Hill-Mail - Sologymy

Friday, May 19th

Each Day, we play the best voicemails of the previous 24 hours! Today, most callers chimed in on the topic of Sologymy!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now it's your entered its shock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll mail. I'm Dan LP and bonfire. I'm like all our goal every day. John WAS. Never mind the romper LB is going for the genes that we talked earlier where you can on the zip. The bottom of the genes and turn them into immediate shore it's that's that new fashion trend for man. The email romper of the rob him and the genes he can spend the couple hundred bucks on and they immediately turn into. Shorts or if it gets cool I guess he can put the bottoms back diamond. You ready apart today you're ready for a broke party ten years later cargo pants and did that they did they have them the only guns that scenario is their cargoes long cargoes from the winter cargo shorts for the summer. Well. Today's till Mel voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com the city of busting credit union uniquely Boston. There's been 9:41. AM. Greg says he knows what Kobe will be didn't think it you figure if you walk in the door from work. No he doesn't what Kobe will be your thinking is stepped out Baptist Benedict he's been trying to elope all of our might food. Organic. They elect Coby king consume a couple of a gigantic paddies of deal or bad or beeper whatever that we're chicken or whatever it is and about. Or second in the album oh my god yeah the food is gone in five seconds now Danielle yes on the marriage thing in 617 text there. Is thinking of this since we just had your mom on the show this week then how does your mom feel about your position on not getting married techsters. I'm of the marriage doesn't define my life you know united. At this that thing is I think a lot of people have this false notion that in order to be considered successful on and haven't had a successful life you have do. In a certain job and get married have kids in car wash. Thing and it's he'd seen more and more people that are just miserable and I prefer to wait and to me honestly does not perfect time that. I am someone who tries to air on the side of caution and say hey like let's make sure that this is really where we want a big and steady minutes. My first choice parents and my mom and dad my mom and dad basically so she ended up. Coming to Boston on vacation for Christmas as my girlfriend when I was nineteen years old yeah. And no issues on the fill our whole life you know our whole scene here in high school. And skimp per week. And I your phone call late in I don't know marchers for whatever the deal is saying that we're having a baby in my father my mother told me. That he let him area yes if your benefit I don't do the right thing in merrier you're not welcome in our home now see that's now on camera and it's basically ruined it ruined realized through it two years you know what you know which I was busy trying to stir. Rachel career yup she was busy trying to start a life and then next thing you know. You know what should it happen news out of taking care you know the fine finances and do whatever and tip my. Eye on the prize which would have been an NHL career and who knows were would have booed when I went but I was basically unsuccessful. I was divorced by the time I was one more I'll tell you where it would Atlanta. NHL hall of fame in Toronto where I gotta tell you kid that's what I was sniper that's good points in my first eleven games that's finding out that where that's where it on. Or we won't AM. Mr. President make people feel we're not certain that the FBI investigation seriously would that be an accurate statement and that they've put I think. However although it is until people become implemented that law. Queens. I'm glad he's. The he's. But not having that could play the patent and we'll yeah. Look cool that. I mean. Where. At queen's. And then that political economic on the comic I am really I enjoyed them enjoy the press conference yesterday where. In the middle of that lengthy question and outs. About the FBI in Russia Flynn. The president just is that a no and that's smaller onto the next. Did you at any time birch former FBI director James coney in any way shape or form to close sort of backed down investigation into Michael Flynn and also as you go out. No. Next question they ask questions. As you look back over the past six months or year. Have you had any recollection where you've wondered if anything you have done. Has been something that might be worthy of criminal charges in these investigations or impeachment as some on the left or implied I think it's totally ridiculous everybody thinks. No I everybody everybody. I know no doubt that the oh. And non Indian. Yeah forget about it via a lot now I have a mine mock. But they are helping with the ball gag and it's loud that no longer. But the beating Canada on and anything can the other people a lot guys. And now. Totally believable totally believe that if you're gonna. Wear them male romper of the rob him then you better tape before him there media the media wardrobe malfunction. While seated at the at a beach bar. At some point over the summer. And 070. Man. If we don't lose your vote doesn't know much about what it's not even who yet. If that's been let off the political pull or eight Alter that empower our fitness and he's been a lot more back. Combine that. Aggressiveness that. I'm just nervous about. That your. On one are gonna put him out on a night that's a great thing about baseball is there's that game memory. Today so it's things can change. Things can turn on a dime when it comes to baseball what's a bigger loss for you having to shell out for the furniture at the hope he's you've been shelling out every week to your therapist just talk about this stuff. That depth. I need this he's one of those cell therapy things that the public escaped there'd be things. You while you're watching Netflix him also and not so yeah half balls and I haven't on this ball screener. Cool and then. Yet Greg Perry epic fail on an. No doubt that windy yeah I wouldn't I'm not a I. A and more than nineteen million. India are part of a Metallica. And bar crap every comment I did not hit. It's no they don't went. Penske and then Jonathan Wright and his job and that it was the president of the New England Patriots Jonathan Kraft to. Was a competitive as a youngster was a competitive tennis player and so was ours one thing puzzles on the pro circuit. It's cool because not as I was that these. Fourteen love that support you loud. And by the way. When it comes to Napster. I am would you allow the Lama. To work for free and now so why should we worked for free. 7:22. AM. And it went to pick out who it is more apparent that order wrought. Now in a book but the problem that we will then inland. But they are. There air it at Burton they way that they. So. We did what. A. I want to boom and. And the countdown and didn't win their you know they're claiming it very whoever got into NASCAR I don't know not registering. Wow 21 and I'm. Early in no way it looked at pregnant. Man laptop and knew that I try to do that so I. Now I give her battery would get on the work. I do know how to have sex and have done that included but it won't. Doesn't need me and number one yet at a lot in the wedding and batteries. Or die and lot all the batteries. In this message. So log me lot of young women. Are choosing to marry themselves. And an official ceremony. That I have to worry about having a partner. Or old. That we will ever know what they're gonna look that portfolio let's look at the clock to get there every bit the they're very well as you know it always has them commitment to continue in a oh I did not fare well later that night. I live until one we didn't fire there at all. Already do that that could put it into my eyes and looked at it like a bear and well they're both thought LB yesterday. No I don't think you heard what Greg could we get. What message source that is not real Damien omen that state David Andelman I don't know how they did maybe he'll check in this morning in and about whether he won its charity boxing match or not last night gave us the first two rounds that 13 on all three judges' cards close decision very close that I Rangel good for him when he raised the a lot of money for cherries good yes.