Hill-Man Huddle - Chris Hogan

Friday, September 22nd

Chris Hogan calls into talk about the game this weekend against the Huston Texans, Gronk’s condition and shows us how to answer questions like a Patriot.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only. And then on your schedule at WA AF dot com. I'm pretty old man now. At wide receiver who. AES. This week's Hillman models. Is presented by west Borough Mitsubishi winning lineups winning the Eagles winning team. West Borough Mitsubishi and joining us now is Krista Hogan. Here it WA AF take grass. Ordered by Dylan. A war goes where do I am great how you feeling. It. Or probably gonna get a lot of injury information. From you so. Feeling like you're ready to go on Sunday. Don't do it Durenberger how about Glock als boxing in grant showed up you had grown bunker at practice yesterday. NASCAR career that it lea Brockton. Area there. Well. I wanna did before we get to Sunday I wanna talk a little bit about last week. Was was it just me watching on television or was that crowd. Not as loud as you thought they were gonna be here we go there and going to be. There I mean they're allowed yeah out there you know the first home opener so those who couldn't electric Libyan. And I think that's something that sort of a person could look you know make a lot of plays and put upon or nation to control how loud it gets in there. They quieted down when Tom Brady was basically able to tell the rest what they needed to do on that it. Would. Those are used to it I thought knowledge Tom's knowledge of the game I mean. He did you know all along we like you know what this is the that's it completely legit and you know where where couple yards offered are off the line of scrimmage everything is it okay. Did you know that honors the yes you you have full confidence. Here here I'm never know the rules now that I'm a definite decision not a military ressam faces and stuff. Relying on them yeah note no less news won't be wary of sorts. Definitely will play and moral concern ultimately. Now I'm. Tom Brady said yesterday. Or I guess he's he says it in the block. That he is he's never had a sunburn because he drinks 2.5 gallons of water. Aaron at their own or that aren't there yeah. Yeah I mean have you ever I mean have you ever seen Tom with a sunburn. Mean. Well. We have not heard about it. Now two and a half gallons of water and bring like a giant. Can opener and yeah. Tony 128 ounces and you know hundred taller. They say that if you're over 200 pounds you shoot least drink over a hundred ounces wandered off hundred ounces of water and yes. Different apps are very honest I read this group. You guys. By all reports it was an aggressive week practice wise I mean you guys were out there in full pads in the rain on Wednesday and on the wind yesterday's. It's this team. Really serious here about. About starting the season off for the Los and then making sure that you you focus on their custom. There are run out and I think now after last week you can't. Parcel of certain certain programs do and now that's a that over into this weekend. Now the team that we've seen a lot you know as you know this year songs some are sort of a lot from home members from here refused sort of you know chart until noon and and no furor here and Luis started. Yeah I mean is that I was gonna ask if that's a positive or negative. Effective practice with the Houston and how familiar you are with this team and how familiar they are with you. Yeah I mean there are there are a lot from our own result our collection. Actually went from this. You know who. Are there from thus far from under you know that should. You know outlook carve this and just here to be confident. And awareness and interest in signing an inability. Just. It'll be great to have gone back on the field right. Yeah that's all we have to ask my about that well. Handled it's well this. Butler well handled Eden and said nothing right that's right now they get a chuckle the F some sort of didn't use your mama does. I've. Look at that does build literally advise you does he give you a a tip sheet on what you guys came in cancer Ayers adjusting green in your head at this point. I mean it you know when you first get an emergency room persist while the media the well look totally sucked. The peaceful and and that's I would outta here. That's how you do it over there at the patriot that's silly when you when you're you're. Chris when you're in buffalo did did you realize that you guys guys make fun of the patriots and have a good laugh. It. The the whole they do it as disciplined. Or sir sir. You know encompasses. You know history let's talk about interest and and it is much faster and and it just. Deer tick up in Iraq so far. Don't wanna do that gathered up on as bulletin board material I would I would want apple don't finish on the yeah. While the question of the week for Chris Hogan is brought to you by Murphy and Rudolph has elect Internet site down by an arrest for your life cell Murphy and Rudolph by the legal multimedia your life back on track called Murphy and Rudolph. At 5084256330. Question of the week it is with regards to you guys being back at two laps and if it makes a difference for you personally. To play in fun in front of the stands at home or is it the same as far as performance goes playing on the road. Comment. When you're still yet as a player for your home crowd owners. You know more exciting year you can. They're the stick here in Lauren. You know obviously defense are great fans in the best quality carriers are fair and and just superb narrow. A lot of energy real loud so and you know large part and suddenly there are vehicle Padilla on and I. Honestly I'm not a loaded with current and there's so great there are those Larry crowd you know pictures and all cultures you know little goatee but there's those digits. I'm not all know you can't beat that. I want to ask you specifically about it about the lawsuit but are askew in general terms. Do you. As an NFL player. Do you worry at all about CT and and about concussions do you ever do you ever think about that as a player. Learn. You always say there's concerns so what's so it's you know it's. I can't you know on the it's not something that really affect my life fine now. You know obviously it's it's. It's an issue in the NFL and people are you know it's again and much question actually. We are now aren't. I think as a play yet you know I'm RC were much welcomed her lobbying and actually it's an issue. You know concussions and have what sort of you know you can fire. Now consider. You know. You know your career and and Clinton have similar pressures that you're McLaughlin and let's sort some that you should take seriously it. Your wife the doctored this year bird does she ever shiver nagging about it or. I mean she's she's a medical burden. They're not here anatomy Babbitt should desolate the got an update it and it's. That that go down. It can't you just got out of that there's a problem. There's attacks there are 774 text there. It's probably a woman who says please tell Chris. That the industry Graham video of his twins on the swings was absolutely adorable. The more bogus. So. Do we do we think we have athletes. I think one should air let the on the left earth elements it really is I think a couple or sitting there. And whatever they whatever that you do out you know. Now what so you can have twins where one's one's a lefty in ones are writing them in balance interest. I'll find out I'll and now you don't dress in the sense I was just gonna say the address them do you decimal like they Wear the same stuff. Not I mean she's. To go elsewhere a painting hazard you know girls in his it's. Jordan and missile off. Get dated US they have little patriot. Is on your car that I'll now. And rightly so rightly so all right Chris Wallace and good luck on Sunday it's going to be a beautiful day at shall and we're on the Houston as as you know who would say right. Yeah I have great great to talk to you Chris a couple of TDs and a hundred yards cared enough pressure there is Chris Hogan. And Hillman huddle here at W. It's coming on a mile of loosening up. Doctor give you much information that's what these guys developing the villain at.