Hill-Mail - Shannon Again?!

Tuesday, November 15th

The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unitarian dude talk it as they Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians will match up. You know. Everything didn't leave these non. That left very very. On the W hey hey. It was it was weird it was a weird day yesterday. Danielle was leaving. And then she was here. LB was here and then he wasn't here it was just it was a very very strange day. Everybody is back this morning and today's home L voicemail messages are brought to you. By the city of busting credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans. First time buyer programs and more. Visits city of Boston CU dot com in the city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston my apologies by the way everybody's texting and about. How old horrendous. The both signals are today both 97 point seven and one of seven point three and I don't know fifth super moon related. Or king to hide to related. Or let you weigh whether it's kidney solar players because we're not seeing any Sunday night. I'll remind you that if indeed you you do go to one of seven point three more than 97 point seven. And have trouble hearing us can always download the app and then you don't have to worry about that and to download the app all you have to do. Is text the letters ATP to 971 of seven cell if you text the letters ATP to 97107. You'll have are out and you can take it wherever you go whether you're driving your word walking or running. In psychosis. Us Ian running to real quick. T. Ideal foundation jingle all the way five K is rapidly approaching and we I'd be more. A view of signed up earlier than ever before so I wanna thank you for that but if you haven't signed up yet. And you want Iran AA record breaking five KK swing at me. And go to the Greg health foundation dot org that's the Greg Hill foundation dot org. And this is and every year embraces Christmas we don't run away from minute. We have people come dressed as. Els says elves I'm sorry holes. As Santa Claus as mrs. Claus. As there are controllers. There is gingerbread houses in gingerbread cookies and all that Christmas stuff that this event. What kind of retired and we expect commute this year and could do the same I always Wear my ugly Christmas sweater and run in in I'll I'll probably get a new ugly Christmas sweater for the event. But we reward. Those who are dressed mostly Christmas with prizes and the funds that are raised go to assist local families. Through the Greg gill foundation so the event is on December 10 if you haven't signed up yet you get food and Libya. Afterwards and there's music in it's just and not some Saturday and December so Saturday December 10. The Greg Hill foundation jingle all the way five K and I we'll see you there for that. And now the very best home L voicemail messages of the previous 24 hours. 7:50. Am. Download only named after that I can't that. They didn't like about the good old big important and. And then that money don't we even go to Canada it's a statistical. I know I gotta think homeless people and threatened mountain on that that and then Italy's. The minimum have left the or home school oh man. I look I don't know that would it would ordered a couple of well but the radio Lou. So you're voted the most important in an opponent that there's not much but it was that the public mood I think was that it. Who belong. What he thought about looking him. Not yet out up here. And you want him death that's that's our people are very happy that you're staying and some people want you to go. That's you know that's the way it is miles on this program you know. I'm half a dozen others are for one I'm very delighted thank you I'm very happy here very very delighted very very. Here is eight. Text asking if the five K is just a dog friendly. And I will tell you that it is however don't get into the scenario that I was in in last year where. I'd brought will be will be. To run with me and it nearly killed me right does Kobe refused to lock right keep up with yeah I was like hey. God can we lock a little bit here slow down stop dragging me uphill. He'll be well be yes or stick in it for it is god friendly and we would love to have you dog dressed up like dog equalize or whatever. Jingle all the way five Gary. Learn to me only fourteen and not. Right. Here. The nerds won't let them then that is that. So I am and implement. The I think it. Heat between me and. Am glad. Look we didn't go. Clip played and then a ball again. Let them have been able to count the mobile Lipton. I voted for trump and put them my address. So they'll come to my home and couldn't get that. Well listen earmarks and kind of things some people like him. Some people can't stand it went back to back a wildfire in chanting yes I mean if that doesn't make you line jump off coverage I don't know if that's who. Very sad emotional animal signs Shannon and wild fire London crude 43 pull him. I feel I didn't even know they are all of our kids did you know. I look at times and I'll let her daughter. London if you're in Gardner yesterday now now. Just. The went to the Marine Corps ball on what was that's Saturday night Saturday night where was that I had the our convention center excellence got a nice and good maestro over the west and seaport doubled tunnels phenomena that is a great hotel over the area Boston area a must stay. Sense quite an event the Marine Corps ball there was it was amazing here is the Marines in their families and all over the country who has liked I think thirteen hundred people some sort of it's crazy crazy cool not a bunch of your own systems are amazing book. Oh man. He didn't and won't be totally don't go to a long record net. We gonna work. I got there but there. His employer. Feel I don't think the nation's it's now that I don't know that spans is doing extensive Cory Jackson had I just don't think. We all. Well there could. Rick a blue. All right but we're up also are both part of the letter to cover them and implement the United States but what the big but none of them. Oh very good glad. I. Maligning trump. I mean probably right up there we is that Jackie Kennedy when it comes to beautiful forests ladies. Can you. Who would anybody else that you would add that. That list of course you know we now. We don't we're not sure what Martha Washington look right we only know from from photo from a paintings of I mean senator manhunt I was married and didn't wouldn't T well well I had I was reading that everybody had rule will wooden teeth and and that he wants it. He was known for taking him. Out on I'm an. Occasional Friday night and you know and say about it. I think Malulani is certainly. As First Lady we've ever had something. As if she is go to notes making first lady's grade again dance with them you know. What do you think of the concern. Mostly from New Yorkers students about Donald Trump saying yesterday that he might be a commuter president. That he still. And and basically I think this is because he went into though he got into the White House any figure out the places got a madame writer Jennifer Katrina like event iPad compared to have to Trump Plaza yet. But he was he he said yesterday that. He wants to commit a lot where he might go home. To our city that's NBA a huge the pain in the yeah all the New York people are all upset because I don't I don't jams and and a cholera Somalis Clarence. They have value in certain areas that Secret Service increased presence of security can be met but again. In this country a lot of people telecommute like you and our president telling us. What can this guy been in the people who sit tight and the problem who needs 12100 people around him distracts everybody else's day you know Washington. They're prepped for it it's you know the White House and the surrounding areas are set up for a New York City and not so much. I think you'll find the Secret Service. Tells him what he can and cannot do and that'll be a bit of a rude awakening for them. Who won and how wrecked exact same thing there we've got you yeah it won't hold little in the top spot near. How won't. Matter maybe. You. Now. Without the net app today that is getting out today Brandon Bass sea finally. What a miscarriage of justice that was. Not to be serious. About it. The Jews. This is the. And how you live with a yourself if you're the police detectives. And you do what you did to somebody who obviously. It has a mental disability. And it's. He is I mean he he's out he's gay or is there is getting getting aria. Federal judge ruled yesterday that Brendan das C. From. Of making a murderer fame from Netflix must be released immediately. And they do and how you live with the yourself that cares. Agents excuse me your social pass either he's been sort of repeats and the detectives are social paths. It there is there some kind of weather is borderline personality disorder narcissism and socio path and it they have those. Elements of either not caring erred in not feeling any kind of aid in and conscience forced to me as a result it's a self serving. Saying because they can get a conviction or check on the road record it doesn't matter what happens to somebody else Luke. Division the FBI or C Mary don't do you sleep a full blown investigation. And well the CIA does not generally do those kinds of things around in our certain there are. Similar to accountable yeah Johnny is an assignment Ellie is the Justice Department not at all. But I say. A wise person saying it's Massey. It's not as aspirin and gassing at deaths if not Massey but thanks for the correction. You wouldn't think yeah. I thought I wouldn't the bullet that they believe now once and I like then why am I thought it out there. And it's. I think did Brendan oughta be given an all expense paid trip to wrestle mania well I don't think fifth. He will finally get to watch wrestle mania thing. Wouldn't you know him. Albeit an hour. You ordered not to go too well one they looked at that they'll order up in that. This is I gotta tell you this is a good one as the new one DO ordered ordered by the Marines will not work it does not. Nobody can take it around that yeah I mean it's martial law. I was it was what I thought I was supposed to do I guess I'm bar yeah it's march yeah there are needed a vacation day it's Marshall. It's good to her marine orders. Some for fire. I love you guys everybody remember over there just again. You would just be blown away with how many people listened to a half an early bird means huge sense of this show might chew mr. scary. It was a pretty cool moment you might have dads. Tom Cruise defend you when one when you go to years disciplinary hearing and he can say I'm did you order coach Brad. Border of the code red. I think it's put it. I did our rights.