Hill-Mail - Woodchuck Pluck

Wednesday, June 20th

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice mails from the previous 24 hours. How many flags can a woodchuck pluck if a woodchuck could pluck flags? 

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male. That's cute. Investors as freedom cradle of their revolution. Home of the 3 April 8 two. On WA yes today's film L voicemail messages. But you by the city of busting credit union. With all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts but with no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. You should check out the city of busting credit union and their checking account service today. You can choose the city bus and credit union if you live or work in separate Norfolk County I did for the great gill foundation. Couldn't be happier. Just go to city of Boston CU dot com that city of Boston CU dot com. To poll approve. 33 PM. Failed big talent everything else about Anwar and economic boom and then encrypt and I would Ahram. Even let him. I'm more Erica out these great job. A message. Gretzky like on the ice. I don't know I've never caught and I mean we heard executives like you catch up to those guys I suppose and and well we're doing a a mismatch line winds. You would be you would have been out there would you plan fourth line. And you're occasionally out there you go boom boom you know preschooler but that you occasional doubts Steve Smith you out there with the great one. From Nigeria. And enter Riley might ovary understated. You know I'm sure the bench was three lines now on some times. I am sometimes accused. Of being home where there however I believe Bobby you're the greatest hockey player in the history of all hockey however. The great one is an honest and for one reason would you would you say would you say Gretzky is the best ever oversee or. I just saying you know we talk was all time I think you have that stratosphere. Where you you know your real good players yes Danny announced multi time all star players. And then you have. Stratosphere down switches and loses it and I mean how could you are or are you Gordy Howe verses Gretzky messier RP order I know how do you argue new framework 21 years right. I you know and IDs Bobby your army I think when you know we all understand. When someone aptly transcends. The sport yet to win next level which is what Bobby nor did he took. You know defensive defenseman and to score and a 138 points. You know there's you know don't Paul Coffey at a hundred. Are reports. I want in throughout briefly. With the playing of the home male voice mail messages. Because. The best the our 100 and now two year old friend Larry is on the phone yeah with a message I believe that's that's Tom I don't know if he's Whitley area and otter he's just calling it. Hey Tom. I adored let's well I just I'm not that Larry welcome a little early yet but tomorrow will be. Just on. And so here again looking through all these cards and like I got the pleasure being with him when he when we I had it open most of because he. Listeners in your face and have given him. I don't more outrageous finger is Turkish government to go to gables and a lot of us know what to achieve that sit. Around. You know just when you start to question humanity you see the outpouring of support that you guys have been able search. Guard for him and I decided it was appropriate to call and condensate thank you I mean discourage you from Florida Connecticut New Hampshire. Probably every town in Massachusetts. Come isn't it him isn't it amazing. I mean I we have I always say this. And allow maybe I should say. We have the greatest audience ever or maybe I should say because the angry national boycott. We used to have we used to have Tom the greatest. Audience ever. And they are. The nicest people there didn't you know we mentioned Larry's birthday. And that Larry was turning a 102 this past Sunday and that if if if people want to send cards and sometimes you. You know people are busy and analyze it don't know. If they're gonna make the effort and who has. And who does this but I mean how many cards would you say total. Have been sent to literary. You know the last count and processed there on Sunday. On the winter the cake and there were so happy to open seventy and then went back again on Monday Connecticut's sensed some of the Sunday that was probably another thirty or forty. I haven't counted but this this well over a hundred. Us and it's amazing and he's won a couple hundred bucks on the strategy his eyes which is great yeah and and it put it while our basic thoughtfully while he loved the he loved the balloon bouquet that was and then he's he's just the greatest guys there isn't. What about. Does the chicken wings has he beaten this has been asking for chicken ones. Well I've I've drawn some on Monday and he could have passed for potatoes in the so I I assumed he meant French Fries source I was late with that gas up to us via modem down. He this actually should send you audio and eating all of that Durbin could. I. One I'd is it blown out. Are born and would be checked in the guy is a World War II veteran it's baloney baloney baloney oh yeah only IE on the only fatty dumb down goes for the I struggled from the buffalo and six. Us. What you do at sixty girls go for the Italians I like chicken fingers. That that was a card from a three year old. Yet a three year old trying to find it occurred Israel hit a 30 what is his name is looks like Carter each story. Happy birthday Larry Lou. So. He's he's sound he's so great and and hopefully we'll deal that sometimes sort of delivering the kick at some point but maybe we'll hook up and get together. In the last thing he he want so much money the other day on Monday he should know what I was taken. That you don't have enough of this some hundred two's pretty much what might limit. And then he does but you know what I want so much money in a lot of young women in this place second with a stick around for a lot. Asks what else should you saying yes because Larry Obama. As you holding these businesses that will ultimately our publicist. Let go they thought I had the opportunity just to look. To thank everyone sought out Tom thank you all right take yet. Tom for those who don't know it was the Waltham police detective who investigated. Burglary. Of Larry scratch ticket. And has. Spent. Hours and hours and hours upon hours of this time. Hang out Woodley airy and visiting Larry and becoming letters that stand which to me is another amazing thing about humanity there's a guy who is. Has his own family and is that busy whup them police detective but. Gives up a day after day to go over Iraq and hang alum Larry and it's just the amazing amazing. Our rights here's a tax the 617 taxer is concerned. That Larry's amazingly soft hands. Will be disturbed from the scratched to get scratching and copy soft anymore are you worried about that Iraq. I I mean after the war after one the first hundred you're probably paying The Andersons the partners from this gross scratched the rest of the. To me thinks. 21 PM. So I haven't Pol Pot but Gloria Barry brought up the pack picked up the fact that there may be a real got out of state or. That may follow war reality at our back date it that a Pope ought to let it be. And then that didn't call a law. So soon and again. It everywhere didn't. Mike Barack. I. Need to. All these third and let you know it. Yeah but look the important. No. I'm. Sorry I don't know. Are you know I couldn't like that there are back there. Wounded men well so listening to the full show podcasts. At a time when we're not on and then becoming outraged or lower. More passionate and then calling and went on on. I can see that happening at. Most people just yell at the radio in their parts in there when there angrier way there. When they're saying to themselves. Why is that would instantly talking about what's what went through that in June oh man. Now back it up on that blog and yet I don't think at the bottom yet they're there. Rick all of the fire are that even cook but there on the item. I'd get it and I'll go look a little bit of background the apparent power they're hearing that law. Now. Again you know gifts you know minus fifty minus 65 below zero in the winter but for like forty degrees and it's like 115. To free agency there that one. Who owe them. Don't get it Larry why are available on the market. But we're talking earlier Daniel read this thing. That women preferred every chance. And it's summertime salute geysers at the beach and some guys. Finally feel comfortable taking their shirts off the beach in the hole. Speaking for friend doesn't. It might still see the test in short. A different. Well. I I trim right. Oh yeah that's yeah need to see Izetbegovic. Now. Now I timid out. I thought and I mean you do this is a guy like like a beard Trimmer thing. Their Father's Day gift three years ago by a series when you take the tips on it it's like five hours because can vary. Picture that the key. And this is Rick colorectal. Rec. Rec rid brand doctor meager EU and bingo. Doctor Hughes. Really rescuing your people are welcomed Tuesday at my farm. Or leave me oh man. There are no way am I boycotting the great. Gil Morgan more so we're confident president groundhog in Abu particularly in American flag up there well. And the message that. 643. And then. Well now we know how many. What do award got a lot of people would got good walk that already that play a rabbit in an outward up. Because that is what a group of them. Do you think it's the title would be used for them that holds the flag flag me and a right. As you know which. That's obvious sharpener T yeah oh yeah. Her patents that MT and the name would you dance like which hurts few curly and bills you know so that's arbitrarily and then. Bloom all man. They're very. That that piece about it's fantastic that clearly stolen prototype notebook with a loaded with Kramer right top table book that vote. Our input optic cable. The that the great application. On the net income from Newton. There is new pizza boxes. That the Boston pizza companies using. And it turns into a table for when you're eating pizza in bed. Seven 17 AM. He's got talking about I don't want to be able. Come July. They did that now as anyone else know marijuana everywhere you drive. Wounded men who. Us. I smell when a mom height everywhere via camera. What scares because it means people are smoking arriving via and they says it's horrible thing work. Better when I'm stoned which is untrue because personal text messages they're gonna tell us dollar right now and I don't like here on paying are not supposed to be doing a lot of lower target pistol rule and I definitely bullets mode demeanor and their excuses. It helps me I told him so focused. Their cars strains that help you focus yeah I'd like to use weapons. Mean I did smell it at the Zach brown span now or not a background on Saturday night now I've ever you don't tell the people are drinking or do I smelled it in I've smelled it recently. In a in public at a restaurant or something and it surprised me. But then again so people can people they get a little cocky so it's not that I it'll tell it it's like Alan. Can smell a little leather cotton candy coach I think it's it's a. Well overreacted smell so that's what you think it is is that is the papers are actually taping. The the marijuana. And actor and they don't think they they don't think the you know and not just this whole thing you know it it's like something eyes. It's a next generation of the closet smoker. Yeah I totally could stoning yard line is I think people are being extra bold because it is legal there and possessive yazoo an ounce. Just smoking it like while you're driving that's not a good thing though not a good thing and you're not helping. Michael and address I have blocked by like work means sometimes they'll be oh yeah did parking lot at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and it's just like. It is an election like I was at sparkle Lee who gives us the man man.