Hill-Mail - Thanksgiving Advice

Wednesday, November 22nd

Each day, we play the best voicemail messages from the past 24 hours! Today, a caller has some advice for Greg after the incident he won't speak of that happened at Thanksgiving Dinner last year.


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark are always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents we'll mail. Yeah I want to know that my confidence. My grandpa done it yet. On W India. After the 978 Texas says it's actually Turkey tartar. And learn little. I I. And today's till male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union with all the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union checking account service today. And here for you now are the very best bowl male voice mail messages that have been left over the last 24 hours. To me if this doesn't kill him. And then I that the the path the path. Lou within 48 hours. But we didn't do it collided while. Am I listen I know what John Edwards is known. He was on. Life support though I mean how much damage really is in year talking about them who is already on life support. Feeling more guns. Needed to kidney. You know I feel your hands on that show a lot of a lot of us of a certain age. Watch the Partridge Family after school and and you've been it was a part of our lives going up and I realize it surely Jones. Who played mrs. partridge yeah was married in real life to David Kass sees bother. Well yes those few months she was his step mom. We're seeing. There's more. Shouting. At times been a little bit of I attempt activists say relationship but I think we worked everything out last time we would David Cassidy David. I think yeah yeah I'm not sure about that but did you just saw a player love this idea that we've worked everything doubt about that. Zach including audit has been a bit why not. I mean there is some kind of an incident where we are playing hard thing bell in be hitting golf yeah and it all definite. Bell and the cop that morning radio hysterical. David Cassidy we had a very. Bit of an argument on the show that. We were able to have announces publicly but we were able to to talk before it path and that repaired. Only then he'd been there a fix something that is by the way how he is half half Brothers with Shaun Cassidy and then make another teen heartthrob and in my youth. Because their father and same father. Sweet sixteen magazine. Absolutely cover. On twenty and Lohan. Got a mobile they're the ball that there is an old little and way to go drag it done now. Bomb hidden hand at impact it. They've all WA AF morning though there's that they've found the glory days because this thing. Today. Wideout caught on war game on that note right there with everybody happy if they they have given me. Newton. Morning. On the net and Scott reached out on Twitter after being suspended from the show yesterday and said he understands the suspension. Wanted to know how long it was four. And you'll be honoring suspension width. Okay from. From the show I feel like we have to change his name now. That it got from Wayne that because we have got into semi now we have got home it's only goes so it's which is named Scott home full and went. From. Got a homophobia from Weymouth it's like Lou Lou lemons format Santana thing. Five 47 I am. We'll let you guys are rapidly Iranian great award goodbye you know police move. I'd say Coke and around the world no disaster should. You share shepherd exploration. Why shouldn't let that flipped garage. Floor and. Pride that we already have one that they actually did. And it's Friday this is a great damage there most people back out of the that's around eleven or twelve. Go for a little liquid lunch. Been leaning in and Tony and make their way. Picked away homeward homeward. They are homeward bound. Well it. I'm I'm I'm going overboard and your mosque because it feels like Friday and I think. But there today make their home and then of course get together with everybody and celebrate come in and the big. Huge drinking. When everybody gets together with they're old high school classmates and those two local watering holes and and renews acquaintances. Course. You really don't have to renew acquaintances anymore because of FaceBook where in the grammar social under its eyes. One person not on FaceBook in your. Effort went to high school them. Hope everybody is great safe night tonight and a map would be a map I've I'm probably gonna go out but I got it. This though gobble and I've been a while silently into the comment that doing so little waters is something tonight. First and long past the winner take a lot of please. Oh man oh man. It can get it. I got paid the debt burden well. A woman you can see on my Twitter feed this woman was boldly. Breastfeeding at Disney because it is there were some women it is the tourists at the twos breastfeeding on the rides. In line and the guides and there's a sign though it is in a link to that story on my Twitter feed this morning's. Well we talked about it earlier would policewoman and thank hit credit and all of our helping wounded now. We learned earlier that Thanksgiving holiday in which you are most likely to get pregnant. Walton who won and. Got a moment I don't live in Orlando. And but clinical. Yeah yeah. Why didn't they can go yeah you know I had a good and the bad and that and then you know I did that about him logo has the blue. Hello ball quite low end of that though we live over the fact that we have. Hey you've got to go because I didn't. Then. And the man who just correction to delve into it little story about themselves during the interview with the gas I mean that's kind of his thing. Correction. I'd never been to Mexico City my view was do you want right T one right now. At her views Suter is suits will be in the papers thumb that true or not the opera fresh Wikipedia the ribbon I don't. Legit question that I'm question what is two I. I haven't we learned that the adult explanation of what you did would you like that bully got into an answer and then there's nothing looks like a lot there's nothing more Symbian. Lead stuck in a hotel for five days is a lot of things worse than that actually a lot of repeatedly a lot of people listen to justice said I can't Lotta Lotta people care what people and I tried a lot of people is is that put the slain in a minute online breaking news pacing albeit not relatable a lot. The people or make it in the left a lot of people our management three or 45 million. You know and they would not mind being stuck in a hotel for a week in collar. Don't care if kitty 50000 calories just on the right now. Gathers news there's not a big deal there's a young lady Diana that is not the other than seeing the same dome and relate fine days Enron and a lot of us a life. She sets a real money meant. A real problem. Now. Somebody is with regard to the discussion. About Thanksgiving being the holiday in which you're most likely to get pregnant. We have obtained. These stunning audio. From several years ago. In which a wife who licences program was concerned about what her husband. Did to her every Thanksgiving Lou with the regard to. Lovemaking and Turkey and we are going to have a rare constant replay of that right after. We finished playing your home now voicemail messages that was. Referenced at the start of today's show. 700. And I bet man on the radio already you know have so much lower than what. Well done it ever got into that game. People you bowl there you'd be going to bow later over the weekend in Pennsylvania they gallon down there. When you leave it. Leaving tomorrow. Known and so yes tomorrow morning extremely early tomorrow I'm gonna get up of the usual time you are Pia and throw the permit Waterman in the car it's. Time timeline on the season area hours and eight and see what what oh what part of Pennsylvania is it is it Indiana Pennsylvania it's about like 45. Minute. Northeast of Pittsburgh you know it's reading this morning that. Pittsburgh is the number two's city in the United States who retired to. At race city. Because of Indian do you know what's number one. You're gonna think for now I will I or Arizona. You know do on the number one city to retire to his US don't know Boston. Four loss that I didn't know Smart and bottle out there and that's why yes because of the hospitals yes yeah yes and now out to make the average this is going to be scary right here. For those of you like me who are. On the back nine of life. The average person. The average person will spend between 550000. Dollars. In the last third of their life out of pocket medical expense in the wa through an 200 to 300000. Out of pocket and so. Boston and Pittsburgh are they they had a whole bunch of factors but medical care was number one in. Also affordability was it was one of them apply. I a census data right okay is she comma if you haven't. Well you referred to death. Boy I I wanted to get a target for the replay on that thing yeah. The economy is never Alex are or you're just talking about the top starters I wouldn't it weighs 300 brand you know clearly we're not afraid of death or you're not clearly not afraid of it so waited years saying that if you get sick you're not gonna go to a doctor. Really learning the attack Ka Ka idea yeah I started all the time I'm going to be a bird's comment and a lot of things only gonna steal 300 grams from Annie and well I'm from the jump you'll do that before he'd we're gonna have a party. Yeah I have a party invite a bunch of listeners. Nominated Georgia thought of a plane and not pull shoot. Apparently Pennsylvania this is 617 text on the tech needs stepping excellence excellent. Pennsylvania also does not hacks not retirement in come out that that and that's another reason why Pittsburgh would be great city are setting up a corporation in Delaware that benefited now. Well that's for that's for a lawsuit purpose and let it be set up an LLC in and I Delaware Antonin nobody can ever attract you make your papers and looking I.