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Monday, December 11th

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male. This. Lives. Let there Brett got from the name of another runner in the night. On WB. All right. This morning's cold male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. With all the convenience of big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. Check out the city of Boston credit union. And there checking account service today and here are. The very best told male voice mail messages that have been laughed over the previous couple days. 5:59. AM. I'm here. Ahmad. But no moon Merkel who everything. London now since the center. The alignment of everything it's just not right artists that's that's that's just out late horrible for me I hope he him. Well I think it did it hinder report he. Unable to practice. Look what it will mean David but then fought back. My own way. And then it was I mean it was stunning and I mean the man was on the show Friday at 72 Iranians around to a clockers so it's there to get the text messages that. That Dion Lewis did not practice Friday but. Hopefully we'll see him tonight hopefully allow hopefully he'll be playing I had thought he set up it's a British up Ellis and. Then bill vote sectors the the Montreal Canadians used to do retrospect you're dead negro march yeah I have the team wouldn't skate and pregame skate right. And you're be right hall. It's. Glorious color. And rationales. Strong love for began the players are 25 guys are injured reserve yesterday the plans. Looks like and I'm here Lamar and Tony temple team is questionable so. Drilling and X-Factor the body every question I don't know who sent pulled into questionable. What about the analysts. You keep asking him on individual players that is at the whole team candidacy and I stand on the team let me start ultimately I get the guys on the team. That's let's let the place to collective pronoun. Oh that is. Thank you. Jill Belichick didn't. Hear is a tax that says I am and emotional wreck. Because I finished one point five seconds after Greg and jingle all the way to five OK by Saturday. I thought that. There was some young I mean it was like people in their twenties like kick their ass on Saturday I'm 51 years old. I just started running in June and every time. Davis second it's out there and started running like the wind and now I'm beating people or thirty years my my junior. And it is yes it is embarrassing I beat Mac I finished 241. Out of 12100 people on Saturday. Not a not not bat. I won't 8:18. PM. What. And mountain has now been at. One point you know that not only did I really bad. You play it said that it. Lou he and he. Senate to act and my back I would have no comment and I'm bad but I'll. Because you went into effect not and I know about it that could. We're back home. And that message we heard from Tony even aired earlier who bid 400 dollars to the great deal foundation to attend. The premiere of the greatest Star Wars film since empire strikes. It jets are up according to the reviews. Came out yesterday. And those and he was saying he mentioned on the news screens girlfriend and there was some question about whether or not had a girlfriend and and questions that sounds like. Sounds like that's really her so. You guys have on Thursday nights you'll get a review from you on Friday shelved on the on the movie but honestly. If he had time for her and her report today it would be all about how the reviewers are all saying it's it's the best Star Wars films since empire. His amp forgive my ignorance forgive my nerd ignorance. Is empire is that considered to be like the best Star Wars movie your side I think it is it like that kind of thing there yeah I'll add to it by far that's the best really out yeah. So they're saying that this movie which opens Friday is the past one since empire shirt as it is the last one was there will also wishes it was it was. Rehash of the first one you know does become would would go all the gadgets and variety. Five 59 AM. Look at the got a call while they're at what this is what motive together well what would they have I'm not. That didn't expect but wait that that's what I knew that. And that message earlier this morning if you missed it. Couple listeners donated 450. Dollars to this year's rock for change to not allow Scott from women to be on the show at all. The whole rest of the day or are. Is it okay and you don't like when I say hole mother is okay if I say whole rest of the day is apparently in. The whole rest of the day yeah that's under. Looks cool science and. Yet I would donate what ever amount of money you want I never. Got quite a mess. And I. Your registers joke here but at the people of Florida Abu. Old. I had I don't know the medical iPod did what they've done in the way. Are mowed now and they had. I finished. I did finish last. Doesn't Europe how did it take you to do the two miles wafting. Would win that you do on an yeah. You didn't even check your time or anything you're right there wired I'd is added I was pumped you finish line yeah. You are escalating and put a nice group of ladies when I ran I ran by you guys you were running with a nice nice Google locking with a nice globally eighties a company. Lot of East Asia and then we finish like you said all of mattered to me resilience finish last so I. Boy be her kids snapped and money you'll have a strong learn and they did she come bundled Stewart solely be choosing from a cement. She had her and she's here to talk to monitor or trance as losing in the. Twenty times he had. They might do I do that crept up the door the lower movies that you. Wanted to bet that it's a little book that. I gotta tie my shoes right pilgrim and infect the studio now there are some of Xiamen on our. Here's skinny meaningless. Is it Texas says calmed down captain happy my husband flew by you pushing a stroller. Our hate those people. This that is two guards people I can't stand in the five case the people who are pushing strollers and they blow by you like it's not Naia. I'm so jealous one of those one finger on the stroller handle Palin and then London and then. And I have to mention. Marvelous woman from stoning Kelly tan. It was a very good friend of my families and she's an amazing runner. And she's one of those people she finished the race. And as. I was make as I was dying making might turn on the last thing she's running back the other way to go run with other people yes finish again on my god my charity did it kinda running again a fact that I mean I. The people that run to the five K and then run home from the fact that they've these people out of jail cell like throw it in your face these running hard nose. We learn Ian. How did it Monday but they have yet to light when this. But now under him. That aren't there yet realized. And then now I what does that first that if your life that big inning that I've done it sits today it was and I you know the meaning you have alcohol. No matter what you guys say. You know Saturday doing doing the two miles. Due in the hill memoir. That's the first. Exercise that I've done from my hips in twenty years. Now since Saddam and the product had three hip replacement. You know. I mean if it's inspirational I'm I'm. I didn't I didn't think I was gonna make you and I cared crutches Cusack in and out and make it there was a great photo of your crutches. Outside the Porta potty swollen and they were left. The you only right intestinal you don't offer now than. The cool our wives when are you put the courts is there an actor the last week reforms and do the walk. This smoke show blind share there or how important what did you Maryland there probably wonders I'm wondering if there yeah. She went the wrong one for owners she went into the scene port apart. Scientists you want me until I pulled I don't know that you did hired me. And I don't know if you have any outdoor potted plant is trying to send me you know okay Matt Lauer. I don't think so so there were photos of LB scratches and his crotch and boxes yes all of whom who I don't want. Well it's a bit and very well in the future together. And that and I didn't look hard that Annan. And now there's a woman in England who is engaged to be married to a chandelier. She adds 24 chandeliers yet but it back to my Wi-Fi but she's gonna marry her favorite she and that we here. Day. Apparently and pulled that they met at a party and this chandelier was. I'm pretty. Bosnia and what else can you go yeah mystery woman who sent them in hand. That they're getting it better candidate back and what were your own men who. But I'm willing everything. The best part is there around you average them there. It. While you can take if you guys can take it. I shared the wildly. Offensive. Moose knuckle polar bears photo on science program this morning in skating a lot of a lot of activity lot of comments were over 68 comments on the happening. You were reasonably slow though and he can check that out Craig L 107 to follow Meehan and Adam and Niles oh. Shared a picture of there who is Monday's month. Today so. Excuse me this is Brian hello Brian. Yeah yeah. I. Eight Greg what you think cried more last night the people that watched you cross as I would have. Or other people who cried over the death of Karl I hope she. I got some. Oklahoma lord I don't watch but I don't want to locking them in fifth gave up on it. It was good for awhile and I still I give up on it. I applied on Olympus is spoiling if you have any kind of social media yes it was hello yes yes it party now on social media at school this this is still on the Framingham Ford studio line. Premium Ford known study afford for last what's up bill. Did you know yeah Howard you've heard president. I know why but company human beings on the planet can say I've had three separate ways as well off. That's true nothing yeah that that's. Yes that is that is true that is thrilled as you know.