HMMS Hour 1 – “Radio Marshall Law” 08/09/18

Thursday, August 9th

This hour, the Czar of Sauce enacts Radio Marshall Law on our Sports Director after his ranting yesterday, plus PTA, a 75lb burger in Arizona, new police audio from the “Thoroughbred White Girl” who got pulled over and charged with a DUI!

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Did Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com which means no. It's like having sex a little in the you know it's gonna be bad so you just accept it yes. In my area with the entire metals. Got off the lead in the warm places its status as the Eagles play. Go master league didn't buyers with sports I want people like you nothing else might. And eighty. In the full. The full body game. Oh with headlines like that without a little fine wine yeah dad you know why I was and am I pregnant. Feel that that's the big phone may indeed be insatiable. Might she might ever so before you start you're outraged they're you'll. Gee that's good because she all the time though. And morning she I did little in medical. Fourteen I it's all going to be about there are problems. On the ground. Yeah. Warnings out. The starts of the show this morning due to excessive demand. From. Your coworkers. In your and the listeners of their shell I will be I will be strictly controlling what occurs on this morning's program all. Okay and then. I I I am going to I think it's a great day happy you know the traffic was awesome company and I woke up I had a nice shower are put on some fresh clothes fresh and at least you have the underwear and some commando of all day every day and I made him a little deodorant I had some watermelon oh. Why watch still messing caught up in the slot. Oh did little drab blue did you did you do little prep for the show for your sports report envoy in one hour yeah all right well I just. I've been paraded on the social media is and in person down. It's almost like Maxine Waters. Told the the women and the men who listened Michelle go find Greg Hill when he is out in public. An end it's all him verbally assault them at a restaurant and tell him to stop. Lindy from arguing I liked Armstrong. I think trump and so I am so anyway at the start of the show I just want to make clear. I may be forced to seize control and several manners could mean the microphone button goes off. Could mean there's some kind of a gags some kind of tea rag and use this amount not a ball gag apple iMac Mac automatic correction but anyway and it got frequently that I listen I want people who notes just wish there oh okay. It. Hey Greg and I met me Christians well I yeah drive here. So did you get greeted one anybody else and we don't know we wanted to shouldn't fly blind don't know how to live and I I fell four and Aaron Hill appealed again discredit an idea that takes a listen now we want is the most argumentative. Person ever this is already thinking how. Knowing you'll lose your house every sector of the. I well. Listen if you wanna be on this morning you can call on the Framingham Floyd studio line that number. It is 6179311. AA or you can text any time. Over the next four hours. On the tax line which is 97107. And today's weather. It doesn't look like it's going to be a monsoon like it was last night and I see ice somebody tweeted me some sort of weather geek site that. Pads a stated. That still five OO. Had received almost three inches of rain two point 75 inches of rain. During that storm last night and really all it was it was terrifying. IE you know priest is a college so it's just me Jan Julian Kobe so I told all of them. I was gonna go down in the basement panic rom and can handle everything on death pocket there might have thought. There might have been a tornado coming your note you have you ever had that moment where you're just completely terrified for your child. So a lightning bolt struck the front of our driveway got Kelly. While we while I of course that's you know what will was in watching you will wasn't playing for monitored during TV you're Casey's now. Yeah I am confident and it could really yeah out of tasty is really low around like a mile. Know put a lightning because I guy you can add the garage door opener and councils garage dude then I'm watching TV. Yeah I look you keep hearing and its us now from the lightning bolt of DN in my driveway. And I I've never. I've never felt so hopeless in my life will came running out crying all. And I like you're okay you're okay but I'll never is he. It any better or you know. Are right. I'm. Those are going to all of the great story. All right so we are. We're looking like it's gonna be okay dated today follow will remain temperatures will remain. In the eighties and there is whole lot that we have to accomplish on this morning's shell parents why I will be imposing. Radio. Martial law passed this text there is indicated alert the governor I have the czar of sauce. Is instituting radio martial law on here we're gonna move along rapidly if I feel things may be spiraling out of control. I'm coming up. At 7:20. This morning researchers. Have determined. The reasons. Why you are still single and incidents. Not this I love science you know and we will if you're somebody who it is you're wondering why. You can't find. That soul mate that you have a day you know is out there will get to that seven to one and at 7:30. This morning we're right about its. Quite possibly. The single greatest still 50 call in the history of spill Ivo. Holy hell pat Meehan do you know. Uneasy alliance a great idea and it is I I I regretted about five time and chocolate thinking I that's like you'd be hard pressed to find one that really I think it beats the guy who determined. That the person on his surveillance video that he was terrified of one's himself I think I've XL yes 07. 3735. Whatever. We will get to still 50 at 750. We are going to go inside the ward female brain. So if you're a man and do you find yourself perplexed by the way the mind. Of every woman that you're interacting with the works you may ask are in the loosely dvd and yelled to explain all of that to you. And she will provide you with a rare glimpse inside the warped female brains so any and all questions are fine. And all you have to do is text them to our news. Our news person at 7:50 am this morning show you think palladium. And it's on this news it's. Changed my Twitter name that in this conveniently in this news is I'm just. Does the little concerned. If I do say something wrong. You're going to aggressively. In the chest full of pigs but it's. No I'm not an extra mile an hour I'm not going to be investigator I am not going not and that well. I could not be more excited about this at 915. We will be joined on this show. By the drummer. For the greatest artists of all time. The young mile per gallon on the road now. Alex and I Weiner thought ma. Am I'm Max Max Weinberg who was Bruce's drummer bikers here people. I'd I'd run in a second pair of underwear for this so tell Max Weinberg is gonna join us 9:15 on this morning show. And we are going to play your whole Mel voicemail messages backseat can leave one of those right now on any topic. And we will play your voicemail messages back at eight. So call 6177795463. To leave a young male voicemail message and and make sure your listening unique. To hear yourself. Coming up in just a moment. It is possible. That the hottest teacher. Who has ever had sex with a student is under arrest alone and I bet I'm tired of saying our I know and what she did with said student I think is taking it to the next level and so will get to that. Police. Have released. Dash cam footage. Of the that other chick for all and she's old Dara and she is a thoroughbred that's just death scare and then. We will get to the incident. Chinese. Leftovers. Consumption rage that led to violence. Cell. And that means great I have to have left over crab Rangoon for lunch. So shiny I don't know due to its. And all that. And the day's real news. Coming up next. Well I would postulate. That without the clash there would be no Pearl Jam and if you wanna see Pearl Jam and your first place Boston Red Sox. And away. And smoke him and double up your winning starting on Monday. Waited free tickets for both. During the 9 AM the two yen and the 5 PM hours. It's the WA AF. Fenway. Dot OK. And winners. Also qualify. For an upgrade. To Lucy Pearl Jam from the Red Sox foundation party. Which is happening on the Sam. Looms though. Out payola there. They've upped the concert game. Of course it's a big weekend well actually starts tonight would Jimmy Buffett did a better pay out. But then. Maybe our not choose favorite by. Jimmy's and then it's the parents yeah like the parent that is yes they they really get sick people they status again remembering your preferred age group. But Darren title they did they think they can just do and I'm in their warmth and dropped their crowd boo but get good naturedly Yahoo! gets behind an acceptable and well. They'll find it difficult more difficult. To find areas to tailgate. Over over by Fenway that in order to show somewhere else don't. Out and then of course tomorrow night it's illegal. And gain yellen daddy you're on an island together and and on Saturday its journey in and Def Leppard but starting Monday make sure listening nine to five. That's 925. So that you can win the Fenway double play and you'll get tickets seat. The best team in Major League Baseball. And Pearl Jam. The weather this morning. Brought to you body. Credit karma and it is going to be cloudy wit that some sun the sun will be out here and there. And the temperature is going to be ED 64. High right now it is 73. Here he and it beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts. Get your truly free credit score and free credit monitoring. From credit karma today. Credit karma. Get no. Coming up. Next hour. If you're single. And your miserable. I'm not speaking for a friend in the in the N studios you're single and he wanted to why researchers. Researchers have that determined. The reasons why you were single and we'll talk about that at 71 any. And then. 730 or thereabouts. May be. The single greatest. Still five we'll call that has ever been mentioned on this program. And I. I just got a text from about got a text from somebody who said that they took the day off from work. Just to hear this though 50 I can't wait yeah. I didn't mean I I I could not. The united wanted to reveal what I went back and forth. When I picked up mice though independent newspaper yesterday yes and I saw that call. I went back and forth on whether or not to share it on my hands program. And then I I I just couldn't contain myself rank so I did and literally. There must have been when I went to bed while piglet. There was 14191. People who liked him and a 154. People who commented on it because it is such a re it was unbelievable ridiculous though Bible calls. Maybe the best though but Mo call ever. Coming up at 730. And at 7:15 this morning. We are going to go inside. He wore female brain itself that lives here if your guy in your confused. About. Something that has occurred without any woman in your life and you would like a woman to actually explain what is going on there. Then Dan noble do that for you coming up. At 7:50. This morning now Greg I know that you are salivating. Over the arrival of what policies cannot wait. That's in action this evening 8 PM eight PM's residence. Having an and Bentley in action on. Thursday. There. All day. August 30. For game one at home Javaris investors are not a couple of notes that you actually we get a couple weeks ago have we locked down the the tailgate spot and gives him believe me I'll be fighting the other parents to to obtain the very best tailgating lot if you marry they are. I'm not sure you know I am I'm very I don't well Hill Man Morning Show and 8729. Years listen I I sent his pre season is starting wide receiver. For your to my eyes I see an all American I six I think I might wanna park right on the corner. The entrance into the building I success. Only avoided. Signing up. For any of the parenting duties with and yet they do it the other parents do a tailgate for the us for the players after the game a pen and they had a big sign a thing during the drop off then and I like Pebble Beach here Elijah and it is kind of shuffled by way over to the table yeah. Looked at it. You know all the I. I don't let my Villa. Alone and that I'm glad I got a little different different -- we'll get all let me take a look at this scientists that wears a sign up where the side of things let me let me just take a look at my schedule on outlook but ultimately I saw. I have another reason for you to be excited about football season yeah. Now the cardinals Arizona Cardinals just announced a new promotion this year called the gridiron burger challenge like it already the grid iron burger channel gridiron burger challenge. It's a seven pounds at 35 dollar burger. We actually have some sound from chef Sean cabin on yeah and he's gonna describe to us what he's in the burger. OK so it's there that this they're selling a 75. Dollar berg yes. And you've already paid a couple 103. Bucks to get in CN NFL football game debris crush on her track enough I let's take a listen to what's in the burger. This is great. The very real challenge burger. What it is it's a ten ounce hamburger. With the five hamburger patties and five brought worst. Five hot dogs boy slices of American cheese baked chicken tenders. Slices of bacon. About the French Fries lettuce tomato pickles and our tankers us. The challenge is to eat this over seven pound burger. Within an hour and if you do that you will be able to give it cardinals Jersey and up on the Jumbotron. People cheered for it. Probably never have the right here the rest of the season and everybody I'm Gloria. So you get a Jersey. You get up on the Jumbotron. And get a stint pretty costly and by the by the heart surgeon. The worst part about food shown zoos and Mike Hsu we'd do we did the what do we do the McDonald's cheeseburger challenger right yeah he's the worst part is how bad do you feel the I hear that at the end. I try to ten pound burger rule a few years ago. I'm navy got two aunts and yeah and then I didn't really stupid thing of sampling year. Oh god yeah. Yeah well for two days that I did for me the worst feeling is do we need the realization you spent 75 bucks while there are. Sounds to me there'll be sun there will be some cool pool go for some Moldova someone on any rated foreign calculated that this thing has about 8000 calories. Students. Well Evan obesity problem here a country that's like a breakfast burritos cheese cake tester. There may well. God is there an ambulance standing by just in case. It is very. It's interesting. Were fortunate because. Our football team. Does not have to do this kind of thing in order to get attention to get the outcome you know at at and really it's true. Well via its Jewish Oliver teams where we don't have to do. Wacky stunting. Like some kind of 75 dollar burger in order to get our people every word of football games though they had borrowed you races yeah parents. Will barrier who is from Nathan's hot dog contest there -- ten ambulances there. It where. About a half an hour away from the thousand dollar Holler coming up at seven. I'll give you a tax code word that you can tax the end to win 1000. Dollars cash and that and probably know this but I'll just play again because I like to tease things he'll get. Thousand dollar Holler at the top of every hour all the way up until 7 PM today and tomorrow and and every week peso. That's the thousand dollar Holler in half an hour. We're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back aids so he can leave one of those right now on any topic. The hill mail voicemail number is 617. 7795463. That 617. 779. 5463. Please be careful. Not to. We'll vote. When leaving Angel mail voice mail message all right so pick your topics carefully week we there we don't want any provocation this is like dealing. Honestly it's like dealing with North Korea I don't want any provocation that happened this morning. That leads to you know one let's get to the news the news this them with the news that our. Yuba and its state auditor if you love buying at carton at stake in imagine how great it would be to work rate hiring text to work his stated your service facility Robert. Great benefits and pay OC re Mitzi auto group in Auburn today for two also by spot hero as a way you can save time parking. You spot hero any time you park first time users can enter promo codes smarter for ten dollars off spot hero park smarter. And now they Hill Man Morning Show presents sexual education. How did you learn. CA or go to talk again about the heart of your problems Herbert teachers association. So pathetic just days pervert teachers association is Amanda at glad she's 22 years old she's a teacher Indy. High school truancy officer from Racine Wisconsin. Now she's been charged with having sex with a student but she's also being charged with possession of child pornography. As. He student in question was seventeen at the times of the encounters with turn around she has there according to police video of the two of them getting in on Jeremy says he's underage it's considered child pull. This team underage fees. You made the video yet. It is a global oil that's. She's also. She has also been charged in separate case were buying handguns for someone not allowed Hamlet seventeen year old convicted felon who happens to have. The same initials. As the boy she's accused of having sex red. So. In a ton of trouble she's facing up to 25 years in prison. We have some sound from Jennifer Thompson who's in neighbor and I felt terrible she's 22 of you know and young life. Just saw her briefly coming gone. That rule techsters today she is the most. Attractive pervert teacher association. What would you call perpetrators that we've never discussed the program. Through but I agree I can't remember one as attractive really count every smoldering look about her and she is an area that Charlotte York. Look through. Well what she did is outrageous yes. And I wanna see the video. Do the best of her sentence him verified. You sound that is that's. Alright I am going to. Here. Right. Now I'm going to share a Ole linked. On my Twitter feed. So that you will be able to determine for yourself. It is well and of course great now twitters now working for. I think my broken screen and I've had for fourteen years. Sometimes finally Miami's jail as well as what I do like the when I wanna pay some thing. I have to late hit that thing fifty times to try to have it the effect right copy and paste maneuvers are not worth a hundred did is going to be I insurance you resigned in two probably. It's not it's still works OK so I don't it's just a broken screen. It's it's gonna get your entire shaft down and needs to fill and I am still working. To work today. I mean I got us. I thought tiring hearing not. Now. I some polling there I was now. It's then. Something. I've had it with my job in a fan of of the escalates about it unlike. The quality is not good them against them though really yeah they play as a ruler. To Lola we know Range Rover I'm gonna stay SUV today. I don't know why I'm gonna get some business environment you know it's exciting announcement stop it did you know we'll deluxe on. Cigarettes are I went to New York yes with mr. the president of the Boston rooms can you cameo he has enough. There's our Range Rover sport yeah and loaded yeah. It it is it is the most insane vehicle and every minute in my life was with us. We wanted to rescue new York and five years ago thought all right well let's load is the Range Rover are you at bats well obviously first and are running a business genuine and I wasn't loaded I have been on all. With cam OK now let's get bullets continue with the news here this morning so is Jolie has. Filed a motion stating that Brad Pitt. Has not paid her any meaningful child support for their six children since their separation in 2016. Now. He is refuting these claims. Saying that no I've actually giving you planning he said he's given a one point three million dollars and support paying bills for the kids in the households that are out there and also an eight million dollar loan. So she could buy a house in which she currently lives. Now he's accusing her trying to increase increase conflict between them and they nick manipulate the media coverage. Angelina team issued a statement in response to this thing that alone is able loan and not child support. And Brad has Angelina paying him back for the loan with interest and she says that he simply not seeing the kids expenses the way. He should be. She'd leave them if he's human and nine. Play well to which she questions that are at the standard. How much could she. Haas the bully meets ending on that and I'm sure all that money is going to the children well they do you have 47 children that they adopted. And magazine line. This is Matt on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's going on that. Yet let it slide don't we correction I already yeah. RE yeah I did it and it blew it at the date and pop art occupant out Ankiel I. Saw there. Yes seriously have started hard OK okay had a great dinner please don't spiral beetle gets our contract I don't know her kids who dream school on how to solve our own pocket and good. Let's see here is finally text is captain Carter going to post the link gas supposed to itself there's a link. And two I'm telling you right now. If you pay attention to these kinds of things. Today's pervert teacher association inductees. Is is is is probably the hottest on if you pay attention back and. I'm all right what else is in the news this morning we have to get to this that another check arrest all dash cam audio yeah. Estimates that you you you love this you're telling me in the office and her that unfortunately. That other check who is. I think one of the emails that are impressions of you don't know it's her impression. Every female. Who is currently. Between the ages. Nineteen. And 2770. When he eight and twenty Brooke app so it. And so. On she got arrested for drunk driving. And started to plead her case. To the officer to death. And identified herself as a thoroughbred yes. Fell slightly and please hello she's a real thoroughbred a thoroughbred. Little custard cares special girl because she was in a sorority and obviously all of those kind of things it didn't work double you know still she still got arrested but. They've released the dash him. Footage where was itself Carol is left in South Carolina she's alleged to have blown through a stop sign doing sixty walled Toronto. Though they arrest that really put her in the back of the days there and we pulled some of the sound from the dash cam video. You know when. It's. You don't know it means. Yeah it's. He's done. I don't. You know it's funny and pretty girl playing. It. Yeah he didn't do it needed I I am. Love all and my father and snowman I have yeah honey bring fanatic and is deep Iowa and it means huge problem for you I am. I do you know I didn't even better in prison if you watch orange is the new black kids he's got. I mean I'm an American cheerleader. On the top of the here amend it and would import of the kind of out it's not been doing the whole thing now. All of the I'm a sorority since there off I want I had like seven different some birdies at one minute I'm just accepting a vale. Do I isn't as CG and try to say again. And they need and now food phenom made out there and it Joanna looked like a ladder at. That but. Now what does she do she's like in a realist dated this year real estate brokers them is that what I did so and I yeah. As they what's the test for that like four questions are how to go about us and let the little white area. In order to get your license. Or other yeah our diets while. I mean. Have fun but I decided not to lose dealers should do yours thoughts and prayer us scrabble boards and he'll drive you around mr. yeah tomorrow. I'm sure that these she'll be able to buy and a guy that will anchor wherever she needs to go. There are ultimately isn't. Profiling mean. It all went. I. It's like there was one fluid sentence and it didn't even change voices right that was the narrative that she did not want now a part of all right Danielle thank you welcome it is 639. And still to calm this morning. Researchers. Have determined. The reasons why you are still. Single. And will share those who view at seven twining. Don't oversell it but. I think quite possibly the best. Still 50 call in the history is still Bible calls was made last week and we'll share that with you during cell five low. At 730. Years so that is the brief look at. The very violent terrifying crimes that have been called in to my hometown security force this though police departments. And then at 8:35 this morning and Daniel I think you'll really appreciate this based on your past experience. Science. Has figured out the reason. Why on line dating is not. Working. Yes and it's very it's very interesting. Very very interesting. Why you're not having success. When it comes to on line dating. So we'll talk about that at 835 on today's show. Speaking of television. Amazing gat. By angry Mark Shields joining us on Tuesday. It is Allan rock who plays Connor Roy. On secession mine and my new favorite program. On HBO. And he was also in Ferris dealers day often. Cameron it was it was a cameras. And the Steelers that. He's he is he's really good. On secession and that is a really really good shows though that's on Tuesday show. On Wednesday shown next week. We are 100%. Locked down. We had the first ever. In studio. Earmarked unplugged. Performance this is incredible I now. I actually canceled. My shed jeweled as LB was a trip. To watch the Sox in the Phillies in Philadelphia. In order to stay here and post your gonna lie because I'm hoping. That my camp the road girlfriend. Car in Morocco now gone whatever her married name again now. Will command for the line performance jobs since she called the show randomly last week. And since the year mine that will be performed. Is this on. That. Was able to emotionally get me through the break up in high school with live with car and so kind of sound really and well isn't that enjoyable mining equipment that slow love how you like me now Monday for young you know and knowledge go to all this trouble and all that this that this is the hole I went out now moment I suppose that's joked maybe subconsciously. I have I've worked hard. I've I've said to you. Now we must have this artist in the studio. To play the your mom's alive. Only too impressed and the girl who dumped me as soon as this summer season was over when they're counselors in the realm maybe what we could get ahead maybe you're right. Maybe that is what may be it's Ruth's. When it's all about. Higher rates here's somebody who. Before they knew Allen Iraq's name they always thought it was a Baldwin's. Bring. It a little ultimately. Little Billy. It's it is 652. And where about forty minutes away from still five oh and what is perhaps. The single greatest still five will call ever 750 god bless you you know 750 we're gonna play. Are there are by segment which is inside the war female brain we do that on on most Thursday so. Danielle will help you out of your guy and Marty getting. Text messages and he's got to finally text from a guy who is confuse the bull about the way the mind of many women work soul. Will build into that at 750 we're gonna play your help male voice mail messages back itty. So you can leave a voicemail message right now. At 617779546. Theory this is Kevin hello Kevin. It very everybody what's going on. Well Greg I would like to just played out I think what that you who don't break up that high school. Mainland which are right can't. Well I. And let's. I was. I lived and sell. Your power and lived in Lexington now we both worked together. Act can't throw it was love that your side I'm African American. For her it was loan for a story story you know for me. I would be grudgingly decided. To go out there and it's. At the end of the summer she went her way I went my way the only thing I had to come for me was eight top fortieth. Because that's that was my thing as music though it was top forty music that was my thing you know I'd love of writing them finely crafted pop song and so. I may not. Mike the question is should I reveal the artist before they arrive. War should be a surprise on Wednesday I picture is surprised island green eyes and noise because listen there's always. There's there's lists of the greatest. Break up songs a ball diamond. I mean who knows this get it could be Casey from the from the sunshine band and and they're gonna come into play please don't go I mean it won't put on us who like who knows this one was huge. What the song you know. Paul it was hit of that summoned. So that it was hit of that summer which was the summer before. Mighty. My last year of high schools that was the hit of the summer of nineteen eat eat. Four below right sir you walk around carefully and waterproof walked and. But. It allotments sports yeah. I'm out there let's see 410. Tax. You always tock. About the loves of your life that you lost. But have you ever told us where how you met Jen hill. This guys past but I was part pending. At a place which was called the west and racquet club. And blue. Limbaugh are at a restaurant and then I was the that was the bartender. Hands. Jan came back from her college and worked there for the summer and again. You know I love at first sight there aren't we wouldn't worry she worked at a chance one more little ball and announced you're there now indeed it was there ever judge that says that there was a brown on the parked in his squad and yeah a little. Half. Guys. Our. A lot of one for senators. That's back in the early days of 100 our neighbors senators but. Day the guy who on the place. Was the real jerk Shania on used to weigh in a white sweater and use the where it. Would the sweater on our thoughts not letting us now out sweater Armstrong out front fronts like you know like you know iChat docket. Yeah and a lot of steamers a lot of Mercedes in the yes absolutely I don't even know of the place is still over there I think it's been it was then like on the Westin Waltham line. And I think it and I think it may have been replaced. I'd animated it's probably like. You know it's probably a commercial real staters it was probably. The big during every year was putting up the bubbles that did the attack right Pablo Arlington on things you know when we had one of those in my permit our school. The RA let's see here is a 978 texas' dragon just Saudi Institute Graham post about is still 50 holy ass yes Foley asked in a half an hour we'll get to stop by the. And speaking of social media just a couple quick notes. During a news we've discussed today's pervert teacher association member and into the heat he ate today it is Amanda act allowed. And you can on my Twitter feed today can get a link to photos of Amanda. And you know we've learned in the past on this show. That if you're a woman and your name and and and a you tend to be. Most promiscuous. So obviously Amanda may have that may be empirical evidence that goes awhile that so take a look at her photos. That's on my Twitter feed. Greg Hill WA AF to follow me on Twitter also. A link on there to the mug shot. The thoroughbred that other chick who got that he we arrested South Carolina. That we were talking about a little while ago all of that on my Twitter feed Gregg you'll WA capsule follow me there. Com. You may not wanna I don't know if you follow me and mr. Graham monopoly might not wanna look if you don't wanna get a heads up on what the still photo call is by and let it be it brings. But you know it's legit right. I can't not compound but anyway if you wanna get if you wanna give me of follow on in Seagram. It's Greg Hill 107. Let's talk about. Chinese food rage and no big surprise this is where it happened another day in Florida. And now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us this amendment not to go out and actually thought you don't wanna meet those ten. So a 66 year old woman from north port Florida named Michelle set black. Reportedly threw a night well after. Chinese food left overs disappeared from the fringe pulled out get this. I'm totally get this this is the biggest problem between roommates if you're if you're listening in whoever roommate and you got your Chinese food.