HMMS Hour 1 - Men Age Like Wine, Women Age Like Bread 7-12-18

Thursday, July 12th

Today Is Danielle’s Birthday so we are celebrating all things Diane! We find out what the birthday girl really wants and that’s to be off the grid. Also we talk about the people that care more about their pet than they do their partner!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. College. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Is it ever too early. To get turned on new. Separate set. Have a nice day ideally you want to call for all people. That they. Are. In the way you love this track and here I just love people they use big words I loved him I love hot young people I love being here and you guys do the social whack I I just want people. And bingo cards ready. My car. Broadcasting live from beautiful city right Massachusetts. Globe in your dad yeah. Streamline the WA AF dot com and the radio dot com. Amazon it go to play WA AF. This is like if badgers of the worst people. I'm fine. SS Hill Man Morning Show. I like to hear from everybody even the delusional. Which you're frugal. His dad. I'd like kid from its own shallow anymore. Which selects a look at these days. I think it is Google's search for elevators and they come up with sports with the LP who believes size doesn't matter that I think small. They respect we. They showed Medicaid. And having that hot the fine you know. And my Jew who is still right now producing a morning radio show Boston. Take care if they Hill Man Morning Show. This is conduct. That would have made it guys an animal house kind of as image. Shake my ball ladies that lie ahead it's absolutely outrageous that they think that this is funny often is that it makes me sick to my phone call. We have a guess that's I think is ridiculous lawsuit that might drop out of here anytime you ask me. Eat or get your meat seems like good little green. Your family it's awesome arsenal so there. Just don't come to my few. All right out the bad. This morning a boxer would like to point out that Nancy know what all hook being corrected during the replay. Like a champ and did not overreact with regard to the bull in me and the thoughts on the gravy all that stuff. Taken as a correction I think Ravi vs losses in matter of opinion and depending on where you're from Italy's from Italy. In the different attitude about it so I think he means and I just edit an interest in there teaching conversation. Out of your pocket. It is 602. And good morning. And welcome to New York show. This is job. Right off the bat on the Framingham Ford's studio line and if it's high pitched. Voice Jeff. I believe I know he's calling about job. Are happy bird day of the let yeah. A a brigadier black Britain think they appreciated. You know who I ran into yesterday alone rose. I'll really sad. I ran into the rose savage and. He was a bit melancholy because things just didn't work out between YouTube love birds but. It's it's a big day for day you know it's her birthday as she is forty Wanda. Years young today as they say urges Kansas City twenty marrying now. She. And money nanny again. An iron. Now you embrace sign and I can't do forty whatever pretty ages and pretty yeah I island to that myself as a fine line yeah why you're at times they get pork at the time my age nice feelings well off of that podium float. We talked about this yesterday but any big plans for the for the big day today anybody taking your line I'm sure you gonna go to lunch with yourself for a minute thought well let's set a united yourself to launch nine minutes and the at the evening that the most important person in my life the person. Who made my birthday possible and. Old photos so that's all right would you like Hillary to go winter before leaving my drove her business and you don't grow tired of how LB don't cry don't connect it. Well here is a 774. Attacks that says you look hot. They Afro for 41 banks so you know I connect that they had to add the 441. Partner that feel the fact that I don't make that up and and welcome. You know I can and hail AFL I can't go in the sun and thus I'm hoping the aging process today I drag you don't have live Pringles and we're well human straw. What are you act and act I can't handle small guy about it OK and edition with some small well. Here is 8857. Texting happy birthday you share bird they would my daughter she it is she is angry at entry in my head. I actually am is 50 wait Texas is absolutely true and it kills. Chicks they hate this but it's a fact. This text says that men age like wine women aged like bread. I'm not sure where aged out of America now now now now you are an exception obviously we thought we thought you might suit. A couple times three easily but most met when I look better when their man look bad men get better looking as they get older women can't stand it but man get better looking as they get older women unfortunately everything goes downhill after about. Now what is it 25 for Tony's and his eyes and yet announcement came back pretty much nuts it's. You aging better than and then women do is attributable I feel largely in part to something many viewed dread doing every day and that's shaving. I'm sharing exfoliate your face it increases cell turnover. Does he keep that more youthful look easy age where barely hear it you know if we could tell you where shape and our faces are like. Alan nice so nice smooth air sticking out of the outlet mall. Here is a tax that says Greg she is forty and one. Not. I need to discuss and attacks there wants an though if you are technically considered to be a Milf. Since you're the mother of 47 different animals including 29 cats and senate that it. This is John on the Framingham void studio line what's going on John. Good morning everyone sir Ed I'll do what are not too bad happy birthday and helped him. You dances that allowed. I am I know what what would attest a lot of diplomat. I think Wednesday of next week is when networks you wanna be a judge. Art because I admire initiative. And so because he took the initiative hang on and you can join us obviously. Pizza smoke is gonna have to be here. Got to get celts appear via we're gonna do next blind food taste test challenge. And it's going to be north and pizza as we discussed would the union yesterday. And pizza smoke is absolutely gut the B that itself able shoot for next Wednesday on that drives it we can make that happen. Today's weather. It is going to be sunny and yet another beautiful. Day today temperature right now it is 64. Here in beautiful state Brighton Massachusetts but it is on the way. To the eighties and looking like it is going to be really nice few days tomorrow's. For those of you who may have the day off. And then last. Saturday and Sunday marks Saturday and they are both the candidates. On the show this morning. At 730. A brief look at some. The terrifying crimes that have been called in or walked in. To my home town police force the still PD during stealth Ivo won't get that. At about seven and thirty or there abouts at 750. We are going to go inside. The warped female brain so if you're a man. And you find yourself perplexed. By the things that go on in the mind of any woman in your life. You may ask Danielle. To clarify what is happening up there and so she will do that Freel on her birthday our 41 or a 750 on. Today's show to die in on her 41 heard it. We are quite true we are going to play your home L voicemail messages back at eight. So lead a happy birthday in the L voicemail message or you can leave one on any other topic. Perhaps you would like to start demanding. That beat Chris Sale. Statue erected in our city. And it is possible don't jinx it I don't tell me it's my dramatic. All just me alone what a performance last night mr. baseball I don't know if we're strikeouts and yeah another dozen off. Gone to act the right now there's only used some. That. John answered. Yeah. It's a will play your. And Mel voicemail messages back gate you can leave one of those right now at 617779. 54630. In and speaking of baseball. In the studio that's during the 9 o'clock hour it is our old Howell Bronson Arroyo who is in town. And wanted to come. I am pleased to music so I hope. I mean I hope he's not gonna dared to step in here. In play anything other than a Springsteen's on then that's what would that so we made him do last time any better you better do that again by. Former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo will be in here during the 9 o'clock hour he's pretty talented he's very tense do you now view as good last time so. That's coming up all of that and whatever else we need to talk about is coming up over the next three hours and fifteen minutes. On today's Hill Man Morning Show that will include in just a moment. If you've fears snakes. The worst irrational sleep. Fear ever. Is in the news and get to that shortly. If you have a long fingernails. There is a new opening in the Guinness book of world records and nasty. Has yet another honor bound to add to his list and this line is all about. His fashion sense there that sell all of Kuhn the call from Derek the Steelers. All of that I. And today's news coming up next. I want for you know on your birthday did you know since you love Bruce didn't steam at. Medina. I know and son you know yes well it's I yes. But the worse than feeling like yours stuck guns down fifth. Bound train I mean you know and now you wanna be on an up bouncers and up bound giant. It's Daniel's birthday today. A 617. Text there during the break. Said that picked cancers. Are the crazy ones yeah. And pass through feel everything in our cunning and nurturing and loving your hero you always remark with confidence. That's here's some kind of an animal and in better something so maybe that's. That's when they liked or else it's occur. It's the crazy does that cement that maybe that explains that if I didn't say federal and I've ever slept with it dead Texas tech's. Right now and confirm that the Cadillac overwhelm attacks on we made them believe the text machine is LB calls it may blow up if everybody ever slept what sort of puts them right now in by the ailing credit to a 978 excerpt from earlier I am 192 months old 49. Runs. I think Ellis 41 years young. And you certainly can leave. It complementary. Helm L voicemail message on that and I mean. Think about everything you've accomplished in your life apple are there. There's still things that if there were three things. That you wanted the bill. In your life now you're on. Back nine. It through it. There or if if there are three things that you you'd yet to do what would those things be started business start a business yeah. Cut by a vacation home. By a vacation home where would you late if you can only buy a vacation home in one place as an. Crazy. I half percent there where where would you buy that home what's that place with the fewest people and yet we quote you wanna buy it in some remote via. And I islands that needling Hillary in passing that he fixer upper islands are available for purchase speed of violate Branson's island are one of those islands that the celebrities by Sheraton and and that what's the third thing. Is there a third thing vacation all your other areas and start a business. I mean if you wanna win right lottery as an aspect. As have I is there any yacht rock artists that you via sea the utilities the legacy. No I would say could seemingly down and Kenny Lyon together and now that it has an online that's your drink them if they'd they did a show and like Sacramento I think last year but it just. It wouldn't of worked out the timing with work and everything else and it could've flown out for like the night of the show. Right but it's. And my Villa may be something. Here's somebody inviting you down to fisherman's beach for a barbecue because it's their dads birthdays while tonight so they're ramming her dating and dad and if he he's doesn't say how old he is but maybe you in the maybe and on and off the commands similar announcement at. I don't give full day advised by a permit for the page to swabs only of those so many of them that other lamb only by an asthma and it is down the street is that Texas says this Ted kaczynski's cabin is available if you like if you'd like the guy and a bombers why. I don't think it's only Endesa conserves. I think that I'm one room cabin in the woods and no evidence to go off grid. Yeah me a bunch of animals a bunch of weapons at my homestead. Like seventeen. Browned about barbed wire fences and no communication. I don't date the unabomber was and just off grid he wanted to eliminate the entire grid out the grid was not his thing Ted Kaczynski naslund was that Venus and it's coming true of course that's. And it's I did blame ago while you can't blame a guy well about the wrong way listen. I assume we'll get to a during the news in a moment. Invited. The birthday girl was. Aggressively. Upset this morning about someone. Who has made. A I won't even say a small fortune who has made a massive massive fortune. Off of the social media is and it's Ed Wood and Ted Kaczynski would not be happy about that but inaudible I Wii and it will get that during the news and right element. Today's weather is brought to you by Jersey Mike's subs and it is going to be sunny and beautiful today. Just another great summer day with the temperature. In the low eighties. And it is 64 right now if meat and bread are the backbone. Of the sub. That and Mike's way is the heart and soul lettuce and tomatoes onion and spices. All drizzle in the Jews. That's the difference Jersey Mike to be a sub. Above. And about. Twenty minutes or so. A woman has learned. Why you never give a man an ultimatum involving his dog. And we'll talk about. Dot I thought about that news coming up. At 650. This is JR. On the Framingham boards studio line what's going on JR. Good. Money and happy birthday Edgar yeah ill luck and have a very rare Ted Kaczynski rep spread out cigarette and tennis. Good Will Hunting when Bobbitt and got the professor or USC had no clue about the fact and the nuclear was right up the back. Hey if you would like to join us in a luxury suite at Fenway. Or the Foo Fighters. Then you should go to WA AF dot com and and there right now just coated WA AF dot com slash clues. That's WA AF dot com slash blues and starting on Monday. Listen to our afternoon show Matty and neck. 530 every week day and if you hear your name you can call within thirty minutes and claim you're suite seats. For the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park it's brought to you by star market. And WA AF Boston the only station. That really rocks. We're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back at eight. But before that we are going to go inside the warped female brain will do that at 750. So if you're a guy. In years. Almost look at this text message. This text about what this. Gentleman's. Girlfriend is doing all day. To achieve the pleasure to some of us. Our that's inside that's it inside yeah we've got there early inside the work female brain I went out on look at that thing I mean. Look I. Oh okay. Sounds physical and it sounds like. Dangerous health lives. I want to I am getting distracted him. 750s. When we will explore that attacks and any other acts. And from those of you who are male and cannot and figure out the way in which. The mind of a woman works you feel about the houseboat. They did a houseboat in some marine somewhere and pretend to be like Kevin Rayburn I was gonna say what are you Quincy medical examiner. You know I don't remember I mean I remember watching the show and a little bit I don't know but I heard is that it could and thousand vote. It's like sports cars where it's well what they're awesome for like I don't know I've now ten years and they. Yeah IU school you will a couple of three more high chairs and then you realize. And stuck on the water and me I'm not planning to Willie Jackson my house quote a credit to our guys are trying to eat. Do we do about it the the houseboat concept it's pretty cool I allowed annual house yachts. I think you talk about a real late living in a host on a book or host bowl. Like most tortured cool and yet late when we when I play for the Regina pats would. No I don't know it just head on our team what the whole team went on to Oslo to don't see else's birthday can we just focus on them permanent. We spoke out of time I thought. Restoring honor I mean horny kids. And it that we had to host boats. There we went down the shoe sure watching Canada which 170 it's so late. That is can a 175. Miles per week. So during the day will be on the water during the night we appalling to shore. And go to bars. Well for me that's cool that's why I was just trying to clarify whether it's like you're living in Seattle. And your house is right it's on me now. I need the boat that Tom thank lived in in sleepless in Seattle Iraq where they was a floating house on time and about like. And I'm not I'm not talking houseboat in the sense that you would camp. With the tents I'm talking house vote in the sense that you would camp. In an RV with electricity. Sonny Crockett. Lived on a house vote and so a guy ever. So in the got crock I had an alligator. Excuse me but. Rose to survive a shoe is on the show on Daniel's third day. Hello rose savage all right Gloria very nice to see you yesterday. We it was very it was very who is very nice once the deal. Well we were really having lunch I mean you were having lunch at one in my restaurant and I I talk yeah I mean you know I did appreciate the unsolicited. Compliment the gates of the sheath however. Yes no problem are good there's only one thing I had to build the three talks. Are you able to retreat vote where there hasn't okay well it was too much to coax in the village of yours I had a lot of things. And I and by the way smooth move there are adulterous goes on that but the seaport level that was exposed by Yoko you know he's he's a bottle works. I'll bottomless votes I was looking for human and also I follow you won on some New York Google argued it appeared. Yeah and present flowers though my friend and stuck them yet I think you so you are is being held getting flowers for her birthday. Or should know first came over your round yesterday you got them yesterday. Massive mica says this guy and advance game now rose savage is going advanced on. I wasn't sure if you if you would think that they are sort figured it would have been nearly did. Make sure that you thought. Chris I think we all know that the only person that he ticket midweek day off on the show is on you than the one whose restaurant you're just not true. I get at today is something I love the fact that you are never die type of guy you're gonna you're gonna keep going and I think that. Honestly I think her reserve is breaking down low. I'm not icy icy or warming toward deal of growth. Want to also give you doing that Pete's sort of thing last week right. Yes yes it. But I just I just picked one guy for our next line food taste that's challenge. For the which is the north and pizza pranks that Damien was on the show yesterday. Railing against Starbucks. I the man and I'll try to I got to figure out the judging because I got to my got to make sure that pizza smoke is here don't need on the ratio so yes we will we'll keep you mind when it comes to the judges rose for a very good. All right. He's still work in it. I admire that at the man was it was. Was one goal in mind. That is good you between the sheets as they Stan. I wonder if can man walk on thing hadn't heard that line. You better it's gonna well they are the cards are usually get you know the Caron yeah. He's not gonna do it from IQ and probably not for you that for me and I have a good relationship. Yeah any guy thinking Holler and tell you exactly what how many shows you've done in your career right is not not just singing happy birthday it is today. Obscure house boat reference. Keanu Reeves was on one in the replacements. At the pretty good movie. Yes OB. What's the while god did fear. Yes. Yes. Right does. If they can't pay. Held onto that axle are underneath the car as they went down on vacation to send them all Apple's saying yeah. Apparently you didn't. Unionists and I was in Europe. People Craig. Yeah I acknowledge their saga and the impact. Com you mean the there was there was one before. The Janeiro the dinero yeah I was like nineteen yet management yeah and I I never. Did several Texas believe. That unfortunately. This. Has happened to roads savage. You big friends up. Can you believe it. Been proven. Savage as rose survives and. And friends on all these different opponent and we. Established and every hour and. And that that that it they basically yes I remember you loser you never know you gotta keep yourself in the game and he married any sound right let's hope for everybody. A tax that there would like to know. A Texan wants to know if now that you are moving closer to fifty. You've dropped any of your stringent requirements. When it comes to who you're day not fact I added a few behind more confident in. What I wanted and when I am not willing to settle okay yes no. I put up a lot crack in my twenties and thirties and got a lot of crap LA but a lot of bad stuff for not mad. Terrible. Gaffe column. The wives like 11 a guy who's gonna come overlay he's got his own place and then he'll come over for like two or three minutes of weaker something anger. I don't know who couldn't take care of himself you need to be a visually where I can't pay your mortgage on in my own mortgage and I don't pay yours I. So yeah all the way you carry yourself you don't want a free loaner they need someone who's willing to step up and advocates for me in Nam. Social anxiety tight situations like afford a great health foundation event needs to be able to leave you on your own or not cater to you all night. And if there's someone Allen talked to a whose name I don't know they need to step up and do the old intro to get the name out got to give him the face like yeah foot. We we will we will not we won't quit screaming no. We don't say anything no. Ever kind have a job diseases that haven't but it got his own means of support clean I'm clean now. Now nonsmoker. Intelligence be able to have an intelligent conversation right about these events that. I hope that you can't speak to me like for an hour after I get home that is where the components in fact they gonna go to appointment Italy Kenya public I just talked and radio for four hours. This is generally aren't started up as I'm gonna his lungs when I'm are very different data and you know what and when you find that person. Magical and I'm sure I'm I'm fine B and Mehmet. I. I was at dinner the other night and I am solbes Joan Marmol had in my Ferrell spots below to sign me up and go to somewhere in those are building Thursday at random random things random and yes and one of the servers like buying each apple when he goes what you can ever find anyone to go to dinner with you would like a you don't know me up like a dinner means I have big companion means I have to have conversation the entire time. I can't necessarily order exactly what I line I may have to sit here a little extra and I have to haggle and figure out. The tip in the percentage is the person that came with me decided that I didn't order lasts well on X I'm just like dude. The bill 5050 and only the tip defeat entrant Sony. Complete opening linemen with that. Item against them glued I was completely kind of I don't and so many evil and on and please please already locked but he wants by you. And Yuri and he says no way I notice here law and a UK game and it Agilent elegantly and on maintenance I don't think that. I like to. I'm view Daniels like my neighbors on the horse and going to and so it would have been regarded general won your friend's cement. All they do every night eight minutes ago the so what's going on and so you really know how does now. My pattern you saw what you're. Arthel you know what's happening with KFC I get the pickle check in I get a kitten and that sent. Here's a 617. Tax asking if his arm and it's still must be chained. I tell you right armpit hair Natalie campaigner grossed out by now I'm so. A host you know real card is look like the offer a giant thank you you mentioned the great legal foundation yes and the amazing people that Dilfer scotus. Have offered. The new Dell frescoes location on boils the mystery yes switches may I can't wait to theater which is incredible. They have offered it up. To the foundation next Tuesday night which is the night before they opened many so that we can in so we can raise some funds for the foundation and so Greg Ireland act in LB earmarks he should. I. LB is more than welcome to tag and I'm sure they'll go to Gardner's I mean he had. The bullet dating he has a debilitating back issue to not allow him to make the golf tournament by maybe him. Maybe he'll be able to get on a stretcher and make its way over to delve Briscoe as if if he realizes ministry statement. If you're you know reach out to me and the social and we're basically. It's it's a VIP night so we're basically. Given away Al all the all the food and you make a donation of your choice now. I'm way so awesome awful guilty donation to make it editorial maybe it will make appropriate correlation. And yeah. It's like when you go to a place and they give you free cocktails and you ship. I acted accordingly. Yet. Always tip on I hate when people don't tip on comp stuff I understand if you didn't realize that you'll look at that and later an agreement that didn't add up. If you milieu it can't run a appropriate run. Here's a Texas says the general. Would be a perfect. Matrimonial partner for you because Bill Belichick doesn't say anything and always deal gets right to the point keep them. You know I think. Finland Ireland Finland and took it trillion. Output of the fir the last thing in him and daughter alone was on hand them the truth is. They have in the truck thing at the end him impeached past that and mandala to go to something into the same manner dollars and went to Paris and go to law for a. You I always wonder what do you followed. Linda is. Daughter's son on in Zagreb has twins yeah that's their yet again there I always wonder what bill Belichick's thinking because they're always doing. These bikini. At lower or less a photo shoot type things in his home in Nantucket and get them. I'm wondering like if Belichick just strolls and I I don't think he's on the beach reading your thing but I wonder Felix roles in in the middle of the Saturday. And it's girlfriends daughters are like stretched out on the couch to release mr. Graham photos. And what he must say it ain't got no wonder about that this is that he says in his head. You know this is while Portland cells in the first place and I and I think my own demos but if you know. A new window was still an Eagles rights groups. I don't watch it and ready to come routed to a complete halt is and then for ice cream and yeah he turns right around is that the guys seem pleased when I can't believe there I had enough of bill. You want you want this. He you know strawberry forage. Well let Holliday is life goals a lot of green light went well just even like she's just too beautiful woman and she's just she's very nice do you think maybe if someone were dating bill bell check for a long time they might be like a pretty whenever you have his littlest one of the sweetest people ever. And she's just beautiful and lovely and she's living a life man. Eight to exercise with regards him donations at the new Bill Frist goes it's adjusted. I'd Damien. That you make on it yet as it strongly suggest that you make a donation telling them projecting it to different down right. Right. I didn't. I don't. Leave eighths donation. And aid donation optional events are like the people that refused to tip based on the fact that. I could make this myself. Homes are now. Yeah. This is Jim on the Framingham Ford's studio line with sub Jim. It bought and everybody wants out. They have resumed. It occurred to me that you know. Being an order of if you establishments. Would be actually losing money could bartenders are. Giving people free drinks. This week and yet they're tipping. Those are not actually units from the owner when you bartenders. To delay a bunch of free Drexel they can get about. Buzzed tips in their pockets. It's one of those things that. It's like having sex will Lindy you know it's gonna be bad so you just accept it yes and and you don't like you know people are giving college ranks I know it is. That the point here it's bad bartenders to give their bodies a full Freetown on cocktail that's not get fired there yeah right okay got an admirable yes yes good bartenders. Give people. A free cocktail right because then they become a regular guy and they drop ticker hi I'm Randy year yeah place every so being you know hundred of those people yeah that's it you're not winning that. Isn't that are genders know what they're doing bad. Thing their bad doctors don't have lawyers there and they're great. Great professionals. Here's a 71 fax from a bartender. Who says I can't stand when I do an open bars ban. And them coach's body and leave a dollar. Here. Until the like all they pay them out yeah I think what I just. The expectation. There already established. You tip. When your admired you just among soccer easily men's event just just drop behind and the bar breakout season. All right well. We got a lot to get to on dean yells bird day. And that includes here happy birthday he'll Mel voicemail messages so please leave one of those right now. At 617779546. Theory. Figured did that taxed for inside the warped view milled grain is something minutes fizzle logically. Possible. We're doing we're going inside the war female brain in one hour. So you can certainly do it that guided and pax your question for words birthday girl. Early if you want on the tax line which is 97. 107. And he can leave happy bird day Danielle hill mail voice mail message right now. 617779546. Theory. It's been a little been awhile because who are offer a little bit but will get this though five blow. On about forty minutes or so slow and we'll take a look at some of the terrifying crimes that have been perpetrated in my life long home town. Of still Massachusetts. And about forty minutes or so it is 652. And you're a woman. You have to be careful way and EU are issuing ultimatums speak it's. The adverse effect can it. Here and there is a woman in the news today. Move gave her man an ultimatum and the ultimatum was media. Or your dog action and the media they think we smell out this is gonna turn out because it's a man's best friend. I think we know what happen. Again I decided to go with the dog this happened in Istanbul. Man and woman Mary having little or marital scuffle earlier this year after the husband got a don's wife thought it was too much extra work. Didn't wanna take care of the dogs that she said listen. It's me are the dog off he went to. With Saddam of course it god bless them and we've discussed this before I think when we go. Actually it's only gone inside there dwarf theme all brain or maybe it was when we are having a discussion about. About why people break up but it. There's a lot of people who end up being bothered that. Did their partners and I got ends up caring more about the packed yeah they perceive them to care about them has the pet is always get home. What they've been gone for five minutes or five weeks you're dogs like hey knock howry. Like I think you need to get the twelve Clements the. And I'd like to ask attorney Larry army now how many times keen down. To the dawn in the ski invisible or you can have a house you can have the car you can have whatever oil also want the dog Norman and now. It is 781 Texas says I'm woman I would put that dog Albany law over the guy you wouldn't you wouldn't abandon Kobe. Now well listen listen listen Kobe is the most it's clear to me CoBiz the most popular person in our household virtual I'm way behind on the fourth. I'm Matt fifth or whatever the numbers. Analysts DS and a sign up sheet for who gets to take Kobe for the day. I think highly thought they could I follow you know the entire bill family and it at a grand so it's always interesting to me you know final you're going to be. In a certain place. And then I'll see mrs. hills and sir Graham or Michael she's kept Kobe in Maine Gregg must be really upset all identical so much when he got when he goes to Maine but he loves the beach might goodness gracious. I got one of those. Things and all of you mercy in this. It's like a stick that holds the tennis ball and allows you to throw this thing out and a lot of those and that's what it's what the jacket. Yeah channel isles are awesome I easily crossed him we're with chairman alternate captain copper over there about. I'm yet it's it's that it's it's a it's a great product and he. I was the only thing that makes me nervous is when I was up their last week. There was this little little guy who randomly was walking on the beach whose grandpa are so many really like Colby. And he wanted to throw the ball and he threw the thing. Like literally and not a home I'll outings and that Kobe was swimming Andre Pete I was like what does that not the most amazing and made me so nervous because I was worried Dave's gonna run out energy and not come back in the words you're not alone out after him now. This leads me all my life why are. All right yeah. Now I'm gonna do it and I don't like making people suffered I don't even have my iPod. Yeah so lie down I could though. I did you lie and Tommy Phil yeah. It's slow for leaving it in parts only for two seconds might as well. If there is a song. Top forty song. Gone. I. I NT. Monty the ball when. I did. I don't want to maintain a silent and there's five key and I. The sting meals at Davis on the economy suffering losses ahead on the Cranium board studio line that's going on ahead. Mardy everybody and I fought football fight domino or should we are weak so. But it got your records make sure what I hear you well or eight despite. Yeah I was and people love their pets. That's what you really never understand because they are my. Fellow rescuers out there will understand this plate the people that have a long time pat whether it's a done catbird fertile whatever runner. They meet someone. And the new person doesn't like. That particular animal for whatever reason maybe the not ignited like allergy stuff like they just don't like the dog. And then they get rid of the dog but you've had a dog for ten years out you mean he had a cat I'd there. Different mine a doctor Carey Celine the owner was a woman who had two cats that were like fifteen years old litter mates dump diminish sheltered moved to Florida to pick. After like four months public so you Maria. So we L body here. Well here's the final eight Texas says of course you haven't chucked it. That's why you were stuck at second base in Little League when you keep your hands like well. A correction. Correction. Institution nozzle I was in the early years I was at second then they moved me catcher. Because my arm and rapid fire way in which I would throw runners out parents trying to steal second base where the and knocked that nonsense up right now what was some. Oh let's talk about the fact we have time yes it's 650. The 8. Today's Hill Man Morning Show was presented by echo store technologies. You're data center solutions provider for more information you can go to a ghost or dot com. I am. You're talking about. Kylie Jenner the in the office. And you're somewhat frustrated by the news today about her well and yet is that true yes. Forbes has put out a list of America's richest self made women self made self. Made women so you know you think of like Oprah. Yeah of course checked out corporate good business from goat for a and yeah where are. You sure it's not self he made with. That would cut the. But Qaeda Kylie Jenner is on the cover of this issue ya. And she's worth 900. Million dollars and they say that she could be the youngest self made billionaire. In history even beating out Mark Zuckerberg who did it 23. Highly turns when he won next month. Isn't she hot days and chain Ayers thing I mean I just can't lift yeah it's interesting line.