HMMS Hour 1 - "Officially Changed to Ear-Roach" 5/16/18

Wednesday, May 16th

This hour we discuss yesterday's interview with the woman who had a cockroach get stuck in her ear, relationship problems, Tornado watch and more!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right. In your bathroom because. Bar snacks and why is there LB that was excellent information. Thank you for sharing all of you guys suck. Ordinary. And the crowd welcome news if you yourselves. Side or. They're hands frequently. Broadcasting live from beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts. Street streaming live at WTF dot com and every new job. Plate W 88 yeah now we're. It is. Man morning show any user revolve around the YouTube's did you strike at few odds and now it only revolves around food. LI RL or doctor and I think it's books it's the and they had this and psychologically that you didn't. Dressed here we delete true crime show did you are great deal I got through that I still have. Pretty much a big deal that obvious gourmet is not a good. Favorites and doing madness. There's one capital. This guy over here sports with the wind didn't cry years you know and why. Returns. All. Didn't admit to that could be a guy. Guys shouldn't expect LP. Big Bruins player and slept with a lot of women. The news woman with a heart of gold. Danielle America. Likes it she can describe the president genitalia in great detail that's what we have warned of spiraling have. And so hopeless nerd might shields right through. Where the bride to blackmail. There's a I I it's that Hill Man Morning Show. On the head and forced this. Down our throats. I will report right after the show. Sensitivity to the room. I gotta tell you I'm concerned that. Nancy Nolan all it is not going to be able the focus on anything going on on the show over the next. Four hours due to the fact. That the whole entire meeting this morning she was talking about how she is headed off to Florida as soon as the show ends ago sees. Heavy laden. Caught stealing a 104. So 68 or seventy. Like that. I don't know if I'm nobody's fool Greg you've got to be half way. This is your dream man trip a man who's easily that this is a dream cat lady trip. Kenny log ins is he playing at the villages or where oh where is playing the hard. Rock line in Orlando ball just what I wanna do go to Orlando went all the Disney in the strip clubs not Phil Harris signed. And it's you know really mean it entered Mary Jones in recent years listening to it. Kenny like in songs on yeah now we've battled before it hit me good party like that wave yeah I'll let you know he needs and the Carolina and north avenue area code. Though the union act that text line up and it like the mouse over video. But you're going to be so he'll be out tomorrow and Friday night. When is the concert tonight ballots tonight and then in the couple days to recover from the heart and I was in line calls Bagram and at work also son while I am probably get a via. All 304. Degrees in Florida man race between and in that read at the excuse me and replay from yesterday with Katie Hollywood DePalma an album in her year. And. Sleep and it in and mash up. Nutrients that settlements that are consuming about government and out of personal ones yet there I mean be careful down there the irrational fear of the cockroach in the years is going to be on your mind I would assume after that call yesterday about the rational fear of just the people employed. That. Well if it rains the driving with a Brit the hazard lights on the hole down the highway are you are all. It's way too early at 605 never to early on my iPod or are you implying. If that. At the army about discussing before the shows that are you imply.