Hill-Mail - Worst Flu Season Ever

Friday, January 19th

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your spirited talk. Did did operated. But they have to build more. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still mail on W 88 death. Today. I'm reminded by a taxpayer. Promises made promises broken. And there are a 100% correct that at some point last week I said we would do the best of canned and karaoke on Friday and today is. It's gotten ahead of us here and I'm being busy so I on Monday. Monday show we will do best of care man karaoke. Are you going to be here. Oh I'm not him here not here Monday we'll do next week we'll do extract one week from today ass. We'll deal we won't do it. One week from Friday because. Unfortunately have to work. And in Las Vegas on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of next week what you have jobs and that you push. On Tuesday in one correct that's correct jugs and the duty with Daniel Daniel to execution of a judge in the Duchamp Monday. I recognize ownership. Here working there yeah part of us about it nobody else's work and money and work anonymous causes him and companies it's configured as the date before he's not coming right and let's just play the charade right isn't it just like popularity. You Pete Wilson then it doesn't generate all this. A sudden my vacation doesn't matter or care well. It all the travel you've had to do for your medical issues and all the other times haven't shown a really just kind of a statement on the current. We'll go with that 111 years of sand and collectively I mean you any cell. If you look at it and you are then you have to chip. I maybe he came to the meetings you know we would have covered this already Colorado. Where you know. So I end the frame yeah yeah yeah menstrual cycle 000. Me too. I had a I mean yeah. You've been subjected to cut me a few things. Yeah I'll be your fired what is it like that test chain had him on the other day from mr. elementary. Notice that our response of those kind of inappropriate things. All right hey if hot today so melt voicemail messages that brought you by the city bus and credit union without the convenience of big back checking accounts but would gnome minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of Boston credit union and their checking account service today. We don't mind. 45 and. An important few hours he knew on the deep ball. I think every few days that didn't sell independent. Might not put any more I thought that maybe they haven't rhetoric now Florida so I don't like then a further out or NBC. What is good news for Vancouver. Canada. That. Now yeah I didn't have announced that you know the the whole. You know newspaper and stop yeah. Did you did you just go Twitter IG. Italy and even though they definitely I'm an amazingly fame. They have a Twitter account I think it's going to be started agreed gates' program well they still make a ton of money in well they sell the. There's two shirts that are available none of which. I profit from the first is the all. Was okay sure yes. That has at the end of this a lot of this though federal calls they write all was okay like if they went you know some analysts that's right if there was somebody following somebody else has their headlights were on and they solve the problem at all was okay. Oh that independent cells those. But then Russell's the convenience stores sells this though five Mosher. So you can go to Russell's convenience store ins though. On that grant those route 117 and seeking an actual stove Bible shirt. Which. Somebody else is making money not not that not us. Me 9:30. PM at. Couldn't into that. Bryant he's married now. And he said hey pat you down easily passed Wayne Cashman where's that goals or points cools goals okay how many was that. I'd earning of data on asset yeah I was I don't wanna hear the actual senators. Let's. I mean and I've by the way. I I'd love Wayne Cashman when you're drafted by the Bruins are your called up after the world junior tournament and I get to play with cash for ten games. And then the next year he went right turned pro for real. After ten games cash retired and told frosty forest dollar trainer and Harry sinden. That he wanted to meet we're number twelve. Our proceeded to pardon my face off and learning much strippers and Harry to a fair number twelve away from me. Which irons which would definitely sent a. On school and then. I looked at and I thought and it hit a bullet that the best record in the league now that I think there is that it took. Than some. All 88 home land. So for the work they did you have the what he'll rodent video on mobile sapiens wouldn't I want you to include full bloom. Both sapiens without I love children and he's he's. Very. Whose day. Techsters who. Doesn't want to hockey. Stick Gregg. Wouldn't points the same schools. They're not that not too familiar deadly mystery system with the way currently to only with the assists. Thank you. Almost got me in the one final putting it all. They're the they're. In that then they know they've they've been there. I said it on the radio and then he. Twelve yeah. We have so important in California. Only allowed our one thing near that terrible. About it left without being can get that done that we. And then inadequate though literature discussed and those people I get to that when they arraign them yeah next go round. It's probably going to be the scenario where they have to put the bulletproof vests on them because that what they did to those kids off is absolutely. Disgusting and despicable and I don't know how anyone. I don't know how anyone. Can do things like that. Two children it is the most if you like having them change to the bed and then holding. Food out in in front of them that they can't it's under doesn't. What do the neighbors shields yeah nine now than ever it is it is it is amazing pretty frequently. I'm one of the things that they did was they move frequently and they were actually about to move it holds. Their neighbors that they were about to move before the the little girls gave yeah. I mean. She was planning Netscape for two years. And finally go in and saved their Brothers and sisters it's just disgusting to we political pros on them when they go to prisoners set up the dealing directly that would love to just visit and just sit and watch the president stickier these people via its gross. Now when all. They're very. I get an idea that no matter at all. You have to try to get the same mold and entered the move from the players and one critical game and love what you get interviewed them like you let you know and that meant a candidate there's been a little bit. So it was pretty good today. It was funny you know with it was pretty funny today. Point 40 man. Well you know. It if you were wounded but it seemed. Both Iraq. And I didn't I don't. Know what. Yeah. What it is whether it's the fact that the flu shot was way off I think that's probably what it is yeah it's allowed it to spread 'cause. I think paid when we talked about the fact that the flu shot. Was only effective 10%. A grand time at the door for 10% of the people so. It probably just allowed it to spread and get worse definitely did predict where which strain it's going to be in everything mutates. I was I was I was gonna say they're you know think about how long who's been around and how many times it's mutated right you know I try to keep up there's got to be a nightmare. My feeling coming up with the flu vaccine is kind of like predicting you know what actually gonna happen of the nor'easter and week and a half. Here we are so many things could change that you get set up for it and then until you're there. Sure we would do it with the I had some computer problem well. On prisoner music well what happened I don't know civilian lives here we go one more one more mellow voice analyst that your. Oh man. Close windows and doing that until again. Important to our eyes at quarterback is an ideal. But it who's dating who lives. The more. I didn't do it appears. Yeah I would die for you these. Not only one don't don't don't want us getting into that dark not so it's not an argument. I don't have time to. You've never taken steroids how those are clearly I'll never take nuclear expletives on Chile's soccer needle in your statement.