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Tuesday, February 13th

The very best voicemail messages from the past 24 hours!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and now it's your entered its shock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. You don't need it to do it in the city. Went. Morning herald to enter. On WA EA EA puts them in John and the staffing counties don't testing out. They always you know for the rom child payment huge banner from time really like he's as good via affiliate instance it's. The run China is Jess and in the bathroom at the coffee on my ace is it called anything specific I mean is it still OK it call. A coffee witted Jamison and or with Bailey's and Irish coffee or is that we know that insensitive to the average drunks I think it's cultural appropriation. Is that is that with any Italian food out at this Greg the Italian chicken cultural appropriation speak Italian company was pretty given copies camera and my memory again as you call it flashbacks to mania Reynosa hours just drop just that yeah its. The omens at. All right today's home L voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. Which all of the convenience of big back checking accounts but with no minimum balance requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union. And there checking account service today there artificial partner of the Greg Hill foundation. We have been. Members there almost since our formation and I thank them for everything they've done I remind you by the way. That. Our annual event are beneficiaries. Is happening on March 22. At the U mass club here in Boston. And I hope you might join us to great night into your speeches from those whose lives you'll have affected. With your donations over the last year to the great deal foundation and there's me music in his food. And there's adult beverages and it's integrated and it's so. If you'd like to join us you can get tickets by going to the Greg Hill foundation dot org. That's the great eagle foundation dot org. And your donations. At this event. Allow us to continue our support. For beneficiaries. For the rest of this year's so if march 22 is the date. Our annual great health foundation. D.s event. And here are the very best home L voicemail messages that you left in the previous 24 hours. June 27 and. Compare him Hancock. Took that that February morning in just now he. Entice them you know what was served. At the air fire house last night life. Greg's easy Italian chip unit make it and bring it over to your Brothers and sisters yeah about it I treated you out of AIG June picture or a lot lot of people a lot of people made. For dinner a lot of people on in Seagram. Made Greg's easy kind chicken and the reviews. Were stupid and it's black or star reviews left and right. A big air fire department guys added. Am too which is almost like a quarter don't know. Kinda thing. That balances this with I think I have something to this would this greats cooking segment I think Emma and I might get myself a YouTube channel or something like that. Son told me he can't. Good morning good day and I wanted to Colin where you are happy. NBA. And our favorite. That are important body I don't want to get into his. Tuesday of course in the Mardi Gras happening in people going crazy down in new ones and you do you it's stuff that's the good time them. I know me and. All right thank god not government. Not a war or. Oh. Who were talking about it rational fear of a woman from Morgan this morning who will go out and she was on a fishing boat and she contracted. Cattle arms in her eyes seen energy the only way to get rid of them as the pull them out yourself well. She's the first human than ever got no idea that's what they say yeah. 27. And take that job led in my fourth triple a lot of from the Olympic Somalia at the main mall. Everybody here is that angered all of that now. Larry great spot. Great spot. How about this is anybody else. Willing. To proclaim their love and their desire. To marry. The Russian. Controller. Anesthesia. Brew is dubbed Lobo who I fell in love with the yesterday as anybody is that anybody else I would like to declare into an international smoke of the week. She is and her eyes she so intense when she's growing she's into it and she is. A very very focused very beautiful very beautiful Russian curler alive countered yesterday watching Olympics. You know when I get health on I sit for half your son with whom in front of mend it don't do clerics sweep under the gun you know calls. It's the that in the end problem and then I get murder look at my eyes are still some men think it's kind of sexy seeing that the issue. I'm a mom many come on nice to me to occur you. Cleveland he had. Yeah wow why couldn't it in the army if you wouldn't North Korea but we didn't get out and that page. Probably 25 athletes over there and 250. Women in the army of beauties. Its full of people on. The ballot and then when you haven't. Downtime. A lot of soap opera. McMahon and I'd down. Calibration. Compound. Maybe against other where you're from and and make Finley actually. Did the man. I just found out that mrs. Helen iron doing something special for now. Seeing each other. What I tell you about it later okay. It's. Colts continue with the male voice mail messages. And do our own man. I'll be remember that that morning and cellphone charger. On the countered that it belongs to the white ya and act act and act. I really thought that people of the night I. Compared. Then. That's. We eat and former guard is important that are bought the dynamic. Ports to weigh into that. It is really terrifying video if you haven't seen it. The video of the robot helping the other robot sneak through the Diller. It is completely terrifying you can find that around them that's on my Twitter feed. Greg Hill W laugh if you would like through. Check that out robot uprising wise here's a 978 tax. Female here. I would like to take in yell out for Valentine's Day is longer she'll talk in that Russian accents. Dinner on me. That means a comfortable to kind of stunt because on the clients who have been let's color of Valentine's Day old enough. Brian. I know they'll be says well that's nice hey kid we bring it to be ample B gets one dollar Long Island I think it's cheap but it won't kid you not hit. Shall never and always feel. You know it's the best that bring it she handled the boys from it pull out an inch audio CUNY created negro volley any privileged to have softened our basic set to lick my face and typical police are. But if we can talk about that I would like to get his cognac and that but yeah. Yeah thick yellow Clinton. Did this techsters correctly she gets that we've tried before to get somebody. This is a bit of a conspiracy theory we've tried before to get somebody from Boston dynamics to discuss the robot uprising and they never come on moment is that it's not a part is not a weird conspiracy going on they never wanna be a part of the discussion that's why and robot with a hand is holding a gun to their taxes. Yeah. Yeah. If they care again recap our markets are. They could mean why I I can't because there's ago but he. 500 Elon Musk who wants you over here. We take you on most group with him on falcon heavy. And I. Will like antiquated. Ration technology electable of planned.