HMMS Hour 1 - Everyhting The Doctor Didn't 9-12-18

Wednesday, September 12th

This hour we talk about the Bruins trading away fan favorite Adam McQuaid to the New York Rangers, the Carolinas are preparing for Hurricane Florence, Danielle is having problems with Waze but got some great news in the form of a guest on the show next week!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It's on the bandwagon it can't you believe it'll be a statement on Tebow and yeah. How many of you. Paid for a million dollars million junior hockey back and we'll just for the record you know I get why you can't get high. You know that I'm gonna tell that you won't often banking my mind you so long ago. Concert today seven giving money and we'll see you like to boost women's. Let allies do because he says he gets along now this weekend jam I don't know about you but I'm headed to new York law daddy we like to. I'm. Nothing changes. If nothing changes. So. Is that not attract up to and you believe it can't believe it. Sure hope so all right. Yes. Broadcasting live from beautiful cities Brighton Massachusetts style assault. Wholesale Club streamline the WTF dot com in the radio dot com. Want my fitness standing. I'm going to sit down force you can also ask Amazon had go to plate W. This thing. And we get. And she skylights in a dead body but not in a never forget they believe what the czar of socks. The TV radio martial law on here tech better watch it clicked something. And so just from them. It's possible to train wreck with your host the mid. Patriots ownership credits when there's success. They're plus. He is going to. Titles if I put a picture titles in sports after. My love movement you know what I'm gonna work on the. I don't know. Want that to read. Vicious Danielle was in the AV club that swamp Scott high school you're an app and a very. Sure that's not code tell you what we learned anything. Mirrored officer my shoes he smells like the Q continuum I'm taking my shirt on March you. Hero we. Sir I. It's that Hill Man Morning Show that'll be somebody you can go to. Never again like right now yeah. Yes great national. Despite farther. But today. All everybody game. There's way and today. That's good news like I went out and helping you the update on. I don't oh Mike Mike Mike yeah. I was in that wasn't code is the news for all of Wednesday for you has always been Friday ads ads in Monday Tuesday. Thursday and and and Friday. Tom if you would like to call and you would like to be part of this morning show please do sell on the Framingham Ford's studio line. That number. It is 6179311. And two to three war. If you prefer text your comment sit and time. You can tax. On the WA AF tax line which is 97 and one of those and and the party whether it's gonna continue I don't know when we're gonna see the sun next maybe maybe by Friday about who. Press people yeah you like it that way it's it's gonna be cloudy and there are going to be some showers around this afternoon. The high today. Will only be 68. And we are are ready apt 68 here. He and beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts. On the show this morning. We are going to play your normal voice mail messages back and eight. So you can leave a hello Mel voicemail message on any topic including. Tag you there. Our heads accept things that play out it's gotten and mr. baseball. Is excited about that not too excited how. There does not just that's great that's great that's great I wanted to come. Well believe oh Mel voicemail message right now on any topic and weird oh in the play year old male voice mail messages. Eight. Coming up at 7:20. This morning. Lot what to Paul McCartney reveals. In a new interview. That he and John Lennon used to do. In the privacy. Of their own home probably gives new meaning to. Meet The Beatles all. That's that's me that's meet with the or the decade Hamid OK honey yeah that's we will discuss dramatic dramatic. A dramatic ten you retract when you made somebody a sir when you ignited when you ignited somebody Scotland. Ten you take it back or no and you know no doubt that a net well. And absolutely. And. Salute the compelling. Re deal of information from Serb Paul McCartney which we will discuss at 720. On this morning show and and 830 'cause it's Wednesday it is time for ask an attorney. And our favorite lawyer. Larry the lawyer will be in here at 830. And you'll answer every single one pure legal questions you can tax those in you can all the men. Well and Larry gets in here at 830. And are no questions that are out of bounds on the show you can ask anything you want when he gets an attorney AKA how to feel better by your own life if I was. As. You certain. Salute. This is James on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's going on Jane it. The guy doesn't own power. And Garrett. Age group quit then you change the intro or at something new every time you pick the and a new every summer. Like every day. Yeah oh no that's on the become the only one that somehow you know obviously the. He plays is Easter eggs in him. A woman and gave it to me it's intra I heard yet. Changing it adds up to a reference to the incident and rigel floor. That's way too much work a lot of snow yeah and its target every bag and I you know you know you. A good lord no. Let's see all right several on the tax slide which is the ID 7107. Apparently. Several view are concerned that we are six minutes into the show. And I have Marty jinx the Boston Red Sox and sir Paul McConnell Donell noise out. I'm LBU full Sox highlights coming up got a sports okay. And utility player voters of who who has the best utility put your goal to follow general I'm. Recycle lines you've played every position he's in if you had gentry could touch panel like you win here. You can you can handle you can handle every single role on the shelves umpires accompanied her reasons that was is that Whitman is that buyers are coming for reason or it's not tires that are coming up and catches or not they are and how was that the significant double negative thing it's. Not enough that I can and I will really. Happening right now and so who knows. Higher rates. Am what else story to mentioned that two year old. There is in not just a few moments. There is a bit of an irrational fear in the news in fact. I would say that two days. Irrational. A bear attack news is another reason. Why I will never work on my wife's car. Or any car not now there're there're probably some of you listening. Who'll do we do the home auto repairs like changer owned oil that's not yet road. Non and the like and this guy who is in the news today it was doing that. I mean you know obviously he's husband of the year have been used doing that for his wife and that's why. Two days irrational bear attack fears in the news so we will get to that coming up in just a few moments. What else our president. Wants you to know. That a storm is coming and it will be. Tremendous console. Get to that news. What else oh. We you'll also get to. Reason number 3126. Why I don't take public transportation. Are those bed bugs. On your on now. Honor. Some tennis. Sell all of that and some. Some whining from Bruins fans about it trade that was made yesterday. LBU. All of the details. On that. Coming up later this you're right at the end of this hour. Would the award winning WAS. Sports report. I hate to be a downer right at the start of the show 619. That I will share this text message which came in during the break. Which reads last night. Was the last night of 2018. And which the sun rules that after seven via. Rob rang wrong. And you know I feel my headlights these are all the people that have a long commute home dark and then it turned to dust and they don't tell in the headlights not so they don't have the daytime running that was hit CNN the data are driving Strasser. And is there like a donuts Dickie good stuff than that they're rather than and that rather that reminds over and over and over again about things organized there and about people's safety grants a couple of your crawler comment and give it back to LB that's very nice you know very nice view. Today's weather. Before it gets dark before seven. It's gonna rain it's gonna be cloudy and rainy for most of the day to day and the temperature. He's going to be 684. Hi. I have. Tickets to giveaway. For the eight the annual great New England barbecue festival in the benefit to Greg Hill foundation wish. Which happens every year about this time and off some. What she's a mountain and you know what I think MI just giveaway pair right now because people are always saying that I. I don't take care of the 6 o'clock listeners and our center of the 6 o'clock people are up early in there are fighting their way into work in fighting there. Fighting their way out of their house to get away from there annoying family and they wanna be rewarded for that so. I if if you are the seventh caller right now. And you'll get two tickets. For where the eight the annual great New England barbecue festival out watching some mountain. It's happening on the 29 and the thirtieth of this month Saturday and Sunday. And if you've never been to this event. In a nutshell. It is. Pure and unadulterated. She insatiable opportunities. Left and right to eat I mean that's that's that's all it is so it's oyster festival. It's hold pork. It's. A roast Turkey and stuffing and cranberry seeing images it's it's brisket. It's. It's it's so it's it's lists edited charters its its life. Music in its craft beer and it's all there it's all of that in a day and it including two days it's everything the doctor didn't order per acts and a spotlight to a get a brisket sandwich and then beef jerky from BT's that you. I just kind of double fisted now. I'm sorry he had no idea that via its good so. It's. It's an amazing event. And I hope to see you there I normally go on Saturdays but this year I am going on Sunday. Because I have made at least football obligation on Saturday night. I I do I'll see you there and shoe hands and dean yeah I'll go I'll be there LB system LB will be in gardener or. Some or somewhere like that. I. That that event that that's awesome in the gallery and grabber room. Now. Let's and some concern about we talked about this yesterday that briefly but. Some concern about the you'll be okay will be fine all right. Well good time come and enjoyed them. The barber cued the music and my favorite the stand around and crash Beers at the bar and are well yes yes that is that is clearly your favorite. All right so. I believe that those guys are in the process in the green room of grabbing. Seventh caller called on it looks like it. It is. Dave payday. Ever thought I heard congratulations. Product out of our you back. Have you have you been to the great New England Barbeque festival before. Every week. Check back every year at a are at work well for the first you're our work. That's what he did today. I am bureau local or are excellent excellent excellent are right well enjoy bringing guests and eat. Until your arteries. The the eight annual greatly England barbecue festival. And tickets are on sale right now when you go to watch Schuster dot com. That watch uses dot com this is Darryl on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's on your mind this morning Darrell. What everybody I don't let's. Oh yeah I know that's what we're genitalia professional. But there for us all up in order out a and I had a look way you. Are you know about data quoted being traded I mean I know you've been hurt a lot of the last couple. What you can get a demonstrate what the reward that don't want. All right so just to recount if you're if you're if you haven't been listening gambit pay attention. Bruins waited and waited way out of the way and make more or they waited and equated payments and later played them equated to a boy and so they traded Brett. Adam McQuay we'll have more on the story in sports but quick I mean I thought. I mean saying real quick TO it's like saying Greg now seconds to me about what led 00 it would it would it would effect. I've widely even Donny Sweeny it's a win win situation he did Adam acquit a favor he's guy he is contracts up. He's gonna be a free agent so they're not resigning. Acquaintance. Date even you know he's a ten year vet he's you know done his time so we traded him to the Rangers for another. Tenure tracked a guy and stamper ya so Quaid is gonna go to the Rangers get a new three for your ticket he's are you tough kid. Why oh are legendary. Legit Bruin or the black and gold. In the end it was a black and gold like some the best of all time tonight Adam with. You know. O Reilly and John Hurt them in when syncing and Miller retarded was willing to do everything and anything for. Our Boston Bruins and we wish him well good and I think it's just is situated contract situation and I think Tony Sweeney held tomorrow. All right good. That. Assistant analysis you know the latest pro and straight you don't get out on the sports they are you both. I'd like yeah I doubt that. So. Now. Even notices that apparently. When I was giving away the barbecue festival tickets I did not give out the phone numbers now out of the first time for everything well. Tell you something I can't win on this program. IE if I give the phone number out too much. I got all kinds of numb nuts on the on the arts aren't saying stop teasing things stop kidding we know what Google mail number as we know what the premium ports deal but now of people complaining. That I hate it I did not give that it did not give different imports studio line out when he goes to easily sell. I will give away another pair of tickets next hour a guy in order to make up that that's on me. Coming up. In one half an hour. Just after seven. Thanks to science. We now know. When spiders. Are at their most. Corneas. And that mean I am historians and that means. And that means we know what moment you're most likely to get out of women and it will give that information at seven or 705 or so and at 720. We now know thanks to an interview. Where and Beatles are at their most glorious. Well we will we will share it we're there we have it we'll share we'll share it breaking Paul McCartney. News at seven when he we're gonna player a male voice mail messages back and eight. So leave one of those right now on any topic all male voice mail number is 617779. 5463. That's 6177795463. Mr. baseball is ecstatic because his beloved baseball team. Has secured a playoff spot not to sell attic you can leave a little you can. You can you can leave the Helm they'll voicemail message on that or on any other topic and we'll play your voicemail messages back. Act 8 this morning and then at 832. Day I hope you will be here for ask an attorney. And art in house legal counsel will be in the studio. And he will give all kinds of legal information you can ask any kind of question. If you're facing. Higher legal circumstance. Honor our lawyer Leary the lawyer. Will be here to help you at 8:30 this morning now anchored you've been mentioning how you've been watching Jack Ryan on Amazon prime. Yes my daughter Julia. Recommended. That I watched this and it's it's fantastic. It's really really good it's ours the local guy. John Kaczynski practice he's gotten filmed this from Newton they sort of his brother call all the film director metro network I'll admit I pol. So. On. It's a great show Jack Ryan is why do you ask so the founder of the the main actors on the show is outraged. Because his daughter is that a new aids vaccine. Yeah and he tweeted about it. Your now there's there's Saudi so there he super conservative ball. Well she's she's a Saudi smoke if I may say that. She's very attractive dean should hobbies turn yes now her father Ollie is the director of the Arabia found. And he tweet. As a father I am deeply disappointed with a scene with my daughter. At dean issued hobby call the rain out an aunt Jack Ryan Amazon which just premiered. This is not how she was brought up and does not reflect our values. Clearly the pressures of Hollywood got the better for is a new act more sounds like me when I found out about the naked run. Though the so he's. He didn't know that you mean he didn't know that you Agassi did know that you can be doing nude Spain sorry I know the scene to which. He has refer. A very romantic love making scene. Graphic though right now you could see a lot that I mean I don't know what. It wasn't. There was coach him aren't I don't know man eating my neck and off she didn't have. A full. Like body. Covering garment honor something if way you know with a whole candidate if that's what they got watered may have created about remember him issue issue lies but it wasn't horrible and I. Site in my daughter's working. Now if you'll put right now way to bring more attention to that particular scene and people are gonna search for. The series. All right. LB everybody solves that the you're the sports director of the show ya and you apparently miss identified. The player involved. In the Adam Quaid trade but I didn't hear I wasn't listening viewed. So I don't know what I do in columns Stephen camper at that you said stay emperor they're all saying and I've recently announced can't carry it. Afoot where we don't know yeah he's in here he's Nigeria. Yeah he does yeah he's got this thing up and yet. Personally you're going to be out on him from the upper deck there it goes minus five in the first game he plays the black and gold so. I mean. Please request for audio. I don't know if you can find it should know 774 text or wants the audio. Of the dad. Who found out that his daughter had been arrested for having sex on the beach yeah remember that whole moment and they're saying yes yes. I don't know what they'll be labeled as in there but that was a big dose of Florida where the couple had had they were. Our inflow Goran today. On the beach in front of everybody. And they were arrested and the support dad's side his daughter on the news. Being arrested for having sex on beach during the day right now are at night I give I do it again my daughter past few woods out in the dark via. All right here's the way that went by requests little audio by request. From a 774 text. Don't believe that's a minute that's the only day you're following right now I think we have to find out benefit did yell fire in full on. We have we have the mindful. Patton really obscure reference. Little funny reference our former producer Anthony had posted a diagram yesterday. And something he was submitting for a house. For a permit diseased and in the house flipping thing. And it it's just complete. Jumbled. Can't even see what's going on everything's misspelled and elect and this is why we can't find old audio. Well let me did not do our former producer did not do a great job with labeling audio however. He's a good fellow. It is 633. And 2 days Hill Man Morning Show he's presented by echo Stewart technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to Augusta com. I've found. A Florida beach. Florida beat sex could be anything in there and Eckert says Oakland there. Thinking this could be don't if you're looking and you see. Old orchard beach sex no. Doubt that the Indy falling down on the on the beach. Back and Mary what we did the first ever Greg Hill foundation corn hole tournament at the Brunswick all right here's the father. You don't remind. Eighteen year old who forty years or more. You know you always say we may indeed. Netherlands. They didn't need this money and they gave me the best president whatever and they've long been an out of state. All this you can be a good good. You remove it. All I. See those not laughing Daniel both those that and I'm all right. It is 634. Let's get some real news or at least what passes for on this program yet. And it looks like. Hurricane is bearing down. On the Carolinas. And Virginia love and it's the real deal. According to our president yes. Let's get a description of what is coming. From the president. Of the United States. It's tremendously date of tremendously wet and a tremendous amounts of water. This authority 10. Yeah he is straight up tremendously in its its. They're talking about widespread. Power outages. I had a Duke Energy in in the Carolinas is saying that could be week. Before power is restored. Yeah they supply a power to 3.2 million customers in North Carolina. They say that they're doing everything they can prep for the storm getting their alignment set up of course thank you to all our thanks to all those who work out there and you know get our own. But yet they say it's gonna be really bad the flooding. Is going to be absolutely horrendous. Causing massive damage. Also looking a life threatening storm surge. And the rainfall so it's just it's really really bad. And getting out of there and that couple friends all of down there you know get according gas again sodas so he's got from women yes he doesn't actually there right now. Does your competing and own a home down there and not only does it does your opinion on the second home yes I'll be. What color or what it does Lazio and a third home now okay now now it's yeah they are thrilled to learn a few. Minutes. So you break it down there let there there are closing and. And face the yesterday about you know waiting in line for hours to get gas yeah and then another friend was going her family's place in Florida to get away from like she's in South Carolina. And that she's like it's just Donnie five is complete gridlock is everyone. Kinda sucked everybody in other government now if you are evacuating. The a follow those signs that say evacuation routes or would you take a different ethic argues waves I don't I had I don't I don't think Ellen I don't think Ellen follows side giving you ways lately. Yes I have noticed that gonna kinda correction as well as drive yeah again they got but over the I'm mainly. And any anyone else has had this experience of the last 46 weeks. It's been giving me horrible roots really like even on the way home from here. I'm like all of must be diverting locally three Boston has the traffic issue. And it's not luck and it's it's only recently anywhere I go all I've had to resort to Google Maps which I'm not happy. Maybe you've been hacked by the Russians potentially that may be somebody is trolling you. Using maybe a squeeze is quote you know and sending you I'm just the most ridiculous are the candidates are. General lazy you groping these forests and how did what he had to use and ways to get out and ease the four or should only know know ladies and a lot of construction and review. So there are a lot of street closures along my typical route column. It's a text they're asking if the president writes the president threw out any paper towels. I'd carry that press conference yesterday about the hurricane well. He did create some controversy and I'm not I'm not afraid. To discuss things that that the president may have said on the show that. That may have set some view. Am I try to be in an equal opportunity. Criticize or when it comes to our politicians. So the president was talking about the hurricane and Puerto Rico. And made a statement yesterday about. What FEMA did in what the US government did in many are upset about this statement. I think that pottery always an incredible unsung. Success. Texas we have been given a pluses for. Florida is that they pluses. I think it is certainly the best job it was Puerto Rico but nobody would understand that that's it's harder to understand it was a very hard very hard thing to. Because of the fact they had no electric before the storms hit them listed as you probably. So up. We've got a lot of receptivity a lot of thanks for the job we've done what were the. So I think people are upset because almost 3000 people died and as a result of Turkey in Puerto Rico. However I don't know in the care of my head a storm. Preparedness expert on being a best so I don't know whether or not. One when a category four or five hurricane hits you expect when it's an island where if you are gonna expect heard that they're going to be casualties anyway or if. If these. Making a foolish statement there right now I don't know I think this is part of the salesman and from where you always have to go keep. Put your head down. Keep going forward part of the deal grind you sign a yes artists say whatever it takes us to break through and say it enough times it'll hypocrites right picture oh yes. It's. Here's a quote truck driver team you know who's checking in and says that ways has been doing the same thing did them. And they think it's because of the controversy. A few months ago. Where people were complaining. The waves was sending. Drivers through their neighborhoods. You remember that. Yes yes and I I I know that and this even happens on the highway. Like it'll send me like in a weird. Roundabout thing it likes. What would normally take me I don't know thirty minutes to get someplace third and a similar Burlington oh it says the all over for in creation. To the point where and I used to notice that if my wife firework toggle on. That it would give me a longer route so I always toggle I don't know if it's actually I think ministers in my head it is. It's just. It's been sending me. Actually through neighborhoods like a to get around. How like one eat it's we aired here isn't arts here's a 937. Tax. Where's that from 937 Ohio hello to Ohio good morning oh. Mario age. If I had a moment. I would if I if I had my iPod on I would play eight Crosby stills Nash and young son for you. The only time I've gone however this techsters says conspiracy theory mark shield. Google bought ways and they're trying to kill. Because they want it only use Google unbelievable. Can't believe it's possible yes it is yes absolutely makes it possible. Or put on me and my when my normal year and neither candidate none your your it's about that about Google. Like to say good morning. Showing. Harder over the war. Plus this. We're sort of moment. It's. It's an. Okay. Yeah. I. Text says ten points for LB first spelling Ohio right jobs have been a lot more fun if you missed them in unison Good Friday idea he didn't say GE TS. Jets. On the radio so I can't do the whole Hanson. Our partners you can't do that you'll tumble over into the black only multiple weary but. All right. If you would like. Here's 774. Experiences that was the worst Richard Nixon impression at Harvard that was Johnny sink act that was enough. 08 tiger hello Tom they put up no matter what the top. Based so I'm I hate weighs just because my wife insists we use it every time we get a console are still use Google Maps. And we we had a wedding out in Springfield last week in meatball had a GPS on different apps and it took us the same exact route so I totally believe schools got something to do that. Yeah it's interesting and interesting all right. Coming up in about fifteen minutes thanks to science. We now know when spiders. Are at their most corneas. And what moment you are most likely. To be a bit. So we'll get to that important information coming up on today's young man morning show. It's national video game day though sudden is so. That means greats. I have to play fort night for lunch. I will say this. There reviews. On and call of duty black ops for the beta version are they are saying. It may it may completely change. The video game. Morrow game on first of all my my lord I IE let's and I got out. I'm way behind. I'm always way behind them watching television so. I don't even know when I could possibly get to this but it is the reviews Wall Street Journal did a big thing yesterday on how. It is it is most likely going to be. The most successful ever. Like yeah will make the most money in the history trillion dollar industry of of it yeah about your caption and tolerance. Just I just send a message that David Price right now the focus. You'll focus on baseball that's us. And you're too and I just say I'm old school. I mean you'll I'll hit a you'll never convince me that I mean these games are better than Gallagher and sit down a sit down Matt Marek. Yeah. We know life like his own man. And coming up again about an hour we are going to play your home male voice mail messages back so you can leave one of those on any topic right now that home health voicemail number. Is 617779546. Theory. One of the audience participation moments that we have on the show that's the mail so. A creative lead bay hill Mel voicemail message on any topic and you'll hear your voice which if your home male voice mail message at eight. And at 830. We tired going to get to ask an attorney and all of your legal questions. Will be answered for free on the show by Larry the lawyers so that's happening victories when he can text the inner call and when and Laramie junior gets here. As it heads up I don't even know. I don't even know if in L knows this and we have lined up. A guest for next week for Tuesday. Which it is going to center into. Fits of of here. Arousal. We. What Shula what you hear reference on Daniel we have miscast yes. It's tremendously date of tremendously wet contact tremendous amounts of water yes. At Islamabad with so when Tuesday via. Tuesday we're having can log in on the shelf for you know your favorite yet he's serious yes yes I wanna act yes your favorite and. All messed with me odds are you kidding me well I'd I'd cry I swear or not. This is eating things that I any danger zone now no test yes so this is our post corner I can't decide. One of your dreams coming true shut your favorite musical artists the ball time is coming on the show I believe during the 9 o'clock hour from my intent on Tuesday okay request yet yes. But no offense LB not being here during the day. I don't have to carry out a very accurately can I ask hey Kenny can't. Ask around. Really you know and now Robbie Dupree or hang in mountain. This interview that you something about myself. Damage it can you imagine how the interview would be derailed if he's a Bruins can I used to watch your back in the day. Yeah and they aren't and right pair of like a week out top Americans that would certainly there are I'd I'd promised we will. You all my hat Linux does and it out that his goats or would you rate your left tangent that just I don't know. So it can't notes on her I will not open my mobile I'm yeah. What what agency that was answering can log into who's down. I get Kenny along ends on Tuesday yes and I get to see Michael McDonald on Wednesday and then again on Saturday on Oregon best. Week ever wary of seeing Michael McDonald. Wednesday believe it's is it deep Tupelo music calling downing and Derek yeah and then now on Saturday it's the Emerson Emerson colonial feature war. Did companion cough up for some front row seats for this baby would it be the go to a scalper to get these baby tickets were purchased pre companion and I as you know is well established in the show I Amy seats nod yes I don't mind paying top dollar for front row access or acts like. Michael McDonald Toto and any alliance a total November 17 and auditorium are very excited. And I can't go in government. Sure a care that Ari Ari can I mean. Maybe get four seats so when you don't show up I have some extra room. If you went routed right in eternity insincere now I'm just a huge total fair. Now here's the Texas says you must ask Kenny. About doing archer yeah best show ever yeah I was like wow yeah that was awesome so we will do. When you've been known images concert in Orlando. They showed scenes from archer episode while he was playing danger zone against Darryl talks on the very men well I wanna ask him if he is in lockdown to do the team. For the top gun sequel rights I don't know what their automatic rate I would assume that would be but I don't know as a handicap parking zone. No blame Goldman and I don't and peeked out part eggs on about bad youth. I was that bad jokes after all if you have a fitness. I imagine are job killers been working out to get back and I bet he's he's like at a desk job is legislated easily in admiral who's got this job now.