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Friday, January 12th

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now it's your return to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Kill mail. Let's do us. Think you're gonna say yeah seriously I wouldn't make it and. RW AM Friday. Tied for today's till male voice mail messages which are brought to you by the city bus and credit union with all the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But with no minimum requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of Boston credit union. And there checking account service today you can join the city of lasting credit union. If you live. Or work in Suffolk Norfolk county and I'm proud to tell you that Greg Hill foundation has been a member of the city of Boston credit union nearly since our formation and we're also. Delighted that they are partner of ours when it comes the fun. Thanks to the fine people of the city Boston credit union now the very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been left of the previous 24 hours. There's only 824. And again. Wearing the that is the game no rodent at five. That was an app. That won't like that. You can mother talking down the overreact if need a lot of wealth but did you know. India and in that electoral innocently ten distress and I want her life. Who do not want to let that flip that switch in my dad's side at the end of and I'm very very few and far between him and you know some people if you missed. The lengthy argument. Between Danielle and television news smoke Rosie woods in 2017. On this show we relive it. And the extra sauce podcast this week. It's part of the top seventeen of seventeen and it's it's a two part of next week of the second part. Of the top seventeen moments of 2017 minute show so. Check out extra sauce the podcasts. He get it on iTunes or stitcher or Google play. There's me 901. AM. Might have been. I've got a bad. Back. The uncle wouldn't. And then now. Got interested currently in the west earth. Into anybody right the I mean they could be not for you that's fine that's great I appreciate that thank you very I'm flattered. Generally nice very sweet messages of encouragement and good and we're taking some time to yourself well. Maybe take yourself out to watch I didn't take yourself out to dinner and check to do that it is. He weekend away short. So I think it's weekends we're tough and it's about weekend. That's always nice to collect yourself and life before. Less and I mean maybe you can have a guy go with you and then not interact with them at all the hired the whole weekend I've booked a seven couples massage is so I never have to talk to. They're all 956. And then. There would be on anything. Obi what no vote their commitment conduct. You can read. Way to do it may look at it you whenever I mean there's been a big impact. Ingraham. Parent. Involvement but you play it then you only have one they're. I approve. A political action that we look at where that. And that message. Permafrost that access plastic primer for I think I learned about when we do go beyond history and that is the magna Carter is an honorable to New Orleans not in not least. Police now what's main current of. Law I know exactly what is deal it is no I don't remember and I can't describe it I remember but I don't what are we knew them well document meant that thing in the what kind of a regarding incidents. Between what's kind of a darn. I don't remember you know and I talk I and shoot you don't want an admission that my knowledge of history is abysmal really yeah. I know I love to see history I excelled in re the only subject that release in English. And so does it have to deal with the America or is it does have a legit or you have to really are. Constitution. A care in some way shape perform via. Judy you know magna Carter. It's not a it's not a kind of wine or today sounds good car on condom it's not a condom natural and sports car that it. It is an English documents and which they sent out. Essentially there. Rights to govern. Manifest destiny type rates govern them in week our. Howard documents here your you do damned good. Well I read a lot you know I I and I watch a lot of television play you know I want you to use the word manifests on his alma manifest destiny in acting on that now and nothing I don't know what may and no friction going. Did all manifest destiny and I remember I went about it I don't remember what was your best subject. Math and science ideal diagram an apple group free with no problem. Mean you know to break down a couple carbon molecule medicines stuff Wendell overs and some key test of my shell might make me go to hundreds whose geography. The really geography I don't know Larry Mac finally. Email me and rivers you know the Danube. These geography and atrocities in their cars on maps though is his his geography specialty is going to Gardner when he supposed to be at an event from the that and another and another town they've got a nice memorandum that. Here's a Texas says Greg it's easy to excel in history when you were therefore. Well that's your heart out first was like that magna Carter it was like twelve. Fifteen I wasn't there for 1215. Minutes I wasn't there in the twelve hundreds. There's only 2:54. PM. I have UN bit I don't. I had an about what met. We're. Confident that. If that. It was coming in left and right. Women say that have been texting in. Since you it's single status yet. Saying that they would not normally be in Boston woman but they elected you catch you seem to be like yours your for a lot of the women who listen to show their spirit in him and kind and generous and compassionate and a I can eat out we have no truck driver. Have been willing to accept the shadow people. That I George. Oh lead. Now what that nest of three in my neighbor's house across the street remotely remove them. She is alone no wonder why she's single I'll save the trouble keep track but the phone down when it comes to your cooking yeah. What is your specialty in don't say Greg's EZCORP cabbies because those part of it taken memory. Man and makes so much and don't be heard and I think my go to your go to. Hank Hill and parmesan crusted chicken cutlass with either sour cream mashed potatoes or lard roasted potatoes are. With something green on the side if you reeling off I am so hungry you know could we have a platonic the unity church you cook for me gonna come to my new 1% or island gas in the as a manicurist it's yes I don't enjoy my lovely new courts countered Ireland like to. Yeah I mean that if we can fire the someone else. And I play my own personal playlist on years. Of so only am going to be that's no Bruce. Mark. I don't I saw analysis included with the Burris that's like that the only thing that is back. At. Sonus it'll weigh in on the action Solis is the greatest. The greatest thing ever is that. You know you you know Ashley who who works with me yes. I'm right not you I've seen him aboard we have we electors. Progressive every time I get over there Sheehan is certainly cranking country music and they don't know on in the office in the name immediately switched Bruce on the phone now. Desire their sentiment in America sends them into a complete tailspin polish armed. Are you had to on the make a reference not help because you're really good at geography yes yes and just for reference from tombstone. On delta over what is that I I know what do we have a selling Cologne. Her. Out I don't agree I am and there. Virgin listener Friday question from a five way text there why does being I'll say he took. It out he took. It out is a sign felled obscure reference I'm Elaine was telling Jerry about that date. On how when he set her up a person and that she was in the car she went to go kiss him good night and he'd taken now that she's cleaning her classes. When she describes it to Jerry so she says he took. White glasses it out as. What is lard potato 978 packs that are. Or asking for friend what is Smart potato you take it this is the way to get like really the best most Krispy roast potatoes is you par boil the potatoes drain them. Put him back in the hand purple lit on it shake the crap out of them so that the edges of the potato get fluffy. And you wanna put Allard. In the oven and melted so you've got a pool of lard and baking dish. You put the hot potatoes in the hot lard in use in the hot wired all of the vetoes it and Chris set the exterior shell and seals it for the potatoes and pick greasy. And then you roast them to gold and crispy perfection that have the most beautiful fluffy soft interior mean. And then you have to go back to work on Monday two or three days to make up. Nice to fly out not you feel like LB refers the solved in the box the skull yeah I can stick a day are you prefer eating I don't have to I don't have time to eight. Are you kidding me. That's what LB snacks on the the occasionally and I was on memory and ram memory and a break down and gosh I can't even even because it's Monday morning I W toward a 01 C three and. Yeah I kid I am proud. You know Mikey oh come on they could get a and then you get them and I don't. And now. These guys you mind me. Do little to do a little research group elect. Arnold who ruled oh man. Yet on what crawling and getting we're back out there and plot went vacation. Yet Greg we and it didn't need that law wouldn't get. We get a guy. We boom like that you really do get more time wolf had been president. And then that. He does demanding for wrongly here. Get a hoop game that night the showboat vs Marlboro very excited about that that's going to be a battle and I enter a breeze on The Chieftains knife that I get dateline N. Action packed I mean I feel that technically at the big game to borrowings married a Mormon aren't. Because taxes says dean and yell sounds like he scientists in the kitchen and a mad. Scientist in the bedroom. We've been. Well who knew. And and then. Okay good that the got a one game at the bottom all the all you want me to do them. My pick yet it would be an important I think it. The call at an all water and at Boston. Doc went out that Britain. And America are. 781 text there. I think it's a man. I'm in love. With the large potatoes and with the union client see many when if you can cook isn't that the secret to him in the widow guys are right to respond in any great bad. That those checks Jack there which is most important being able to cook are being great. Which which would which would you say is is import you can learn to cook yeah. Obviously that. At. Think we can only man. As if the world is black or on the bottom the thing they never back political in this area but I didn't know made in the morning. Into that car re Irving. Course went to London. And everyone wanted to know. After traveling to London but he still felt like that earth was flat. It's not about whether the rose by one of the world's good about. Just everywhere just believing what they're going to believe feel comfortable with the you know I'm not a science is not here to tell everyone this is it. For me it's this just given everyone a chance do their own reserves and find their own knowledge rather than. Having knowledge just shoved to you so. Here's a Texas says. I don't have time to eat it because it's Monday and I have to go back to work. This said by the guy walking around with a KFC bucket at 5 o'clock and well off. How are. I just had my last being smaller hole and I'm really isn't what you did there. KFC for breakfast active subject of restaurant after it's going to be left over KFC's just ketchup in the buildings that use yellow mustard what did you have any left over gray beard did you drink all of that when you're done if you are committed to see my degree because but it is up and monitored. He thinks and Oden can the guy behind the crime off to a team that yet if you're confused by what although and other phones do. Owned or not I got a giant that's so true you called it. Detonated the iphones sold faster yeah. The technology and trying to you know he he. I find it today impressive but you end up and in some sort of section where you don't even know what's going on it doesn't have a you know back. Her eyes all you press another button and get right out of yeah. But it it's not that confuse and clear a lot of people say that the iPhone is wildly confusing I mean I don't know deal 75 Euro PO I think there. I love it today you have a picture my son whirls her happy birthday to birthday yesterday he's on the screen which makes me happy but after that. It's just for him and nightmare. Portugal's foot bomb ever think of that. You should go back to the I got my mom as when she loves it. I want you go why I would love what I do that can't hear you heard of fuel and her about the same when it comes the year technology skills and his EB. I would love to go to the football but I like Cameron like the pictures. And video. I'm will mainly that's use my iPhone four pictures of wall in the video world.