HMMS Hour 1 – “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” 8/21/18

Tuesday, August 21st

In hour one of the Hillman Moring show find out what Greg was doing at dinner with Ron Ninkovich, we follow up on the golfer who had his finger bitten off, a woman in Florida is eaten by a gator and is pole dancing a legitimate source of exercise?

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They've got so that an expensive drugs she's got into slapping your meal and pastry and a seven no wait. Shanley cases has played DD oh yeah can you repeat that for next month syndrome now I tell you this on the radio. In the league owners just pop on the pike good outing as anything it doesn't need new opponent Mitt bonus central. It's. Fun. I. Yeah I do. Webcasting live from. Brighton Massachusetts. And I shouted at coach John streaming live from don't. And you radioed to comment. I don't like. Go to play del. Yeah so. Now it's like having sex a little Indy you know it's gonna be bad so you just accept it yes. In my area with the environmentalists. Don't yeah. It's populace. The big kid says. Go master league didn't buyers with sports I want people like you nothing else might. Not if I don't I don't know. Wimbledon. The full body game yeah no with the headlines like that but don't look. Line yeah as you know why I. Yeah I'd say men. Feel that that's the big phone may indeed be insatiable. My shoes my ever so before we start hearing how brave kids they're here. You see that's good because she all the time. And morning Shia. It's all going to be about Darren problem. The bathroom. Everybody. A lot of it is six so three and the welcome to your shelf. It's nice outside it's going to be a cloudy day today there may be some sun this afternoon and the temperature is going to be the seven the for a high now. Here's a 603. Packed with someone expressing concern about Lyndon care. And the Texas says I've believed that he likes to get in arguments just for the sake of getting in arguments are and that's not that's. It's really not true in my shoe and we're just talking about it okay above the hole Miller. Chrysler yeah. And I said whatever you quote to a liquor business meeting you walk in ago I here's my address my house. You don't do you know why. There's BE EU want privacy but I didn't Google I can Goran now. Whatever that thing in his words are you zoom in your backyard and Leon your daughter just went home with their girlfriends. From high school. There but. So so you're saying David Price deserves privacy. I don't know what I'm saying is. Is is that. David Price. Doesn't want people to know. What pitches storing. What point of the game so by Johnny Miller asking him what pitches throwing at what point of the game. How many gas and the mode and that's quality after the he was asking what adjustments he is bright and now so I always like I'm I'm like yeah why not why would give the enemy what I'd tell me if you don't the enemy wants to dig. Like you go on Google Earth. Yeah you wanna find out my address go ahead you go do the work. So why am I telling you the after a one idea and I tell everybody address yeah but but so I don't I don't know how people don't wrap their head around it so it. If you wanna be if you. Wanna do the work which easier job. It's do you bosses listen I need to find of the actresses of every person in Brighton night. And that's why I pay you what you go on Google earth and you spend three weeks and you get every address. Johnny Miller's job is to watch the game. And if he knows the game he's gonna understand you Justin said David Price may. Price is given up his personal information on how we pitchers in wins games so people get in swat balls over the monster all day every so. What you're saying is I think Johnny Miller should've gone on Google Earth. And examine these adjustments they exactly I hope. I actually I'm glad I brought that jacked up. Obama I'm I'm not I'm not going to attack machine for the next hour I don't think I'm not I'm not. All right it it is 605. More from India on this perhaps during the sports a little bit later on your annoyed they're gonna Wear it. If you if you like to call it you'd like to be on the show any time up until 10 this morning. You could call on the Framingham Ford studio line that number is 617779. Or sorry 6179311. AA if you'd like to leave me a little voice mail message right now. So we can play back at eight that number. Is 6177795463. So just leave a voicemail message. On LB theories about modern sports journalism or any other topic. And we'll play your whole male voice mail message back. Coming up that. 8 morning I'm question for you quickly moments last night's you've posted in your in two grand stories yes. Me think oh yes eating. What a here to be giant hunk of octopus. That yes he's at crackling deaths are where you are quite at 10 o'clock where you aroused or disturb but you could and disturbs if yes do you do you enjoy eating occupying. Or. That's frequently out with a little suckers Omnivision not great on my favorite Peja in hijacked. Register and if you haven't understood it. The same is squared earlier reports that. You know the squid it's just rubber with. They they put some seasoning on some robber the the senate yes he hasn't done very well that's delicious grilled. Smoked ought to Willis is fantastic when by the way grow drug. By the way make of it told me that he believes I don't even wanna share this news would know England from an opinion point of view. But he believes. That should best the win a ring this year now that investing is done that's it yeah ring done this year where wedded Unix don't unable legally thinks that he thinks that if passed he had one. The ring last year the best he would have been done last year well that's a generic competitors yes yes yeah. All right. Though anyway it's all right so we know not to get you are hopeless there for breakfast or for lunch or anything that that's not your thing now but it was named an adjustment was barely. I'm on the show this morning. That 650. What one smoke show teacher was doing on her own time. That has her in big trouble. Before school even starts again and so we'll discuss that 650. On today show. 730. It's Nancy no at all. A little help for a listener who was facing one of life's dilemmas from venal at all. That we get to work with and every single day on the show name is Nancy and she's so 730 Nancy no at all. At eight. We are going to play your old male voice mail messages back and mentioned that leave a voicemail message any time this morning. And we will listen to all of your voice mail messages together coming up at. Eight and 8:45. This morning. It is facts she maxed. Your chance to put your knowledge up against that. Of our sports director and if you are. Able to beat LB attacks she Max at 845. And you could win tickets to see god smack. And shying down and to meet both. Bands of that is at 8:45. This morning. Facts she maxed here on the home and morning show. Looks like Derek the Steelers fan once a moment or two on Rob Ninkovich yes Derek. Good morning everybody. And what's. I can tell everyone that that we want to see Ellen you know happy ending for pretty. Wide licenses and and just like it yet. First rooms eat in hot Rodney Harrison. Noted that they were gold and blue crayon on the sidelines. And then Plaxico are. Over the top. That would that you applied in that he'd done. That would make you still happy to admit that they are the guys who go out talked to him and hurt you know eight well. Beautiful. Though don't forget what you at least at least she'd be leaving after Mark Wahlberg because he. You have left at halftime and buried and and that Yemeni government absolutely there's doubt Clinton trillion. Well you don't think it's his last year he lands. Of course it would yeah no I don't play I just I just love wrote an op. I mean if he wanted to. Why wouldn't write off in the this concept yet it's a long way to go vote right now I know you that it I'll fight about it that you. Got bored you know Eagles and pre season but got goalies don't look good winning ads. We're booking that were booked in the jet and we're getting a hotel rooms Derek notes they you can come along if you wanton and watch. Reflection all right coming up in just a moment a woman. All a woman on to hinder. May have proven that men. Have the simplest mind that there is we we we hear about that I Monday's yeah this this woman may have shown. Beyond a shadow of doubt that manner very simple so listeners and I really enjoyed it yet I haven't I don't think the men did you shot android but it's kind of ethnic. Also coming up and irrational killed by an alligator fear in South Carolina. And there is a dangerous. Vicious stork on the loose here in mass bully that we need to warn you about. And also. What aid road hamster did too late terrified family. That is all coming up next on the Tuesday Hill Man Morning Show. And I'm not sure whether to be outraged. Or impressed what is that Watson won Tinder user named Natasha did on Sunday yes but. The world seems to be. Really interested. In what this says about human nature. And this woman Natasha. Basically reached out on tender. To. Hundreds of men. And said she's a model by the another Tosh. Upon to up contact equal great name. Jesus smoke. And she reached out and said let's go on a date on Sunday. Rain or shine. Meet me here. My friend is the Jiang outside. And she did that to hundreds of men. And and hundreds of horny men. Desperate man. Showed up and they all started we'll look around at each other and wonder what was going on and then Natasha appeared on stage and said I'm tired of dating apps and so it's going to be competition among you man. The chairman who gets the go on a date would like the hundred games so if you. It if you look on. Twitter or elsewhere. Some of these men are saying that this is entitlement. At its finest. Hand got heavy top. Are you guys for centuries. Collier again I've heard now PG that tricked into coming to union square from some chick and and their tennis. Is out and it was rule alone does so cruel vision doesn't have it on a groping a woman. Their lives what I could but someone actually get to win the gators a zone I don't know if anybody won the data or not. I think I ever called dogs and I think what the podshow wanted is what is happening right now and that is everybody is. Talking about the touch upon day. And looking Europe on instead Graham and and elsewhere so I mean I don't know way to increase your follower count and I see these tactics. Listen so you think I mean the many issue this is since as far as what she did the. This any different pentagon reaching out to a chick or even woman reaching out to another guy in a different situation and saying. Yes OK oh sounds great it will meet apple make plans and coasting purse. Now while all leisure bears did you wanna say except remember everybody. Done stories about guys who showed up at a bar and there'd be three they'd think it you know more than one per which opened their view three. You know girls from tender or whatever. It what does the one guy who who took the the car stole the car of one woman to take another woman out on a day yes yes yes yes sea ghost yeah middle of the meal right Stockard with the Jack. And then solar car garage or the another woman. What I think about women is this is that they actually believed that the guys actually cared so the guys turning into a massive. Drunk fast probably couple three fights. And everybody went home night given two hoots about. Date in the hot chick. Well let somebody wanted to Patterson on the back there are. You know he's insecure dudes that all lined derided help music that they were going to be the last man standing there I don't know yourself that I will begin you don't exactly what I don't think there's another one you tomorrow. Mom LC did that to any one. I mean. Yeah counselor small stuff. Here is a tax remain 46 year old male. Who says. This is fantastic. And it just shows how assembled a male minded right it's fair game all day all thought they were gonna get that give the Jack hammer gathers and and it didn't. It didn't happen the way. I always inject in a bar and you slept there and one I mean those that are that's not worse. Let's see here is attacks that says sounds like it was a sausage party yes yes it was it was a couple. 200 threes are guys who are there to witness. Well hoping to win a date slightly that it is shoes make him do pushups I guess yeah presidency and they did it and make that he did out and they were she was doing live like swiping. In mop and the like now yeah right back out and out right now my guide. All right so it doesn't sound like anybody here. Or anybody on the tech slide so far has an issue lose one on it that you do need to count down I don't know that. I don't know if she did anything other than show that the man that are on tender and lot of the women that aren't in there are tired looking for one thing and one thing only and I'm glad it's there or any agree on. One of them making fun man yeah. Let's see Danielle can you liked it but there's several guys are texting and wondering how one would find her on his program could. So. Here's a Texas says I heard earlier today on another radio station. That Scott from Weymouth had a friend that was at that party a real and it may be a kind of. All of that was good text there yeah today. If you'd like to look at Sasha up on the Gramm. She does have a private character Questar it's Natasha the apartheid so and AT. A SH AB as in Victor eight PO NTE women. This is interesting information she went private solution we're looking for likes. On the Graham or or elsewhere. Doesn't seem like shoot a project Carly dealt with private for awhile there too I think sometimes even with. Bigger accounts when people want the big following they still wanna be able to get the note like. Take a look at the the request is limiting her the old creeps like myself run and in Spain and I think on us. Let's see this is she go on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's happening job. What sort Greg obscure reference on these poker send right. Yeah the movie she'll love what chino yes when they sent out there and fight they'll pick they want Yankee ticket. Yes that movie begins at that scene and are not they send out a bunch of invites for free yankees tickets. Tool a bunch of criminals who have warrants and they don't show up and there are all arrested that's an excellent film and you kind of disappeared. Ellen Barkin. In that film without the chino. She counted she was she was a lot movies for Little League easy she's a great move not a great movie shoot great move. All right it is 628. And we have a very busy show for you including in about twenty minutes or so. The news on what one smoke show teacher did. On her own time. That got her in big trouble before school even begins. So. You're a teacher. Or your parents. Horry here's somebody who. Is interested in smoke shows that get to that big news at 6:15 this morning. Speaking of school. Coming up at 72 money it's almost back to school time and we appeared you have. Our first. What two girls camp where controversy. He's seen. So. We will discuss that at 7:20. This morning. We are going to play your home L voicemail messages back at eight. So you can leave one of those on any topic pill mill voicemail number is 617779. 5463. That is 6177795463. Leave a voicemail message now and will play your voice messages back at eight and let's get to the news which is brought to you this first hour. They bought Mercedes-Benz they're certified pre salesman going on now limited time offers picture to make the car your dream a reality. Is MD USA dot com slash PP so for local inventory. And offer details. That you also this hour by accountants need additional closing your. Accountants and find the right like keepers or other accounting and finance professionals temporary basis and now. Accountants and Robert half company I don't watch this but many of you're texting in. About a show that Ellen Barkin is on currently called. And watch that but they're saying that it's on T and T and and I don't want to. While we have a couple animal kingdom stories in the news. And including the rule camps yes which terrorized the family that the orient few moments you're saying by an actor out if you're not with them and ally yeah. And that's what they say totally if you can't remember it was it was now remember him. You seeing anything like I have watched that area and and I'd like most things that are on television. All right let's start with the this morning Derrick Harkins the guy charged with assault after allegedly biting off and other Meehan and clarified its finger thumb I've seen both in the indifferent news stories but he bit at digit off to the knuckle. As you protect gulf of golf course in Plymouth and limit him he predicted yesterday. The his group was upset about these little plane of the group in front of them yet so they got into an altercation. I'll start apparently Eric's. According to police reports there. I'd Eric's father. I punched the man. Who'll. Or was was he punched by the man who. Somebody punched somebody. And there was Derek claims that did the biting claims that there was a big. Kirk awful. And he ended up at the bottom of the pile with feet in his mouth and I am. And then he bit down and we do we do now have an eyewitness account it's not. I don't think it's the friend of Scott from Weymouth but we do have an eyewitness account. That we can share you reaction from Phil golfer from the field on the com Bill Clinton is okay that's not golf. Now all those people were with the amount golfers and they certainly don't belong. Okay. Land. Yeah. Nobody at butch Lewis. And nobody at the international tea unless it's a giant chunk of the yes I get kind of annoying or. Clubs and Mitch. So. His lawyers yesterday when he was a Reen. Said that we don't know the real story here essentially cleans out all sister assume that's all the other side. Wow and things aren't always as they seen him. And I was reading about this yesterday they described the sound. Of the biting through the knuckle as sounding like someone chomping on to read goes yeah hole. Drove slowly while they did find the digits here in the golf glove on the and attempted to the attack chip but it it was successful they put it a cup of ice oh yeah. Any medical holds I know that was proactive does not fly away from our great move in a fiasco multiple combatants and yet the shark. Yeah you're right now entering. Figure in the eyes fill out in the mouth great old school hockey moves. Well excellence. The police report says that there was alcohol involved and as thereof and is in golf in on him. And as my mom used to say nothing good ever happens on a golf course after 5 PM on a Friday right itself. Are right well. We'll see what happens then. Is you know you never want golf to lead to violence in its lead to camaraderie in and stories and win. Entering entering brings us food and complaining about your wife thing that's really what they've got a game as Warren couple couple bad jokes. Couple off color jokes and perhaps of an. All right what else is in the news today did you know. Irrational fear killed by Gator while walking dog this happened and Hilton head South Carolina. Woman walking her dog in a gated community when an alligator. Surfaced from the lagoon. The alligator went to attack the dog grabbed the leash the woman tried to fight with the alligator the leaped at the reached back and the gators dragged her into. Nolan no dead to goals Carrefour. This is nasty. We have some sound from Edward Allen who's the Beaufort county coroner. Apparently the down late in the ball got too close to do. And alligator. Pit to attack that he her all and after she woke savored all of the alligator she turned on her Ryder possibly. Fourteen feet. Into the to lagoon. And in the dog okay dogs otherwise and done with unharmed. Yeah all the hustle browser editor and. I'm a citizen that was like or her vacation home and they have since located the Gator and euthanized at. For being an alligator. Well no danger to the other people in the area whoa well. I Anders you're loved animals and and and now as an alligator and and more when we are at an accident in Atlanta I'm I'm one of their views and Eminem and maybe they just didn't maybe they figured it was ornery it was the right Mike Huckabee town right how do you now. I don't out on how does that jobs. I'm relatives that currency out of jobs finger and shreds let's wait and figure the golf started. Getting you know it is so. That's a good question I suppose you don't think that they should have euthanize the the allergy I think fifty the creature. Poses a continued threat to the community like from the applauded. And watching ailing literally no hitter Blair daily South Carolina. They live and upon him so Carolina you're stupid enough to walk. Food in front haven't you a line where you know others out like it's those things I. I I can't wrap my head around people that water ski in Florida and yeah them all the things. If you get on there I mean your bull sharks have come from the ocean you'll into the fresh worry got alligators are valued. Well here's text that 774 text or who agrees that you Danielle. Packs that are rights it makes me so mad when they kill an animal for being an animal right brown now. You know there has near backyard did you at 9000 bird feeders what do out what about if a Gator has a taste for human blood does that mean that the Gator. Will never lose its taste for human blood I don't know that that's something you sure NATO series hold on this is that's just wait get terror read on the bottom mellowed down how low a low Kevin. Hey good morning Greg Dario what's going on to. They have to put the animal down in that instance because dumped from what I understand like. Once been reconcile especially an alligator or crocodile eat human flash is almost become lake. Addicting the way like gay Yamaichi animal work you know what you can't get enough of it. Really browser out there is that we use out of the propaganda yeah. I'm dead and leg I will side will agree were together because it happens in Africa that lions. Walk into a village ED humans and their like pop out of CC that was knows delicious. Oh my gosh that's McCain keeps doing fine you organizes. You know if that same alligator. He's cannot people. It's one of those states if if I hear an alligator buyback climbed. He'll lady when. You walk in the park downtown and in the city. This is Billy hello Billie. The guys. Alligator in the dark and don't feel like euthanize the alligator right away. I don't want your dock next to forget lagoon with alligators. It's not using retractable leashes and there's a piece online and I'm reading says that alligators actually don't like T humans because like some of us in this firm. They don't want to do a lot of work for their food also prayed fights back is typically abandoned and alligators like to be able to swallow their meal. Again rule like many of us in one gulp in one bite and no doubt that I think that's combative. They'll abandon. And I want us era and so one of the worst stories ever vote alligators. Their family a doozy about blogs yeah yes blossom and more apparent that this is Ed hello dead. You want it Danielle. Out it was not people like to see you as it but it started like prey animals around. She should just let go a leash. It not to mention. Why deceit l.s attack you and Revere beach. His people feed them. It's the same thing with the gators people feed them white of the geese get aggressive around like the different parks around the camel necklace conservancy area is people feed them. There is a disturbing story in the news which you'll get to. It's. 730. Abouts in a wild animal. That was fed to. Too much junk food and the junk foods led to that wild animals that this is necessary as a notice that another one I. Guess I'll see this is Karl Karl. They guys as he billion missing is that Levy inner dog were playing golf and you're taking too long in the alligator was playing golf I do actually back. The alligator wanted to play through ordered the solo hello William. They gain power to go back and the last story LB you'll probably remember this. Do you remember and maybe eighty. There was a basketball player that tree Rollins yes stinging. They got into a couple Rollins is being in this story in the paper works treat bites man. Three bites man gets a little. Those are the glory days of of newspapers or asset created headlines. The glory days. Hold on Mike from Florida. Is on the phone right now Mike good morning. Looked up guys cellular that they write cancel on my questions. Well alone he would like to blow little insight into the full discussion without dish. I work. I managed. An entire property. There are some really high end golf club there's three golf courses aren't spot everything it's not a lot of rich people like what. You. It's just that I live and you're. The where I work. One of the places that I marriages in West Palm Beach a a lot of police could eat there. Most emotional words seasonal. IE. If if these people knew when they're all walking their dog. How many gators are evil right here along the late say that there walking along it would die because originally before they built this place. If they're at that huge huge areas like probably. I don't know maybe a third the size of Manhattan you've. If they Leo. That this place was built on a deer farm. The root of what. Used to be here for a minute there are hundreds and hundreds of them sitting there all the time I probably wouldn't walk is a little late into the dip mentality right now gators are not very. They're not really really aggressive and let somebody has not looked down. The usually 18. And they try to get away from me is easily as they possibly cancel. The fact that this happened. The lady must have been doing something or somebody prior to her must've been doing something they thought that neither did the rest of. So do you have an issue like Danielle doesn't LB does with the dictator being euthanized. I don't believe that the data it litigator and situation should you and I I think that people should be made an Arab. Yeah. All right thanks Mike. Mourners coming into the moment including. What a smoke show teacher was doing in the privacy of her own home. That has her in big trouble. With the school get to that in the rest of today's news coming up next. Give you a reason the listened to the latter part of today show and it's not LB sports at eight. At it. At 8:45. This morning you can win tickets. DOC got smack and shine down and to meet. Both bands. If you are able to outwit. The dim wit on this show when we play facts she Macs with LB. At 8:45 this morning okay so good stuff that is still to come today's weather brought to you by the city busting credit union. And it is going to be partly sunny today and the temperatures is gonna get up to seventy. Right now it is 64. Here in beautiful state Brighton Massachusetts. Membership open to everyone that lives or works in Norfolk Suffolk County city of Boston credit union in the Boston. It's time to go back to school or will be soon and there is a a bit of a smoke show teacher who is in the news today. Because. What she was doing. In the privacy of her own homes which has led to problems at school and I'm actually curious what you think about that yes as a as a woman that. I I don't but we know it doesn't. So Candace Mason is a sixth grade teacher. In Hoke county North Carolina and she was very excited to get her roster of students for the upcoming school year. Now. She has a couple of different degrees she's got a masters incite a bachelor's in English and certificate of lobotomy she is well rounded. She's also waste self taught pole dancer she enjoys. Doing pole dancing for fitness purpose. Of course are up well Obey not everybody who likes to get on a poll. Is a stripper OK I mean this woman does it for exercise there's probably a lot of ladies who were listening to the show right now. Who do pulled in Draper for exercise price so she had done she'd taken a video in her home of herself doing your routine on the pole. Nancy A yeah I need it. And evasive and posted it to her private FaceBook account and private FaceBook and nosy know addiction. Ground you know they must have done a screen recording and forwarded it to. The school. And now she's been taken off the job pending a review now of what's going on here that's not right now. That doesn't seem right to meet either. Yeah this is Candice Mason. I work so who hired to try and paycheck can provide for my daughter's four. Myself for our livelihood to how they jeopardized. Just first doing something that passionate about I never felt ashamed upholding and seeing. It's just an honor for me. And I I just don't see it as negative. Now sometimes they do these kind of things because they think it will be a distraction. For the bullies. That are the students ridiculous. An and they'll be focused on looking this up on the you know on the Internet and and talking about her and things like that but what we're I think if you work in certain job. You need to be more restrictive about what you post and share on social media and with people regardless of whether or not it's your quote unquote. Private FaceBook account often like teachers. Law enforcement stuff like that I find that. It was a lot of times we see. News stories about people getting in trouble with work. It's oftentimes in the most professions that they shared something in FaceBook post. In the evening viewed the wrong way and something like this obviously she uses holding things that. We all chuckled when we sent pull that thing it did the general thought out there you associate the pole with strippers not necessarily fitness class now so I think you know it's yes it's her private it's it's her own time it's her own home his prime FaceBook account. I'd think sentence you need to think about what you do for a living in what could possibly be construed as certain way by your superiors and I know you're itching to get in here so what once mailed me. Well no I have a fingerprint I don't even speak I didn't interrupt our I hate it's just it it's incredible. Was she naked. I don't know of anything and you're probably weren't yoga parents and areas that are Jews in a bikini are there via a so she wasn't a big yeah yeah but it may. I just won't. The same people that fire people. For this kind of stop you know our art hot female cop they get asks to pose for Playboy and gets fired. It's ridiculous. It's what it started strategy does her job but a lot of she's got a job here though so she can't go make fifteen grand. Do and I've spread for Playboy. Robbie so. If you're on the equivalent of what does not end and nobody here. I don't think I showed it was announced that get me out of this the same boss that fired the cock. Right now smoked it goes from poses for Playboy. Spans every. Saturday night with the dollars in plain clothes after strip joint to. It's it's stood there hypocrisy in our society is just so ridiculous in this it's crazy that this. Well if everybody let's go bonkers. All of my teacher and you have in New York since she's teaching you outside and I assume this. Yeah you're looking to ask but this morality ought. And cute you know speaking. To note that. Pretty simple when you put it on our. Yeah I can ask and I ask you questions. But if there did you work. That Revere beach. And that teacher. Jogged on the beach in a bikini. And she ran by you like five times should she be fired. Because because because your five year old Sar in a bikini on the beach. I you're speaking out yeah I didn't meet I think it's wrong and I don't but there's uptight people and unfortunately. You. You know an interesting like. I'd order a player player or our future. There are morality clause yeah it's a great Britain and there aren't we but. I think it's a long life. He's cool you don't let things you know that bullet into it so when you know that it played well he knew the rules on the beginning it well the rules. Greg thank you for calling from New York by the way your yankees are now only nine games. They are creeping back into it and this is this is lower crime. All right I pulled dancing is offered at health clubs and gyms. All over the country's is a legit form of exercise. So what she was doing it in a bikini she teaches she teaches right. Part time on the side she just does in her own right that's a reform exercise she wants to FaceBook page on. This. Is college or. Offered. And.