Hill-Mail – LB Take Over Interview

Friday, September 14th

Once again we listen to the very best Hill Mails left over the previous 24 hours – Today listeners make fun of LB for yet taking over another interview.

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That's what you are shelters Kenyans I don't eat. Shall we went there again. Shall we get through this yeah. And now. The best moments in radio history that Hill Man Morning Show presents great moment there are dumb ass build peace greatest moments yeah. Use if nothing changes. All right time now. Or Adobe's greatest moments of the week. I will do this before we get to the top three moments. From our sports director this week I wanna give away a pair of tickets. For the great New England barbecue festival to benefit the great guild foundation which is happening at the end of this month. That watches the mountain please. Do not bring. Your dirt bike. Because there are today America there are a lot of dangerous route bowlers in the in the woods of one of prints that night so. If you are the seventh caller right now at 6179311223. Then you'll win a pair of tickets. For the great New England barbecue festival Saturday September 29 or Sunday September 30 there's barbecue and then there's good barbecue. The great New England barbecue festival watch you sit is a benefit for the Greg Hill foundation and tickets are available. At what she said dot com that's watchers that dot com under the give you some. If you're the seventh caller right now on the Framingham sports studio lot amazing object all right it is it's yes there and you know it's that time years following you wanna be outside you wanna do the barn fires yeah now it's great. I'm all right. She'll one what was the what was moment number three from. Lindy this week. Woman number three comes from our discussion of Paul McCartney giving that to gentlemen's quarterly interview about him and John Lennon and the rest The Beatles have a name as you put it an aggressive. Bullpen session yes gather yes and this this will present gives me faith or at least relief that. I was a big fan of the Bruins in the eighties and and that none of the other players really. Participated in that according to oil okay. The bid so weird to guy thing with the whole masturbation I mean I was with morning naked guys. They're there every day from peace practice and no one even threw that out there well I got ejected not to you. In the eighties. The Bruins. This is. Little known NHL. Fact. In the eighties the Bruins is the practice naked. That a couple and yet it's why would you guys having yeah yeah it was a decade what they are while what was that moment number two. A moment number two if you remember Monday morning LB showed up with the black on line. Oh yes yes he did and he explained that he was trying to play golf I can you Casey's tournaments. And die and he fell over. I attempted to play Kenny he sees golf tournament Friday were yeah yeah as you were nicer to allow me to take the day off the deaths estimated. Through the third hole. Then I might back was posted without giving out in my. And saw it and I was feeling really lousy from the waist down alone parents are said goodbye to the trawlers and I was playing way yes. And I. Proceeded. To. Get to my car. And which Portland. Moderates might my back Tebow and I get a three point a lot of all right I want affected too young teenagers. That helped me so well. Way too much information. They heard it right way to do Barry is still way too many details we know what that means on the shelves when you get way too many details we know and that means right. Where in the middle of LV's greatest moments of the week and time to get to the number one moment to sort. On LB had very interest in choice and footwear. A couple of days ago. I guess captured on FaceBook Kline yes yes yes and this was his excuse. Four wide those particular issues looked like the low blow the way they. And it anyway and army news Skechers. And they were white number I. Charged repair them black revenue and all of us. Yeah. Why don't you just why did you just O'Brien out of her readers turn them. Was she not have the receipt or something. And never thought about it then question. Received what trend. Spray painting your sneakers Sunnis me is that as the new trends yeah enter in the in our country right. There you have it it's in 04. And this is WA AF FM and HD one less robust than WEEI. HD two Lawrence. And WW PX HT two blocks then. This real quick this is faith and faith is one. A couple of crickets February it. I'm gritty. Congratulations have you beat the barbecue festival. No I have not you have OK you know alone you are you are gonna love it. Are you where where you from. Are originally from aired on that from Lori. And where you ever built and we ever bitten by a rattlesnake well Bob you know I don't know I don't know. Now. Yeah I automatically. If you kind of thing I don't they didn't. After a sudden here. They'll bite you. Quick witted man walks off Linda and my costs are everywhere where if you cut they rattlesnakes head off. It can sort it can still bite you after seven years. Yes I blending into the Yucca is it ever happen. When you cut it knocking had to dig a hole and I IP. Yes and then put it down under. If they come into a pocket buying it doesn't like it somehow that reaction like that Markel. It now that in mind and guys who didn't story about that in June undying Texas on the remember he was dealt with his wife gardening he cut the head of the rattle or as a shovel yeah and then acting bit of an idea VS yeah. And since he bit scary it is. RT busy again. Yeah or is it tied. Faith we will see what the barbecue festival will watch use that coming up at the end of the month. Art and Obama are. Now the don't ask me. Hi thanks faith calling it here cricket. Series not real quick. Greg Hill foundation raising money. For those that were affected. By the Columbia gas explosions in Lawrence. And in Andover. And in North Andover. Yesterday. And so far. You incredible people have donated. 3750. Dollars we are matching your donations today up to 101000. Dollars you can give. When he go to V Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the Greg Hill foundation dot org we are a registered 501 C three foundation. And it's a tax deductible donation. And so I hope you'll give whether it's ten dollars 25 dollars whatever you feel like you can give. There are countless. Individuals and families who have been in this place and have lost everything. After the those horrible explosions cell. Certainly make a donation if you can and I thank you and advance for that. And go to the Greg Hill foundation that lord we are able to match. Thanks to the generosity. Of the and the financial. Who almost immediately yesterday stepped up and offered to match what is given so. I thank them and I thank you not only in this case but it. We had a board of directors meeting last and I guess and the foundation. Has. Now. Given. 2.3 million dollars at the knees and who to those in our area. Who are suffering through emergency situations so boys you're real jerk two point. 2.3 2.3 million. We have been able to donate thanks to your generosity so I can't thank you enough for that. And now it's your terribly tough as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Killed mail. ALC. And yet you hung around like a storm you like that it's bank. The most if early period. On WEE. If it are right. Well I say it. Kevin. Was just in Lawrence and wants to give us an update before we get to Google mail morning Kevin. Or guys. I did you know. And I are working hard sell it to do. It all the way up off or not excitement to. The blood mountain. Element jet back through the hole and yet he get to my building because we iron out some and to get HL and that's the only reason I like that I literally built so the vote. A way to get an electric boat. Yeah you see it cops and first responder and then I'll bite or 95. If the old cinemas. They have a command centers set out what this television. State police aren't. Actually blocked simply ignored police on a ninety degree go toward the area well it is a big match so. Now it is and that is there's a lot of work ahead and a lot that has to be done. And there working to get the electricity back on him. And so. Those of you who have donated this morning thank you and those who will thank you and you can go. Too the Greg Hill foundation dot org right now to make a donation. Here for you now the very best home L voicemail messages that you've left over the previous 24 hours. There's only 7:51. AM. There were no more than Michael McDonald who you are you got to get them back into that. Well I think it's. It's the former not the not the latter wrecked. There's me. 7:59. AM. This dude I mean. Compared years anybody let them let them had a habit of yeah. And then now his job just to clarify. Not to cry. But our afternoon producer former assistant producer on this show. It's his grimy. Is not companion is not campaigning he's not my boyfriend okay all right I'd companion is that different person yes entire nots is crime because oh now now now it is. Is there is OK with the fact that you found. Someone else and then they that he's not competing you know rudely enough plan to reach out and well being check out what I assume he's finding things thousand is a very busy currency Value Line. So you start dating somebody else and then it's like forget about it anybody else that. Before like him reports the incident was on the anywhere so. So get over its Arctic. Who is helping him get through this summer and I. Looked odd yes the look on the social media's TO happy you're ranked. Meanwhile in the hub bubbling and the marine pilots how to legally and effervescent you've been the last two days with the Obama campaign I mean I think we all benefit now yeah yeah. And deaths and I'll let go of musicians. You know they get down on the yet armed you know they get are brought me go into the studio and rightly right Brad Lester out now he's in swift. The idea that'll lead to a master please please call still as a musician. On Arnold didn't cool or warm. LB could. Like. Yeah grip side. And she's our. Company said. Yesterday that LB was the Sarah Palin to show he knows what he wants to say he'd trust an ex patriots and. And and yeah. Rock are just adding a year so so we have like look I WA AF listener named faith. Because there and until some goofy story about Iraq where she had when you chop it up little boy is seven years later. That's perfectly believable. On a deal saying I got a rattlesnake it's would Baidu Dirk by creditors brew darn cute she. In the history of making claims that might feel outrageous which I think is why now I mean I think this seven year thing is a little a little much this probably is no spying on. Maybe seven minutes limit you know it maybe a buyer rattle single child had a secret points. So well the pitcher Tom Norton story after shooting senators don't do. Then I don't want. The message is that you know I think we know we've taken eaten if we get to go over there it's OK am lucky to get to wrap those. Or any kind of blew everything imagine having to call an uncanny luck and very. The message. Picked 41 and again. Yeah I've been here. OK okay independent if you eat that no like I said in the beginning and lived in Clinton. Well I've been battling. Cash and in Canada they bonded over Canada here. 701. AM. It's the truth then. Did their thing about being loved it didn't attack. Oval give led many to be loving it. You don't think about everybody there's no hard beaten. Good good good good that they're in my. And then now and it's amazing heart to heart them and Kenny. Kenny organs on the show Tuesday and Terry and then 9 o'clock hour. In yells dream yet. And so me and. Nobody could have been a weatherman. One. That's no big job not by. The message. Again I'm I'm always in that weird but we have some caller from Carolina. That's right note to storm. And her business. Because she doesn't Margie issues wanted to looted loans are. Well that is true I mean you word. You were criticized yesterday for saying that these people should stay and be hurt in our heroes. And yet yet one of them on the show this morning during the 6 o'clock hour. Oh yeah right. Won't want. And Greg Moore about the video game conversation and it's all night you know there are two under what he did it. It out innovate the I hope so all day. And the message. Open 23 and again. Margaret who know what it but they Edwin. Don't have quite the call this message. Do some research I get back yet I along yeah well best second sports management and after. Let's see here is a 617. Texts. Asking DNL. Which would be better. A bugs Dolan. Or a Mac log ins. And all that. I don't think Bob Zoellick to handle my fire button so I try go building guys don't care and tanks. And a Clinton and it's their final shell. The yacht tower. There's going to be in and put it beyond the tour bus node B on the island. Her. Robbie Dupree will be there apple boss get off. It can Porgy and it. I'm trying to this site for rocked train. We all know. That. Won the foundation does anything. There are some who. Like to reach out and angry text about it I'm trying to figure out what this. Text message means I'm gonna need some clarification. On this vitally techsters says. Sorry Greg. This is who you should be raising money for. Not a group of people. The techsters referring to the young man lost his life when Jimmy Fallon is currently sitting in the driveway oh he will. We are raising money for him right. What does it what does that. This textures indicating that all funds raised should go solely to that instantly not be distributed to other. Now it seems to what I mean why wouldn't run. Why would wonder that why why would one not help everybody tendon and quote while I would. Why would why oh why would those organizations want to help people not help everybody I don't. I arrogant or Jared Perry in my mind go to one this would be changed angry techsters it is. Are very sorry you know until it doesn't take a village now takes it takes a little bit ago. Do some homework in a lawyer sort of 513 C yes you street and you you can donate. Your money. And raise money yes and give it to who ever you think deserves it in your mind he yes doesn't it that's a good point right so there you know I it. I'm just defending my friend to. It it was his choice to start by one receive as it is organizer and a robbery that is raised 2.3. Excuse me for the texture of two point. Green million dollar donated distributed yeah yeah yeah yeah that's a 100% yes OK yes so you know Greg doesn't drive a Ferrari. I'd like an insult us dollar and I would like an unable to get out don't worry you'll only my second street talent like to to whom he chooses as you know what's. He did the homework. Putting in the effort and he he started the great deal from Irish toward. All here's a 978 tax. If it was a white cop. Millions would be donated. Nice try guys. Hard to argue me to send you roses send send us your name and address or your works are your coworker. Or not to your wounds or. Brian. A yet what's going on. It's we'll let this comet soon to do music recommendation that they. It worked in our guys give out. Check out a lot thank you well. So it regulator recommendation is. It is fitting that I'm await this time writing our breaks on in yell if you do a cover up whole Lotta Rosie. The non and it's what that target is about. Mosley. Eighth. 978 tax I'm sure that that person hasn't seen the news but one of the houses that exploded was yeah Lawrence police officers on yes did you see the item. That story. That home exploded and after making sure that the family was okay yeah he went back hoping everybody else and Soto was his name is via and so oh. Another there's. Well a lot of a lot of amazing stories that are coming out this morning including game you know. The woman. Who credits her yet with saving life yes. That was kneeling at the basement door area and national Catholic can't upstairs and that there were flames that I believe coming from furnace while it will inaccurate well that's how that's how terrifying this thing wise. Is that these furnaces yeah in just started to catch on fire its jets corners in that absolutely absolutely terrify. Com this it is Patrick hello Patrick. Papal Patrick yes go ahead what's up. They dragged and yeah I don't know are there now that's great that's one down that'll work on but I just are not like video of that tour Notre Dame. In my neighbor's. Mr. Tate who. Or around the neighborhood and Chevron gas let them. And Matt and him whereas David Murphy blew our major dad the neighborhood. I. There were lots of there's lots of video last night that there were people who work. Bringing garden hoses. Merit their own homes. Help them help the firefighters I mean just let it renews here your faith in. And common decency. This is Vicki good morning Vicky. I got it all right you know. It. I'm not there well not comedy and. Yet taken Twitter. Dickey taken Twitter Vicki yes what's going on to keep. Well I was listening and I am really hoping this morning I was not going to hear you receiving checks or tweet. From people once again cleaning. Your foundation is. Doing the wrong thing. I am so frustrated with this I didn't want people to start thinking about that the foundation like this. You help people who are being exposed to trauma that a tragedy that could happen to any single one about. On any single day. And I often know inside scoop into somebody's. And that the people you're helping have a lot of friends who are competent. You know I hear that accurate sixty feels like last night trap and you don't alliance forming so early in the human and it's it's tragic and I get I don't. I'm frustrated and articulate people and they have to under start understanding that you are helping. Every day people who are dealing with something that could happen to any single lot of act so once again and I think you for everything correct and the foundation. But my frustration with these idiots is hitting an all time high. Well I think you have to look at the you have to try to look at it like this there are a lot of people. Who unfortunately. Are not. Happy. About their situation in life and they are. They spend. Their time. Trying to take out their frustration on others. And it's. It it eat it you see if you can feel. Some so I'd like try to feel sad for those people not not not not hacked off and I think you'd be better off. Today. There are people who are not happy with where they it's like. Yesterday when I was I had the amazing. Opportunity. To pick out the watch is that we are going to give away. As a part of a fund raiser for the foundation at wind watches and wheels. And there was some. Buffoon. Who was making comments on is to Graham about how. Ernie. Should paid. For everyone's tickets. To go to wind watches and we'll lists because he has. He has money because this money out of it actually. But just stopped but it didn't for charity right Ernie is not that most Philanthropic people in the Vietnamese yet yes. So yeah. And hit and arrogant money would be better spent helping somebody and then event a tragic event like that and trying to generational its ticket to come until. It looked at and then not that there's an outlet I. I'm right I easily come and I actually give you an clipped and I'd be the first to donate to any of these haters out there if god forbid something horrific happens that I don't which you cracked. You know on the week my comment that I think it was and. I you know for for. For bad buffoon. I would loan for Ernie. I've just black coat his whole tax return and and they are just give us. I number of what he gives all of home. My drive music drives us what do you think act costs. But you know I object in my and that's just one that's one of many things that are in need to its security board up. You would be. I think you would be shocked. At the level. At which. Angry. Sad people. Are willing. To reach out and tried to do things the harm others. All I always nighttime I'm shocked by it sometimes what people and I think Anna and now and I'll leave. And I'll leave it at that I'll be unless and so now so you know here's somebody's see I see this as well liked nines and texts. Greg I disagree with virtually everything you say opinion I think if shuttle. But. But when it comes to the foundation a degree where and yes you know what you heard you should disagree with me probably about. 60% of my opinions are wrong or maybe even more about that but but their opinion there that there opinions. So if you're at 60% one's open. It's. If you like to be on the show this morning you could call on the premium sports studio line that number is six ones have been. 9311223. LB question brio. Bible text it would like to know who is more distraught. Steve is. Grimy and that being Alice found compete and dump them or you know that single putter to key is no longer sick. That's that. Again you know yeah again you you're you're you're you're over thinking over thinking yet number one I just wanted to you know hit them. Saw Federer wasn't about emotionalism out she's quite she's a hot little spare and how. In our shoes you know it's kind of got to be a part of the show is night prominent and some of the events and she was there and I was errant meaningless in the show us I thought I know on Monday afternoon. She might have a crash on me. This is she's got a guy here's. Texas is I wish Ernie would give Shula new corolla. No I thought maybe Barbara still are around an act of we'll have a retirement party in a month so 1000 miles what is Barbara's gonna get 300000 miles an agenda trainer came MIT and it is a genius and a lot of this is it only 7000 miles until she turns 300000. While that's amazing yes his that is that is that is and she's been very good to me. All right. We got more calm and today's show is presented. By Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. It is 839 and this is John on the premium Ford studio line what's going on John. You know Greg. I'll betcha anything foundation is gonna kill them more money toward the left and go in indoor. It illegal alien it would enlarge you know something he should actually calling him an excellent they like that Greg. What does he actor Terrence we have noticed I'm an error. You know but the easiest thing is those people just show up at the event it would donate some del yeah. I I don't wanna is some people say why do you address these people. I address that just because it points out to me. A really interest thing. Traits in some human beings where they are able to find something bad. In and everything. And feel the need to share it with others and bring them down and bring their efforts down and it and it and it must be so miserable to be like that like how like. It's not because they get off on doing now exempt their only joy. Is is making other people miserable. Re yes it's like so we're more former shot and tried yeah I think they did that they they love it when they have a gotcha moment with an lieutenant it's like I like when you read the text because I think people need to be aware of the attitudes of others but I also aid is on like I don't get any tension yeah they're they're like yes he read my text thanks. In. Well I can't election but honestly that's what. If you're getting if you're getting apart from that what got beat at that these. That's like a real evidence you have that the other serious mental imbalance and other. But yes I I do thank. I thank everybody who has donated so far this morning you've donated almost 5000 dollars. Where are you latest latest total is 4900. Dollars donated. Toward those affected by the Columbia gas explosions in Lawrence in and over in North Andover. And we are matching the great health foundation is matching your donations up to 101000. Dollars. So you can continue to donate up until the end of the show and and probably. Throughout the day today when you go to the great gill foundation dot org that's the great gill foundation dot org. I don't know how you feel about this I got series of three text messages. From a 617 taxer who is bothered. That the Celtics. Have been released Jabari bird. Based on what he is accused of what he's an accident to police found guilty he there. Other players from other teens not necessarily the NBA think that have been released. For similar things before anything was proven rain lender and pants here Aaron Hernandez yeah county Aaron Hernandez would be one including Idaho conduct unbecoming they don't wanna be associated with and different owners. Choice him. And Darren in listened to a foreign. You'll be well yes. The that but that's the question is it is the owner's choice. And what have you we can't just he can't just. Safe. You're toast. We would we don't know the situation we don't know the eggs could be the how. Turmoil wise. No harm the hour how. Mad. You know how dangerous. The year I mean we read I don't we don't always go back you'd. Your official tourist Easter I understand allegedly allegedly he threw his. Significant other or against a wall. Well there were twelve. Different violent incidents that he's accused of I did not during that during that time when our fairway I would then I would Andersen's situation and kidnapping charge yes Casilla and literally I guess now. But that's again a led all alleged. Yeah. It if it's twelve incidents is a man for a vote of twelve not in the past twelve during that. Twelve times he was he was alleged to have been violent weekend at her okay so during and then go to court. Yeah I am and you know cheap you'd get a restraining order and won it all goes down in desperate together. Via. I don't know if it's true he's a loser. Mimic it it does go either way sometimes. When it comes professional. Franchises in what you do with players who were accused of things well. I don't know. I guess it but their son or some that have done much less. Or reprimand a player for far greater offense the Jessica health tests yet as you think he's he should have been though. I would limit charges like first you know businesses. About a week hasn't been a week or so since the turn did Pontiac to a five days so it was really it was yes though he suspended I think. They have. I don't believe how they have not suspended him I don't think but of course don't forget that there is. You know there there is the collective bargaining agreement and the Celtics are they are bound by that right and them through yeah. Art. It is 844. And that let's get to the news the news this hour is brought to you by. Our strict hit the easy way to donate your car donating a carton to pick up tomorrow go to cars for kids dot com or 1877. Cars for kids. There's it could ever see in Georgetown Texas that involves. He. And a gate attendants. At a park near lake Georgetown. And in the video. He driver. Is reportedly being blocked by one of the park attendance and the park and it is screaming in the video. It she's being run over by the driver ya. Now been share right she's not okay but she's telling 911 that she's being run over she's calling for someone. To help her. It according to the drivers face the post he told park Rangers that couldn't hold their for no reason. But then police pulled him over later on. The driver said he was grateful the police Anderson that he wasn't actually running the park attendant on her. They've identified the staffer at the park so that she has since been let go well good and we've bits and sound through video that was shot during the incident. She's saying I ran over her. Son yeah. I. Don't. Certainly not a double what I couldn't. Crazier than I did yell something good or bad. -- so you can aren't your iPhone for a second because I wanna change difference laws is ring tones and. My. And she never. Obscure reference. Short folks parks and of course so fortunate children. My cheek. More or is it current that money. And now. Some resolve the merits. That. That's nuts it loaves in the news there's some excitement. About the Uranus. Examiner. There months and I'm right behind them. All your honest. This is a powerball but there is. Hey. This thing and your own newspaper death that is just debuted yes in a town. In our country yet which is name. Your reign as your Reyes in this era in Missouri there's a year reign as Missouri and and there is a new newspaper there. Which they have chosen to name the your anus examiner. And there are a lot of exam you know you get the Plainfield examiner at the Cleveland the dealer examiner and the I used to be The Herald examiner here and now our city back in the. Back him in 1940s. And the fifties it was god herald examiner. So of course everybody wants. Make funny jokes and bad jokes about this and yeah. There's a lot of excitement out there including some on local television news yes there they're. Did that we have some sound report they're talking about reporting live from the town. And that in through the reporter's name is Andrew. Cover on okay. Online tonight in your Arenas which is actually a tourist attraction known best for their fudge factory and other attractions here full it's not a city it's a destination. Hearing you should needs to be represented well here. I'm dynamic I was sheer accident Jesus out there are seeing here is a mess local news or lower. That's still the art gallery area that is not. That's not an Ozarks boiler fuel this car could Kuznetsova make it clear that's not always the season whose dwellers if there. This is Michelle what's up Michelle. They got is from the cabinet saying look you're shocked I think Greg. Thank you I'm glad to be on the target I don't really have any day schedule up until Christmas so. On Monday Rihanna this it's going to be a miserable few months without any vacation days what what's up with the show. I well you mentioned you didn't have that guy at Google how many people on America or ethnic. Remind you added that Google sites are not include the country Chicago. I know I'm. Sorry to hear really aren't that aren't are not very dividends. Yeah there and obscure reference on our crazy name towns if I'd been both former Boston Bruin I agree clues are. Grew up in. Climax. I shall not yes don't create intercourse Pennsylvania yeah that's right on on the shall yes it is. Right what else is in the news stand now. No idea that Julie Chen was married to let's move this one night and there aren't bidding for the last do you no clue you have to do your homework and are here that I lose. You're the news director of the entertainment news cern there and another round none and I'll figure saying Les Moonves is entertainment and yes he. One shining pretty what's that like her being married gay and although that would have been considerably I don't hard. But I I think the the question of whether or not she would be sticking with the man who was her boss yeah. That she's married to is a has been a big news topic but anyway yes they're married yeah there is she would there was a moving truck. In front of the home. A day before yesterday the hunt moving some stuff and a lot of people felt like she was. I'm moving out when it comes to her marriage but. At that because she. Pretty big statement on your now sheets Julie ten boasts. Big Brothers you also was and talk and yet and so she take a few days off from the top and then she signed on. At the end of Big Brother. When she returned it to host it and she did it in a way that she's never done before. And outside of Big Brother house with friends I'm Julie Chen the next good night. She's always herself as Julie Chen I think that mixed signal that she's thinking. I thought. You are gonna say that she signed up and said I'm Julie chin and I got a bag of cash them all unless from lists Leeson who laying boom days lace Moonves GA day care and is just one. But I guess I'm assuming that mr. There isn't your coach hello Zack what's up Zach. I didn't care rep and while. You're rated. Yeah I guess is that it about a year ago wouldn't let them tie it to addict. Well yes that's that's in Connecticut now and now I. Know it's nicer in Europe in its misery. And that's what I hear there aren't speaking of locations. Let's headset. That she'd fall. And now woman. Thought she had bad Chinese food with actually pregnant another addition what is the reason why one would keep us Fortis Florida. Not like the rest of us that's ridiculous. I don't know if you've ever run into this checking in at signature flight support when you're heading out private jet but in Tampa. There was a passenger who was upset that his jetBlue flight to San Juan was delayed. So he proceeded to cause a scene and his pants off. In the middle of the terminal overly casual and. Happened recently another somewhere else that we were talking about this in the news or something that's happened a couple of times if I remember a couple were people just got naked music and you know wonderfully can't. Ralph Fernandez is the man's name he reportedly. Threatened to kill gate agent from jetBlue and has dropped her out. He was arrested and charged with battery of a law enforcement officials lol Beth in her as a witness. I started taking calls but he yeah. He's just seeing what he was using the direct the plane to the I don't wanna. I'll go there as well they'll be net income only losers talking right now. The alien approach. Really and a throat now. Antley America in skis and he's not the only country with an anthem controversy going Ridley Australia has one as well. And the symbols of Chinese. There's a nine year old Australian girl who refused to stand during the country's National Anthem. Out of respect for the nation's indigenous population and she's being attacked. By many prominent politicians who are even calling for her to be booted out of school you're kidding me now. Our per Nielsen is her name she lives in Queensland. And she. She refused to stand for the F and we actually hear from harper if he'd like yeah. So there's something win when it comes to the indigenous people is there's some sort of the workers something that is that is offensive. In the Indy in this on. OK Ian and contains. The line she she actually explains about it in her and OK let's let's hear former. That is that is what's you all. I am not some money changed to black just by. The looks of older people just this Cambodia a box to find people that's kind of matte finish and in. Complete idiot she got its C indigenous to change sure yeah. For us. And. Erfurt taking the standard not taking the man. I mean I think that it. They'll be a little Regis to booed and nine year old at a school. Because it's a little aggressive and have an opinion and does teach them I don't know much about Australia but this text there says that Australia remains. A notoriously. Racist country. Yeah. I don't know treatment of of the indigenous peoples is pretty war it is yeah yeah. While I'm at the ideals is Julie Anderson you want to define indigenous. That would be the aborigines that they were there before. The criminals from England go yeah. Yes like kids and that happens of course the word indigenous means those who work. There from the get go the people who during the the. But the indigenous peoples figured in it's it can elect Hillary yes we go yes I think it's funny than make calendar on my iPhone. A couple of calendars for holiday say Columbus Day Y one says indigenous people's day own might want to ask you better file some kind of nice speech complaint on the that your that your outlook says Columbus Day. I it's now the pig is EE still allowed to take indigenous people they offer if you're not an indigenous person. I mean we don't take that day I'll go one federal holiday we don't take off I know you're relieved yes you do love to work on holiday I do yes they do like to work on dollars. Your reference the television showed northern exposure to remember that yes the indigenous people and Alaska on that day would walk around and throw tomatoes. And all the white people and that was kind of a law in the town and it was except that. What a waste of delicious tomatoes see exactly went on an obscure reference Crocodile Dundee. From Australia. Yeah. 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