Hill-Mail - Mike Hsu Angry!

Friday, September 22nd

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail from the previous 24 hours! see what Angry Hsu needs to calm down. 


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I always. And on your special Ed WAS. Dot com and now it's your answered tough luck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. I think that's quite who got elected because we hope Lleyton say they're Florida. Over and over again. Under WA. The speaking of the Kardashians. We have to get to that news. About the verbal violence that was directed at the Kardashians are going to Cuba. An understatement there today it was verbal violence and machete violence that dual we'll get that and the little bit. Today's small male voice mail messages. Are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more visits city of Boston CU Dhaka. The city of Boston credit union uniquely box then. And here for you now the very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been laughed over the previous 24 hours. They've won 846. And then. I don't want been that they have thought that it would be bad if you're over North Korea don't poke the Bay Area. LB you know what I thought about it. Oh. I knew CNN poll this morning says that 58%. Of Americans. Want. Military action on Kim John on Italy yeah and the other. Is thirty to 42%. The others. They want some kind of achieves. Embargo put in place and you know it's really sad note to elect and he could in theory it could. You just it's just swiftly and tell her all of it I'm royalties they feel like we can smoke about ball denying them by denying that she's going to ninth smoked mozzarella now I would assume that he probably it's. Already accumulated a lifetime supply of all she. Where. Because he's addicted to cheese. Com wave may have the tried cheese embargo. They've blown through 11 PM. Anybody know what it picked the favorite that's who position at apple that it. That probably that one Jack and Emma. Mark it up. Papers. And his name is not wrath school that anymore. It's. Dote noted he's he's a devoted to ordered because that's Kim Jung un called our president. By this continued and then. I don't think that the outlook is very well the program and how much you wanna have done when they see. Filled and I can't get it and we can't. Well black and I'm over. I'm whale that they give going to be good this year. I really am in very good in the future yes it's I don't know what they see this season you are you not you do not feel positive about this season and entered their playoff team. Yeah I. Think 21 old apple. Bad. Rap the bat. On the ball is back at the bad. England. They're not able to do the neurotic who lived regret your apartment you. And now. I'm embrace that I want it embracing the nickname Brasco that's yeah. He said earlier you preferred wrath school fart it's. And I arouses alliance for autographs and open she would players sound bite okay. Articulate care rascals. I mean that's pretty creative writing and get the Jersey the before there's always with the rest of them religious image for next week and we'll watch enough. The barbecue held on barbecues we'll. Poor old. I regarded them but I didn't hear it a little bit. I went back to eight. I'm content in the situation Purdue did with a lot of town. Didn't pan out after dimension SI Jimmy Hayes towards the end of the summer on the market did you pretend in Nome. I. That plays for others and being very nice on the it would stand up and infectious. Wait. Not indict I'm atlas unhappy formed it worked out here and you know he's he's a big. Justin and start playing your own Amish are religious I mean now. As I know I've listened you know how tough it was the play hoops or showboat when I lived in Stowe I mean asked. The pressure for it to get by game tickets for all the relatives and those a lot of pressure. Six since he and them. And yeah. Narrow but my. We waited and it's Saturday. Okay they're gonna. And now it. I don't think you ever come in on Saturday by accident happier now now. Now probably did he answer that. Saturday 5:30 AM panic like a puppy getting around her few minutes and you equipment into it yeah I've that I've had. 701. AM. They're a cutter who knew what and move them down. Forward opera if you could. In the message. Well yeah 12 and 1 morning Mike who lose their absolute control of that camper. Becoming the incredible. True. Quick quick quick definitely we've got to come on down. Where you are not work in 110. Ladies about that they are. After mile hard and now. Dexter says that home that was left by authority. Not that won. Kanye they previous film Ellis left by Shawn Thornton. Then Rudy only. And Obama if he duplicate or old old and his verdugo mountains the court aren't so big and real effort with the nerds. All my quarterback in toward the end I would kill bill Ford you know I know when you've got your big draw. My question is he would not and I wouldn't have picked up when ordinary. Let them. Not yet they didn't. Wounding message while Brian I don't know that I had the faculty club in choosing either. An inside joke that is the neighbors there's been an outstanding line up a nice job glad to low hanging Canada. Odds it's loot that's OG monkeys Brian yes Brian black.