Hill-Mail - Weed is Legal in Mass

Thursday, December 15th

The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each year returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resilience he'll make up. I imagine that I would bet they have photographing that you know maybe there's money there no doubt. I don't believe that's. And WAA. Eight today's home L voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of busting credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com. The city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston and here are the very best home L voicemail messages that have been left. In the previous 24 hours when only 1 PM. I wanna go to Mars the bad guys that do a whole RT click here that we go to them. And the month yeah. The wounded minutes into. We don't sign 34 PM all of our lives but script that is located here. Into that poly ethnic. Never gonna end does it matter they might and Oregon people not over yeah. Yeah Mac people forget about the shoot an optional people forget about this time incidents I know I know they will spiral 19 AM. Greg I'm never there if they do at the Department of Energy to concede that they came to try and find it says the department of. A wounded man who. A. I do enjoy being mean words shows C. Screen grab. A new site where it says ground and has been made the head of the humans it's. I think. In the Bill Clinton. By twenty turn. And yet. Stated that there isn't a marijuana he has the guys all 45 bunt the ball there and pulpit today I didn't. The morning today. And that that big day today. Smoke them if you got a Windows Phone 7 570. Man. And now they're still out there forever if there Hill Man Morning Show. And it will be an abundance of the year and yet. Oh. Wounded now. Would you put down your dad and his wouldn't you. When bullets at them. Who will you all again. At that get out of the current settlement over it up or go into now. Six 0:4. AM. How long warm again and that could live my mom as they concluded that. Not only bad defensive back and you know Pablo can Coke. And now on our farming it IKEA adios and as a you're hosting your guests. Adios amigos spiral. And DP oh man. Where. In is get. You know. And it makes you blow out my unload. The fact they get clarity today they asked you know I'm confident that I'm over. And now his. You're not allowed to do is go anywhere and smoking just just be aware a lot of confusion and that's. I don't know why there is well saving it now the only. I can't call and they don't drive it they don't I heard they just don't. Hear things in LA they hear yes marijuana legal and they think that they can puff where it to wherever they want a puff Wendy's I don't know that he excuse I didn't know is in a flyer on fourth no though let's hear respectful of those. You have to you have to be you're not allowed to do in public places. Five 47 AM. Well relatively good that the hinted about my future and LB now. Then yeah they're very good today. Let you bet if ever there are important. Connecticut. ITunes completely functional and completeness. Somebody was very upset. That you said onion. Where your go to Chile now wide onion rings are you want on our aggressive while guys onions all right out Brad said by Indians. This person said the death onions are joked that they're the de ya did do just complete. Weekly. Dust and I just satisfactory now unsatisfactory what are we to malvo have yet you know there Hawaiian brand of chip. Everything now behind us amazing I don't know the option on here but there's a whole line brand and I mean it's hard to climb but they have been onion ring ship now and onion ring check I had really. They cannot cook now that feel like the hotline bring wind usually our client but big man like cattle that either like it so much work ailing great. Life ordered I mean this is a horrible thing to say here but I don't like the Cape Cod that you see either. I do what I know willow I'm sorry my apologies won't minimize my realities on qualities these flavor to which deaconess referring the Hawaiian sweet now onion ring to it yet now we went out we yeah that's how we how we hand man who. Who want. Legal weaker dollar movie out of sing yeah yeah he's. Every little easier if you look at that in and they're all well and get them right there. My blog here and there. On that issue isn't my issue isn't rogue. Nations that it's called rove broke one row on row one. No ma'am I do not need to do let everybody know. I can't believe that duke on the radio doesn't know aim at the new movie is broken nation recognition and see what it would've been food they'll. Our rights.