HMMS Hour 1 – “There is a Food for Every Emotion” 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

This hour we discuss the daredevil raccoon in Minnesota, LB fills us in on some interesting animal information, Bill Clinton’s creepy remarks, a woman backs into a roast beef restaurant and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge them. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. York post. Brand new semi begins gray here. I'll keep doing things that they've really bodies will be listen every single morning at all. But why would a grown man liking the same television. He shows his teenage girls if. My ears what's. Who I was bursting into tears though ballroom and everyone knows that Lleyton he. I got the body that would be perfect for commuters call right he has the towards local radio personal push through December Hayden is smoke. Give me the pig stuff and keep good people who founded saucer shall now have a tendency to. Let me take your shirt off. Getting lotion on foreign oil but don't just take your pants on to power its. Mirrored officer. Fueled orgy. Festival and I was so very very lucky to get. Nothing can ever take this away from months. Just a heads up about concerns that that the end yell not be able to the focus on anything over the next four hours because she is worried sick. About the raccoon. In Saint Paul, Minnesota you know that has crawled to the top of the 23. Stories this guy ice scraper. Wallace aren't we Tony. Correct that hole and I tried it and I tried to have a meeting this morning as normal in the office. And the whole entire time Jews telling me now. How worried she was about this poor little raccoon. Who is that if Daniel could scale. A skyscraper yeah she would fly to Saint Paul today in doing so that she could rescue the raccoon. The anxiety that I have is real and palpable really I think I think. That says this cat is going to Saint Louis is wrecked things fall save Paul excuse me I can't see I'm I'm completely at a monster guy authored and I understand so. This raccoon scaled the side. A big building Powell yes it is that what they do to assure the hard. Zoo Atlanta trees that I'm averaging. So he'd made it up to like the twelfth floor of thirteenth floor and everybody in Saint Paul has been mesmerized and then the Internet was mesmerized. Waiting for them the firefighters were trying to lure him out to the roof so that they can save him and you'll move the thing is still. We'll keep you updated. All morning. On whether the raccoon lives or whether the raccoon goes splat 234. Area at some point agreement shall actually do have good news it's just been updated on Twitter yes he made to the roof. Butler I'm just now aren't you are on their cheese probably if you don't notice that they're also. So that's tonight tonight and we. Do it LB knows everything well of course and I'm surprised it waited three minutes into the start of the show and you'll make it to make it about yourself yes go above mean OK I vote director yes who who are the captain captain toppers ball. Six people ever. Let's wrap this ex wife racked commenced penises are hard to. Their whole lives really from the moment they're born life. They've sounds so down so you know and that's why you moon they weren't necklaces what are the Kunduz. The wives the penis of the rack okay. There are threatened let him get. Through. Buyers are more sun god I'll just tell you do your research tools online Google we will you can actually apply. The hard. Very good now we are yeah wherever edit and Pia guys in the shell werder on their anger that meant that he magnate right there now this is Corey on the Framingham Ford's studio line good morning Corey. Good morning everyone morning about very good thank you and you leaders. Are well thank you and what's happening. So obscure reference that the raccoon. Isn't sure who gaffe in the beginning. With that. Actually meet these and church sensitive and applauding him. Yeah it's this here is that Texas says maybe Iraq who just wanted to take him extremes LP. Well or maybe. Life had just gotten too much further out soon and he was contemplating ending it all I think we've all been there this is Jackson on the Framingham boards studio line what's up Jackson. So rare that you don't worry I'm doing great brother how are you. Exactly got an update on direct gore yes yes it definitely didn't make it in a row it's are just being down and talk of now imagine. The horror that this. Well this is good news if that thing has been rescued. Danielle will be able to focus on her news. And otherwise duties on this show this morning and it is 606 if you are call. And you wanna be on this morning you do it. On the Framingham forward studio alive and that number is 617931122. Victory. Or you can text your comment. Any time on the tax line which it is nine 7107. On the data show. I have the two remaining pair of passes. For tomorrow's broadcast. At the extravagant pool house of Ernie Boch junior. For the sixth annual miss bikini pageant giveaways though there are only two pairs of passes left. I will give those away at some point during the show this morning. We are going to play here who will voice messages back at eight. So you can leave one of those right now. On a wreck raccoon penises or any other topic and the the open it was just the fact there was more armaments watch it. There's a lot roll around in your squashed the the email voicemail number. Is 617779. Five force victories though just call and leave a voicemail message on any topic. And will play your messages that at eight. That 8 to 10 this morning will be joined by Richie Sambora. Who of course was formerly would Bon Jovi. And did show a lot in and did make amends and participate in the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremonies about a month or so ago. And though doctor Richie Sambora about that. At 810 at 8:35 this morning it is ask him attorneys and you'll gain your free legal advice from our. Hill Man Morning Show air house counsel area army juniors though you have any and all questions. That should be answered. By a member of the bar association you can get those questions answered during ask an attorney. That eight. 35. Odd days show this is dead. Hello dad are there are what. Little did. It yesterday rejecting it she'll learn rapidly till he babies and a couch. Blossoms do that's like some of their dead now we're to the raccoon skewed. In the accident than a mile and a. And actually hitters and on back. And believe wreck who owns the baby's recommends actually stay within your. Breath and they kick and an ethnic need Sheila Hart food like two weeks ago recommend starent prolonged done so do. In this day and age younger children. In their thirties they stay around their parents still well and they're well and other thirties. Are right let's see this is Derek hello Derek. I guess I got a question for help eight. I don't necklace you talk about that there are coated track all of. Scar that today I I get it rides but this is a family program pleased it don't be led down the wrong path. By one certain sports director of the show. Today is whether it is going to be partly sunny there may be some showers around here and there this afternoon. The temperature will be 77. And four high today and right now it is 59. Degrees. Coming up next. Speaking of always. Having an erect penis. One of this morning's how creepy is that segment features a former president. Oh yeah I'll. At that he had and science. Has determined. What is making Lindh the so angry lately and it has to do with his diet and asked that they would have they would like boot it expects there. It is never reviewed pretty. Eat everything diet so. Listening as most things though. At all as to do with food and that is coming up next on today's Hill Man Morning Show. Better clarification. On nonsense. That Lindy was spewing at the start of the show about the X. The raccoon and the mail rec guns penis and which you said that the Mel raccoon and it's penis was hard throughout its entire life yes this tax there. By the way Texas says LB is as always. Kind of Iraq. Raccoon and savvy bone in their penis called the Bakke alone. You can buy this phone many male. Bowles also have this bones so spectacularly. So you could. Obviously when what was that show that and out of quantum leap quantum Lee it's great show. Mean. That really. I totally awesome. Sorry but right so so you're very good and appreciated because you could science here's why not kind of right arm right. So I only knew the raccoon right now as iron Narnia. So you hear you know not for nothing mr. super Dexter Jackson the other -- program via. The same hard prima Salisbury and rooted in our greatest I've. It is sixth Swanee. And welcome to your show if you liked the tax than you'd like to be a part of this morning. You do so on the text line which is 97. 107. Now. Heads up Sunday is father's day of course fathers don't get any. Of the kind of pomp and circumstance that moms get I know because I am one but for you oh. On Father's Day all weekend long we wanna hook you up. Is a brand new. 452. CC Toro time Carter riding mower. All current mobile courtesy of Stewart power equipment of Holbrooke tonight starting Friday. It's WAA apps. Father most past it and you can win Red Sox Vegas all weekend Lanka's dad deserves a break that we go to the Sox game. And feel qualified to win. The tour of time Carter ride on motor Muller and that'll be all weekend long of course on our show on Friday. Morning an annual tradition. That is unlike any other and that is Father Knows Best and annual game that we play on this show. Who is that dads and there adult daughters so I hope you are ready for the Friday morning. Tomorrow as the heads up. We will bring you all of the excitement of this year's sixth annual miss bikini pageant. From the pool house of one Ernie Boch junior who joined us on the show yesterday and pulled us that. Everything is OK after a small fire in the automobile salon area. And so we will be. Right at 6 tomorrow morning will be live from the pool and I do. A scant. Two pairs of passes that remain. So you can join us tomorrow morning for you for the bikini pageant and for the food that gurneys chef it's gonna make all day long and in live performance from steel cantor and the party that Ernie is hosting for everyone afterwards though I have. Two passes remaining now give away. A pair. During the 7 o'clock hour so another pair of passes one of the who either left coming up during the 7 o'clock hour. On the show this morning at 810. We'll be joined by Richie Sambora. And of course Bon Jovi is now in the rock and roll hall of fame and he did show up. Some wondered whether you'd be there or not after just abruptly quit. Bon Jovi but he was there won't talk to Richie Sambora. At eight and on today show and we will give you a chance to get some free legal advice at 8:35. On this morning show during ask an attorney. Speaking of legal advice yeah. Big news today. About the potential divorce settlement. Slash from Guns 'N Roses. Am I loved his this is aware down I hit that she wore him down ya until he was like. Yeah fine. Yet whatever the analysts find Qaeda yet great just yet thought. We're got an. Are pretty close misses slash Lou I assumed to be ex mrs. slash. And slash or pretty close to a deal. And he is going to be giving her six point five million dollars from and then. Paying her just a mere 100000 dollars a month in spousal support lifestyle to which she has come yes. And miss that's right mrs. slashes used to being able spend about a hundred grand a month. On Manning's in patties in lunches and and though all those things that the that the ladies who lunch late to do. And he also us there's some child support in the girls. That she gets she is to keep 350 vehicles they have two sons together. He offered to give her primary custody of the sons according to New York Post but he wanted to keep joint legal custody he's going to be paying her 39. Thousand dollars a month. In child support on top of the 100000. In alimony. I'm sure that a legal right to the children quietly organized bouts in order for. Al. You know what they say. Why is divorce so expensive. Because it's worth it. That's what that's what some of her people have said over the years ago and zoos and you know he's going on tour. You he's not bending work anytime soon after terrorist on the under oath you'll. You know. Who is he married. His model or something of Farrar is turned mean hello Harlem and Amber's name. Burleigh for had been married a liar three weeks back that up Cellini. On thirteen that he filed for. Orson 2014 just to give you some perspective on how long this is gone and been going on more jobs are being what kind out Charlie. In 2016 he accused her of bigamy. And he has said in court documents that she has allegedly been deliberately drawing out. This ordeal and he just wants to move on with his life. It looked like the boom on in what was not real money is gonna move on without his money and as art yes. So she's getting three cars will that be enough for her. I'm proud of Valencia and to get some money to buy them shed blood bank and every month now hit a 2014 Range Rover 2015 Mercedes AMG. They're 2015 Mercedes GL fortress in. It's. I hear live of serious very heavy yet around. It is 627. And today show is presented by echo Stewart technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Don't forget. That just like every other day every other week day we will play year hell mail voice mail messages back at 8 this morning so. You have an hour and half. To leave voicemail message on any topic. They'll mail voicemail number is 617779. 546. Degree there's some great stuff in the news today. You can leave home L voicemail message on channel will be it will discuss that. It is not. Apparently it's not Dennis Rodman. Who should take full credit. For the agreement between the president and Kim John Allen it is apparently Randy Quaid. And acting Randy Randy Quaid will will hear from Randy Quaid and about 1520 minutes and he will explain why he gets full credit. For the summit agreement between Tom and Kim John Allen and ridiculous Twitter pulls that you did yesterday yeah yeah it's a who's crazier oh Randy Quaid. Answer on how it's about radical. Agenda very early on absolutely utterly and as it might be at a it's. It's the obscure reference South Park slash isn't real that's a 617. Acts I don't know what that is. At C. Here's a Texas says it's cheaper to keeper. That's something that only LB knobs and narrow a view of happiness happiness is worth every penny of that's at any hint at a cool guy and what she does have that last night. At. Assures her somebody that you thought was outside your window I've put it yesterday my people or coming back for the 60% were was the other day. Hallucination in and most people believe you're absolutely. Full of crap and and but I think it was it got a little bit closer ended up being like what 60%. Did not believe your explanation that you're. Hallucinating people outside of of here are in the garage area of 40% to 40% are your people. And they believe. That it but it. With 57%. Saying no not saying yes itself. Nearly flawless in it would take three or 4%. Right there in the margin there Brady. Speaking of the social media's. Large percentage of the people who weighed in on my Twitter feed wanted. To invite. The missed but Kimi contestants who the winner of the passes. Asked if he could bring yesterday at least his name is Brian McManus who are there and I tweeted that. Re tweeted that picture ever yeah and nearly everybody said absolutely sure and so. She is going to be there. And whom she will be I think our fifteenth contestant now. Just a heads up you only have rule wise. You'll only have until today at noon. To enter could be a miss by bikini pageant contestant. So if you haven't done that yet. And you'd like to try to win the first prize which is 1500. Dollars. Cash and you could. Just submit your name and your contact information. And photos. To bock BO CH. At WA AF dot com that's bock at WA AF dot com. And you could be there tomorrow. As we crown. The sixth miss by bikini. And of course that'll happen as it normally does with a couple different competitions. The the yoga pants segment right is first and then we do the I would do the random questions segments and then we do. The bikini competition so that'll all be on the show tomorrow morning and if you haven't been lucky enough to win passes. Nature of the year following me on in Steve Graham. Greg Hill 107. Because I will share. Everything in my story and and photos and and keep him today was exactly what is happening tomorrow morning. At the beautiful. Marble pool house of one Ernie Boch junior this is bill on the framing him forward studio line with what our bill. Eric Gregg really upset. Perfect opportunity or earmarked what was new well I kind of overdid on the years on the year roaches yesterday about what what what what what what what what good minutes. Thought oh no slash and get horse I whosoever. Oh yes yes I should. Let's see. Here's. A text. Obscure reference on the raccoon penis necklace that they'll be mentioned at the start of the show. The ever popular. Bull penis walking cane. Is that a popular thing I don't want to have ever whatever that I've never heard that is that thing that. They sell those at Hampton them. I mean I'm only tactics are bull penis parent Dryden crashed I that have you ever seen a bull I have sex with a Kara none no none. Cooling down and unfortunately if you're married him in his own re easy held me. And it's he answers. The begin of that all of the growth. Speaking of that coming up at 720. The man. Who as the world's largest. Penis. Once you know that it is a curse. And so we will I think that's the mantown crisis today and we'll discuss why. It is a curse at 720. But right now it's the news. And the it now be appalled by this. The ninth of any taxes actually made me love. Greg do you have a contingency plan in place. If LB just suddenly started screaming and flailing about wildly about not thinking into the studio. Up meanwhile. Day I don't I don't try and even during your cars here you're taking rush hour you're making your kids breakfast. And I you know I guess. I try and share life experiences like I I was literally driving down the trans Canadian tire war when I was. Fourteen years old with me thirteen who wanted the Regina pats training camp. There I was going through Alberta. And I looked at my left and there is a bull mounting. A cow moon. And. This is compelling the wow I'm so sorry so is sure are not sure this is the word it's great we're going to get to the news. You start. I want to keep rolling Animal Planet over your weekend. And it's brought you this hour by Leisle university graduate with the skills to make an impact complete your degree online. Leisle university will help you get where you want to get I'll learn more at online. Dot Leisle dot edu Archie also this hour by stone and Ford now hiring a full time certified automotive technician. Then a 500 dollar signing bonus visits don't import dot com. More details or stop by to apply. Did Peabody. Well gas break flash drive slash reverse confusion happened last night is a woman. Backed into bill and Bob's roast beef a local institution is Rosemary bouquet of roast beef up that hey the roads because OK rusty has not yet bruised dented knocked up to counter or otherwise as far as I know good the woman in question I believe is the votes 63 years old yeah. Was hysterical at the scene after she backed her SUV into the front of the restaurant luckily no one was injured. There had been some customers in the store just before it happened but luckily nobody was right there in a very have been very node counter is right behind Barack laughs. One Morocco is the GM and Alan pops. Yeah I had dedicated to get out of that when not I got help from outside comes from me you know Jesus gadget guy in the members of so everything OK okay find guys to do just fine. By her friend Marc Hsu rushed over to comfort the hot hot. And I online video. Like the old royals beat the out Israel and it will have a road serum predecessor. All right let's listen. We've we've discussed that. Maybe at some point there should be some kind of legislation about what aged you need that'd still be tested every once the island every three hours according to housing that yeah I'm sure yeah. A research smarts by the way go on Bob's. Yeah what are actually larger roast beef would be hard barbecues. Really. Game changer and what else is in the news today real quick. For a month speaking of restaurants if you were in need sealed New Hampshire area of the China Starr is on fire. Police are asking motorists to avoid that area on mainstream film New Hampshire is that get a big response they're dealing with that it's a pretty big fire so now Europe and that area. You don't go around that something kind. It's unfortunate very unfortunate where else in it those covering events or world. Want to put it out was the public a scorpion bowl without a desperate situation you learn just. A odd that FBI agent who accidentally quote unquote shot eight patron at a nightclub after he did a back flip lost his firearm picked it up and it discharge. It's going to be facing charges now he's facing charges of salts. Chase bishop was taken into custody yesterday please remind everyone that he was on duty when he's caught on video doing that back flip. But CD on the patrons of the club that was hit is hit in main artery in his leg on we don't be lucky to be. Right now occupied Lido he is listed in good condition at a hospital now but backed up and agent going on trial for that fancy shirt each absolutely secure. I or anybody else. Forget about it. Let's get to them. And now his intentions go from Pete and keep pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show prisons I need to get some sort of some. Talking and he's manned the truth is you're just. And creamy concrete. Exit activities this. Former president. Bill Clinton. In hot water for them on you surface he should stop doing interviews. The ones that he's done over the last week and a half. Promoting his novel. When James. Patterson. Are not going to tell me they've done things and Tanzania back checking like oh on what action to freeze like that at all not even a little bit of yeah yeah. Accords. Now it's like I said hey Monica come in here for a moment I want should take some dictation. Handle. He was doing an interview last week with PBS news hour and was asked about. Senator Al Franken is resignation last year after sexual harassment allegations. Shia Sunnis think that what happened with you was more serious than what happened with the senator former senator Al Franken he was driven from office from the US senate. So norms have changed do you think that's a good thing. Well. In general I think it's a good thing yes I think it's a good thing that we we should all have our standards. And even norms that really changed in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will how much the crowd started I can't miserable. You don't have to physically assault somebody to make them. You uncomfortable at work or an at home where their lover. There's walk around. I mean MRI. What you used to be able to do a lot of things against their will he cared do most of those things anymore. That got so much about. But norms that changed about what you can do to somebody against their will. Which it could solicit shortened. Thanks abandoning that well you know what I bet he's like LD. You know without merit Q I think no means an Obama. Is norms that changed on what you can do to somebody against their little yes yeah well actually no rabbit. You're never supposed to do everything everybody's against their will miss the president's. That was a bit of way. They call that today amiss he misspoke this enemy I missed I missed I misspoke. Not that they called it sexual assault yeah yeah well I thought it was yeah. You are my chance Arizona and how much money you have them. You see here is that tax 978 Texas says really I understand what he was kind of saying you know what events are. OK so finally did it about LB all the time it doesn't chairman and but what else is in the news this morning you know it's early. We talk about food on the show all the time people are hungry we are hungry sometimes you get angry and now science. Has figured out why you get angry science has determined why you get angry I am a frequent. Angry victim really get very angry you know and I you know are there any gets angry outsource. But it did a study UNC LB shoot you guys missed out on another one. They found out. That when people are hungry. Little things can quickly put them in a bad mood and from that point they start viewing everything right more negatively. People in the study who had just eaten. Did not have that happen to them they were able to cope better with little things and thus didn't have that downward spiral negative emotion. There seems to be something according to the study special about unpleasant situations. That makes people drawn on their hunger feeling so basically. They concluded your owner isn't making an angry your hunger is just messing with your ability to deal with things that make you upset I. Learned in my 51 years that there is a food. For every emotion through and every experience in life so. If there are lots of people who have. When that for instance when their hung over them they wanna have greasy food right wanna have pizza or or she surprised if they get cheese yeah great now have that stinky cheese for once not a bad thing that you. There are people who. When they have a rough breakup they wanna have ice cream it there or everything perfect every bad thing that paper to say they're safe food for every kind of experience and Bojan. It just right of DM fried chick. I want a potent Larry Bird and our environment it's. Going to let me at all. Daniel thank you it was 642. And you can call me on the show on the Framingham forward studio line that number is 617. 9311223. Or you can text your comment on the tax line. Which it is 97107. Coming up after seven. I will give away one of the two remaining pairs of passes that I have. For tomorrow's broadcast. At the sixth annual miss bikini pageant at Ernie box est. So will be listening for that after seven. At eight we're gonna play your whole male voice mail messages back and at 835. It is ask an attorney. Your chance to get free legal advice no question out of bounds. Where is our in house counsel at 8:35. This morning. In the break at tax asking when. We were aired giving away the foursome for this year's WA AF celebrity golf tournament reminded me that I should mention that. Next week. You'll have the opportunity to win a foursome in this year's WA AF celebrity golf tournament at foxwoods. And he will be able. Sign yourself up. On the website and then mobile announced the winner next Friday I believe so. And I I do want to thank our sponsors I wanna thank Nantucket and actors and act goes door. And Tito's hand made vodka. And. All. Celebrities. And the food. Providers. And all the really important things that make. The annual WA AF celebrity golf tournament days success. This sincere thanks on that oh and the the second in Yule. Great helicoptered golf ball drop is going on the golf tournament again so. If you have yet to purchase your golf ball or balls. Then you could be missing out on 5000 dollars cash it's a guaranteed prize. And the golf balls are twenty dollars each and you can go to the great gill foundation dot lord. That's the great hill foundation dot award. To get your golf balls. And on the morning of the golf tournament which is June 28. 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Exclusively. At Stop & Shop itself. Yesterday we were discussing the summit between. Our president. And Kim John Allan and Dennis Rodman. Was crying about the fact that for years yet received death threats because he was friends with. Owen and now. In his in in his mind. He was able the bring owlen. Closer to the United States of America and today epic we have to address the fact that it's not really Dennis Rodman at all it's actually Randy Quaid. Who has been in you know Randy Quaid has been on the run for quite some time from the star wacker it's and others. And Randy Quaid. Has now taken to Twitter. To claim that just like LB he called it. And that he knew wall on everything would be okay route between North Korea. And the United States and so I wanna play. The audio from Randy Quaid now if you have a chance to check out his Twitter feed. He is a he does when you look at it there's only one word. Really to describe. Randy Quaid and that is crazy. He's got laid silica blinking lights and flowers. All around him and it was a fill its ethnic check filter in real light yeah if you like any surrounding them. That's right about that Pena and if your prone to seizures don't watch it yes I'm serious the but here is Randy Quaid. The fact that I am happy enemies here. There's a major failure probably you he saved hey here's. Some news or. We hostages. AST research at all missile launchers roots though. And these partners. Who have told me you're from the base in him and he knows they can CIA. We wouldn't be on. I believe Randy Quaid as at some are only eaten human slash. After listening to that Indo. There's girls though I have Jack petitioner is that's but it actually push somebody should check. Bad guys. There's these like the wizard of odds Duff the no exemptions. And and record and he's a little bit off. And it just as I don't know I'm a little bit off yeah. Collier and why it is your code you're pretty easy to alana is on something it might be possibilities on these on them and yes. Check on mrs. Quaid and make sure we don't wanna have we don't want her to have a staircase like incidental. Not just mrs. Quaid. And heavier and he's there on the same wave and now I think I think she's safe. From from this Indians unable to find the notion broke just ripped it out yet. He's in control of that situation are you down. Danielle briefly questioned view side note are you down with have you done your research on the foul. Theory. With regard to the staircase and have a non nestled so you know I want I don't wanna talk about right now because I'm concerned about spoiling and but at some point probably next week. When you have all had the opportunity. Two. The owl to pollen. Theory. And the evidence and the evidence that could exist with regard to the staircase on Netflix and that is ball. I'm going to say right now six. 59. Yes Wendy speaking of TV what are we are while billions we did yesterday. You getting home. Return we know you. We did we are we're planeloads of well it would I'm in but you can have a free one out like a full line quite revealing spoiler discussion yeah there is looking for our weakness are married and went an idiot enough where yesterday and then get it we're excited this season that we we can definitely do. I don't forget or don't play your home L voicemail messages back in about an hour or so you can leave one of those right now.