Hill-Mail - Status On Tom Brady's Hand

Thursday, January 18th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now it's your turn to talk about. That's what we're seeing here. I didn't know. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail on W a death. Today's tell Mel voicemail messages but if you by the city bus in credit union with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements. Or obnoxious monthly service fees like the big banks check out the city of lasting credit union and their checking account service today. Or police woman and Ian. Baker I would. Have them work better without it biting. Yeah it's. Our real healed educated your system. I didn't hate the system. Although the system brought us the Stanley Cup but I didn't like the system. Cleared added. Proud. Check out sharpening my scary Stratford random and you can't do anything about it. LB was LB include Julian got into big argument because they'll be late to go over there for the complimentary skate sharpening and close it and closed said who is this the food Rangel comes in in the middle of our team meetings and gets it's aid sharpened. And then sites chat it up with the fellas get them out of here. And he kicked buyers out of that water on me how is it was arson after country. How dare you I mean how hood who cares nobody kicks Lyndon byers out of anywhere. Time to. 21 AM. I need will help you might pick acquired I don't know that that overlap some of the old I would sit raises. Are you wanna go get some concern app. We're live they know that the only people that work you know blown out of a hundred but never as a. And now he's so. One day Casanova you'll our content to a pool and then. You know Greg I think it was kind of unfair that as bad as they they'll be yet now. In Kabul Nolan thought at nine out of eleven. You know I don't know yet remember those five words that you know that's a little while other guys that you know when the concussion protocol developed. The life you know I think it looked. You pick back you know you're great at a current I don't know how many brands of if you've never been there in fact that it you can get Obama haven't we'll put you know why I'm voting news category. And the message. You remember any of the five words during the cognitive tests from yesterday. Bottom real yeah it's not yeah not that. I'm only drive drive you get too nice and remember the book then the other the other three. Now know. On me and then. Tech. They have data out Brady ended. A great candidate that ma act act act act. We're now. Is there is something that we're not being told. About the the hand of the ghost I don't. I don't think he injured so badly unit in hand are that he needs that's the doctor. The guy's been on the limited participation. More us just every we. Bird eighteen years are you saying this is subterfuge. Where we're trying to throw the jaguars. Make them over confident they're all they they probably cancel practice today and they sent off. Tom Brady's hand is broken we don't even have the practice we've got this thing locked down but I don't worry about it it's like a day off go to the beach enjoy your cells. 601. AM. If that was the double check to get out of there about probably. Well it won't end. And the message. You know trying to. Trap me into thing about it when he's. And it's deflated and don't think we're counting on number on the end here pressure machine detect Afghanistan and. And voltage and the standard practice. So we went through as well it tells. I mean you're going to be here metals and the questions that some people are asking. That's Joseph Belichick. 28 all out. Maybe people don't believe. Com. We could cut it lies about every and the love that big big thing it and called it. Definitely hear all let me go. In medicine noted that then another thing that they're upset about. OK so he was reported. By his doctor to be an inch taller yeah probably wears lifts in his shoes he's probably the kind of guy who wears list. Highway data you wouldn't. Karros. You're casually funny I was I I was in my truck pulling out eight holes garage after maddening shameless. And I do I do was walking. With those walking shoes have you seen those they have the souls that are there. I don't know there there were routed their grounded on the front in the wearing black cat just say hey I got to shape ups and and and the souls like an Internet happened mark now. Maybe looks almost banner. Looks to me yeah. According to being there replacement for the broad center there's going to be either got. An old the girl. Gotten guys. An old guy. Immediately. More. You know what also tried out. Wounded men finished. God bless blasts. Ramirez courts and will soon land. No revenue and put them quote bloated. Unbelievable it is. And of the national. And glad thank you applying and that at all I have a 2013. It right after the marathon walk. And I'm glad after they retire at this thing and the thing. And now a good idea. Can't might be listening. Donnie Sweeney might be listening how about rather than get somebody to come out and saying the fans just sing it every single mine article a week now. If anybody can do it will be Bruins fans heart and soul heart and soul lunch pail. Working class candidate they would absolutely. Dude I Lee that's I think that's that's a good idea. And certainly Renee ranked court as an ounce of fuel this is that he's been singing the anthem at the garden. 442. Years and he is calling it a career. 703. AM. Worried about how big guys that are actually going at it as Billy you've been cocktails before you drive. What is. If you live. Into that well I do and I do imagine being offended sixties Gerrard because I was a duo or we're going to limit the amount. That he excellent easiest example is just colleagues and arsenal and Eamon thinks the re cocktails and had any effect on your mind I kept. Three this hour and a few areas that are injured twelve people if I can bother him. I'm gonna make these things. Are. So tough by the way thank you for participating during a home.