Hill-Man Huddle - Ninko Stands By Gronk

Friday, December 2nd

Our pal Rob Ninkovich calls into the show for the weekly Hillman Huddle, and puts an end to the rumors that Gronk's injuries will keep our Patriots from a successful season! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Saw. There Hill Man Morning Show cruising this football and catch the fever. Bay hill man I don't want. Today's snowman model. With a Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots is of rock do you by Tom awhile motors find them fast at shop us last dot com it's also brought to you in part. By the city of busting credit union and here is Rob Ninkovich of the New England. Patriots how are yeah. Nor. The majority of the people. That was sent a that was the that was the drive into work this morning is that all right. It how was your Thanksgiving by the way who was hosting everybody this year. Went. No. Fortunately. Basic. Ethical back. Where it's so it. I went back called ju Chicago. Oh yeah. Acreage. The the ever. Hurt. Well. Bell I didn't use are working meant. You were sort of issues. That football. Well but didn't put all but dead without for the team that they get booted. A lot. Beer quite assay at all worried at all. Interesting interesting. Always wonder if that stuff like you know I think it runs and in the Stanley and in the in my family because I got a couple kids are great athletes out. I know I always wondered if it runs and lionized as the athletes Erica that. Well over one of my dad say they doubt in my car. I would be. Yeah very all. Our all. But. Don't do it all went by real cool. I hear the same thing polygamy. If it. Let's talk a little bit about congress and this season ending injury and what kind of an impact that has on. This team I mean. The negative Nancy's are the ones who say this season is over but you guys generally seem. To recover as a team from major injuries like this. Well the unfortunate part of football. A good football player you edit. Elderly. People are. Street. I look back our future are you just don't know. Or food or. Oh. Up dirt got hurt all. Quite well at all structured. I noticed that Belichick hasn't still listed as probable for Sunday as I. I have. The money you know don't laugh. At that. There. Like. It being that I can do that you are rather. You do. So to go better. Well. Well. You're. You know we've all got to play better garlic well. You know duke players believe. In the Madden curse. Seventeen out of the last nineteen Madden cover athletes and that issues. Do players believe in that kind of thing. All of that the word will be an album cover oh. Look. I don't think so I mean I don't know I. It usually don't guys. I really didn't think about you know in order to do that before preachers say. It. Can you address a little bit some of whether it's callers to the show or where. Prognosticators. Lord fans on the social media's who say. That croc is a fragile players and they can't get hurt too much as a teammate can you address that a little bit rob. Now all we know I don't think. General fans or people who. Are. What goes into it or. Happen to our bodies of football players. You know they just lost the game I don't cool down hole great tackle you know like. But don't really understand the pilot of the game and 0210. Seventy pound man running almost be hitting it irked that like concrete room you are supposed to happen so. You know. It is. And make it makes me or kick that people wanna talk about be it diet. It all of the upper god I've ever been around one of the strongest guys who workout warrior. And all of the work that you're gonna. Be good injury but the matter who you are just happened that I've been locked. It really to walk. You know output is. One yard field of one way to work I would have been going all beat it landed in it my leg while they. Out of out for a year or violated BR the other way and got five if it. You know it should say beyond their control it brought there like where are so. Everyone that this talk about it though. All this yet there are exit. The question of the week throughout think image of the New England Patriots. Is brought to you by Rob Ninkovich is haired doctor doctor right now Leonard. Just check out hair DR dot com how is the lettuce by the way everything okay up top. The potato. Well it got there are sure earlier but also. People are all out. Yes the lol yeah some logo on kids. All of a lever like camp or air well because this. That is how much they let you know and it. Albeit old but it though. Well the question is about Todd Gurley and the fact that he struggled a little bit this season is he do you guys as a defense still look at him as a dangerous when it comes to run index. Well I think about you got a guy that. Explosive. There are really quick first. Or that the beauty of options or that he's so quick to. So quote. Did you take that not think well return a big bullet bell. Eight definitely have to understand. So worried that at all are also urgent. Did you well I'm reading in The Herald today that Bob settlement was showing everybody pictures of his baby did you get a chance check out his daughter. I did hear that little daughter she's very very courteous very. Very little. Content. Congratulations the tools remote. Pretty special. Already easier outlook for our. Bush has she already signed a pool my endorsement deal are I mean I'm. I'm sure I'm sure so be rocket that promote street there. A a question that Soderbergh determined. That. Yeah Aaron. What was done to you on a scale of one to ten. And fuel rate Tom Brady and his in his blocking ability. Last Sunday. Well all my good you know what I I do I watched that video. Well see him going at least block game. We are. Ever the other day every vote should start crying laughing that bubble like door and he'd go he noted that he realizes that there's. Greed linebackers that are flying. If they do decapitated and the Dalai. You look like he's tried it but I should treat people why I asked him any good college bill. Besides don't hurt you like sidestep a look at. Are you where you amazed that he didn't get eating get popped I was like I was like wow I can't really know. Call rotor red light like just like we are. Right at that don't want such dumb and you look back a bit. Oh yeah though there it was. Thank god nobody it yeah. The I want it's bad we're down. I. We're talking yesterday I don't know if you know this or not but this Tom Brady. Have to finish that game on Sunday in order get the record and beat Peyton Manning. I think. I mean every time. To achieve. That or reading any team I think it does matter they. Haven't met and about obligated. And it. You know just an update. It's. It's really cool currently agreeable to say that I played with the best quarterback several but it gave her ought to give credit oh. Secretary there. Yeah the the mean to like rule wise is the start good enough or does he have to play the whole entire game. I thought I think. The best but are good that are part of the game you lose. Everything control it gave me they would never do what they note that you wanted to go away. Analysts. But we're not where we are not concerned over here know that there are some you know. Already now are right now no we're not quit written. Let's don't get all aggressive wanna know is we're and it doesn't isn't. Big Chicago here you go get it. Our ever elected to address that. Like I got dignity dignity you need to back it up that there were all bound Europe. And they couldn't get a list and no rookie quarterback has ever won a Gillette Stadium Dolan don't wanna fall on your big Gerard. And relax as as Massachusetts People Magazine when Iraq. Are you lax I rob great abducted by a good luck on Sunday. Are there if he believes if if you believe some of the writers you guys are earning an a show up because the season's over so it is if you believe some people there's no reason to play the rest of these Guillen has done for because there's no possible way to make your taxes suitable.