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Friday, December 16th

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to do talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show is ends he'll make up all watch prepared that record your. Quiet on WA eight. That is Joseph WA epic WA AF HD one less robust than WK the W the HD one Brockton Boston and today's home mail voice mail messages proxy by the city busting credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on low mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs in war. Does it city of Boston CU dot com the city of Boston credit union uniquely bonds are all right let's get to today's adult male voice mail messages. They've been 905. AM. And then can fellow owners. It's not that tough if you can contribute well you're doing it you can't multiple run doing it can import. And it's true. Ernie you voted Hampshire yes on board for four I was really born I was torn because you know field commercials tonight I mean I don't smoke modern day. Yeah about it that's why are used to smoke pot everyday used to smoke pot every day like in fifteen years I haven't smoked pot for like twenty. Yeah I haven't smoked it yet every day you know I don't smoke on you know it's gone on I have nothing against it yeah I actually love the smell. We love the smell that putt on him. I don't know I would trust that brought us wo ball screen right here. The smell of it and identified everything about products that. Getting high at. I mean it's so unfortunate because you know look like I do well here. What you can get you can get the really good stuff I pray at fifteen years ago you everybody's hit him that now you could really I and I really tried the newspaper go to rebuild. I want. Out of the he had all of that. It's there. There's only 436. PM. It's great I'm so glad that these these I think it then grab it shoot it. Does that mean he could grapple. As well. And then that his. Massachusetts. There hasn't useful 40 PM. I've gotten back. I'm news that. I don't think back and yeah. Yeah. I've. Yet that didn't. Wounded men who is monkeys right over there in case anybody needs their shoes tied and Jeff Jardine will take care bitten. I think it was a nice gesture one man to another and I'm on the one thing I don't know why the big hullabaloo about it. Yeah ever got Ernie have you ever had. Anybody tie your shoes while you're running a five K and you think that's a big deal of Johnny's and I'd. I was running the five today and I stopped to say hello there patty Sheehan Johnny tie my -- I think it's good it's effort to edit thing it's a nice thing to push for a runner yeah after an hour right from a runner so Disney and without Taj. What they have the new Nike one that they have the ones without the Ottoman soft sell that's cool. And our box yeah the meat of laziness I can't I mean yelling. Meanwhile what's her without my domain doesn't mean that that things should be we should celebrate lazy and television matter. When we celebrate laziness in this country remembers we celebrate everything else and like when people are. You know people I mean is that diversity like it if we'd rather than mocked the lazy we should celebrate believe that always looks like chance accounts yeah. You you can use velcro. Why you know. If you used cockroach shoes you know you and you and you'll hear this letter is. The elderly plastic welcome hundreds of always wondered why don't they have this deep. That you don't have to watch and that's the great great question why they do that. Great class the late great four time Stanley Cup champion which warring. Back in the early eighties the came out with. Velcro. Skates or really choose to velcro straps and went over the boot it's something that I've always listen I've never understood why. You have to put on. Nine pieces of equipment can't they just make it in the suits me just step in and out and put teachers you know they try to recoup were all but not you know. Yeah it is it's crazy I don't understand myself why why why would you just have something like you zipped it up what are good enough that. Expert and that's an excellent yes it's. If this gets the best guys expert. I don't Ernie looked like you're going to venture with your northeast now in their ally doesn't look like all morality you know like five degrees out there. There's only four. 41 PM. Senator you're one of the guys my friend and I hope you come back reincarnated and I believe it could with hello all. Yes. When it was yeah that was that Craig Sager died there yesterday and I mean really did a great job. When it comes to the NBA I think he's on TNT for 26 years and you know is is it's fashion sense and assets are snappy to rest of them. There's only 5:27. PM. And an editor of the day it at any huge bite in the bill. Many people there in Tampa grateful that they could on the back on to Egypt at the same equipment there are on the move out ought to look at throughout the Mexican. A message. Do people think 26 to him. Put it during ruined it and called replied that they await tomorrow are put fear that my nipple might be the content. Is Mary Ann. And very political and get a layer over the last thing it's happening and very very cold it is gonna warm up by by this evening but for most is dated a single digits. Now what do they are you. It's dangerous if you don't run your car. For for a long enough period at the sheriff's started out let it get that let the oil get everywhere it's supposed to do then drugs don't turn on golf don't wanna go to gasket she's. You could hurt them. There's only 7:29. PM. That include combat blog. You have proven that are very rhetoric that would not involve a bit nerdy. Remember when you're not generated president of the united they hula present the most important country in the world. Not now. Wounded men opt opt out. We're informed. Well at the Abu Ali is out with working for Russia obviously it's I don't know if I believe this guy and but Julian Assange said yesterday that he wanted to make it clear that. All of via Wiki leak dobbs. From John Podesta is email he was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager none of that none of it came from Russia. So I don't know do you go out and lamp do you believe Julie entered into thinking is not to be trusted and I dived on the jury does he have any credibility earned. Oh. I think he does but I I don't like them. You don't like them now. Some people think WikiLeaks is as you know it's very important. It's you know. And now I mean if if if Russia were to be interfering in our elective process that would that would certainly be. Being an issue but not because but there certainly packing a mean it there that the Russian hackers. Are interfering in everybody's bank accounts and their debit cards and everything that day out of their party they're doing it on everybody. If you want a business in right United States yes you are a human yeah you're getting hacked you know there was. Do assists a long line in Newton. That day. They have to chew. And froze to computers and had to turn it on by meeting a guy with big points and really an incredible you're kidding me no I'm not that's how they that's how they had to get how they thought they had on frozen had a meeting got their personal they had get get it coins the and which words you know Islam law that's like unbelievable. And yeah and they it was obviously that thousand dollars I think victory. And I that I believe that's happening all over the and I thought I. No it's more like I don't know what would be were. Protect our own op not I don't eat healthy and got a third after an honest I mean it's that whether it's State Department emails or or John but at the Miami you know it's kind of on asked this of course they're gonna try to do that everybody. It it's it's going on as you say yeah and and minor beautifully written businesses. Six. Giving it. Acts in the air it's every day oil though there they've that means that there was that Wal-Mart just cut a whole bunch of people just at their card numbers. General I think his Wal-Mart in planet where a whole bunch of people there are mistaken so. And Yahoo!. Yeah Yahoo! how huge is that I didn't know illegal incredible all due respect what you need to complete hockey note what was the world is all around other trying to make of car all these people are trying to make the car the political guard Yahoo! guys that. I'd go ahead. To move more eat. I am I did they look like important. Out of control all court. I know this is our guys back guys they. Try to run over it is only India both of them delivered pleasant way to go out. And I. You really have. No idea. He'd given current credit he's given up and get out I think in the said that not doubt that is why at the bottom. Yeah I thought well. And then now that the buck is here we. Gigantic collection of toys that have been donated this morning and they keep coming in so. Wanna thank everybody came down this morning and has donated to always. Four pots and the marine certainly thank you and they're loading everything up and and keep comment it I forget about it from a sheer volume one view let's yeah. This is early to have this passes this much years so I Ellison the coolest Georgia Weasley Conchita in Beth Duff yeah it's wait a couple of them we were kids entirely. Optional. We have some pretty cool toys danger. Yeah operation was. I want my hair. So I don't know. That was fun for borrowers. Don't. Get better singers than non. Don't forget about Zhang ya. One one of my all time favorites don't break the ice number another classic it's. Almost you know has that story and so we'll. Good pick a better pack of smokes down the cornerstone. Played out on. You could pick one of stick to what about you can forget stick what about strictly go global wireless and TV you go to John Z. You gotta yeah you've hot wheels props because they they're still around Ariel crushes them around hot wheels and then match boxes. I mean Barbie is the old course. Look at gigantic. I'm surprised I'm surprised that in the name of the political correctness Barbie has been on the run the country I mean railing. What they didn't they do they have a borrowing. The figure wise to change your finger here figure which triggered proportionally not perfect shape and data exists yeah and body of a meter from. Here's the Texas says he noticed Greg just mentioned both games in which someone with party hands can be successful yet include operation operation and Jeanette and it's true. All twisted what about twister twister coastline to Mr. Bush listeners. Full moon he she is Ian. Apollo eight coming out I'm going to make it help they'll go about Brett the prime politic and then I put together. And I. Well Dan Wheldon can figure out how they feel noble is no message here participants throughout applies here.