HMMS Hour 1 - Lenny In the House 7/11/12

Wednesday, July 11th

In hour 1 of the Hillman Morning show we start with the news and a woman paying for auto repairs with sex, find out how she dies, Apparently the better looking you are the smaller engagement ring you need to buy and That nut Lenny Clarke drops by the studio.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. It's and on your schedule. Yeah I am done. Sports which Adobe who believes size doesn't match. There are enacting laws. They respect we. And having that hop pioneer last night Jew who is still right now producing. In radio show more. Don't take anything Hill Man Morning Show. This is conduct that would have made a guy's an animal house kind of S image and shake my boss when he passed. It's absolutely outrageous that they think that this is funny often sad thing makes me sick to woman can't. We have a guess that's added is ridiculous things that might drop to get out of here anytime you add them. Eat or get your meat seems like you know great. Your family it's awesome boss nuts on. Just don't come to my few. Flags every walk in the and I love. What's today Wednesday. That are moving through the week rapidly if it for you but well well yes I have a forest in the patriot day I'm Friday. Hours I happen. I'm forced to use my vacation days and they did they force that fifth week it's kinda urgent and did you ask for that none and now are your last and final desperate at that age and I asked for less than OK and down on vacation yeah. Announced they were insistent that that thing he's had listened. You must we insist he take a fifth week of vacation and you must utilize those days in the summer on Friday as bastards are right but other than that we were that hey it's RV I am honored it was. Experience that you heard calls yeah it's yes but listen. It's not like I'm gonna mail today in there mills borrow and I went there is there's a lot going on our we have a show. That is chock full of entertainment value today we will be joined briefly. In about an hour. By our pal Lenny Clarke. Who inform me this morning that he wanted to come in early in. And plug something so Lenny will join us around sun out aren't in his might I mean he is the man landing that guy comedian actor Lenny Clarke. Began. The. Devastating rumor. That Mike Hsu America's elderly themed form tailback Derrick yeah active shooter get creative so Lenny will be in the air and then. Before that though we haven't heard reports speaking of me and remark shoe art chief mirrored officer Ali and remark shoe hasn't heard reports it's fifty dom and yes the only way to describe it. But become your outraged nerd. Just write edit your your your very upset with the developments in the nerd world yeah so wasted time and money. But that is about 650. Act 750. It's our sort of weekly new feature ask an attorney so. Our in house counsel Larry army junior. Will be here to answer all of your legal questions and there will be no charge so there's no hourly rate. There is he's not bill there's no billable minutes in this. You can ask any and all questions related. To any legal situation and our in house counsel Larry army junior answer. At about 7:15 this morning we are going to play your hill mail voicemail messages back at eight. So please leave one of those right now on any topic the old male voice mail number. Is 6177795463. That 617. 77954. Or 63. Can leave a hell Mel voicemail message on any topic and. Put those back and eight and then at 830. In the studio with us the youngest being and who ever. Play the warped festival and they are nine and ten and eleven years old credible and they're called color killer parent weary and so low. Their parents are bringing them and yes look coarsely can't accept that you can't drive themselves right back. Now solve and their parents and I'm sure are going on tour will of them. I what is up probably great experience for parents. Zach wild spirit I care that are already read yeah and Smith. So they'll be in the years. 8:35. This morning and they will play. Lives. Now. Woman even though whether real quick it's gonna eventually be sunny there are sums up thunderstorms will be around this morning. You may have already dealt with a one of those the temperature is going to be very comfortable being you know 76. To eighty today nice though. And the sun will be out leader Nam but they're there are some showers that will be. Around this morning. Have you seen this story about the woman. Who was trading sex for automobile repairs. I had and it is very unfortunate. And turn of events I think that happy and quite a tragic it is actually very much snow is this a common thing I mean are there were friends are there. And we look Smart round. I mean it it's I do and I've sex should but it sure everything you would. Order her radio guy. Unfortunately. The Od the the husband. Ended up finding the auto mechanic. Expired. Aaron in the garage and the white and the life. I guess the thin white had been trading sex for auto repair or was there is in Newark. And New Jersey port managers the. And on Monday the husband at the husband's 56 and away from 39 in Trenton Hassell oh they got together twelve years ago. Well I guess they were doing it. In the garage with the car running. Oh at a government Zaun did think I'm a can't right. I notice opened the garage caught up in the moment caught have been caught up in the passion of the moment and he forgot about you know carbon monoxide poisoning. So did she have her mouth. On the pipe or was and that's the right that's two people died Saturday collegiate institute please. It's too soon on that yeah well let that. Here's a Texas says nights of apex our work in the automotive field and unfortunately. That is not common but. But that's for that particular person not not not for others saga. Here is a 774 Texas says if I were a woman I would trade sex for everything absolutely. But you probably wouldn't I mean it. Pentagon with a guy looks like if it's a hot on our idol audition hot age where I yeah martyr if John you mean ailment and Nobel comes over this cracking your leg and the downs that that the brown bit sleepy grandma these tax free grant found ya know who brings that up. Like if a if a hot HB AC guy comes over to your house yeah are you the one who brings up trading. Sex. For its earlier top reserve they're paying yourself on remarks about a lot of heart puppy if America isn't it. Nobody can make him move his Tony teens now you have to do Stewart yes if you answered the door in a robe. But yeah not ranks. Are you here European air conditioning that hits. Us and. Are you can't find my checkbook and it didn't find mine and ours I mean that wore a Texas says that poor woman was just trying to save. Her husband a little money on honoring winners and looked and look what happened looked at the middle of the car running for two lines. Our site are you won't than this to. Dead in the zone are pro Bono. And all are out com. It is six Dan if you wanna be on this show any time over the next four hours you can call on the Framingham ward studio line. That number is 6179311. AA or you can tax. On the text line which is nine B 7107. Coming up momentarily. Excuses. LB hasn't used yet. It's not a deal Lee because I only drank at stop signs. Well. Also coming up. A woman has learned that there is one place. Where you should not hide. And engagement ring and oh boy we'll get that. And to today's news. Coming up next on the Wednesday Hill Man Morning Show. Next thing in about an odd sounds when it comes to mind microphone on the radio dot com app. I can do nothing about I'm not I'm not an engineer I have I have addressed that. Where is the engineering department. And. It will get to it it's as soon as they have an opportunity I hear my sincere apologies. I will tell you that. Summer is that travel season for many view and so you can take us anywhere you go. To a picnic or it to the speech. Order shopping or wherever you're going with the radio dot com and in my sincere apologies about any kind of the sound. That is not normal. With regard to my microphone on on the radio dot com map I don't know -- many instances people would make that claim that that's above my he green right but I in this company the only thing above your pay grade is the CEO. Are you certain that they didn't feel makes it I don't know I don't that I did I get feel I don't little evident ability to stop opinion on the I'm not a highly paper and white insist on trying to beat me out of some kind of out of touch 1% yet what does David Field and iPhone buyers. Well that indicates that probably our senator probably as an island in his kitchen on it probably does. Today's weather brought to you by Dell. And there may be some showers or thunderstorms. Around this morning. The temperature is going to be between 76 in eighty today and the sun will be out. Sin is the thunderstorms accounts Dell's Black Friday in July sale up to 40% off. And deals are and he sees with the Intel Core processors. Plus get free shipping visit Dell dot com slash business deals or 877. By. Now. Let's see here's a 978 taxes says. I am hearing the sound. Of several hundred dollar bills vibrating together adjust your billfold. There is a word that is not used enough. Billfold. You know it's only 1% of people can use it eight going carries hills yeah Cairo Ramallah area. Then mommy it marquee event moment on our evidence tomorrow which are Elvin my people used to that Pete believes the use cash and nobody uses cash anymore man nobody. I mean. I forget the this is this is old man's central chart yesterday afternoon. I got home from work and my darling daughter while who wanted an iced coffee and and I said I'll go get I'll happily go to united stuffy. And then she. Simply use the app. To have the ice copy there. And I want him to pay and I realize that you don't even have them. I mean is that now technology is amazing I'm sure you're just acted up in bullnose right there I didn't at the park to anybody interact with anybody as. It's the most amazing when it's amazing technology. Called. Does change jobs bill Fuld what did you remember that they used to the giant before you put your back pocket and then they'd have the chain attached to it I detached from the looping your pants or you know could steal your bill. Yeah writes yeah absolutely either way you did pay for that country I don't care Addai bureaucratic kind of wow. He's trying to make her way through she's support struggling college student did and now you know that goes yeah. All right we have a very busy show lined up for you. This morning. At 750. Its ask an attorney. Our weekly opportunity that we provide you with the to obtain free legal advice so. Our in house counsel Larry army junior will be here. At 750 and he will answer any and all legal related questions that you have in you'll not get a bill so. That's at 750 on today show we're gonna play your whole Mel voicemail messages back at eight so please leave one of those right now. On any topic Helm L voicemail number is 6177795463. And we'll play your messages back any. And then at 830. The youngest band to ever play on the warped tour. Color killer will be in the studio that I still. It lives. There are all 910 and and eleven years old so and so they will be in here. Would their parents at 830 fives before they get out on the on the warped tour and then there's actually. Someone who is doing a documentary on them mullah who will be here as well so. Those that's pretty cool to put time on yeah LB please put some some makeup on in and please put me war. Clothing on fifth. There's oh and we're gonna do a nerd reports. Whether chief mattered officer. And remark shoes really angry about some breaking news or use today. In about twenty minutes or 25 minutes Greg I know you love a good proposal story all L yes I'd love a creative marriage proposal. I've ever done one. Where the woman has proposed. That's been super creative now McEvoy about the timing yet what is the percentage. Of. Women who propose these days is is it more than if you use it then is it more than me I mean it's always bill. It is the equality. The the the equality movement threat has not really caught up in in the and that yeah women proposing to meant. I mean. You guys want. Equaled. Hey yeah. You don't wanna pay equally for the engagement what's that what's that all about and how are trying to preserving. The but as I agree Ericsson I'll look at our eyes out when it comes to the page I understand okay I saw this note you don't want a wage gap Matt -- you're okay. Live an engagement ring payment gap I don't mind paying the mortgage as long as you pay for the entire rant I'll catch and it's. And demanding gauger it's just the outscored north re off like she doesn't come on choosing Cox about. Well there's blow in England. Who wanted to propose to her boyfriend. And she got wildly creative and I'll try to tell the story in the most FCC friendly possible. She he. An engagement ring. In one of those plastic Easter eggs. And then put the Easter egg in her. Love nest right okay yet thinking I I would find it and they got romantic ya I'm. Oh he thought. She thought he would be able to find it writes in that area like the only and put it out her it was Hocking yeah now. Unfortunately. The egg got and stock sideways on our plate right. And she need to go to the hospital however she really well and scientists and did not wanna ruin the surprise that she didn't mention anything to her boyfriend until the doctor. Took it out with forceps Easter it. Well and at that point she cracked it open and proposed a spoiler alert a key say yes we. Of course not what she went through all that he had this area as this thing. I mean you can't. This is the thing about creative. Proposals. Look like for instance one that occurs on the Jumbotron. At a sporting event via you really can't sing now. I mean in that for a second tour I think kids. I think they're two pretty distinct schools of thought on this kid I would think you say yes to begin in everybody's happy new move past that you're like hey. Listen I don't wanna embarrass you in front at 30000 yet this routed then at 99 consecutive sent sell out at Amway. But some people I think they would rather just get the Nolan move on which is weird to me. All the embarrassment in that situation I don't know is like killing people you think I would wanna get them now and yeah well. May be but. I mean I think that if the person has gone to them much effort. Is sort of thing fair dealer he well you have to give that person yes simply for the effort and then later on. Let me let them down let them out probably I mean what. Listen if you. A whole company like guesses are right there might best friend your read a dependence program that you like. But let's then won't I know you got those really created by dare for that one on deeper both of my idol related money in America you from the girls like this doesn't and a and to thank you now. I mean. I don't believe that there are a lot of women who are proposing demand I think that traditions still remains in that I would assume them. Always meeting. Something last night about how. And this is unfortunate news for some of you but the less attractive you are. The larger engagement ring you must buy according to scratch and according to new information they did a study at western or in university and they showed people. Photos and a brief description of another person. And these people were already free rated as attractive unattractive was why the photos Lindy nude yeah. Married at the that was rated as notepad and his heart that was rated as the answer is now. Yes okay so researchers had each subject imagine that the person in the photo is their partner and then women had to choose the small of these studies. Women had to choose the smallest ring. They were willing to say all four in front of the man in the photo ha okay. And it turns out that the uglier the guide. The bigger the ring needed to be for a woman considering yes now conversely not surprising. Male participants were asked to gauge the size of the ring they would buy for their imaginary girlfriend in the photo and the more attractive the woman. The bigger than ringer and a program of course now on today's still say that it's both the B. One and a half. Paychecks or what went to a salary and as the standard of course quick you know this fall back really says hosting at IL says three years salaries out what it should be a should be out probably should be about three years worth of your salary that I found out. I think it's amazing or dies it feel pressured into. Buying a gigantic. Engagement ring. Wow so this of them and so you're committing yourself to her for the rest your life to do well I mean a are there I'm I mean that's a pretty decent commitment. I mean that's in our back that should be enough you mean there should be no ring to seal. I just thought I'd. They argued that enough I don't think you have to spend two months from your salary. And when you're willing to commit the rest of your lie it's now find answers you know who this young lady well some people are into as this. So I don't sold more winners who yeah director wonders. Hello Dave here in the hands of its debut next on the Framingham port studio line what's happening. Not what I did do it today what's going on. Eyes so you elaborate where it. The portal on the Jumbotron yet to be very nervous in the short practical jokers. As a punishment. You would hold this say no no matter what and at a hackers go out there to propose to him and let everybody out of baseball game. He told her all over again go yeah. Clinton. Let's see. How many times have you proposed born then here's the text from a 978 pecs or they I don't know I'm willingly on them. Or four times he's had four proposals. That one wasn't no. Yes and then 33 yeses no idea how to reduce pregnancies. For the fourth that policy this is Cody hello Cody. Say good morning guys that we don't what's going on Cody. I just wanted to say you wanna talk about an ultimate 1% of mobile according to your house this whole engagement ring thing. By the ramp Black Friday and the focus to. Well I expose you I don't know that there are those Black Friday deals. They don't generally end up being anything you want or need when you're in your life at any kind Amazon Dahlia all excited and you're gonna get some really good deal on a TV you'll like Al. A three pack of USB cards turn now. Seven victory. And there are and he really exciting literally really really good deals -- by the way the kinds of plant that the places that are having the Black Friday sale on engagement rings are probably enough mechanical issue. Now than you mean not the kind of place you want I'm in reference to chronicling the game and having a Black Friday and on occasion it's our soil and makes her cornea. And the news this hour is brought to the true. By it is grassy by Walgreens in her for all your diet beat its knees stopped by today to kind felt with your pharmacist and get trusted advice and tips about your diabetes medications. Testing supply is brought to also may misty Otto group located on route twenty in Auburn miles of smiles. Mid state auto the best most fun place to buy a car. Hold on just 12 to delay the news that this is an important question. From a 978 text there on the tax line. A friend of mine's beyoncé. Recently exchanged. Her engagement ring because quote it wasn't big enough on quote the what is your feeling it's. I think it's had a crappy thing is if if you're a guy if that's the best your guy could do with what his financial situation is. You take the ring if you love him. It's about him it's not about the ring you take the ring in the later on May be when he's doing better yeah. Upgrade force commanders there who cracked after he bought a house of work is not suffer for years do you did you want to know you spend a four year round filming a fork generating so you can go during our teams you're girlfriend's ago look cute look look look what I. Alum Julie says want him. There yes there is one. Person who's somewhat bitter about that whole entire matrimony kind of thing after multiple experiences. Trying it. On that and undaunted. By yeah I mean and now it's kind of insulting to the guy. Kinda I think it's irritating me well again I think he's given to the ring of her dreams of pleasantly proposing marriage in every race. This is and begin now. I eating these hearings on the line when someone gets engaged. And then you get the you know gaggle when they're around looking like. And the again. And it fits like a smaller rain are bring made a public a few stones made to the public is senators don't like. I did the best city that's even worse it was in the woman's friends go down it's right and then make her that he like nausea right the should be bigger that is an obnoxious I Heidi and people do that you people evil race. He is texts and which one and 215. Texts him you know. Where is up from. And it is added if you hello. Philadelphia well great city by the way pay I think there's a restaurant and pulmonary no well I do I do talent and I do Avaya place in Philadelphia Eagles. How appropriate it compared to determine how but this woman says that her husband had a budget. And there was a ring that she wanted and the ring was over that budget so she made up the difference. This time it's been Hugh Grant if you create edit and using care that is hopping probably means that what do you mean. Amy all all all well and Daniel Honeycutt. She he she picked out of re elected this lame women are. OK okay honey. I know we've been the other three years went down to the managers shop and so I picked out the ring talked to Larry. And that's some guys have missile tests so many no it's not. That they didn't have any don't. It yourself is it a little worse. It doesn't even worse you are my husband breathing says the my dad. But. I haven't done. I'll live and Hollis. In the middle of nowhere with one bedroom three would breathe you rely on for several rental your life guy and guys are so 1950. Your lame. Here's a tell us why polish and a host for you but the ring is a billion. Here is that taxes says I couldn't agree with the LB more. Women want and engagement ring. To merely show went off to their friends and on social media rights dumbing down. I'll hold on this is mark on the Framingham Ford studio line looked up mark. Good morning folks. I'll do a good. Eight we're got guys all we're all moved to -- their search Burton got that area excellent excellent. So a dog no way. All the way Shiite and I have once they are so they're all. All marry outside of the couple times adult they. Now marriage is a greater than two or usher in a while about that I just can't be a potential. I don't know whether Holland and tackled him. Hello hello Tony. One of people I. That this is looking beyond I got engaged earlier this year and what might fiancee what is throwing some of her friend before she even. Even congratulated her. There weren't just didn't walk a picket or me. And wiped out I just don't understand. And that's that's what we hear about we look at Catholic admits we've been dreaming of princess wedding since we were three years old. And our moms put TR isn't and plastic high heels on us and a Cinderella dress and that it's a fancy it's the whole. All of this if I get the big rain in the big wedding that mean everything's going to be perfect any Sheila black. You can drag right so the ring signifies. The marvelous. Glory. The ample pending marriage London you're saying in this race out there is very says are awesome and you saw on yeah now order a parent of American engagement ring the race in your life can be for over two years. The ring is the chance for the Meehan to redeem himself in the girls' friends circle and I'll tell you. Is if you've been together for any amount of time. Every dumb thing you've done. Force said it or failed to deal has come up at brunch our conversation. They'll all her friends pretty much think your an aspect. When you come up with a giant ring Colleen. Really you know he's really coming around. And he really does Columbia our and loan. If you're that has stayed out late with the pros you mind just go to closed in on summer. You may be cheating on her once or twice you know Weaver started dating and then you come up with a tiny ring. Now. And while I was once told that marriage was a great concept back when people live to be forty. Inland it's not me. And and and then peoples credentials of for a longer period of time and there are lightly second. This it is Miami hello Danny. What's up fearing. This law. I I've got a hundred dollar. Engagement Brit now and my wife would don't want to say what that what it has nothing to do what they are large remote. Any thing a good. That's realty. Mortgage I wanted to million. Are literally one. Alright it is 641 way behind on the news but we will get to that next. And we're gonna play your whole Mel voicemail messages that gates will leave one of those right now on any topic. Film L voicemail number is 6177795463. Quick heads up on tomorrow show still 50 it 730 or thereabouts. A brief look. All of the horrifying. Terrifying crimes. That have occurred. In my life long home town of stow Massachusetts. Will do that at 730. And at 715 tomorrow we will go inside. The war two female brains so if you're a man and you're confused. About the way in which. The rather psychotic brain of a woman you care about works you can ask in L. To clarify what is going on out there that'll be tomorrow at 750. Good friend of the show is elected this morning and wanna tell you year fine with me but there's one person who is constantly letting me know you are not welcome into the studio is on all Lenny Lenny Clarke actor comedian Lenny Clarke years and excellence. Maybe how you. Let me take that back that's like a me too thing. On the ground. You are haggling I'll tell you I well look you look that's all he did he did refer to her as he beauty. Which is probably year Hollywood. Version coming through. I'm issued only do you call. You don't call win and sweep the year. I didn't catch it and and so in case things get going good I mean the minute right now and at. All of that against them. Speaking of that Mike Hsu doesn't like when your around because you started that whole rumors that he is obsessed with elderly pornography and elderly women listen big miss understand yeah I've apologized. That might bat him anytime you have. Yes Lanny that's so herpes in my life I would I have a child who bought it bought heavily on a big doubtful. The villages have you ever gonna show at the villages. Well I was going to but I would ailments of good to open. Why that community that's like dead. Seven euros swing and Edwards swings at the villages people in the slinging it appears. Have you ever been in a marriage where you're in the swinging when you married to a play bully me for awhile as well as though it was eight issues also called the huge. Code field playable model from Birmingham Alabama. And I spent a lot of time at the Playboy image. Yeah we'll have gotten actually Avago now you meters with a when you were doing I was I was on his own burning him. Now on his Bible. I mean what an interesting scenario where year you're here. Coke dealer was also played way blaming them out except you know little. I don't know a lot of Coke dealers but I would assume that that doesn't happen very Sergio and I are right what did you and your image I don't fool Leo yeah yeah I was a pretty. Why don't how bad decisions and actions lying under another. Well I mean I don't know that lasted. Eight years. It was all that that. We were. We were just talking about I don't know if you heard the show one way and we were talking about engagement rings because Danielle brought up this story you get married. Is. She now ain't gonna take you find funny is that Pena and I'm now. Three there was this study done by a university. In which it was determined. That the less attractive. You are and as a man the larger engagement ring you must buy for a woman. So I am assuming that when you're marrying a Playboy playmate yeah. You have to buy a pretty big engagement if you did you have together pretty big engagement ring it seemed big. Yeah. A lot of money yeah yeah. But I can't get the deal. Along talked you know I could about it and hey it is what you want to. Now the dobbs show. You got to the forest. She thought I I stalled Coke. And she said a month later she Lenny the president we're gonna they still called I realize you just do massive amounts. Recently. Rob we get as much fuel and that's when I looked actually. And I'm married I'm Doug matter that area. I wasn't. I believe we discuss this press on the show before but didn't the the late great Sam Kennison. Go out and find a whole bunch of copies of her in a Playboy and helicopters and had them and get them out. Everybody heard. It was like. And I did my voice actor. Happily after. It like that Lanny I examined greatly engadget best thing here is do you mean Mike's adjourn. Yeah yeah let's hope they only live once it Gillette's old you know. It so it was nice to see you have the WA flight regarding what golf tournament it was not legal times we do against that if he has eight detail until now not view we have we have Carl golf tournament yeah. And incredible. Golf course yeah. Yeah I like. Eight balls long on bridges yeah and yeah now it's women. Lots of women good women I should women do with the women it was and rated at booze and food Nokia was fantastic yeah the people out. Wages to spread well I can't you like I can't thank you enough for helping us raise money for the great bill foundation from being a part of the golf tournament. And it's always great now you have a show coming up on. I think Friday night at the region the enemy I'll eat it. And it's it's a charity that is what I bodies to show up myself. You know ask for the month and diligently liked Foreman is it's a whole lot different than nightclubs that. You know I am going to be tumbled Jack Walsh and Brian Higginbotham. And young kid you know he's he's still well projecting values and probate. No not yeah. Let's. It's it's it's right it's right right and -- did you know did you get duplicate pocket you know I mean come on out Friday I should be out of my mind because you know a lot that don't ride the operation you know about what's up with your hand you have a I have I have the most severe case of toppled title they've ever seen at the managed general I really wide eyed you know that's from a I want to know what all one that has gone that's about to play shall rock. Well what happens. I. Shoulder are out there and take half. I'm multitasking. And it. But. I. You're a half ago. I brought myself one to grow as that was vintage dot it would go away. But I'm going to lie and it. Like change engine you count that it's enough as it might. Usually operate union long legged dude a 150 mile bike ride you know equation as it basically a and in a big day today and you know. Mumbai what did you get carpal tunnel prompted evaluated all of the aid have been on are you on your computer allow our look at me if I'm on the girls that I can computer hagel on a hot. You don't look cute that technological stuff eyes really attacked all the meals yeah good things. Visit I don't frantic. We will fragile and canceled he was a real fine. Well you have anything to do well FaceBook friends frightened him apple might payload. Biggest article by a vehicle. Oh. Yeah Bob it did. Well. I don't know. I mean. But I did my site and 1152. Days. Animated I wish I could do for you. Raised 2.3 million dollars in food that's amazed. Imagine that it uses his. Yeah it's. Well I mean listen there's a lot going on say a lot to talk about in the oh yeah and your show and news. We've been talking alive now LB he's been talking a lot of us how he feels like. The coach of the soccer team from Thailand who took the kids into the caves ought to be charged with some kind of crime or something. Well no sex involved their necks in water that's exactly. Not a lot of guys two miles that that is crazy cable that's right in which would. I don't. That's a sign up for my eight year old son well yeah I added that some strange dude soccer coach and guy he's gonna drag you two and a half miles. She longed for the days of Bobby Knight. Will he be cute kid senseless alleged Erica that a free throw I enjoyed that yeah. I had that I would send them out. I'll markets and oh do you think you think that coach should be charged with some kind of crop and I've read it it was a mistake yeah we make mistakes and a I don't duplicate what would it be little kids yeah. Now it's still much gap you know. That yeah especially. It's useful. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. All right well I'm. That's what it's been scored timely and that was the peanuts costs are letting it involved that if there's a lot of us at yes. I got an additional legal indicated. It's definitely I mean at 7 o'clock in the morning people eating breakfast. It up. All right well Lenny Clarke is going to be at the region here. Friday night. Heidi and I acknowledge it c'mon buy dot Dublin Jack Walsh inviting him bottom we're gonna put on Michelle its. You know I have what I do is it's it's different and clubs today you know I slowed down and right now talk about. My life experiences and makes people feel better about themselves up because of the life that you Atlanta. Yeah yeah here. And doing how we're even going through enough force thirties. Forceful almost forty years forty years because I don't like Moses in the desert one law 111 more club declined that it is one more go of all you still the the guys that you came up with a lot of dead yeah yeah most and I mean and then. Course. You're near best friend's parents leery I'll go to this was after you finished and I have to agave denizens. Which she's. He always goes back.