Hill-Mail – Punch Scott in the Face

Tuesday, August 21st

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice messages from the previous 24 hours.  Lots of people want to punch Scott From Weymouth directly in the face.

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Powell is fine and your special. Today asks us. And now it's your answered it tough as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male monkey fight that and then there are formed on WA EA yet. All right and now for those of you that are listening on the radio dot com app. Or on 107 point three or are enjoying the program through the window of somebody else who's listening to us here are. The very best home L voicemail messages that you have left. Over the previous 24 hours. London courtroom and we'll all. Come. Out. And then now it wouldn't work for myself. When you gotta argued that it of this morning at about nine the text messages asking if Matt Light could please. I I I just. I think it's funny how everybody pretends Adam argument. I. Does that you know did I mean what are you kidding right nobody went on but what do you do on weekends talked about the Red Sox. Or shell shocked the world mean easy yet fifteen wins best of generous Scioscia yet a bed in a bad day. It's just the I mean that's what people do now I'm currently a sense when you in the hands gloat and yet two Martinis union. Here you're going out. That it. We need is I sponsor pulling typically. A little bit Buchanan we we we do we play the talking stick theory. Saw him walking stick around you don't have the time and you know our objectives Friday and not a hundred tickets and talking and only talking stuff. So your own should. For me I don't want. But I don't want it. That blew it is that important in the game right the other day there are people who play below the net. And then I had actually. Two. What's what's the website deployed web senators such conduct. You know manner that it com acts of public safety has gone I don't get beat. Usually chicken hawk to come out all the technology and I don't think people talk to them. Credible what is what is it that you won but just on the active eco ahead deuce deuce reassured research Google incorporated if there's a fight site. And Emil and I are elusive like the top flight Q a word like your top five vault them. Abroad should be proud you know the wincing here at the right earlier the buyers. If this buyers there now. I made to stand your finals and conference. Five Cleveland and. If not listen to that. Yeah bring or direct what you've got a lot of I have an end. That way. In the match and only do the sports what they'll be once I mean to cut back the amount of work he's doing it the second time to give them a chance to get it right. Which she doesn't like I always feel like by the second time around. Barry might it be accurate the facts and you know what to do is be like the governor when he's in here for breakfast with baker the caller calls up with a genuine concern. Charlie will write it down. LB needs to do that with the corrections and write them down before in much yeah. So why Jess just sort of so yeah. Daniel I love Charlie Baker and Bobby and obviously obviously he's the best governor in in our country. And he writes it down. How are blue Diebler army inspector the office paper market. Just been rolled up and thrown into. LA now he's followed up on FM LB needs it chief of staff yes that would. Why in every week you go back to old school we used to do three sportsman's minute. Now that broke. Think we're equal and then. They get them killed when dot com we've told them. He didn't get punched in the they want to hear what foot sign up. I think. Lottery so to outline in a stock. Had shared. The eyewitness account. From the golf course in Plymouth the friend of his. Who witnessed the handheld biting off incident. And we now know that man was in court yesterday we talked about this during the 6 o'clock hour but. The man who. It the finger off the fellow golfer has been identified yet and he is day forty. He's six year old man Derrick. Harkin 46 year old guy didn't get the guy he's 57 he bit the finger off a 57 year old man I mean this is the problem with golf which is that people are way too and there at their two passionate out. Well they're good you know there may be alcohol that was and that's the last I mean the mean that thing is. There are people who get very upset with slow play sure but it doesn't need to lead into the final and by anybody finger and I also really you have an obligation. To let a group play through right here if you're playing slow home. Move aside let them hit on the green and then let him let him roll through I mean who wants to ruin. Good round of golf by being stressed out with people that are up your ass the whole entire time running the whole thing. So funny because as you know all guys are here Boehner is the reason they go play golf as you know we've from the white for the day. But certainly a force for guys in front of depleted faster. But they don't really wanna get home. On I don't. It doesn't seem like something that somebody should be punched for. Their fingers should be bitten off for. It the little old. And I thought if you learn a local elementary school and you're. Fired yesterday. Afternoon. So if you put on hold Vincent Fuller who claim blown. Exercise maneuver it student who are very distraught but that was out there that whether they've got dependent partners keep going and we couldn't get there. On that now. That program. That there's a link to that video on my Twitter feed this morning we talked about this. During the 6 o'clock hour but there's a school teacher who was doing pulled dancing in her own home. For exercise. And shared that video on FaceBook in hand she is now in fired yes and the question was. Are there occupations. Like teaching or professions where things that you're doing on your own time. If there shared on social media. That you should be fired for because somebody deems them to be inappropriate and I think a lot of people. Didn't think that she should have been fired this is bill on the Framingham Ford studio line what's up bill. I didn't know again at the golf it's being brought us actually double who wouldn't. Is only getting the girls tickets. Yeah. Don't you don't make it and I think that I love those yes this is Patrick Kilpatrick. How much you wanna bet that those slow play through golf but it ain't people that signal left lane on I illegal if you loud now won't move all the. Anybody. Yeah I struck in the fight this morning you know only a liar. Obscure reference council where on the golf course. Where he played was marble did Spain. And subdued him into us your rep but through. But a lot about you the stories as the just click confident that character references from film and an insurance agent Shalit I know you what you did the Yankees every day he's a legendary money LB golfed with Dave this day. If you didn't now. Now here's the problem that a lot of people about in Plymouth. The the slow group. Pat was to force apps so it was eight. And. Now people sometimes now they will join up and up and so that really that slow and now is that it's. That's an analyst at least eleven play. They should have let other yes yes yes I mean you know I'm aware I'm a guy who wears glasses so I never believe violence is the answer. Unless somebody else's is in Hamlet forming but I don't mean shouldn't have gotten to the point that it got to but I could see that they're very frustrated when he got eight guys playing in. Ron have you for an entire. 818 holes and what's the name of the Garrett sends everybody off the first tee. The Marshall. The marshals so why would the Marshall allow. And its own listen Arnott on and on and on charity event in Philly charity or else. You know what might happen is that they might have been the course might have been slow anyway and so active they have joined up together well I don't I don't I wasn't there so I don't know you know what might happen. Year well yes I've been date the judge did ask this individual to. Stay away from alcohol. Until his next appearance in court right you know when there's a hold open dish golf is yes that is a prime time to sit down and rule one mountains. A I don't when he gets and a slice. 702. AM. What I don't understand is in the rear. Where most of us we'll. If we made daily mistakes and didn't know we're talking about Mo for the economies we wouldn't happen. Called the weapon is because you wouldn't make it anywhere oh no I've never drank whole book blah. I don't think that myself on the back you stiff. What are you talking about are quoted me yet. When I start and applauds the sketch one relation to population 2000. Okay. 2000 aren't as I'd I'd of that Gary I don't know what your job is you don't think electrician. Ms. wires and switch you don't somebody or those. A passion evening dawn. Yeah they get hired again they have a company you own the company there's there's a gazillion companies out there were guys up all day every day tell me. EU such hypocrites and I get used collar and in the text and if you wanna get me going and it works. Yeah. You know anarchy is it because it drives me recognized. Well we could. Do you want me. If you weren't. You know I'm work for free today anyway. After today I'll go home and mow my line. For my multimillion. Dollar wife and never come back. But I love you guys I respect everybody that works or fails. I'm so much respect for you guys who's you know you gave me a life. Won't won't won't won't old. It took. Them. A lot of people I do not want you can get there. What do they're big picture and. Now since. 7:35. AM. The last seven years I have been thing. One million dollars or indecent proposal. And then Packard you know what they can be a part the wind. In. A that is milk day thank you for.