HMMS Hour 1 “You Know What I Love?” 6/22/18

Friday, June 22nd

In this hour we find out yet another thing LB “loves”. Also, we discover “Gatsbying”, Restaurants Stoners love and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Mirrored officer. Fuel Portuguese festival I was so very very lucky to. Nothing can ever take this away from months. My apologies on the late arrival this morning I had the extensive live doughnut place order in front of me and a cell. Fourteen sandwiches. A large I went out what is the thing where the person gets a a large iced coffee. With Allman milk and then I had to whip cream to. ER. And the trade off. The straight guy that went yeah that's if I get my order mocha or something how are you with nonfat milk so like he'd get the whip cream. Yeah. Some people do it like so they can say what I did they rationalize that had like the only knock has gone. Should anyway the same place every yes I do everybody so how do you not the person. A five ski. Are you confrontational I'll be this morning has done he's not known how we got behind. Talented guy I don't know but I idea is saying. So I don't have that personal best way to the best way to set yourself up in the morning. Is that you tipped the person of five ski seat page. So firm. Three dollar coffee decade it paid parks. And you warranty and and your country's Rory. I think I didn't experience and I really but did this particular case there are trying to serve the woman who is in front of me would the 93000. Sandwiches and and the rest of it. I've arise so does everything you say OK here on a Friday I know we have teasing to get to an important shot yeah. That's exactly what you're asking why he wanted to Carlisle one final he's upcoming things on the show me alone don't want okay yes. Your thoughts on the people in any given half food service establishment drive through who don't have the multiple kids in the car thing that would make sense for them to stay in the car order 5000. Things at the drive there I mean Matta I'm also married only at. It's like the lottery it's like the ticket people a minute there should be separate lines for these people you're an old. There should BO you're in a hurry line author has editor and I know stayed out of my way through this yes. Let's see here's a seven anyone text asking if LB is not feeling well because he forgot his scale this morning I assume that. Unless someone or you guys so to accuse I brush I do skills in my truck yeah. And also I don't what how what time they are doing well someone and yet. A degree. We can do the way in. I would say we should do it about 730 yards possible get the LB weight in. Under way up at 730. Sheila don't show. All right if you would like to call anyone be on the show any time this morning you can do so on the Framingham. Board a studio line. That number is 617. 931. Won it 223. Or you can tax any time this morning on the tax line which is 97 Los them. Here is denied 78 Texas says. She was ordering two sandwiches for her co workers. Did you buy breakfast for her coworkers aren't drying up now listeners telling I can tell you this she was not ordering breakfast for co workers. Because she literally said that she could not decide what the second sandwich that she wanted. And she went with the bacon egg and cheese. Minus the Ed. And again I have. And cheese sandwich that is who'd and the almond milk and the coffee yet again a bacon and cheese sandwich and a qualified and yeah almond milk with a whip cream in the top of the inning of the dairy issue with the chief negates that I can't calculating I cannot be so different. Our rights are being show that's oh here's somebody who says they will slip me a five ski. Not to hear all the uses this morning. Are you know what there is no Greg you know foundation and a gardener is sort of an inmate could donate iTunes. Right speaking of great gill foundation dot ordered. At 8:30 this morning. I will announce the winner of the final foursome for next week's WA AF celebrity golf tournament which is happening at foxwoods so if you signed up online ad WA AF dot com. Make sure that if you do nothing else. You were listening at 8:30 this morning and I will announce the winner you have one half an hour to call back. And claim your foursome this is Josh on the Framingham boards studio line what's going on Josh. Friday everybody. Yes sir. I just too loud they won't comment not bad sides they were people deliberate order like a hundred Georgia. Yes what sort that out local copy shop we would have mobile upgrade from Earl. And you know obviously got a courtesy leave that up or walk and I can't tell you how many time how he felt that. Wrapping up or not a lot operator ever doubt your flight they would it don't wreck about it. Every time I bump up Spain it's like when ordering too much. And then there's the people that are we that this could take an entire break pick yet the people that they ask them to pull up. And they pull up only one currently so now you get to the window. And they haven't pulled all the way up to the designated pull up to clear sign of more down the food they sit there and you're given and to their giving in the hands like I get away collective. Or pizza like. I might you yeah. Agent you don't pay and you Ezra must people that don't give a hoot. Trees you alone know my guns and the I don't know if anyone think. When it that are here that are you know yeah when he smiled at me does that give that voter that I hear that person really you can't exert your worried about before few afloat. Yeah it terrorists in London. Lazy did. Park your car walking also try to preserve the boat now upped our. I and my problem is of people that were gonna get pissed off of tribe through a desert too lazy to impart their current market and 101. Will solve all of your drive through problems lack drone the liberating space sports. Slippery ice yet it's all right drawing on the Wimbledon pupil. This this is Eric hello Eric. There are hair was hurt I think that's that's what are. You of course it isn't the reason for. You know solo. I don't think it's generational thing because it's generally really look closely movies and then what. Actually accessed in listen why. As early the only people who want to go walk so we look middle. Very important question. He doesn't quite a bit about these other questions that plagued the merits I don't know if we have time to answer another alleged compose yourself and think about that may give an answer at seven and I ordered a monologue. I got a that was a follow up question from the nerd who bored and I dropped from yesterday not yesterday. Here's a tax inquiring. If the way in is happening at 730. Or that's what we think LB weighs 77 clarity. It's. The way it is happening at random as there are certain. So we're gonna play here hell male voice mail messages back at eight. You can leave a hell male voice mail message on any topic all male voice mail message number. It is 6177795463. That's another tease that means another five ski. And at 835. We are having the chairman. Of the Massachusetts. Candidates commission in the studio. To answer all of your questions. And all of our questions. About July 1. Massachusetts popped date July 1 and then it's. It's not out of the weed it's not a national holiday yet but Edmonton and certainly in March shoes lines now it's a charity is going to be a glorious day so. 8:35 this morning we will get to that. Coming up in just a moment speaking of that. Which is pot. Set to be unleashed. On the masses here in mass hole the next week we now know. The number one. Restaurant choice. Of its donors. So we'll get to that important information coming up. And we will also get to an irrational fear and want it to Fridays on when everybody nervous but. Wallabies. The wallabies have arrived here. Among us in America I'm running great and they're running why else all right deadly wallaby packs coming next we'll get to all of that. On today's Hill Man Morning Show. If you read by his legendary. Hits. That's a brick shot Baird don't do that got. I don't want that to studio cold RegToy printer friendly and Stevie would use correct if records let us now split after school today after kidney Britain inlet at those two opponents. And it's written lit I'm confused left center minor thing that's name. Mind you still Wear my new online store that sells hash tag merchandise to social media influencers. Regular hot. All right do you do you sign on with that account and then he nonsense where comments on that random people's posts saying he should check out your store applied to become an influence or I think if. And moon. Happy Friday welcome to the show there is a major cluster F on this morning and is known. On every life. It's known on every other morning as the expressway. Yeah and it's. The there was accident which left a debris field and then there was a motorcycle that hit the debris on downs though. On that is a real problem the in the old give you the update right now so Braintree to the pike. Ninety minutes at last check. The hov lane remains closed in the expressway north found. The stuck traffic seems to have been moved past but the expressway an absolute nightmare according to. The lovely Katharine Paronto over at Boston 25 traffic moving at about six. Miles per hour Iraq. Happy for. Yeah us up for a better weekend today's weather brought you by Spock hero. And finally. Here's a way you can save time parking you spot hero any time you park. First time users can enter promo code we'll fort ten dollars off spot hero. Park smarter nice day today sunny temperature in the seventies. Not a nice day tomorrow looks like it's gonna rain. And temperatures can be in the sixties. So I'm glad it's going to be crappy Mars gas inside all day and have an excuse to binge Luke age old that's it that's my plan for tomorrow open. Speaking of things that one might binge on television. Specials. X extra sauce what are Keiko we should change the name of the broadcast a special spot technically. Extra sauce. I get a lot of guest the at about. My back press don't do it carries the day and look there is. This acts through this. And that delicate. How exercise. That podcast. Will drop today and shoe and I will explore. The owl theory. Without regard to the Netflix staircase. Documentary. That has been discussed on this program multiple times the owl. As the murderer theory. I was also discussed and we will be joined. On extra sauce today when it drops by the the man who came in the neighbor. Who came up with the old theory and has done countless hours of research to prove. That in app and Powell. And not the husband and was responsible for the death that was featured in the in the circus that's kind of dropped first the podcast ores are sports director. And black I don't that I know of our jobs. Yeah for him to drive and just yet and I'm just happy I'm here. You know I just enjoyed the power rely excellence. I have no problem if I died right now. That's how much pain and die slowly released. It. What is an innocent Italian or the camera. Do you interpret Justine your contract and you put your initials on this line here at the bottom of. Here's a text that says I am playing L bingo. Can I cross off other squares because of the three random arguments so he has started already this why why do you guys think I. Argue. Chris I mean you. Danielle will you Danielle no matter argue all time yeah you would eat dinner isolated usually I love yes you know you guys are you all Tonya and yellow Daniel all day redeem how come that's an argument you do it better than all of houses you have all I was passed I'm Obama share the goats are. I'm gonna get a bonus from are you go to I don't died. For. It. Of television the did you happen that time yesterday. Who check out the trailer for the next season of those are I have and a we're just coming in August I haven't seen Australia but it was Ericsson feeding. This. Really really excited about season two of those are. Can't wait to see the Colombians to the galaxy and avenue and their demand that Darlene there have been pitcher laminate. Couldn't ask. Still quick season won re watch and take a brief vacation. Here's a 617 tax. That says I am currently on the expressway images moving at the speed of smell. Perhaps it's just a nation does that give results of patients override him. Well what's up Brian your on the framing him forward studio line this morning what's going on. I yeah I know you guys talk more this the other day about people all the friends also on the road. Well it's common and not on route three Bible that there was a great on the running down the sentence. Of the guardrail on route three in a Trout action although the block like two lanes. Trying to run down the highway after the great have a great round of order out I. All of dog is a I think people have different attitudes about. Stopping on the highway for a dog vs wild life park area you you users have to keep drive during. The dog the dogs atop its reach. It'll find it's where somebody says a million. Pretty much. Yeah Oprah the people are more good news from Monday. Hank the lovable green and that was in studio has already been adopted and now apple doctors and our lives alone with him so he's been placed neatly yes so Monday's much from this past Monday it's already been adopted. You have such an article that extravagant thing about all these dogs he saved out. I will say that's coming up at 720. Perhaps. The the saddest. Now I want I won't call this woman sat up perhaps the riskiest. Animal rescue. Should say and perhaps the riskiest deadliest. Creature of nature rescue ever attempted by by a crazy person like yourself okay exodus at that she and hey Louis that's funny we'll discuss what type of God's creatures. Was with was rescued by a woman. And the risk that she's put herself and everyone else yet for rescuing this particular type of a creature this is yeah. This dad want everybody high yet. How do you know why don't aren't haven't been some sort of start a percent of these exercise. As much as it gets so it was. What what what people need to now fares there I don't care what I believe and what I mean that is. Is me that's what you yet you yet that's what you get out. Raised my supposed to be not mean now. You. At age fourteen degrees Tuesday in Seattle have. You you. He's Frasier crane and I. Do you want me a summary radio knob and the not you right here you know who I am this is I did view my life I mean can I do anything more my life is open. OK so I'd I mean I will the strawberry yesterday afternoon noon and night and Eric. United's away records. Probably not a Spinner. Now mr. Please tell fuel that affect your Spanish spirit strippers. Greg and we out contact our vice president of digital nothingness Sony and suggest. Random late chapel in two microphones. Outrage at not followed up by comments during conversation don't. Where you don't not a clue I've been thinking about the silent and ask you about this since Wednesday. Don't we talk about everybody gets fired on Fridays. You seeing him fired. Yeah I know I'm meeting where with my hands. Hello. Has my in my could deal its dominant woman contracts. Oh Islamic eateries known mine that yeah but people don't we were not it's not to have a meeting on Monday he and you forgot about it no panic the nation meaning immunize them. A when we meet for coffee on Friday. In the first you know was. Off site and so fired. Are they taking a security pass when you emptied the beer fridge this is a crisis he empties the beer for urgent everyday I airing. Maybe just heard a rumor proves useful maybe just heard you on the show when he felt like you knew you'd have to go get some coffee and don't. Whatever. You like and yeah Cameron I wish I. Hi my camera and Marines on the sex methods that don't actually kind of yeah so much a hammered right now the tell me what I wouldn't like I wouldn't love you to Q has written out of solemn about it. From. MLB that's not a doctor now. I think if it advantages leader. Rather than a private plane yesterday flying them a parachute BL AM texting marking an Indian like. Say that you're meeting with Philadelphia murder and even how they plan go to the comment. How was the Yankee Stadium I don't really like that generally like Yankee fans are little obnoxious I don't audience different classes are realizing I didn't get threaten or anything like that but it's your tech Jersey down let me tell you what happens. I got there by the time we get down there now it was won ten games that are one. And they have basically near as I can tell two entrances in the Yankee Stadium so there were 4000 people in line. To get into Yankee state chorus like what Christian York I'm 115 and though. It would but it was fun that was fine with it ties the bra sill says yeah on nights how many banks. And it was 43. Yankees over Seattle when we left. When you look at his own it was 4 PM. And that it took. Seven hours to drive one mile in New York City area and the rule. Now do you. I would guess though that are the drivers I will say this I think the drivers in New York City. Are nicer than the mass holes because there were several times when the vehicle I was writing and yeah was. I needed to cut in front of somebody and they let him out and they let they sliced them right off and it wasn't a big no no here and here there'd be an absolute did disaster river road rage kind of thing going I'd. It was hard that it can in New York if you honk your horn like for anything even to warn about an incoming tractor trailer they get a ticket. Calculating your that in tickets ridiculous I don't you're at you all the three elements yesterday Greg you went by air by land advice he. I think yeah. There were fireworks last night in Boston Harbor. Which I feel like it's happening more than ever before and they don't alert anybody like why wouldn't pass facilities did you guys like. Yeah those Eastern Bank fireworks last week and then the or random fireworks last night I think they were from one of the islands. Like Thompson islanders. George's island or wearable power or kitchen island. The islands are in other words George zone right on the harbor. Now. What does that there aren't terrible and we robbery violence now doing a thing to survivor thing yeah. You know this islands out in Boston pounded out here young or you don't have. But only for not following mark Garfinkel and Twitter. At picture Boston needs he does a lot of work for The Herald and whatnot he takes the most amazing. Clean photos and move photos silica get the plane going right from the moon he's an incredible picture last night from about plane going right in front of fireworks. Oh yeah and that Canada very definitely the opponent and he. Yeah about the fireworks. If I wanna do a photo ha like hell Obama did an Air Force One time. You could see the Foo Fighters at Fenway. And party with the Red Sox foundation on the CM Dak if you are an AF email subscribers. And you have to be. An AA after email subscriber. To witness sign up. By Tuesday night and be on the lookout for the AF female on Wednesday and you'll find out how to enter. Just visit WA AF dot com slash email. That's WA AF dot com slash email and purity signed up there and you're all set. And it's. Speaking of WA AF dot com if you went there this week and signed up. For the last remaining foursome in the WA AF celebrity golf tournament next week at foxwoods that make sure. You were listening for your name. At 8:30 this morning I will announce the winner of the force them. And you have a half an hour call back. And clean your foursome. For this year's 26 annual WA AF celebrity golf tournament next week at foxwoods brought him in camp directors and by. Echostar technologies. We're always looking Gregg to stay up to date with the latest trends that the kids like a young the young generation I gotta I gotta I gotta be hip and I've got a bit. I guess I'm gonna sound Pippen and arson streak that yes that. Have you heard about the latest dating term that's being. But yeah that's being gaps they did help they give me what. We'll open it goes against Ron grant imitating LB I think one of the. This is imitating grown grown documented in I mean yeah I think this. This is the new way one can do this on the day like today I can just give you one word to say in India has done out there and I don't really is still sound great I guess on the one yeah these are beyond the silverlight. Can I just wanted to document to partners can Buick and in turn. Those items those hurt. You now know it's noticed no answer for Greg what is Gatsby and. Thing is when you do something being gone. On social media but even though everyone can see it. You're doing it just to get the attention of the specific person that you're into so like if I were trying to woo you Greg yes perhaps I would do some. Big grand dedication to dip. Or ground breaking Italian chick and Ruth's I would put it up on social. You know with that when people put up the passive aggressive means you know they're targeting their acts this is kind of the opposite they're doing it because they want that one person to see it and think they're really cool. It seems like a lot of effort to go do. Just for your social media but I guess you're trying to land that person that you really library and social media is the way to do it right and if for those of you may have skipped out and reading Great Gatsby in high school like I did. The Great Gatsby withdrawal lavish parties to get the attention of one. Daisy Buchanan Alan being hung on a boat it. Out. If you haven't seen my social media this morning I just. I just purchased fourteen a cool pool companies here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. New business for me and so there are. And there's any women out there like warm magnets right. I didn't do that I didn't put that on my social media for one specific person or anything like that it. Mom I have just made a purchase I've got every pool company here come welcome Massachusetts she's so heart is that what yesterday was about a look at medium flying Yankee Stadium. VMware and fireworks go to cellar and I purchases as Melissa Phil Breck. If you ever did you watch it a social I'm Gatsby in field. Did you remake. Of the gaps in movie lived Leonardo DiCaprio didn't see the tree I never saw the first one lead. Underinsured. Sorry. Great movie it's just there are some owner has so much money so powerful. And loses marred that's just. That's not if you look. A at C. Here's 978 Texas said theoretically. The entire morning show. Could be known as the hips theirs is Greg tries to be here. In L used to be a tall LB kids who defied a working here. Yeah she relates to dislocated old ladies and how. I have right here in the on item it's typed out there is a 774. Attacks. LB you lived here for thirty years. Try the Brewster silence pick a boat tour where subdue Iran could well that's what they are the harbor yard Georges Island which did you do there. Bob no there's zero or is there in line. Jog there is a civil war. Fort out there apo products rivers. Nice visit ghosts there's a female goes at the civil war fort he would like that if she's there are beer it was a fruit and the lady and lady in black or semi desert which is called you much here that's it none in pleasure meeting her did you ever going to school field trip to George's island accident twice yeah. And we had Edward rose now ours well you know Edward Lewis is always the the guy who love. I wrote the book on on Georgia's yes yeah wrote these books on hard ease ease long since passed but. Now when I was a kid he came on the trip with a us and the whole entire time. Going over there on the boat he told these stories about a violence in his old Yankee Massachusetts. He's like these hybrids and abrogated. By the pirates of the exterior. And yeah in any zealously by half a. I don't know anyway it got kind of like you don't and I think that he buy you don't you know there you know what I love I love you very well yeah. Isn't. What I love about it. Passes. So they have a forward on an island. And they spent you know all this energy and they have these guys were Cameron scenario every day all day Manning this Ireland. And do you think the French Roy. You know just pull up like two miles away in an inhabit Boston. They're afraid of this plot and ashore where there's no no for. With cannons and take over your shoes. If you ever wondered what the verbal tree inflation of dumping a bag of scrabble tiles on the floor is what you're hearing. I've ever MI about bad and I. If the pain in my graduate 'cause maybe that if it and I feel free valujet. Family can struggle and I am struggling you know I'm I'm. Trying to file line here and I we appreciate. Knowing they know you're in pain and doubt that. The Austria over here. Let's of this popular with the Asomugha but. There are three currency markets still alive while you got it had been only with bingo awards. An idea our OK Nadia area and I got there I doubt yeah of do will be bingo. Of this are the people who love view are very concerned there are texting and over here what's wrong with the LB what's going I need back surgery and I can't get it killed. Or six weeks and it's insane. Just say this to you. Name. Is were some blues. Yeah I would love to be Hammergren. Analysts. Are mixed. I can't I get value Q Jimmie we talk to one of them are among them right. We will look at the sort yet another part of our ability and good argument and that. Now. Several Texas wanna point out to you just heard LB on history the flare. Played a major role in invading our city during the civil war right I'm not often a lot of them about that but I'll we don't know booked on one Louisiana purchase of girls on the teachers but those cells on the senate can't do this to me today that's you laughed. You only if it's Friday normally it is my god he's out doing and I got me. And I'm I am not going to read any of shut the text machine off I want that thing. This is gold Jerry gold and the I will say this if you like calling elected on the show this morning do you sell on the Framingham poured studio line that number. Is 6179311223. Or you can tax. The tax line is 97107. And coming up we'll get to the news. Waited pot. About to be unleashed arm the masses here in mass polian next week. We now know. The number one. Restaurant choice. Of this owners so we'll get to that important information coming up. And there's an irrational fear this morning which is that the wallabies are here and there walking amongst us and their jump to probably going to be randomly punching us as we've seen. In videos from Australia itself. We'll get to all of that coming up next on the Friday Hill Man Morning Show there's been a cluster after killing. The expressway commuters. This morning yeah and it started early what's the latest on that the you know still a little bit slow on the expressway I did. Get a text message in which someone who was there said the hov lane had been opened on the expressway into the city yes oh. Nitrate are out there that are drive time from Braintree split in the mouth like he's gone from 91 minutes to 59 minute. Good news a pencil in longer drive than normal and harsh. God bless you people patients patients. And that is also. Mean double check on us now metal texture protecting about 117 Bolton. I think close down or maybe able directions maybe just one immediate clarification. Maybe because an earlier accident a situation there so that's he's to be causing. On a Friday marks the 170s to erode one's seventh being close down in. All I think sad that it seems like from the text machine this could be big. Because. Still 50. Megan called Wilbert comfortable in traffic rules. Could be the first call of the week that is of the serious nature for this though final thought so but in purse. It is 651. I have to go to Bridgewater today. I'm hoping that things will be cleared up why I am golf tournament. All OK I was like yes or yes why not to go to the Bentley football golf tournament and spend all kinds of money. Yeah yeah auction and gala in Ilocos. That's why a budget grads don't need you now look at I mean it's like these kids they cost the it's. Hundreds of thousands of dollars as you know you gotta go to the grade school. Auction and by the little noodle paintings that they pay gates Denny got to go to that'd. He TO auction and by the 25 dollar gift card for her. The days the airport cafe and then you gave you think that he had assortment high school you think it's over in many got to go to the college things that you're already paying the college I mean I don't think the football tournament. Should be free if you're paying the college. I thought that it should be on this night I think that. Oh yeah he's your only doing this to reserve your tail gates days. And I I don't like is a party that is are not going to have died this way I'm gonna. You have the best tailgate spot while this fall and what I get probably. You know that's not happening. And happening or you can tell me that I'm not overtly you're seeing here Beardsley no she's yeah that's why I don't like. You know he's. You mean she was I hedge fund their own future of manager under you he slump buster right. She's paid junk bond. Person and you're going to be a lot of your dad trio like crap so she's got her daddy feeding the anger and she pulls the Lama means he's like a multimillionaire. Room and hedge funds in New York yeah. With Michael Milliken and I don't know if you heard. I'm confident that. Really like junk bonds and am yeah hey you noise you know I would be really curtailed if you normally would mean you argument one bit of crime done time and sent to win. And you would say Ike could. But my back and I have I'm not care model citizen and an interview I blocked it bruises were were. Numbers are managing my values issues he'd get there a techsters wondering if the tournament is that river bend or the links it is at riverbend and this texture is correct. You know what he's exactly halfway between Brighton where we are this morning. And Bridgewater. Town spot. That's about what am I you're never gonna make it ten Mike can I bring my own towns spot pizza. To the golf tournament you I'll be asking for a friend yes. The UIOC. A plumber stuff. What's up Marisa. I I don't why. I'm more than. What was what was the problem there. Out. Yeah. A power right I can't. And I. How. It. Got out of it acne. I continent and the marketing and under our. Commitment I don't know what you do. Yeah. It couldn't hurt. You're finished. And our penalty. I'll bonds. Yeah. This is on. Good morning and I was excited but I'll be about yeah. On Monday that they can keep that after that I mean you know and I know that it is they. I wanted argued that yeah that I'm I see another drug treatment outlet for people at saint. And you clearly that it. Went in at my clock at the culture that. He's saying if I come bureaus are doing massage right back. I don't think I. A little bit and let me credit card power. Guy here. But yeah I've three mine mine mine no 123 refuse. Yeah. For what it. Some people might think that was actual bingo buddies at L line now well why wait it out how to go. Like a currently on can get to the story because in about a week little over a week. Recreational marijuana. Will be legal here. And the outcome walk the math that's correction it are pretty legal yes we really don't buy it yeah you'll walk into a store lest you be there by. Or comic melons and in. All it's a millionaire candidates billion dollar industry captain candidates are billion dollar now. We don't even know how. I think gates I share your big east side and now I'm not a hundred I don't event like it beforehand I tried charter written and learn the words. Love the took that the leadership in home yeah. In a flat and I'm good I'm good with the bottom row partner. I'm thinking real quick medium recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. The chairman. Of the canvas board here in Massachusetts Stephen Hoffman. Will join us in the studio today at 835. So those of you have questions about the implementation. And what's going on and when we be able to go. And make a purchase. At a retail outlet through all those questions will be answered. 8:35 this morning with mr. Stephen Hoffman but anyway. Researchers have determined. Where's which restaurant store owners. Like to go Anita. And there is believe it or not there is. A predominant favored here yeah. Armonk KFC. No no some attacks there was guessing earlier that it was saarc. And the yeah load it to NASA has. Oh and it is not I'd. Here's the texts are right now who says Taco Bell now I surprisingly. Tackle those number 20 ya I know and not colts' number two either now what they did was. They surveyed the states. Where marijuana is legal correct already and then they determined which restaurants. Those of you have the munchies and I'm not need to go to immediately in and out burger it was not in and out burger. At some place that's pretty much universally accessible and not just to regional specialty. The good old. Golden archers are McDonnell wow Donald the Donald Lara it's not a lot of McDonald a slump that nick Arnold. We have got only wanted to put out of gas McDowell at smacked out yes but yes so mcdonalds is is where they elect ago they study that the consumer research around Canada this group. Surveyed. People in marketplaces that'd purchased candidates for me legally authorized dispensary. They found. An overwhelming majority 43 point 4% of people chose to go to McDonald's by comparison. Taco Bell 18%. Went to Taco Bell. That's surprising electronic voting and care of seared yeah there nobody here ever yelled brands and shock. About Denny's no Danny no breakfast at this is all like quick serve restaurant. Denny's qualifies as quick serve at number three. Was Wendy's. Often niners are Burger King those two pretty much neck in next seventeen point eight in point six respectively and then number fine. Subway I knew it and you you're gonna say subway eight point 7% of people or how it feels sorry and give the six foot six or so of course and a now I need to be a subway worker because you tell them what you want on your sandwich. And there's mr. stony mid Bologna on. Some of that as he just a little on the he had little little loop whoever's on the. Do you know if stony Mick bony. Hangs out. With judge he'd judge or Clinton and jingles mcdougals are the Apatow for our Sony probably please video games but. You don't judge humid judgment and to.