Hillman Huddle - Merry Christmas From Rob Ninkovich

Friday, December 16th

Our pal Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots calls into the show for the last Hillman Huddle of the year! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Talk. Hill Man Morning Show crazy and some football but catch them beaver. Bay hill man I don't. They noticed it smelled it is driving. Some think. Always it's you know I love you yeah yeah all right today's Immelman model is presented by commonwealth motors buying them fast jobs last dot com also brought to you. In part by the city of Boston credit union. And Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots Merry Christmas happy news. Pretty well this is the last time that we will speak due in 2000. We're particularly aware taking aid by two weeks we have a two week by coming up how aria. Well hello we are losing you start all over again Al Arian. Oh whole unheard of here I was breathing I was breathing. It all off any outside watching my dog try to go to bass yeah. To have this is that the job of the mrs. Poll had. 6:55. In the morning no doubt that she will you have a football game that served up by look the dog out. Walks into our while masses. Who you know. Have a heat beat I was steaming to. A call from a what is what's which dogs what you dogs go. Ruby. Ruby. Oh and exactly when they come from. All sorts of the breeders' yet very Mandarin being here. Not sit well or just let this. I doubt that strategies used the creator well let's let all our name in about taking your 15100 bucks in naming it died. Euphoria. If they did lights here I guess. You know your masters breeder you. You just you put the collar on what each dog to you or torque which. Yet different colors. She wore a ruby red. Our own so little bit now masses are awesome cute I get through yeah it is expensive. Bill that bill refuge but. You know she's. To what the kid. Global well listen traveling to Denver. Tom Brady is has struggled a little bit in Denver and I think there's only. It is only two teams. Only two teams that Tom Brady has a losing record as it. There's I think five. He's sick he's six and eight Miami. Two and seven in Denver and then there were psyched there's an another one worries like he's like one and two. OK I would sell. Like what is it about thereof what what what is it about playing out there. Nevermind the cadence these that the crowd noise what's what is. Well coming you have to do those desperately. You know who do sort of they used that. The crowd noise to their attitude you know it's hard to. You know since the snap count you know right when you guys that are on the stat that. In an offensive lineman. You have the pretty much walks the ball and they're doing mattered disadvantage so. You know a lot of things are going to. You know little blue. 02 advantage in all of us so it or not it could they do a great job. You know play at all. They may go do it joint field day it gets heated right to our a lot of the new field seated in does that make a difference. In places like New England Denver work tax. To single digits. Yeah I mean it definitely does remember what you Gaza are saying it's played in Oslo and that rain and then it. Drop for like fifteen degrees so then. Feel completely froze it was literally like. Conquered so you couldn't Wear. You could Wear cleats or else you just. Stay out probably wouldn't you know dig at all. In which slide everywhere so it brought out the work. Like Jim she's basically like you chose what robber like you couldn't Wear. Your regular tweets so you don't have that you shoot those. Troops. By the way nice nice sack last week. Thank you thank you missed her. Suppan threw like Carol wood and for all grow old well I'll. You know all about it. Nimble by the way several techsters are concerned they're patriots fans they will they want you put your seat belt on so that you can I thought I took are okay. You know Wilfork I think Wilfork used to have the extender belts but but you don't need that right. No longer term wonder just in the I win in the Texas asked. And speed now did did lactose anything to you. Most sack. Flacco look like a pebble status and any thing yeah. I used the elites have seen Carter Buick has liked it weird book artists. About Harbaugh got a had voted by Chris Long in the early in. The isn't there it felt like popular GI yes it's him and it's like him nobody Meehan like. All. Although like. Different things that you could search for it like. Bash Brothers Chris Long. Home you know blood it was pretty forties at. Is it is there's some animosity that lingers live with the ravens. After after I had the plea gate and such. He. Are you. Especially GAAP you know xmas and at. No bulletin board to. It's it's it's it's all over you. The did you find it odd that the and after a Mike in the next question on this still. Did you find it odd that the NFL did not investigate the the latest claim that plated bowls and. Pinochet. Origin injured. Sick. What ever it is it is for the lows just. You know I won't get to our. Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots is our guest before the final Hillman huddle 2016. And the question of the week is brought to you by Rob Ninkovich is scared doctor doctor Robert Leonard. You can check out here DR dot com I'm not sure if you caught by the way Julian settlement last week talking to you. Are you started yeah yeah yeah yeah he was docking you about your hair and I does that mean we don't care had jury and I don't types oh. Well yes. He really is the is he the most stylish jeans sat there at. Now they're being yes no I didn't see it at all that I I pulled the candidate doing the well I'm staff. I was there was there was it was over the top really yeah into this is great at it. Whites sat there on the other side. Boy. Publicly backed the question is. Do you get a present for Tom Brady and if so what do you get the man who has everything for Christmas. I let a good question. I have not. Given comet or revert that you're Arab oh of course I guess Christmas yesterday. Any type of yes because. You know like it's pretty tough to buy a man who has everything in the world so. No I have not and I don't know or do you get a vote to get mean we'll welcome that. I feel like it would be something associated with these with a is dislike of any kind of food to taste good Larry drawn is that you would draw him. What did out there. Our beautiful boy strawberries record every strawberry. Yes you're right early and never had flown in Albert Yang never had a strawberry honestly I've never had a knowledge that I'm good like on purpose. Yeah do you need you guys you gag Jessica team gag. All while we don't really do that. Aren't sure doesn't do his secrets and there anything. Bill ball and it's gotten. Ole lie about the offensive line they need to be. Quote. If they changed things were yanked out from the navy at helping anybody else those. Com do you know it. Do rob do you know if he in you know if he and Julian made up after the incident the other. They're hoping not to certain. Other games ordered news you know exactly this. Those guys that are. Certainly did some. Special form. If I mean at times yelling that you. Yeah Doleac. You do know you'd. They gave. You know after one particular absentee. I know my conspiracy theory is that hat. Was his apology Tom has actually my locker and golf has thought they are right buddy you wanna make good you where this happened after a lot of blood. Thought would ever Wear that. That that you have to look it up you'll go but back out of fuel element. 68 million. Accurate that first picture it probably got a call from frank about it like I was probably as it was kind of like guarantees or what I. Guarantee that frank element is not have news where that that are right well listen good luck and on Sunday as you guys you guys traveled to Denver. And will we won't talk until January but it is it is our wish that you you're in the Stanley have an amazing Christmas and happy new year. Thank you very same here same here or Christmas. Right there's Rob Ninkovich of the of the New England Patriots here on the Hill Man Morning Show.