Hill-Man Huddle - Chris Hogan

Friday, October 20th

Chris Hogan joins us for this weeks Hillman Huddle to talk about last weeks victory over the rival Jets and to look ahead to this weekends Super Bowl rematch against the Atlanta Falcons!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I predict he'll man. This week snowman oh is presented by west throw Mitsubishi winning lineups winning deals winning team left bro Mitsubishi and Chris Hogan joins us this morning how Mardi Gras. I'm very eager rates we were just talking about Halloween are you are you guys stressing that twins up. We've looked potent so you know source first first ever anxious. Old leader and a welcome and thank. You know it you know I'm an indication of what I mean the easy to go to would be just the the baby patriots jerseys you can probably get those for free that's what I think. Earlier. Or Peter seater for now until at all among likely get mad returned Eleanor. Great Halloween content like this. There. These guys given dot. We do we have two daughters actually does the lights just the dogs up for Halloween. They. I'm not try to get a lay claim that they definitely have been involved at some of probably customer did. Dancing like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. What are your dogs the other dog named Brady by any chance every everybody in England has a dog named Brady. I cannot name Brady. It was Tuesday when it what it. I tightened security. Tightened injures. Them do great gains. And I. Well listen it's a rematch this weekend and it says Super Bowl rematch it's. It's at Gillette. You guys have you know tended to have a great advantage at home although this year. You have two losses at Gillette is it means that just. That a random occurrences or anything different it's gonna turf to add to her if they're anything different this year playing in home. Now I think I think the basic threat is destruction. You know crime and you know all four quarters you know and and all heartened to come down you know route planned Lama or court that they kept their focus is just plan. Yes start fast and then I'm Welker you're third or quarters in addition at least concern. You know we know every game is going to be you know going to be tough especially you know that. People come in here prime there's. We're gonna play hard and and we know that's a region try to focus our plan you know altered state of the football and session's gains. By the way several techsters are mentioning that when it comes to revealing what the Halloween costumes are your wife must have spoken with coach Belichick because she's not giving up any. Now any information whatsoever on cost us to get it. Except that that they get there could get that we're on to Christmas want to Thanksgiving we don't say anything about Halloween costumes well. And what do you expect I know you know I know we're on to this season but do you expect that that Atlanta comes here and wants to get a little revenge for the way that Super Bowl and it. And I'm not in the locker and so I don't know if you know look focused. About from the you know just play in this game and I'm not sure focuses your relative our remarks here certainly hear this season it's saying it has so we're gonna go out there and four quarters and an uncle who go to Columbia. You have a chance see whether it was replay or or or from your vantage point. That fumble call in the game on Sunday and what are your thoughts on. I mean from what it would explain to him and that's the rule and it I guess the you know the refereed. From knowing the role and understanding the Woolen. From my understanding and secure our patrol where you know has gone double file on you know going to be a coach carpenter can't control so. You know six figure ruin. You know are rarely comes up and for all that it. There's replay yet frustrating kids. And that the date they need isn't as good as they do it. Your reviewing plays that nuclear here and there are a lot of close call there contrasts. I think except where it helps. LB Chris is focused on the next play. Not a read like I don't know. In Florida and I don't know what he runs his grow our bosses not to me sir greatest one handed catch of all time. And then the refs like. Awesome grab and then they go to a fourteen minute read you know video replay says that now. Zeile left finger was not on the end of the ball. Asked his left foot. While Seoul was going out of bounds adjusted just get so frustrated. I know you know Tuesday. I'm just I'm voicing my frustration for unity. Euro. He's just not a lot of that comment about it non attitude. Towards I'm detonate California let me speak for you. Look here. Have you had the chance to see the speaking of the Super Bowl. The pair of sneakers. Nike made. From the football's. Did a particular. Pretty cool what her record Sotomayor has sucker and a critical. Now what's what's happening to those afterwards loses mister Kraft and where those users they auctioning them off for the staying at the hall at patriot place. They're decorator is not like. He knows he can't say I believe that does. And what about how do you feel about that night the night games Sunday night is that an issue for use schedule wise. Now. You know just doesn't do that above. You know get ready Couric and men. You know dish it's a different provinces and you know my clock and the fact that Katrina won't get yourself Perry ago and I think is just sort of different you know like in there you know the font. The U. Do you get there I mean the change of what's what's your routine what time view on game day what time you normally get to the stadium. For home games are locked I can you know get you know. Few hours for it and decisions never ever got so. Some guys that there are and does not so you know whatever whatever you're seeing is the there's so. It is fantastic that are being burned acting he struck a certain back or. What what what's your game time fine age so life like in the NHL yet to be there and our fortified before if you don't make him on time he would find 500 beings. I've written on my return I'm always here super outsider I don't worry about the sort smiles easily earlier. All right Chris Hogan while. It's going to be a big game Sunday night they rematch of Super Bowl and I answered the anonymous this morning. But their their circle our partners Chris Hogan of this New England Patriots. And the man.