into the cemetery. Ripped for American flags out of the ground Lou waters behind the monument and appeared that the man. Made motions that he was urinating on the flags so this guy George luckily got photos on his phone at the pump water and posted on social media and all news web sites. There was another witness that did see this happen as well. But let's hear from George speaking to channel four. Does that undoing his pants taking himself out. And make emotions and it would appear to be urinating outside yelling and screaming drawing attention what you're doing what you're doing ahead as he walked by army had a smirk on his face. Almost like eleven you can do putting an end if I was outraged couldn't believe what I was saying. There has come on like our staff and another flag I edges and the flag stands. Where did the the good things and about this country way it doesn't matter what year. We do what your politics are who we like you don't like it's as far as who's currently in this officer that. And the flag is the flags about way more now than. People who. Who died for this country and it to use the end up for what that flag. It's the hands full right so I don't know. I hope they find them. A lobe of Bobby. Hey Bobby. I've got a try to come back to Bobby let's see if Tim is there hello Tim. And hey guys good morning I have to go on some. Yeah I just did that story about the guy in New York who attacked by a bear that yes. It's less bandwidth or current. Yes pretty safe to send mail order. I don't technical but what I have. Batted that's a bad image that is not a student and nobody wants I mean that is the name of a credit unknown no. On the ground are well there might be orange line I mean it's noted delicious smarter than I thought my god correction LB correction yes. I'd for good. Series cypriots burnt orange. Oh Bernstein arrogant burn out and burn at plants in Louisiana it's burnt orange. That's. I do believe they did retire burnt sienna. It's in our own it's probably inappropriate term for some reason I admit I operate phils are now. That's Steve yeah. I'm shares and on our minds what happened was one person. Complained. And that the name of the crane on the was triggering them and then probably changed immediately in panic over krill and that's probably pitchers need to bullets they crowned. Eyes that say lack ground. When he instead of prey on basic car loan they do now I've never heard that occurred three people say it my lifetime and it's and an aunt and let. We simulate you know the thing you color with a look up radon but the crown on the no that's what you McCain wears on its head. They what bothers me is when a grown ass man Putin your daughters crowds and. Another thing. That that. It. Today it is 741. And it is going to be cloudy and rainy again today the temperature it's gonna get out the 68. And we're actually at 68 right now so right now it is as warm as it is going to get on the show tomorrow morning. Still 50 at about 730. We'll get an updates. On the rambunctious. Over thirty softball players that Bradley and I again we're staying out past 10 PM in and them making lots of noise and bull share with the all of the crimes that were either called in locked in. In my hometown police department the still TDs so that's about 730 tomorrow. And at 715 tomorrow we are going inside the warts to female brain. So if your guy and you're confused. About some sort of relationship issue with a woman Daniel Ole blow you to get a brief glimpse inside the warped you know brain. On Friday show of course. Are very popular new segment LB's greatest moments of the week we'll do that at at 750 on Friday. And then just a quick heads up because they're in L found out about it about. 45 minutes or so ago and and can't stop beaming. Him and so we're going to have Kenny login it's her favorite. Yacht rock. Pena the maybe none of us maybe you can ask every single question. If can I don't think I'm capable of turning to a Steven Tyler and yeah I'm still hitting. That he would never turn your Merling and none of us. And Mamie. What was your mother and our I don't. One thing and that the wording. On the infamous even Pio there estimate of Steven where I believe it's very good beat two day Aerosmith had never happened. Who would Steven Tyler beaten at all. That sounds good news journalists like me you're year old and a. Do you talk to me like I ask any questions like OK maybe it involves maybe you can say it. Danger zone had never happened. Who would Kenny Laden's eyes yeah. That might be good. Today we're gonna put your help Mel voicemail messages coming up next. Back in theaters today for a limited run it is smokey and the big and all now saying not so she can yeah. That's cool that's reminds me of mantown movie festival who used to do. Where we gave you the opportunity to see films that you didn't have the opportunity to see when they were in theaters. 'cause you're not ancient like me yet see them on the big screen and sell. AMC theaters in honor of Burt Reynolds and his passing. Are going to be showing smokey and the bandit limited release third. An extended period of time nice this is Doug on the premium Ford's studio line without doubt. Is based on earlier discussion of the hobby of some of The Beatles. Oh agreed thinking three and air works for active court stripped out. And back in the hard day's night it's. There are the white out. It's so listen as they dug excellence that you're dead you're better than this all right not yet they are not. Yet. You are better than us this is Jenny what's going on Jenny. I've got LA just. Happening and we have to. I'm on the try. Where I was caught up with. Where are you because the pike outside of our studio here in Brighton. Is crawling at a snail's pace so. That particular at her and I are back right now I'm heading. Time. Cold how can you comment about it and yet. Our current we thought that I am right now I would say. Colonel colonel I brought you that occur add a web at a Klan and it anymore. I'm noted that they are to be like Catholic Ehrlich try to knock it click it again. I like people get upset with the way I say appreciate. Or appreciate it quite as palace say a crash but then they heard any better sales and everybody seemed to be okay. And then any better they don't like the way I say. The name of our mid day host yes Cary arc begins with evidently usually say this I carry every yeah. Like curry curry curry like Carey Gary like everything it can't be very. And I can't in good balance and there are things. It's like people who are upset. By Alex trip backs appeared who cares as far as asking me. Well and that throws not a whole dynamic of everything so you. And Alex Rebecca you know be heard on their show though apparently. Is mr. guy feel about that. Computer question or a parent. Currently. A trip back. During the summer. Decided that he was gonna is gonna try to grow his stash out. Yeah and turns out that he grew the beard and people are really people who are jeopardy watchers. Are or are some of them are really bothered by it because it's just that it's like when somebody's network. It like somebody work with every day shows up with a a mustache suddenly or belliard and edited it thank you know what to do there trip back. Actually address that on jeopardy and here's what he said. Inquire how I spent my summer vacation. Because so many of you people ask about it I decided to read grow my mustache but as you can see. Things got a little out of hand these hairs kept attracting friends. Whether I keep it or not. Depends on news or go to our jeopardy FaceBook or instead rampages and let us know how you feel hopefully it won't be a distraction for our players. I'll take things men do when they're lazy for 500 please Alex. I mean achieving as a royal pain in the yeah Iraqi she is looking younger. You play you AM because you. With the frequency of talent he knew she gave you a UX bully your face more. And it promotes insults her which keeps you looking younger this is why and I I I don't wanna set our female listeners when I say this. It sends women into an absolute. Outrage Shia but this is why men. Look better as the page. And you guys go to complete certain complete pot in his facility and is thought that you can also learn distinguished. I didn't get these routes done table at what happened that glitter and clearly that's my grades. You know what I do for a living from actually to the party the beard thing ripping is a lot of people say it's it's going away like it but unless you're analysts. Unless you're an athlete burn. Someone. Really prominent dead ass about the beard legit. And transit and groom Izzard and takes care ripped Yahoo! over the last like ten years. The king. For every one. It's going we've had this movement where everyone can get away with the beard is beard was the cool thing it takes a certain kind of face to pull off the beard without the beard tracked well. I utilize the beard the covered the double shift right I mean that's why I pretzel one I don't but there are. I mean I think there are still women I still see women online say that they really like a guy with a beard I mean it was it was a it was a huge trend. It was a trendy thing you know whatever 23 years ago and everybody who has but I I still think there are so I mean I'm sure there are women listening right now boom. Who still like a bearded none other in a small percentage of women. Loved you know. Forced forced each guy yeah but now that's few and far reach wing the other women like the guy there where. And then he decided to have a beer right they hated war but didn't nobody error daylight again they deal with. Say like Harry Yankee fat like through the browns play out again in the area just in time. But eating it like for Christmas Amy let her on my parents and economic and gaining any achievement for me when.