Hill-Mail - Wanda Sykes, What Happened??

Monday, November 14th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WPA asked. Now each unit during did talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. They can't get out Stewart Apple Stock from the moment you're right it AM the last let it yeah. We've got to watch it grow and grow. And grow. On WAA. An. Army that she's here. I am AAA. Dramatic turn of events much to the chagrin of seven of you there are some listeners who are very unhappy. They might have been texting in the morning Ifill moderator Don tackles so listen isolate goes of everything on the show it. Fifties aren't people text and I love fifty people text there and get that get this guy out I shall I hate that city. Spouse comes by and visits with the Saudi of people say I love stats the laser show and hundreds they get the city about your doctor show. I tried to stay you know it would. I gave my notice in the very last day I was coming to staying Greg's. Deficits that we are actually out we're actually happy when we're all sorry I that offers no longer bailed out now you're out and set up a putt on pleases I thought last minute I was knowing I was coming down from my. We were doing that what do what do they call the rise up again I was coming down from the boom Mike all right so we Kool gonna combat amount. No no we just want the lead and having them do their eyes up for our congress and is using a lot of that is it that says we're gonna let you go and it. I day. Today's no male voice mail messages are brought to by the city of Boston credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston see you dot com. The city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston and here are the very best film L voicemail messages that you left over the last couple of days. Viable six. 17 AM. I get out so that is that is dated Mick go work while other voices than not and that that. Thank you didn't continue to do that I kept on his talking about they do. Well yes. Wounded that I shouldn't have counted and it and you want to write you know I was offense that Carol. And I think it's funny because everybody's like oh I don't wanna vote the question three for more humane areas to check and then picked up the Democrats meet ten dollars a pound project that we could tilt Donald Trump did putts on the back. Nobody can pick up married. Every paper audit all of that I've done for almost half the credit markets that have yet that's. Natural in a class white people wanna go pick programs that not happening on our product as log out and I ask me. Our center ridiculous standard everybody wants to illegals deported but they forget what kinds of jobs they do that keep price point of certain places both of them hit the. You're in for a shock people the Eagles are gonna cut up film and the. I think it's 6:21. AM. OK so Danielle and stay in the Danielle. I'm much more money did they give you look at the great did you get an American morning's Greg. Fluent that is the hero that act tired this. Because I love you its benefits rights and I'm happy for school how much want is edited did you sign a new deal us up again if I got ten more years two years but it's going to be weird when Gregg retired so open all the equipment and the day aren't going to be he would be here at times I can't believe you leave. You know what I feel like when you leave I'm gonna feel like that Donald Trump he either. That the whole world is gonna come to powerless. His wisdom zeal cannot when an inappropriate is truly it would suggest sweets I mean really are appreciated that a lot of listeners they don't wanna hear you. Just my house all morning I mean I like it matters segment of the ground telling you right people I wish. That I sometimes success happens as we saw just in case some was listening. If someone from Fox News is listening right now yes you guys are missing the boat on having Greg he'll have his own show called the failed. On your network period. I know that the hills this past my duty it occasionally have a ads and how you shouldn't do that is I don't I don't I I'm not I'm losing anyway you and it happens and Chile. Yeah how much you trust of a minute I never forget anything outside and it's amazing to me I'm pretty sure. You could rattle off a mocking attention on this but I'm pretty sure he could rattle off all 535. Congressman you know. A lot of people I respect people that adjustment in him and he's the president did congratulations for the four new ethnic groups that yes yes yes but it's. Welcome thanks. Something like yeah. You can do is an executive Louis and give the guy shot so let's let's say making tallies out. Now referred to a Bill Maher I was offered a ya program and I'm telling you that next day you guys are all be brainstorming how to have a show with Greg Hill not by nearly enough like to have a segment on naturally over. Well really it's definitely got the I. In the. I think it's 622. And again. Yeah I don't know a lot to be. Wolf that I couldn't. I felt thoughtful to have more time I'm kinda bad call in the morning and we can be tolerated but. There was good like a nice to have you back. You went on Kathy would have more time I had around examine them out drive in furcal back it's a friendly graphical. You. Fairway got Arnold's and it's and I want to put an image UPS only plan is to that's where and it's a phone. You. I don't think. 47 and again. I figured out a way. The fix the problem with all the protests that we've got to give them participate and so you know I'll hold it. And now. The I will say 48 and again. I don't think this thing. I want my so combined. The content and it opened and. And that he did that. But I think wooden Indian. It gave me out I'd love affair I'm glad you're still on the go. And I'm glad I had realized there's nobody even YouTube that. I disagree they'll be gone and there's a lot of money and that there are people that make millions of dollars doing videos on you to you know I. It's 1% thing but if you could break for you can make money I think sixty minutes is something recently. We did some in the rams star and give it does this. I got its name but he does this make this to us. Blow my brains they had him want to it's you talk about the kittens like a blonde haired surfer looking guy. And that's how we got his big thing was that he would you show up places and it was split. Yeah Logan paw they walked around New York City was and people were going blizzard growth. Like I was like it was like you know Paul McCartney was walking through Times Square. Now he makes. I think he said he made. It 2030 million dollars a year I don't know I don't mind off the endorsement yeah. They can afterwards that I get the art at record but it's like the sponsorship now that's if you have if you have the massive numbers. Then people are gonna pay for our ball they would admit it that's why did you feel it ain't done nothing in life but do you acting split millions of dollars and as guys at work and not off there it's highlighted in even make a buck it's just he's. Again he's good looking so because he's gonna look in and he can do an infant's weight. He's got he's got bodily bodily economy. He has he has bodily economy. I will think. Reconcile. And. Hold up today. Nintendo didn't come back there would do you know what I did the American. Yeah. And that message another member of the fan yell club as we call it here at WA AF I will think. 26 PM. Well you can hear good help in that particular Republicans in Washington can't resist the political reflex that nobody evil. And then a I don't know anybody who doesn't think he's gonna do a good job successful people. Are successful for a reason that's all I really wanted to say honestly so now truck he'd been elected president and his whole life is always well being the best. You think this may want to go down as the worst president ever. Where's he gonna do everything in his power to ensure that his legacy that he gets a statue. I especially Shay and Mike Martz has. It's. That he's gonna show quite like Lincoln. Like Washington. That's what he wants to do. EU wants to be the best ever he doesn't he's not satisfied with being a Jimmy Connors or Barack Obama he wants it go down as the best ever so but I don't think it's me it's gonna do bad a job yeah. It's only our team. I always I'm glad that he said last night on sixty minutes that he wasn't going to take a salary. I think that. It was a good move where I'm never coming into this championship is no I think I have to by law take one dollar Celtic one dollar yen pregnancy. I know what it is cumulative salary is 400000 you're doing gonna take this I'm not taking. Its. Think that's gonna pay his taxes on the one dollar and our hope is gonna various sounds hesitated he's on he's already promote Mike his hotels casinos on the gov website I haven't seen that now where is that I had thought hey look at. He had an irony is bottles and scrap the people don't really need it comes to body angle Reid listen LA UK you know how against the law that is it the constitution brought you my truck now the human weight body what's bullied specifically. What do you specific law I guess like the you know whatever incoming president get some kind of bio on whatever. Dot gov website and they reference like Obama had said. All the charity work he's done whatever you know that charity work that he did you mean are you going to get any organ acts against a birdies. Well it's. Odd I mean I love this okay so broad so also so I problems are they say like you know his explanation of what he doesn't it's not him speak it. If somebody who violent about it. That got anywhere there at all on White House the outcome all our time I'm up at. The prize is brought to you by trump golf course but he now that his but his bio would include the fact. That he has the real estate companies to hotels and things right you would expect they'll be in his pile of them bio doesn't respond that's what they're finally poets but yeah yeah logging and money in order you're really saying hey we got those who have been felt like we had them read that if that when they get so they can just put nothing is gonna. I'll trump you really think there's definitely want him who. He's playing great right now there's a right wild animals oh yeah. And I just in our I don't. There are no other agendas are. When you train on this one I think it's obnoxious that he's not taken money. But as the what do you do now as it just makes him seem just like a rich white. Sorry my brother he took four hours or rather the cities and take the money and donate the whole thing I just it's I agree. That he can that he doesn't need to take the money so I am really proud of the avenues that successful. He does he sounds so apparently he's a site or public Jews I don't know why don't you don't know half a million. And don't act like half a million is not anything but a lot of. He he when he. They fail somebody tackle the dec 2018. Got it from Cleveland make last night. Look what we pretty easy columns scared that it. And the timing on. Terminator and turning on the racket one and strongly they want Jimmy Collins back immediately upon thinking and again. Well it is Monday morning coming back from a three day weekend. And that you know let go but that's okay because my suit back on the morning. And the going to be pulling it won't come through the studio and Greg and grant them spot so. But that they're now in the film. And then that almost got it and if if you weren't here yet. It would've just been me and shoot this morning yet LB no show at right yes dropped so it's I can't buddhism that oh website. Great again dot gov. Great again www. Grade again Doug go rates again Antarctica and the incoming by now look this thing rate again dot. Well look. A little tomorrow. Public debt and am we've got one of the right in the trunk filled in the gulf. Now it. I got to believe that. That was not the way camp wanted that offense tonight. On Saturday and not analog and other they were I'd I I'd. I don't know who I'm assuming came probably track I might be wrong I can't speak for him yes but at a charity event. I feel like he just let that go up there and be funny he could be funny it's his it's pollute if you had a spent 'cause operator trying to get back on the radio driving. Are what is what is wrong it was so frustrated and I am a whole situation iron from all of us are oblivious to. We didn't do it all again. If they don't do that one alcoholic anonymous we admitted that we were I would all the Paula allies. Come on. In my wallet and backpack. Home that message. Probably be back tomorrow. I would assume our pal I'll be will be back tomorrow and you. Back here and asked in that area. Well this is. Big game last night easily being human no bigger events big game last night. 24 and again. You like back he it will work. O o'clock o'clock am art a lot of one that night. Match Hingis that she shouted hazy. And he won't rule him. Heard read a lot of well. Little. But I hope all rolled through not making them water. We got them out or are reported threat that we know well a couple of ball over good car. Well a little bit and move although from the people of their political radar block that out old girl at a good. Did an ordered mind occupied border barred battle that he'll win in Prague know what Saturday at triple double quadruple. And I did. And then that gentleman never fumbles the ball. That was the bugs is it now says that's not boasts that that loss is not on clubs on the defense. And eighteen DN. They're great now that no good period no. Go anymore and you get a hot. Lucrative paid the bill in order blocked off the shelves. I don't know what view of the. And then that it's. I wanna stay. And I stay I really am I Wednesday what for what it is and I know I I left four years ago but I want to stay where I'm putting money in the budget to pay you would mean does that OK okay I told them hiring part time iphones and I I should apply that has that's a I don't old. Angola. But there will be in woody did not. Bad luck. Police there. And now he could do it is today Wednesday at that. All right thank you very much for participating. This Monday morning daring home.