Hill-Mail - LB's Halloween Costume

Thursday, October 12th

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online content on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. Read the biggest hit I thought the owner. Ever have a little pull you out there. On WA EA they didn't. They did just get rid of John Ferrell. And I he'll listen he'll land somewhere else that is. Taken that team to the playoffs the last two years in a row they haven't advanced. However the he has taken him so he'll go get jobs is what he's got three division titles the World Series I don't know he's yeah it's regular season manager and very and that is you know I'm feeling the deal mean reaching out to them in excel for some kinda job Americans may be because Tito yeah. All right today's hill mail voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. Or the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com in the city of busting credit union uniquely Boston. We in day 11:35. PM. They have been there. You thought I'd go with that said that it is an up or pull them on the boot times if that makes him look better bet the only caveat that I. And the message. Now we're 33 games in easy easy easy it is time to start panic I had you know what I thought it reasonable to be damaging how many games then that way when I went one more week away from the playoffs and I in the class and that's when you start panic. Well Louis it would be nice if we didn't. Have to win. The final game of the NHL season to qualify for the playoffs every year that I beat. That would be nice. Our middle of the road patriots are. The. Will he eat more Ian. Danielle what's the different between RB wind being in the Pillsbury Doughboy. When you've got to roll from the Pillsbury Doughboy is an active quick with the. A guide isn't he is even after he courses. The thing that went Harvey opened up his bath robe and he says. How about them apples. Oh god help us I hope to help you need to use heating use lines from his movies yeah you bet you bet your attitude and that he did. I don't think he he knew he had. Yeah no doubt that John Farrell we get written there now who. You back. 02 weeks and ahead pile line in the in the and easier to be the man in the break. We'll twelve million. Eight more days ago the last 72 hours I'll be all black gold hit an eight goal of the order in the NHL. Don't you've got to connect in it and there anyway you can get folk art and elevated over the way right. Interconnected. While the president noted at an appropriate now but. Listen it's a long season in the HOU warmed up. It Cohen. He knew he had. But they've fallen by good lead in the back side. 647. I was critical been vocal about the clock but I have already tried it quite that way though that. Well it also meant it then half black or invited. Oh well yeah bit like that in that adequate life now let's see how long it takes good what if he's out on the floor of the senate. And that message now know. As though jinx is no such thing as objects or seventy boom all of them. But is that while whatsoever about that foreign debt that's out there water now. You didn't know that that not got to put that out of my cabinet but it didn't walk the double what they. That's it. When did that hit. By the way yet. Eight correction for. Missed. Baseball now. The lows in Chicago. Tito's and clean. Now. I think it amendment definitely totally that the problems. If it had been McKee. And attacks then. Do you annual. And I will not end up somewhere. Else rumors for years it's. Not a good kids. That is angry Mickey a baseball fan. Here's Paul Sewell produced you know I could fast and hard it sure yeah like yeah. Think when he won and again. Didn't the iron to see him out. Looted by noon. That that they didn't better. Being back whoever our. And the message. That. That in this treaty and again. Hey great Halloween party but that at one guy who got quite obvious why is it about broke. Over by the idea plan is called stop talking about little bit war that we are then going to nuke port he'd be out of that building you won't. And now it's back never had a never had to stoop that low should Harvey Weinstein layer that Quigley swat and they sent the sweetest love got to go Harvey for salaries you have to. The address up for Halloween. Now we don't you very NFL's party I mean it's usually is Josh remembered dressed up as ones. These suggest that you know I was here at the Roxy in gosh it was forever ago like twelve years ago probably. And I drew right Turkey's suit bag and I I'd just had underwear on America and so I went as luggage. We're luggage. Yes I remember that you elect is a stand like a dead garment bag there was I just super you fit their regular Rebecca. I thought out plan then I was twelve years ago. Oh I noticed I have a great constitute this year he is one of those car covers you know how people but it's part of the reason I. Apparently don't modernize our camera guy on dynamite Turkey day five. Greg trying to you know seem relevant to those who don't have garages that right. And balances as of heated classic club. By our coverage its fifth career classic car you know yeah I think I'd get a better Harvey Weinstein the classic car collection a hundred prisoners there are collection kit fit in any of them. Below him neck. Hey what's out there. Not much out on any I know my fiance is out and it got Saturday. And I opened that everybody. Except for that you feel Alicia did it lock it like it alas. You don't wanna jinx scenario. All right we'll Danielle can probably wish you good luck that I go to CNN money for the attorneys' fees and. And there. I wonder how to get beautiful weather and a lovely day and nobody yet your you don't have some weird on tickets to turn condenses on a table making what about angry Mickey hang on. So. Yeah I just so much a part of it. Nick you know action. Who becomes a you're in the quad there's just grade. She. Was. It's sex with a. Angry that he's not happy ally Inman married you have many been married for like 65 yeah. And it pretty good candidate the this additional phone. A OK he's been good about a couple of them that.