Hill-Mail - LB's in Rough Shape

Friday, June 22nd

The very best voicemail messages from the past 24 hours! This morning, LB declared he wasn't feeling well, and our listeners poke fun during this edition of Hill-Mail!

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now beats your return to tough luck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents we'll mail. That's been done something happened that belonged and I'm glad it. RW a death. What is. Somebody who has zero knowledge. The great history of pop music in our nation is insinuating that that was not a meg here. I believe it was so huge I don't really that's what what what he was saying you magnet and steel in and out. He knows how one of those ones he went after going ideally. Nash and then TVD. Let us to name finish no longer immune. That up I guarantee you. That it would be it's it's definitely a pop and hip. Really yell yeah I'd never hurt again that's the first our guys are on solid guys that that was the absolute cut them in movies too. If it's yes. Yeah magnet and steel look it's probably nineteen let me guess a year out of there while you're young it. I'm guessing it was 1978. And Tammy your guide that I get that aren't on an immunity against. It's peak date was August 26 1978 its peak position reached as high as number eight I. While spent 22 weeks on the chart moving up four slots number eight. It's a magnet and steel I and Casey case of an American top forty. All right today's home Mel voicemail messages brought you by the city of lasting credit union. Without the convenience of big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. Check out the city of Boston credit union and they're checking account service today. They've pulled eight. 19 AM. Once they're opening up so it won't commit discussion about. Oh well we didn't and children that Google and again that you I do as. An absolute hoot. Wounded men and Sharon are all action. And all these things go back to Al. The wrong but initial this'll I don't potential call me Jewish. Me out and not I don't know if it's down in the guarantees that knows where to hold mystery all he's only seven. That was that's on this call for you I am the pool. Magnate. And you by the steel that's the name of that time period all 8:21. AM. On pay out in the past I can't let this woman who bought epic patent that's not what I would be afraid that they can include panel. I don't interplay of Satan and I think it is it is I think he's going around that the LA and. Wounded men and others in the picker in there. He's got a tremendous Matt popped. I had I thought it was I mean I think what put those though it's. The public thinking trying to ask is amazing. Lord are you can see me at three a side by each edit re edit report. Norwood airport. An alien ship landing and has pool was your browser Arabic that those were two beautiful crowds. I. There's been 9:47. AM. Great that Coke pretty sick of physical I've been edited all of who the public vote for the moment anyway that it cracked. Now it seems that gold beat posted Ahmanson in our latest food bracket challenge the best ice cream truck novelty. I him. And so. Will get results later on epic musical honestly Michael all the way. I'm disappointed because I love that comment and as the greatest that you can never get nice and dropping to reach out. I have to stop by some on the way to the apparently football golf tournament and now we're talking. About that. Man with glasses attacking the ice cream truck driver now in pushing his way and have small children pre says he yanked him. He's sewage problem. Went. I used to you're going to the belly full court game to golf tournament we talked to any vehicle that are like twenty minutes earlier this old Delhi golf national yet again. Bombing to where he well. You know try to show where I'm parking spot for a ball he's alienating. The world perfectionist. So original pink no thank you and I. Just because the guy. Mentioned the whole. Darn thing and funeral and whatever. We talked about it. When your girlfriend cause you. To go to pay. Behavior revealed party or a shower. Do you do it because. You love her. Are you do it because you're guilty didn't have conflict in stupid party. We have within a jumping off point for the support no I don't think I'm trying to Ross ice usually we we were talking about this and fassel's grow I was I was I was over there. They amassed rowdy Richie and they were all in my inaugural ball out there agreed with me on the funeral. OPEC and and Ritchie said. He's like it's like when I have to show up at someone's birthday party that I knew in high school in pain because my you know what armor here chick yeah it was a so let me check what's a little or romp on the movie theater you go all you set yourself up for a favor later hopefully I'll hug. Yeah it is a text from somebody who just received a C of the day. For a three year old's birthday and now now down that is just like a funeral saved the day to. I don't even know here. Well it's your kid I drink generated through our own all right no your kid's gonna be like smoking pot stealing cars when he's fourteen. I checked Juan you know Billy's third. Savior Dade birthday party was amazing I can't leaves in jail fervently that I'd be any. Well I think you're going in that case sometimes for the parent you know eyes if yeah of course you are via a friend has the other Jen and John Edwards and we're going down this camera is there anything horrors now plea is there anything Morris. Then year enjoyed any dragging me to like her best friends. Birthday part B. Kids party whatever I don't know anybody in the thickness for a new sit there are sloshing in their wine joined tonight just get out of here. I thought you loved people. I I loved cat I love heart young. People what we're strippers kids third parties but it's. Sweater wonderful resort Giles standards aren't you learn go to our strippers. Kid's birthday party is under strippers there that are older that are single moms and want some action. When all 3:30. PM. The probable cause I don't know who was kind of that one there is a certain point. He says it followed it but nobody would you sit there and then your brother had thought. I do not know you didn't have much of a little bit not well but I don't know. And that message. Less than Canada at the western Arabian. I don't think we'll all. Think I I have I if you I mean. Every day believe that Albert good Billick yeah. And then connected. I'm a much with a five book that I've ski and they hit in your voice and beauty like 5000 he. A number apparently to accept your offer. As on the number. 1200 at all. Man. Opened up well if you pin and didn't Orlando didn't well. Looked like helping the sympathy you know next week. On the net catcher. We were all out. Our. Director nick there. I. Think 26. Man. Hey you suck at being my grandmother. Whom to whom he. Lebanon move forward and then. What is a bit and what do. Ford. The I don't want to know. Boom and I'll mention mentioned earlier. Well archers. They're on time of the united randomly. Shot arrows that could kill people. For no reason whatsoever. Cores. Now. Text or is asking if you actually god save the date for a funeral. Because. I would be a little creepy it's open for a big day for October 13 in the funeral a lot guilty meant that he should actually you can imagine that it would got to save the date that would be cool although I mean NASA way to do a few. Arabs some humor. But bloom all at. I'll be the only weapon without and it doesn't value that everything they've been badly hit that you don't croak. And then now than I expected it from. I've lived their eyes on me. It's mind I mean those words start to spread when you arrive down there with the lady's eye about what's that mean that. To start to get themselves it is all dressed up and rated rated routes is one of those scenes she's these two young ladies. From connector kit. Listen to our show half that are fans of our show notes on our fans. The big. The big Fella the eight by ten that must have a full collection of eight by ads do they show up every year. The last street the last three years. It was awesome last year as well flustered rumored. Completely yards despite just rove doing rate changed into there even you know after golf tournament yeah they write my golf cart. Right. All day errant beard or smokes. And then we go Barack and we have the after party to pre pre. I retire after party effort go free after thirty. No because there's. I mean a little softer and that the parties just trying to you know so you play golf tournament. Day everybody hangs out there has some cocktails. That are ready goes back to a hotel early gets changed him or about. Dollar Lama party thrown on your slacks and a sport coat exactly yeah. And so I went to their room and in the last year. Late each year they get naked. And change Britain for enemy real yeah and then last year I was I was so close is saying or user chance we overthrew some. Aren't they but I enjoy it why are they changing in front of you I don't I don't think Dick I think they didn't either or did they pay down their blood boy away for three years running they know they'd they dig you but for three years running they've been changeup but I have a feeling and but I haven't I haven't I feel inside the war in Melbourne. I didn't pay in the bar tab of the now there are no bar tab go to a pay raise the bar tab. Don't know I think I have been if they're changing in front of for three years running is it or not they need to need a place that yeah what don't you get about being naked in front view of why I I haven't. Instigated the next level so this year is a year or. I'm glad I'm not a but on their only care super duper hot closed for the night party you're going into the hill I'm I'm going there I'm I'm Lori and sorted out there in my. Blitzer we have a you know after. Do they hop on the back of the wrath though wouldn't you were when you generally through the fox host lobby bar here and there are attached to me for a few days that are mixing their beautiful. Awesome young hobbies. I don't know are or appear in their lives iron. Oh in big money who cannot than midnight and eight the the well. I don't know being. You've been playing zone. If you believe it. You can fool me. And I mean number number and you know an older iron and resiliency to smoke show your church naked. The text or. Wonder if every. It three here. You take yeah Accra. I think it might surprise jump in the Straka got a couple of little blue bell is that might get he's what he's getting ready to leave Tony guess treatments and I think a couple. I I don't I think the proper barriers that negative propaganda arm Viagra. What is the downside. You know. So you're you're mocking me your mocking me that I have like giving eighty inch hard penis for a half hours without that yeah well you know my company and travel up and my problem with people the boss. People's knots because your jealousy or wrongly to hand Stan but there are people take Viagra when you hate or anger. The moment a girl touches your shoulder. You have a border. It a case. It's a at this site what's been and that's a bad thing that Texas sits there. They were changing from the EU because the F 5000 tall orders in your pocket. I. I. You were not there. I did not hang out I did not only 5000 dollars I gave. The money to Aron who runs a great deal foundation Donna ward. And I said don't give them back to me realize we've. You do is save the date on Viagra and the grades four hours. It is 774 attacks there is an expert in this. Unfortunately they see you as a brother figure or maybe even father if you're not somebody that they have while I don't mind out in a lark I don't know what you are no you're doing a nice weekend. When I'm going to be with two young hunks smokes there in mid twenties kitten bought me US economy and crazy uncle what's the downside Kate Bryant poisoned by both what a loser and I am a while home twenty do old. I didn't wanna let you do that there's no thought my game and you know they'll be. Do not drive home without it. And now I don't do that anymore. Sixty days and kicking in the hands. 720. Oh and. Absolutely brought his own elitist talk the way and and I think I don't believe it I really I don't don't believe it at all. That can help scale in the back of it crock. Number one as. Well we will get the way and go. Over an hour to grow before two of the world and owns a lot. Yeah. Yeah yeah it was a very. There aren't answers I was as the greatest human beings on the part of the yours your family. It's awesome we boss not solve every day. Just don't come to my future.