HMMS Hour 1 – Late Night Hysteria in Andover and Lawrence 9/14/18

Friday, September 14th

In hour 1 we review the frightening activities that shook the residents of Lawrence and Andover last night. We also talked to Chris Hogan about the Patriots upcoming game against the Jaguars this weekend and an interview with a woman that refuses to leave North Carolina as the hurricane hits.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is possible to train wreck with your. Patriots ownership credits what they're success. He is going to. The title if I put a picture titles in sports after my love. And you know what I'm gonna work in my. Their show. One difference Corey. Vicious Danielle was in the EV club that swat Valley High School year and a half and the very. Sure that's not code how he would be very nice thick and green cheese mirrored officer Mike Hsu. Q continue to take my shirt and march you. It's very Hill Man Morning Show. If somebody you can go to. Had bad guys. Again and again. Plus the. Dawn on ever about days. I believe drive okay well welcome to your show and much better off this morning then I was yesterday morning. Brighten early arrived and we got a full meaning in this morning we did Meehan merely NN news ladies so what kind of are now 600 were off. We're off to a good start and I gotta get I cannot wait to get through today. And get through tomorrow. Because Sunday. Is national guacamole day an. My. Even mine I know you don't like guacamole which IE makes me suspicious that you might be a Communist or a serial killer plus fund. Tom Manger of people that enjoy out avocado and optimal well into your enjoyment. Use it to get bothered to when they tell you you have to pay extra for extra guacamole like if you order if you're not Joe's. And they have a tiny little dollop of it on the top than not shows. Doesn't bother if they say there's an up charge instrument from an onerous terms yeah I had done it and. And then and then what do they do. They bring you that little plastic container or can hang around some more guacamole we'll vision you're right junior fair and just gimme four of the little containers. Yeah scoring yes yes I just. I hope you're planning to celebrate national guacamole day. And maybe that means. That great she'll have to have guacamole for lunch today I don't I don't know yet doing all weekend and now. Entry yourself it's your fears scare him. Live if you would like to call in you'd like to be armed this morning show then you can call the Framingham Ford studio line. Any time over the next four hours that number is 617931. One and two to three or you can certainly taxed. Anytime. On the show this morning on the WA AF tax line. Which is 97107. And today's weather it is going to be sunny eventually sometime around noon or one. The sun will hear and will be in complete glory in will be out for most of the afternoon and the temperature will get. Who 72. Today. Right now it is 64. Here and beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts. Now. On the show this morning in about. Half an hour or so it is the whole man huddle. For the week weird Chris Hogan. New England Patriots who will tell us. Absolutely nothing that is significant or meaningful. About this week's NFL game or last week's NFL game or this and it felt that we have here in New England I wonder Felix likeable well thought well. I doubt. This feel like you guacamole up or down. On now. Oh we are we parked a lot about yesterday about those. Who were attempting to ride the storm out top. In in down in the Carolinas. And that we are going to be joined. At 650 is long. As everything is. Going okay. Storm surge wise. By mica bring in Davis who is a woman. Who has decided to stay. And to ride the storm now. And agreed that come on the show this morning so shields of far. In Myrtle Beach I believe none out Wilmington oh and here at. It isn't it called like Cape Fear the name of the bar yeah well yeah Cape Fear anything yet keep fear wine and liquor okay exactly yeah though I don't know if that's what the driver places that they have the drive places down there trying to. We will talk waited Mike as long as conditions allow it in about 45 minutes or so and at 7:50 on this morning show it is LB's greatest moments of the week dialogue we will relive. As the greatest moments. That our sports director had over the last five days at 750. And we're gonna play here home L voicemail messages back it ain't so you can text one of those right now. I so are you can call one of those in right now on the hill mail voicemail number which is 617. 7795463. That 617779. 5463. Problem right off the bat. We are wanna give you an update. On and the situation in Lawrence and the and overs the absolute horror. What happened last night would the Columbia gas explosions. And anybody who is. Thinking of driving anywhere near there this morning should avoid it unless it is an absolute emergency because they have shut. Down every exit. From 495. To both. To all three of those communities so to Lawrence and to end over. And two North Andover he cannot get their awful for 95 because exits 41 to 45 and I think. And in the 93 northbound southbound. He's 45 ransom for a were closed as well not sure if reopen those and also. It's you know I don't anywhere okay so just avoid it if he did you have no single reason. Well. You go do your color. Or just work. Or you can just feeling that you know cannot this remember all the fires thanks. But and certainly Alessio. An emergency of some kind you should avoid. That area I do wanna. I do want to give you an update. And I'll do that in just a few moments. On the fundraising that Greg Hill foundation is doing for. All of those that were affected by those explosions yesterday we started. Almost immediately. Our last night raising money and so I'll update you on that update you on matches and all of those kind of things. As the as the show progresses and that we'll do it and in a just a little bit so. But full full details throughout the morning on that developing story from up there. It is 609. And as they mentioned moments ago. If you wanna be on this morning just call on the premium for its studio line that number is 6179311223. Today's show is presented by echo store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to to echo stored dot com. Want to dole too deep belief in two year personalized. Portion out there but. Would companion be hearing that message. Inmate bit somewhere where from where perhaps you had you could be imminent if they had it in a recent. Hour period of time when he gets up let me and curling all the way. He wakes up early death of a now I hope companion wasn't eating in bed last night. While William couch following up but yesterday the topic at this as some like a couple of Secret Service agents. His companion what's contained in doing today with his companion animals are ya know that China's Linux companion and I hope we landed at the right airport although. Well at the hour now you're going to be all well annuities. And so yeah I can marry today. It gave us your parents and I can tell me sniper's bullet in his sixth bloody. And here's the 910. Attacks I I really I enjoy this text message this is an excellent text message. And this is somebody who. Hash tag gets that it. Which says isn't that Greg Hill foundation only raising money. For the first responders that were affected by the fires in the Lawrence at the end over area said yes yet arrived IE we are. We should probably talk about that right of the doubt here this morning so as of right now. As of 6:21 this morning. You have donated 1710. Dollars. For those affected by. The absolutes. Devastation yesterday in in the in Lawrence Ambien and over in North Andover and the Greg Hill foundation. Is matching thanks to thanks to a very generous. Matching donation. We are matching up to 101000. Dollars that is donated rain today nights. For those who lost everything yesterday so. I want to thank the MB financial. Who he reached out reached out yesterday and said. They would like to the match 5000 dollars of of the donations that you all make today. And the foundation is matching an additional 5000. So if the show ends this morning. And you have donated 101000 dollars we will be able write checks to all of those affected. In the and the total amount of 20000 dollar cell. We I mean I don't. I don't know where you were win when that's started to unfold yesterday but. It would it would it would it would just be it must've just been for those who are up their terrifying. And you know eat eat eat if you didn't know what was gonna happen. With regard to kids in your house saw Michael everything I mean it's terrifying as an end. The the yesterday evening who said it basically resembled a war zone Nacional and it and so. It there is. Sadly. But yet amazingly. Just one casualty from this. And that is an eighteen year old man. Who was in his vehicle. When a chimney came down as the house as the house exploded yes and he died. Who's rushed a Mass. General here in Boston and and sadly he has passed away yes and there are injuries. Injuries. From those who were in their homes. Also some injuries from those who were fighting the fire yes. So. We we have some audio of the week in licences morning. Let's hear first from the Lawrence mayor Ian Rivera. We did have multiple. Fires multiple explosions and today there's no expectation as of right now that people be able to get back into the house of god your house. I'll stay away from the properties until we had maybe they've made it safe for everyone. I mean just. Terrifying thing the the Columbia gas company. According to this text there. Will be dropping bags of cash validate the text there says from helicopters I mean. And they are gonna they have to sort through it's probably too early to figure out exactly what Enron but there was not a penny not send a rep for the press conferences so. Even just say we have known for I I miss it I hope part they issued a statement last night. That's our thoughts are with everyone affected by today's incidents the first priority for our crews at the scene is to ensure the safety of our customers in the community. By supporting first responders and completing safety checks on our system and in the surrounding area and I get that. On the but no Columbia gas rep was available for any of the press conferences that happened at any point. Yesterday afternoon or. I think that's why I mean I know you you're dealing with situation that you know somebody can send down to just be like or working on that yes like that's a massive PR problem well. Where's yeah where's the 23 year old public relations press employee. Social media manner this social media after does the come out and say we're sorry lives. Yeah in fact the governor during his press conference last night. Essentially. He didn't say it but he said that that he's not necessarily happy with the will of the way Columbia have handled it so far. I would say that response so far but I has been. There's a lot more work it's like to be done. The there is. A lot more work the flow of the B and I saw this press conference live last night and before he answered that gave that answer. It was maybe a full second or two. Pause and hand panel looking into the air off to the side like OK how can I say this nicely this. Just so obvious he was very unhappy and into and yelled to your question and someone asked him if there was somebody from Columbia there and at same kind of pause yeah same thing so I don't know what to say about that because I think it's stupid since. I love him and honored as the dramatic pause I'm really email that he was and it's a bad situation would ask specifically Columbia gas DC area man. This is Josh on the framing him Ford's studio line what's going on Josh. Good morning everybody has been tried and the I'm so why did try to comment last night he's got a drive it around like 930 mark. Yes that's Robert Lawrence I don't think I've ever seen that city so part I mean over our. They're back the opening up direct medical building to load up and I didn't eat black earth and you went. The word emergency vehicles why Indy Lights equity and justice too greedy and like arduous shoot at and yes absolutely not. Yeah I mean it is it's going to be a long road. Not only to clean up but to rebuild. For an awful lot of people in Lawrence. And an awful lot of people in. And overs and north in numbers so. Recounting. Great gill foundation is raising money this morning. For everyone affected. And if views. If you think about what what has to happen all of those people have to find a place to live now for for an extended period of time. There are injuries there is one death. And you can donate when you go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great legal foundation dot org. We have 8101000. Dollar match. And at the end of the show or at the end of the day today. Rule we will we will hopefully be at eight total donation of 20000 dollars if not more. And then we pulled. Will work with the would be with the authorities up there and make sure that we get everybody check as soon as possible the mission of the foundation is to be able to provide immediate relief. For those who are affected by tragedies like this so. You can donate when you go to the great health foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation dot org. And we are a registered 501 C three foundation. So your donation is a tax deductible donation is it is it could be. Ten dollars a commute 25 dollars can be whatever you feel like you did you could spare. I'm. Here's attacks I do wanna addresses. Because it became a controversy last night on FaceBook. And than. Eyes saw. Turtle boy get some more information on the blog about it. The taxpayer wants to know if I was gonna talk about the open court hotel. But little port go to all. In Gloucester and what happened last night I don't know if you if you saw this or not. They. Today. FaceBook message to everybody and said after this happened. Now we know that many of you are going to be needing a place this day. Now we are offering problems for 225. Dollars thanks. The sense that we give credit to the other hotels that stepped up instead just come here we'll get right that's month now. At a day care after you lost everything in your life right or to get. But that's ratio on the ice I don't. I don't feel like they are required. I wanted to offer. Are there rooms for free however I don't believe that shortly after. Many homes explode. You need to go to FaceBook within passage offering roms for 200 and and 15 dollars marketing food parties yes yes yes eyes though. Not not a smooth move I don't think. From and they did apologize for last night and they said that there was an error. That was made that they had discussed the the rooms not being 225. Dollars and somebody had mistaken that message and gone right to face Florida where that's a threat to hold them. That sounds like it LB explanation FP LV MLB corrections doesn't exactly. The newer consultants and media for the race did you move with sir you put that plus. And so all right that is the update this morning. At 630. With regard. Lawrence and the and overs and a reminder we talked about this at the start of the show. But aid reminder. That all of the exits up there off of 495. Have been closed this morning and in fact. The officials in those towns are asking that if you don't have and some sort of an emergency reason. To be in noise today or can be and hand over ordinary North Andover today. Just don't go right. On a toilet and the bottom but budget. Does it do not he cannot get there off of four and 95. Today's weather it is gonna be. Sunny for once we've got a few days of clouds and rain. Sunshine today the temperature is going to be 72. The right now. It is 64. Here in Brighton. I'm for that he'll man. Wide receiver who. Great so get. Yeah yeah. Joining us right now who share absolutely no significant information whatsoever. About the New England Patriots. What your Turkey. It is. It is our pal Chris Hogan the receiver for the New England Patriots Chris or. I am very good doing great nice. Nice way to start the season last week and I think you know it's interesting. Will always says that the team that you're playing is an excellent team but that was that was a pretty good pretty good team last week. Yeah they were aggregate these. That now you're verify every. Ballpark do you. You know we do it here they both ordered so I'll let all the interests there. This this defense on Sunday is a really good defense and and that of course is of utmost interest to you. What do you do what do you guys do as an offense. Did Qaeda to try to work against them. I mean eliminate that football you know take care of the ball in very serious they'd say. Great a lot of turnovers so that's the that they did they keep dresses and obviously not brought it at all. A memento that apple also up for ourselves the street the other it. They're there it beat back it's now. Are you feeling like one week again to the regular season that this stuff core of receivers as is kind of getting them to you guys get your groove a little bit. Yeah. Like I really let the guys learn. How everyone is you're all welcome good hard. You didn't look good. No it as close. So you know looked as though they. You know there must find it here so there after the at the. While I mean not enough that deals that he said when he guys. In the you know everybody's name yeah of course. What's up Bob. My. What's going on what about human monetary. That they couldn't that the who we know we got here compete at right now or better. I'm this team is the union didn't hear you've been here your veteran now so you know what the extra produce what the expectation is. When it comes trash talk but is it hard do you think it's hard for somebody like rock. Away Atlantic when it comes to answering. He. That there there repeated assaults on his football and charity that dead at the stats and and the follow up question that would be why would teams. Still believe that that is a Smart move to and acted to trash talk Crocker anybody on the New England Patriots. All. Yeah because he'd. Outside this. I mean you just such deeper and you keep your you ought to say it this it's but they doubt. Note this vote thing outweigh the needs of the and yeah no although there after that expert but I doubt that we put our we very. Well. It's. And and and bills bills record on this is is is. I mean it's it's pretty pretty solid. As. The ever gets. I guess the word would be paranoid. Way and you see that. That you can make one mistake on this team. For instance some my thing mopping up front and and be gone. Dude dude dude dude could do things like that ever make you paranoid. Not mean out think you can really go out you can't let or play hard. Yeah because that you should not real to play here you're you're out all of the Petro you know you'll be fired following these beat Anke too much. The fact you can play it in the very got to play well. The like it yes on this thank you to just go away you know the nature of the business it. I think you'd pick you focus on just that they are still. And they can't focus on look great because little. In the rebuild the Little Rock. Think it ends up being somebody like that John was back there on Sunday. Our group we were they. I mean really a lot of information. On it for me you know Democrats are you happy in the bunker right now where where where are now. And had not been hit this international. Later darker days. You're our Chris Hogan of the New England Patriots is our guest in this is this whom and huddle this week in easier. Is your expectation. When it comes to. And the jaguars. And two playing down there. And who's the way in which the the AFC championship team and did. Last last season that these guys are especially fired up for Sunday. Yeah I'm happy I did and if you're really happened there are I have nowhere to be excited about. I expect it to be a pretty. You know pretty exciting environment and we are a lot of crowd knows so you wouldn't they handled that well armed. Should be a bit they can. We surprised. With the results. That pushes that coaching debut in the NFL does that surprise when I got I mean you experience. Him as. Sometimes we look and say wow he has. He's been tutored by the master and of course gonna block. And one great success in and that knee gets going and they get blown out in one does that surprise you. I learned that. They wrote it surprises me in this play you know hopefully I tucked away in the league get personally can't. You know sometimes it is. Doesn't go your way so. Now that matter that mechanics. A third you know I'm no matter is military as birdie on the following week. A text there says never mind LD bingo. We ought to play patriot. Players interview can tell you the answers. Forensic. Chris great one. An excellent one is it's the nature of the business that that's an excellent ones. Yeah. Are your career does not reflect. During interviews some people believe this that during an interview is bill standing right in front of you with a sign and he just up. He holds up it is what it is more elaborate stories that nature of the business alert route that we are well it is yeah. That your vote twelve Crusoe did it could well. I can't forget I can I before you go in and get ready for Sunday I can't forget the the the hard hitting the hardest hitting question yet. Which was discussed that at the beginning of the show. Guacamole. Yes or no side is national likable lead us out of fear and block them all part of the I poorer. They brought more. There your OK in my book I've listened to click on Sunday TO. And to your New England Patriots teammates. Very epic work of art and let's that is Chris Hogan. With zero football information. Except that does the jags are going to be ready for this one hand they're gonna have a chip on their shoulder FC championship the nature of the business. Does that make the business. Albeit the nature of the day how we would somebody called and MLB correction from now on he's got to go. It's just yeah. My answer is that the patriots where there might thing is I beg to differ a couple of L you like mail bag that you're going to differently in a little about Atlanta not only used. What about your proving your job. That's why it's. I watched it can keep it simple what do you look for a while. Aren't these two wants. It is 641. And this is the Friday Hill Man Morning Show. We're gonna play your help male voice mail messages back at each city can lead one of those right now on any topic. The usual male voice no number is 6177795463. You leave a voicemail message and we will play your messages back at eight. Coming up next. So long as the storm surge. Is not completely out of control. We will talk is that Mike debris and this who is one of the individuals. That we were talking about yesterday on the show who decided. To ride the storm out to. In in light of the of the her kittens though. She will join us. Shields the place down there which is called keep fear that your wine and lakers okay. Wines and liquors. Jack is it poker in the front campaign label in liquor in the back who and it's improved through okay I'll. A fart out of the drive through and I because a lot of those places drive throughs so. Those of you were asking yesterday other than LB why anybody would stay behind during a category whenever her game or find out from Mike and next on the Hill Man Morning Show. Just a short time ago on the show we were joined for the Hillman huddle this week. By New England Patriots receiver Chris Hogan and during the break. Day techsters says that these Chris Hogan interviews. Are drier. Then Darlene smells of reproductive or. Solves that is an excellent. It is yes yes yes I've finished yesterday on YouTube finally you do it yet finished yeah yeah ozark by the way ozark. Yeah out while ozark season two ends in dramatic fashion right and I can't wait for season three now there's uninteresting yeah. Yeah so I believe Wednesday we'll have a full discussion on this show because that will give you guys three weeks who have watched Jeff of the season two of those that are. I I mentioned that we were going to talk to one of those. Who has been writing this storm out to. Down in down in the Carolinas and she is ready to join us now here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Her name is some might agree and this and she's the owner keeps beer wine and liquor. And Mike in the morning. It all is well thank you for being on. And yesterday. We where we were all wondering why anybody would stay and sell. We've got it we wanted to find somebody that we can have on this morning who could tell us about that. In the well Arnold's it Lackey won in the year all of you remind. Out of them owners since. Well I don't know about fifteen years now. And the building network and that is over a hundred old it's not a slide down. And also how are compromised that's about almost all of them. And I have to make sure that we will not actually have something to come home she says that they had a lot on here. So we kept all of them until yesterday evening and that we can attract. You are respective houses and try to camp here. I just wanted to do Ian Pattinson everything happens is that yeah I can handle all of the outlook here and I are. Sat on the other side of the gate or outside of the 84 of each Julie yet on the road closures on everything. Sorry I'm near camp and battle all in all wolf yeah. The beef jerky and loose. Our. At a high and a dozen other Enron would beef jerky is is it one of those drive through liquor liquor store places. Now they're actually don't one of those here and have worked hard and all of it and Carolina each. I caught blew through. Now what we are and perhaps you don't want you all are and store and so here North Carolina you can have a combination of the law itself. It won't all the problems. So people sit down and enjoy the honorable I feel. We also silent ago salute a volatile one or six actually got a got the election match the facts. Because we have 300 can't be here. And we have thirty caps. All you have to which they had social. Apps for beer drinkers at times they have that's what the title of the fact this routine last lot in the world. It's definitely had cracked. Bat and out a lot of I don't know why I lost unit about 200 odd. All over the world we'll go out he's not often can't eat fruit eat sleep it's really good. Solid linemen out why he easy and inexpensive deadline. The the it to go option makes that definitely Andy's got a place and that's. Sounds like our crumbling there yet cannot build a Condo on top here that you used your bar slash liquor store a I actually. Only attack. And it may Michael what was it like last night what was it like overnight without her game. Are now welcome back I'm actually at the beverage on my porch for a little while and must man. In and I think at that at all I won 38 and watched it. Arranged marriage and happy. And managed to get your parents and that I have the net and we're pretty lonely out there. So when it is important running against black holes and. Powell has is seeking TV also pictures out east arms. Well we're all all levels social upload it at the attic. I'll say. And how to bring you. He was up at him alone and as they're out exciting community. I'm good people in downtown mentioned sort of losing power of the night. But I can't own local level are insidious slow. Unfortunately I look on the same old hospital. So whenever Michael Pollan. It looked pretty quickly to act now what. Time would you guess. You get your first customer today deeds. When are you gonna go all out if somebody wants six Packard twelve YE going to be better for the that they Micah. Now I think it'll close it and we hoped early last night and forums that hump and app and today it it's. Everybody's safety is priority number one and I'll business partner and I have decided that. It is not see it go out and they opened up while it is totally hate it well although it is torture or. I heard I itself be in my cared. I've heard. You might have if you're are concerned are you you know that her cancer I used to play for the Bruins in the NHL but five that said. They they they were saying that waves were nine 3-D. Was it is was that he was it crazy like that where you war. Now if I let it I whereas. About two miles from the river. And I mean I'm on wall I mean if he DJ is yeah I'm I'm I'm actually I'm pretty easily around here. A lot of Wilmington is actually trouble somebody below critical swampy area. I don't I meant that an attack happen especially because it's historic and current first quote only conceivable that at all. Global incorporated and you can walk out of sorts if you're so up. Well I debris at the boat we invented America here I don't know if you saw. I don't know how that's not enough and it I don't know if. Exactly what I cocky and the Ali we got lucky that I know. Where you frowns. I'm home audience slot on some sort of odd yeah Al but Natalie stand on an Edmonton on. Are you an oil is that line of all I'm from dispatch when north the northern is down to wonder are you kidding me I like university in Regina. Oh yeah I. So again and got them how old are you so much I don't I don't I'm not there. I do I played for the Regina pats out that was my junior team before and I played some of them before you aren't adware and malware and and it is actually probably asking your standard now I'm IE got north York time from net win like three hours north York to. Well I guess all. For share now how much is only. How much stock and how much docking up. Did people do over the last 24 hours when it comes to blues I mean did you notice an increase in sales as everybody ready for the her. Yeah not only has been lost for that since. Sunday though.