Hill-Man Huddle - Nate Solder

Friday, December 15th

Offensive Lineman Nate Solder is our guest on this week's Hillman Huddle!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'm ready he'll man. Fine W. Feel they have battle this morning presented by west wrote Mitsubishi winning lineup swing deals winning team last row Mitsubishi route nine in the west bro and joining us right now I. I don't know happen Chris Hogan I think he probably got some concern last within about you know what would. Poll we are joined by a friend of the show dates older who judge to give dates older out of the yeah everybody. Hey Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas and hear how you deal. Are pretty darn good are you doing. I'm sure it out with everything the U guys have gone through Christmas is it is it is is a little bit more important army and more important but it it's probably happen probably happy to I'm very for the family. Yes well I appreciate you saying that I'm on the all but you know what they and everything. Probably only one out of college were in the eastern so it's a great more celebrating these people are saying so. It an exciting time how we make it throws that let them. And you know how important Buddhist to me you mentioned the two best in qualities as well although although the thanks Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is in there as well but. That Audi sport before. Before Christmas gets here you guys have a huge game to play on Sunday. Yep yep you have absolutely wrong on. I'll speak seat if a food did you eat your broccoli because the united you're now very a tough time that that it do you line is. Let's talk incredible out there Rogen really good so yeah yeah we being broccoli that's quite a key ingredient. Well. And what it or it. Have you had a chance to think about Miami and it's if there is anything specific about playing in Miami that this does that cost is Uga I some issues. You know or name and bigger because we're moving on. A hole are we winning the Steelers. On view on that we're on the this on their. Tom Brady said yesterday and he actually said this so I just want to let you know you can comment on it. He said that. You know the peace that he felt good this week full week of practice and is that what does that we got to see out there to Achilles YC's. Is is looking like he's feel pretty good. You know about. Near percent of my practice has been watching Tom Brady and that it. The hopefully they're not right there are no there's look at that regardless they're. And I think you I mean come on a document. United doctor and we don't we don't we don't ever we don't even acknowledged that somebody some because of the lake. Break their leg in the middle of the game and nobody would nobody would acknowledge over there and don't. Rather eerie. And what are you talking about. We're talking live will retire with your friend of mine Matt Light the other day about time getting I'm getting fired up but Josh McDaniels and you know Matt said that that that he's experienced that and that that's what makes it such a great competitor I'm sure you've experienced that or maybe haven't let. Does that is that probably feel about that as well. I'm you know or you know what I think he's got and the fire and that's. And we did you go back. You know so I don't I don't think that's a bad thing I think yeah oddly enough are you know so you know we got to go through because there's good things happen then again I don't think anyone and feeling good where it is what it is. And you know you know emotional sometimes I don't understand that. How difficult it is it's of but to play in that in that environment Pittsburgh. Work and not an hour and wrote I mean they get that count on me so well and good. You may have heard that a culture there that just is longer than eighteen not well dates. In other adopt that innovate doctors each player and a culture and they all play into it in and remained so it always. You love you look at LB mentioned the. Yeah I am yeah it was so sorry to hear about so here and then I'll Iowa is all what. I'm yeah other than that I mean they they have everything that they need immunity got political and get these guys they got them. And the back of Iran around they're very good one. What he now your your head on the road so I got to ask how is the how's the new jet. I didn't get out it. Well. You know hated myself I get a first class seat so I like middle. I mean that. But you know what I'm not an element that can't be stopped honestly we get in whatever the matter. You are one or the other yeah I mean I'll sell you don't mind seeing at a motel it's. I don't know I would I'm not who does that you know intrude on the case I'm Mike Davis as. They money on the hotel room so we can do more on the anger and a lot of skill the and I'd rather. Yeah. And I yet. Leave me okay were bus you could bust it down the desert Greyhound went in the opposite. Hey I want you brutal. I want a key gradually. And being oh Walter Payton award finalist this moment. I think Columbia. Where we have an opportunity here that of people state what a great men and got my name on it and integrate more money. Or MI toward that you define and did you underneath competition. So how's does that money come right out of Rajiv l.s new salary or how does that irons that would not known development of yet it's yes speaking of speaking of private jets yes. All right well. Listen it's great to knock the what anything any big plans for the holidays you stick around you wood which which to plan. Look that we have and I didn't like doubled and got a little might want to hear or so you can answer that. Were what I think too much. You know creativity and and mr. kitten when looking albeit perhaps problem. All right well listen from everybody from everybody here that block mas or ID. Great job by the New England Patriots good luck on Sunday in Merry Christmas and that is an eight sold there everybody self. Thanks I hate them. You where nobody went on some credit for it all right areas.