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Thursday, October 19th

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now it's your return to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll mail. Not great but I would want to know what car I got it. On WE. And hammered the Bruins game tonight. Avoid the going to be a drug Friday and I'm trying to gloss it over and we don't game. Ministering to him in much of the people my buddies got who's with marble of places that sweet every Europe on the ninth floor. Now attention responders nonsense not always agree time excellent and a lot fun excellent going to be snapping an island will be. I only use filter reason. Good explicit here filters the site I see it is that it just Mayo ketchup incidents I didn't notice that filter and Helen. And then like Mandela haggard and I had it about another. That directional and. Rate today's. The male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of lasting credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. This city of Boston CU dot com city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston. And here. Are you right now are the very best film I'll voice mail messages that have been laughed over the previous 24 hours or. Sudden boom boom then our all and welcome to I don't know I don't know what we do now is. We in me 818. And. Although there oh in the lender and can be true. Alone after we'd videotaped lake. And all of a woman we don't while you are Beckham. Got left out there could videotape kicked our. And and take care plan. OK then you. And then let it. If somebody says you snap Chad is amazing don't listen to the old man keep saying keep using filters. You'd keep abusing filters were blown on a oh and. Running out I got caught up. The man who beat him out there. At the hell I mean he. Bigfoot. Pig over his skills that are. My own Lou retton and. Political walk all people around your mind technical problem that route into the celebrate plus economic stay where a lot of people were. We enthusiastic about celebrating black and I'll say what effect it crap that the group would simply let a lot of albeit pain brick. And the message that that's become a national story. Walpole canceled there. Halloween costume. Parade. Me replaced him black and orange spirit nights than them ended down to one person dies. Right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts yes that's how that works. Five 47 and. Now you don't back it looked like pregnant. And look I'm not British Open yeah. When we looked at. I Dolan is public I see in my peripheral I don't talk to him so clearly wasn't that after. Growth and the what's your ownership stake and instead menus did the bar. What looked great last night the good guys really is even if you're gonna very good very exact and such a good guy. Twelve yeah. You know credit pretty ironic that Gordon Hayward and give that is it but certainly it you will not back in time but the ball got out. We're about Gordon Hayward Donald that the public will be back. That. Surprise you know and. While it is dances surgery was a big success I mean but I mean that might surprise. Us every building here. Listen last year. You know. They've you know he didn't think they gonna beat the bulls and pulled out and then it is the wizards and analysts we are small. Spoiled in that. People can handle it when we're not number one yeah McCain and ages eight and nine. Emotionally they can't wrap their. And I'll be out this technique that if I could do that I don't I don't I don't. They're certainly out that would guarantee I am proud to have the blimp could I have the cooler. Head right there and not some of them. Wounded men plotted and Roscoe in. The school there Pasco is. What we see older. I didn't believe. It might be let him know it happened already out there and that I'm a bit earlier walked in on right now within the app world. Include your message at you know I had a bar actually yeah on the one of your mind. And Georgia and anybody. How about the smokes that are constantly telling me outrage look but they won and continue with your shirt off. And they have seen today have their hours and went last comic ushered off during the show someone called so final verdict let's Annandale this. Mean they love the basic look in the and the surge and spike no pumpkin spice video the deflect any beloved. Looking to land and what they ended look for are out grab it and we talk about that. The bulk broad band to pick up repeat itself. Into that originally influence you go and time you don't. Won't O nine and. Coach Mark Few looked a little you've written to the north with chemical. And meet current cam cover band called the elderly woman. The public input and that. And yeah. Ottawa pile on but I did see a story in the news today about. Com. Both men and women. Who are concerned. Because there pubic hair has gone prematurely. At a a panel. Of Elliott. As panel if the problem. It's the panel its pick problem for some people who doesn't Schrager how would you know ideas there. Some people are really alarmed by this horrible little pool boy and. There can period. Can help you know how old. And you know I did and then how did. And now. Who who he. Thought.