HMMS Hour 1 – National Wine Day 8/28/18

Tuesday, August 28th

In the first hour of the Hill-Man Morning show we celebrate national wine day with red wine only, the nightmare that is Allston Christmas and Trump has some trouble getting the Mexican president on the phone.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And yes so. Am. Help me out some kind of a cooling system installed in the underwear or they would have been IQ remembered you Wear underwear are you are you know what it's funny you bring that out yes because I know it's mostly hip leg and closed door Hyundai yes and I didn't wanna have to sweat stripped down on the back from a short yeah I usually go commando so you're nude like your idea I can see and then why. Absolutely wearing pants the black blacking Gould to oh because hero you're about to grow and black and go black and gold are newer Caroline darling. Yeah number four yes it was a Maryland didn't at all and I do not. And the additional showings of our. Well any American morning. And welcome to your show and it is it is the beginning of a mini heat wave. Of course and official heat wave is three days in which the temperatures over ninety we may get some relief on Thursday but today. It is going to be 9596. But will it will actually feel like it is a hundred or 105 today. And tomorrow. We actually are potentially going to set a record with the temperature where will be 98. Tomorrow though rain I I. I hope you have the chance to be able to get the chance to be inside today or if you are working outside. Today. Then thoughts and prayers hash tag thoughts and prayers it's going to be. Eighty by 8 AM and it will be nine B plus by the time we finish the show. Then again this morning you don't really sent daily to your ninety plus. When it comes to wine. I don't I. You know the only time might shoot lights are really not my dog and I'm trying to keep up all. Speaking of wind in you know yes it is national read boring day twist yeah. Are you really are you gonna be celebrating that dazzling elegant than the air conditioning with it in Laguna you're kind of line don't you love you love I love wine red Atlantic hit two way. Yes I don't like it ain't like receptors but that doesn't wanna via a little appeal green should one of the Lyle. And but. An Okie buttery Chardonnay. Mark Bowden what about the rose L they are froze there I mean today's rose Obey it isn't it yeah all right well it's national red wine day. And celebrate accordingly we knew we had box on Neitzel and then the Syrian Arafat the buyer's house so. A couple of here at 999. Bob if you wanna call and you wanna be. It is 617. 9311223. Or if you find it more convenient. To text you or thoughts or your thoughts to this show. You can do so on the text line which. It is 97107. And coming up this morning at 730. It is Nancy know what all. Our weekly segment in which the no at all in the studio hello shows you that she really does know at all. And attempts to help you. As you face one of life's dilemmas so Nancy knowing all. 730. On today's show that eight we. Are going to play your whole male voice mail messages back so you can leave a hell male voice mail message right now on any topic. The home L voicemail number is 6177795463. And if you leave a voicemail message we will play your voicemail message back. Coming up at eight this is dead on the Framingham boards studio line first up this morning what's going on at. Wired real estate cool. Dramatic part of a well. A wiry. Yeah the old cost of living just isn't cutting it anymore is it. Ninety plus sounds like guerrilla guardrail after digging get Maggie asked Eric thought the south end date exactly. I mean it's well documented I took the hometown discount stay here popular Bellevue. Well now here's somebody who is working on a roof yeah. But that's a tough kid and great hydrate. You know. Excellent point 774 attacks from mom. Who says its national red wine day. And my kids go back to school today. Coincidence I think not know yeah probably probably not that you get the maneuver to come home there's a best line. There aren't going to town most of the by the way most of the kids who have school today will be leaving early we discussed this yesterday but there are multiple school districts that are letting them go early because it's going to be 2 o'clock today. Too hot learn yeah they can't do scope than they can leave school go play baseball. Eyes. The rights am. Up in just a moment. How our president. Is like LB our history when it comes to geography. We'll take a listen that audio and perhaps. The worst. Ride Zola of all time has canceled her wedding. And we will tell you what made her cancel it coming up next on today's Hill Man Morning Show. I hate the thought it would bad news at 619. But a couple of potential cluster apps developing this morning. Thank you. The WA AF phone traffic sports it's kind of like the space sports but not really the the first report is a vehicle fire. On 495. Indoors in Indo. Yeah that's just after exit 39 which is route 133. In a fully engulfed car fire in the breakdown lane and the right wing also blocked pretty heavy delays there OK and then also any reports of a two car accident. Just happening. On route to before exit 35. And that is route to peace. So a little too early for that to be in the interwebs I'll keep an eye open for more information okay. So just be aware. That those are two potential problems it's a good thing. That today is national red wine day now because later on he'll be able to relax. And in July. A little bit of red wine war. Well hold on a second now I didn't even fire up the iPod this morning line when you doing this is Dave on the Framingham boards studio line what's going on Dave's. Good morning Greg Mario I'm fantastic and yourself. I'm doing great couple days I'll be up and made how old goods yeah I. Our Greg Adobe reader yes she surprised me yeah yeah yeah yeah LB did date. If I'm David tell wondering. I was wondering what you think now being an up or new Iraq. And let the beating army not re up on not. I don't WEI. I'll like out again that the whole thing is sold overblown. What the Brady Guerrero thank you know he answered EEE did a whole interview. And then they brought up this stupid trainer. Britain no don't breeze like Hollywood OK so someone and Hollywood has a bad hair day you know you watch you watch TM ZTMZ exist. Like Brady has that Brady is New England TMZ. So so let me and let me get district. So you're the best quarterback in baseball and you wanna play off to a waffle ball up for a bit via. Honda is not yet. Stormy here. No web if it did this whole start thing too you know that's on your greatest moments now tigers right now. Every every athlete speak it if you're option is to make. When he million dollars. Would you have a personal trainer. Would you have a therapist yeah I I don't wanna break it to people but I played 1985. And Fred NAFTA was mighty. Mental therapist guy we we don't you know Terry around where hired a guy right so that weekend. You know he taught us to visualize. So before game you close your eyes and you visualize what you're gonna do during the game you imagine that you do you remember in the gridlocked imagine the puck going in the naps and and I always about how the puck going into the crowd of taking out some dude I was drinking a beer. Now I just think it's zone ninety eve. To believe that if you wanna be an incredible. Person. I mean do we what what what companies do big labor big load people up from and they and they take him down to Florida. And they have one of those one of those meetings called where they take a treat sick the other retreat what a difference between. Reading these guys and you going toward year yet you going to retreat for your company to be a better employee ya well. Same difference. At a text or said or now I'm sorry it was it was a tweet I got this morning actually read tweeted it were somebody said that. Best he seems a little bit irritable lately but I am here for best thing and it Bethea is listening. I'll be happy. Help Bethea out and as always if best he wants to come on this program. As he did lasts. What was that February or so and then. It would be it would be met with happiness and and and softball so we both. Began our trajectory. On the bottom rung. And we have risen yes to the top of our respective field yes and we may have lost touch during that time. However. I'd like however however arm brace today. Is one which reminds us of our friendship I threw him. Now a Texan says please start visualizing the sport's all because it's only half an hour I'm all right. I got there's a parent I got this. It's gonna work where we're gonna on this you know we're gonna are you wanna move volume did you want a guy you know I'm gonna go on a rant you are we don't it doesn't we would we just say it's like a manager's meeting at a rare for someone his own company. Yeah except if the guy who runs the company could not stand. The personal Google guys that you ride in and you were insisting that that guru guy work with you every day in your QB even though he wasn't an important. That that's what people like ignorant but yeah they're reference on that Silicon Valley Gavin Wilson's. Guru guy who basically is their for the free food. Now. And yeah that's right. Are right today's weather brought to you by the mid state auto group if you're looking for a car under 101000 dollars. Visits raised new lot for 96 Washington street in not burn quality cars under 101000 dollars and you know the deal by now. We are entering into a mini heat wave the temperature will be in the ninety's today hazy and hot and humid. Temperature getting up to 98 tomorrow so a couple. The miserable days I will say this. It feel like the cold. If feel like he chattering. Biting and stinging cold and yell yes then the farmer's almanac says that it is going to be it looks like the long range formula. Is pointing toward a very long. Cold and snow filled her wins Kara thanks so so looked. It looks like the there are the almanac which. Bases its forecasts on an astrological formula developed in 1818. Is warning of significant. As snow fall significant. Snowfall this is Bryant hello Brian. Good morning how's everybody. What I'm Brian. Yet to learn that kind of reiterate what LB say and these are legal where it. One economist or guys talk about what I mean you're you're correct in person up into the issues of course we're gonna get tired irritable and ultimate hang up. I grew up. And I disagree and had to do with him playing that night our eye on what backtracked it's just garbage it's it's some. ESPN dude some EIA reporter good pass to come up with some more garbage because. It it's it's it's gets old saying bradys the best. Brady's amazing well what would any happily DO. OK so your option. So dole backer just signed a 985 million dollar deal. 65 million dollars guaranteed. You don't think years there and what's he hasn't nutritionist. He has he has a mental therapists Diaz. Right he's got pregnant and I noticed them people that know to make sure that he's the best receiver in the Arab. Don't nobody what's the story the story is. That there was discord. According to Manny. Among Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the discord was over Alex Guerrero that would be what people would be assuming. So therefore. When Alex Guerrero. Suddenly appears. Back on the team plane. On Friday all the fires people wanna ask about it I don't know what I saw is so it is so if it's gonna make Brady win. Then braves and invite his whole family ya what's the big deal what do what do girls is best current while I went and you know athletes invite you know what you know I mean athletes invites families and been and husbands and why and and they did. You know like the NHL they do this whole like family thing a lot of teams now. They fly all the families in Ferrara a home game and they put him luxury box LB. I don't know if you wanna be talking about with the international transfer pass ferns of players because I don't think a certain person and here grown and and night. Vick's name on the essay in it's current. Both sides I mean are saying that. All of clubs is best friends were invited some are really know how else are authorities say this I think can he knows somebody with the patriots blacked out what happened. I do want to remind you that you can win tickets to see Pearl Jam in me any luxury suite at Fenway if you enter. At WA AF dot com slash Pearl Jam. That's WA AF dot com slash Pearl Jam and then be listening for your named today. At 1230. And this afternoon at 530. And when you hear it you'll have thirty minutes to call back in and claim your tickets. In our luxury suite at Fenway Park. And get there early C can enjoy the pizza and the hot dogs and the chicken fingers before they're all gone. You notice no. No spent six spared here and come we go for the hot dogs and went in the chicken fingers that's right not the tenderloin. And I lobster okay that's without the way we roll and our suite hugest rested brew before the Texas. And you said no spent six spared no spent the spare with those groups expect air pressure through her Pearl Jam so. Thirty and 530 today but he got to go to WA AF dot com slash Perl in the sign up and your opportunity to watch Pearl Jam from Fenway sweep is brought to you by road miser. And by WA AF Boston the only station. That really rocks and this is Chad hello Chad. Primary care. There are a ban I've been a diehard patriots and for years and years and this year with all the drama going our understanding completely circular. And the fact that Brady won't just can't understate something we don't know how to approach or to say something they're gonna put everybody's nerves that you. You know it's it's it's ridiculous he's hiding something witty words so we should we pay his salary every single year we pay their salary that stands and we deserve an explanation for him this product. Did you about it and just go off and and be like oh souvenir business slowed us serve as we go there every single day we you know into the air watch the game. As the game chair Graham we heard taxation and that's what's on what amounts. That's it exactly he's he's not he's finally as he's is that wouldn't bet ash. All right what his ability. What is your question form and get. But now now now even if it was no use going on and up when I'm gone above and the other callers do they call the show and we listened to our god it yeah yeah right yeah why you know what what. So what is. That that you need to hear from Brady that. That he's out a personal therapist he's a physical therapist he's eight nutritionist. What is it that you need to make your life. Happy about Tom Brady and the patriots. Because you know. Tom's just gonna go under senator. And win thirteen games again this year so what is it that you need to know about some dude that means nothing to anybody. Except harboring. Here's a 781 tax that says there is nothing worse. Then when a fair and says we'd pay your so how planet not to that person says now. Here is Derek the Steelers fan good morning Derrick. If you let it happen now even that guy out his term and and it's important that god. You know. Before if I could take her in effect until like you know you people around here probe that term go oh yeah is critical walking in on one good one in the industry. Okay go greatest of all time greatest American. Of all time on thinking he would I've made it her. If you really look at that guy is life in what it's great if it in his it's just slammed down. That's. This story. Is the wind this kid is reacting got this sort. It wasn't what three years ago this it was better at press conferences. In bell its second cell. He could spin. Reporters around and around pretty nothing everyone would feel good. They can't. Could gone and upbeat he's crying about everything they beat you can hear you know. All right engage him greatly app softball. You know gate. Do you feel appreciated by the Patriot Act and couldn't bring themselves to do it in your. You know. You can get all the negative reactions so quicker when anybody that's cute we'll get a guilty conscience. It he really concerned. That you know it is in you know content can't. Culp. Mighty god that you ought. It didn't react very strongly when anybody dimension is also mean. Ended up got oh I'm sorry if you woke up with a kid and all. We can't come. Here and he's good he's been Nikki. Common. You know McNamee. Core rate in this scum bag. Yeah. And I. Eight AD alcohol and boss tennis pro players like on the pro tour when they now because they have a team. And then and then there's you know during their match when your watcher pro tennis station date date date pay into the stands to show like his four. People need batteries immediately and why am I welcome people don't like the tennis players are. We're and it right now I don't and that's the NC okay. It's one of them was like like how you know. Tiger guy not plot is blocked and now is no cap and that he thought. You know aren't Roy but everyone kind of thinks it. Who would they would attend this cold it take you wacky couple. That was suspected of doing it yes or okay it would be here or. And they might come into them a little bit more with the camera LB. It's interesting. I I'd just I'd I am one who normally says let's just play some football. However I think Tom Brady gusty. Could move that along a little bit of figures the answered the question why why why why we why shouting. I don't mind paying it. That I am about first hour I'm part cat don't I don't podcast that I don't want to hear that who said that. Does that I assure you as the voice for that there are issues that should said that us. Lawyers on its drugs do you regret it because you were just about what. Well I don't know. Is bigger than life of people are so jealous I'll lose their behaviors and hello mark. Good morning Greg what's up. I follow while following my body that there are broken leg off but you spew typically keep just the might thunder. But the reason why you EI UN. That people across the street knighted by group and try to make that took story is because. They feel you know this that can captured with Guerrero and earmarked for. If mosque for a moment good yes they're trying to you know all. Palin the stoic on element because he recently got caught with that it that it built with Brady is the PP twelve treatment. Outlook recently collapsed US slowed to rehabilitate his need to get back stronger and better for the upcoming season. He just so happened because cause yeah who did it hasn't been hanging around with Alex Guerrero outgrow it there with Brady for years the reason why they're trying to make it a story as I'd be like to say that gotcha moment yeah size of the crowd. You know yeah I especially cooking talent that would try to close. Couldn't get in the car a little bit about what can you mentioned at the root of why. Because with their new up Buddha contract. That Brady guy which was chump change. It feels like Brady surrendered you know did you go through except that well that contract. This say mom I want it you can give me that. Eating out well I'll take that they cut it and then set so low level PO. And if he's happy what LB is saying is great and Tom Brady is happy. And you know I think it's well documented that bugs they're not trying to pin steroids on bugs that's already been done. They're trying to figure out is there's some sort of a tie. And weaken you know we can blame Guerrero for this which is ill if it if there if there were a tie that would. I guess justified. The concern that perhaps Bill Belichick had all law now I'm in now and then and Europe in now thing Nam but it. Ultimately goes back Vienna fell and there are there hole. Stand on PD's because they have no clue and I canyon on this is just. You know LB. In Missouri were planned and I I cars are you know I go to GMC week. That you know you they don't even know what they're testing for and then they decide ROR Kerry now you can't do that you're suspended for four Demps and it. I'm all right well anyway. It is 639. I do wanna get through the story. Perhaps. The worst two brides Ella bride still of all time which Danielle was telling me about this morning and also wanna get to how our president. Is like LB on history when it comes to geography will do trump on geography. Coming up. In just a little bit here at today's Hill Man Morning Show. Is presented to. By act goes store technologies. You're data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot. Com or thoughts and prayers to those who have the un enviable job of working in the outdoors today. And they are checking in on the tax line which is 97107. It's got a text from someone who is doing lying and work. In a bucket trucks. In the sun today and then. I got a text fri 774. Attacks from someone who is behaving. On union street here in Boston today so godspeed on that and I just got a text from someone who is running crews. Or Ferrer of Brothers moving window doing over there for their Brothers moving nobody. And perhaps. There are moving. In advance of Alston Christmas which is happening this weekend of course tonight man all the students about the big signs over on common. Which say. Do you move in happens this weekend be prepared stay away from arrow please earth yet so. You know how that goes it is going to be a ridiculously. Warm day today. Temperature getting into the nine these and tomorrow it looks like the temperature could be record breaking. When it gets to 98. Or sell. We are going to play here hill mail voice mail messages back at eight. So you can leave one of those right now on any topic the heat. The irritability of of a best beat Tom Brady and more or any other topic but leave a hell male voice mail message right now and we will play. Your messages back coming up at eight I wanna talk about this bride. That you told me about this morning this is this is beautiful. She's canceled her wedding. Because people weren't willing. To pay for. Essentially. Giant hissy fit yes yes so this woman. Name is Susan. Susan. And she recently posted at a FaceBook rant that has sent on viral. Negotiator fiancee were supposed to get married and she had planned this elaborate 60000 dollar went mark however. She and her fiance only had about fifteen large LB yet pay for it's they fell short by about 45000 dollars. So her solution to this is not to scale things back or whatever because in her words she wanted to live look at cart dashing in for a day. She asked for guests to pony up 15100 dollars up seeks to attend the wedding. Eight people who I don't center out of that general is Brock now unfortunately. It wasn't enough. So when she discovered that no one else is planning to send money she completely freaked out. Decided to cancel the wedding announce is on FaceBook that she and her fiance decided to end their relationship. And not go forth with any future proceeding in a. A little lucky guy you Edith Piaf I mean he dodged the bullet here yes woman wanted everybody else to pay for her wedding. Not the way it works lady. I mean people are so in a eagle on the line can't album what is wrong with you seriously aren't gonna pay 15100 bucks that go watch you when you're stupid. Beyoncé get married you don't wanna beat her that wanna be home doing something in the backyard of their house that wanna be your wedding where of. She would have huge she's now decided she's gonna spend the next two months backpacking in South America alone go exploring her soul oh who's paying for the cup and its well it has been in hostile it's not cheap crap back and that's that I can't wait dear mr. rewards yours kidnapped two that is that is just absolutely music you love in one part in the ranch she writes I specifically. Our camps well I mean specifically asked for cash guests. How could we have our wedding that we dreamed of without proper funding. We sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around 15100 dollar all right four dodged the bullet. Back she did him a gigantic favor as detectors that I incredibly huge favor. Well our rights. Unseen levels arm let's get this the news and the news this first hour is rock you know by the Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned sales event limited time offers are sure to make carve your dreams a reality. Is it in the USA dot com slash CTO for a local inventory and offer details. So president at a conference call our president with the president of Mexico yesterday to talk about the new NAFTA deal. A little bit of an issue with east. Her phone down to get cow palace that. And this is a very common occurrence anybody who's ever been on a conference call. Knows that that it's difficult at times to technology wise to to make it work. I'm I think the most frustrating thing is when your all on there waiting for for ruling. And I relate Roy has forgotten that there's a conference call so everybody needs a text row and then everybody needs to talk about things that are related rent. It's like. I'd liken that conference call to the PowerPoint. Presentation because I can say them. And I've been doing this for her been a bit I've been working for 29 years or whatever it is I've been there is never bid. Eight PowerPoint presentation and I've attended. That works the way it is supposed to work. It's always you know you're presenting something to a client Shia and the and the Ben the salesperson says all right let's go to the PowerPoint and they can never bring it right it never works where you know it was to be citing Israeli got pictures of the you know. LeRoy is kids and it did Deb Deb these neighbors and there's nothing but anyway there was a bit of an issue. In getting the president of Mexico on the conference call out and let's take a listen to how that went. And I believe. The president is one of Henry okay. You know come out. Tell anyway. You wanna wait. Ahead on this. He didn't. Oh. Well art we we fired five people immediately after this up. And there but they've finally got non and announced that they had made a deal yes which I think is probably surprising to some because. They would like to believe. That everyone in Mexico hates our press right. But in this particular case they were that a good deals gonna help the automobile industry yes and others who and then unfortunately. Just like LB on history. The president had an issue when it comes to geography. Right minor sniff just cannot use them. Mexico and LB's homeland Canada yes. And right yeah see you soon I'll talk tees. And congratulations. And that job well done. We did not work but I don't know they're hopeful that he does it fit and people. The greater. Scale my great feeling my every night. I hug from you would be very nice thank you Thelma thanks. About Andrea. OK so always maybe to deal with Canada. So it's sitting Bavaria. Pay as they're starting remain in New Mexico. A I wonder if Enrique really wants to give the president under currently in I could probably say that because there are thousands of miles apart or don't you know he's he knows he's never gonna have to get him back action and it's always willing to say it couldn't anyone from the White House regarding the phone thing and we were talking about the White House and I'm blaming trump for this at all. I'm not ranking doesn't run as the problems here IKEA yeah somebody at the White House. Must know how to use the speakerphone don't just haven't looked right through ready to go. Let's seriously Danielle was in the AV club that's why Scott high school. Cable club I was much fees or should she could've come down there with the with the film projector and gotten everything or the overhead projector really dealt with a tape grant out so Villa Thursday. That film on reel recorder to tape to be specific the overhead projector the best thing about that was what it would start to catch on fire in the featured in knowing that you know that like riding on the the little. Transparent that he's elastic there and all this that nothing would start to burn up hasn't been on the overhead projector into line and and they did note that the was burning up. Create a math teacher that you see the overhead projector for the for those diagrams that they were left handed. Yeah so every time they would wreck with a marker and dry fast enough and it reduces. The can be damned thing. Larry wealth is in the news this morning in you know there was another plane crash on Hanson. Twenty year old pilot Jacob how he's Eldon was injured yesterday the plane was piloting overshot the runway. Of course is the same place. Where there was the crash the other day were two Brothers had gone up to scatter their father's ashes one brother killed the other brother a solidly in serious condition. I know luckily the twenty year old pilot in this case was able to get out of the plane on his film it's taken a South Shore hospital with minor injuries. Any talk here about the difficulties he had with the engine we've. Flew up and I had the difficulties attendant and damaging to turn out the flip thing was me running out of her runway. Because. I was coming at you fast do you. Difficulties in my engine and the flaps and various plane issues government out and I'm I'm safe everyone else save. Now. We are up against the clock. So we don't have time for this this moment but in about twenty minutes is it. We will examine. The local news reports. Yet on this plane crash death in which I believe unfortunately. One of our beloved local news people. Has been given incorrect information yes I. By I'm assuming by this pilot correct. And and and she went within unfortunately. Without doing any kind of research in in today at M and it's probably an age thing how old is this moment. I mean she is she's. I'm not sure is that I I feel like she would know about you I know her and I adore her of course chilling New York everything she. Know we're gonna woody you're night and that's okay or I guess apparently you like this is life I don't know I just when I saw this I was like. Oh no she's not shall know that didn't just happen to this poor local news. Journalists. She knew smoked Greg she isn't as Smart for sure. Is not too familiar with. I'm movies much less just where the Allen and so when she was given information. And and and I think in a joking manner and Jim fortunately went live with that information on the local news and when we have time which will be ten or fifteen minutes from now. We will share that we have yield it is 659. And it is going to be hazy and hot and humid today. And the temperature is gonna get into the ninety's so I hope he can find a way. To keep yourself cool throughout the day and India into the evening tonight. This is WA AF FM and HD Warren west robots then. WEE. I HD to Lawrence. And WWB. Acts HD two ball.