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Monday, November 20th

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more are always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Feel mail. Everybody that. Go Google it calls it felt you know everything. Under WA yes it's true she does. And then he knows everything else. And she's very nice about it Hibbert never corrects. An eye on that panel that a lot. Doubt argue. Correct the mic collectors them on Thanksgiving week many relatives are having discussions are on the table knowing I don't colony say grace. Now lost the down an electric deal on Tuesday grace and then. Pressures things race there. We jeweler for these and get through about your seat community and then now you're you're going to on county's event during normal OG on cap on team on television I haven't been so that's down McCain as they are downwind to show any particular are you bringing anything you view. Are you making it dish to bring in my presence on now. And that's our role she knew she's listening right now she needs something which I'm sure I'll bring an ethnic my mom's in the stuffing. And then piping nine. And during the detail in case urges. What a crazy I was making in the creamed onions we never had any like cream beef dishes in my. It's in my immigrant parents were very grew by an Italian so we have before Thanksgiving meal the Daniel sent out. We you know my mom is this southern. Boy and raised in Tennessee. And I can't stand turnips the deal deal off he was turner I. I don't I don't. Let's. That was like a traditional dish that we always had to have on Thanksgiving and I just don't like. You know we have to do you got it. Did not just the turn outs what you do where's my Grammy used to take turnouts. With carrots with competitors. With beats. And then boiler rooming together. And now would there changes that he's angry. Roasting that are wrote rose that parents really water I. Our little our little fresh salad turns the hacker write turn a really good in the green to admit that like the big like. We're oven roasted eternity thing I'm not in Tampa I prefer the miracle there. I'm missing 1% or. It will senator. It's a bikini and helping somebody wants. Somebody wants the creamed onions explained. It's addition it has onions floating in the likely cream right she's side Burlington. Yes there Carol and from there at Thanksgiving. There are a Thanksgiving tradition and many many rounds are right here are. The very best go male voice mail messages that you have left over the previous few days. Friday 9:41. AM. Great I think that there. Combatant. Held less likely knew that something you want it eat and more like good good nickname for that girl LP a lot is written didn't. Why did they give out my award winning recipe on Friday for Greg's easy crowd means if if you're looking for if you have to bring food anywhere. In dampening the appetizer. Make Greg's easy crabby it's. While it isn't he time. He has. Yet what a great gains on the back eco and appropriate that way and good land. I put it back. I think I'm the Reagan doctrine at the ball. I we're like couldn't we have been no music playing in the US. Not a great team. Race the other thing we're going to be agree to they did congress in Austin their. Isn't there yeah. On David's older brother but they just. You know another win for our patriots that's what date on putting who. All. I already. It didn't help I'll be out at the Apatow bit and that's what I also thought it here. And that I know it now and not everything. Is compact back you know. And that his. Every note of where you go over some organic chemistry since apple groups and polling groups write some models treaty action elected. Oh. Man. Well this and not worrying. You guys hear rock and we want you. Or in you'll be older than there. All of this point rock on with their young rock. Malcolm young. One of the two young Brothers who formed easy easy. We did on Scott's. And once it's with the drummers naymick got busted for hookers Phil Rudd Phil. Phil is in trouble few months ago crystal meth thing that this is what caused that. Yeah about them Malcolm young passed away over the weekend yet neo suffering from dementia. Few. Is and fortune and that's the same thing I think that is plaguing. David Cassidy right now. He's he's also suffering from. The mention and he has David Cassidy is not dead bin erroneous reports that David Cassidy. Of the partridge family's passed away. It. He is on life support and I would really appreciate if you would that. If somebody said. And I feel that this is a bit irresponsible to do. We have a human beings like that someone suggested earlier when we were discussing that David Cassidy interviews. That we ought to use him. As a test case and we ought to play. A fifth the experiment and play action to play a portion of an audio. And should he unfortunately passed away and we would know that there is indeed. A legitimate home in Jenks but if I play a portion interview when he doesn't die. And there's no load. Did the jinx is the complete nonsensical. I coming up next Monday we're gonna make a pregnant woman drinker radioactive hot down on. Happy tax day has little little enamored grab LB by the reds kept it to me than ninth I guess ZEV leads Lou that we have a lot of fun. Have a little bit. The so David Cassidy famously. Was very upset at one point on the show. Because I admits identified a song. That was a song of Donny osmond's. And I headed attributed to him. Andy at various that in any heard the Ding in the background and get very upset so when he. We are still trying to locate the dating audio which is lost in the vault somewhere here but it when we had them on after that we've got that incident up. Which I believe also somewhat that David Cassidy a little bit. The task at times been on a little bit of a tempestuous. Relationship but I think we worked everything out last time with. Would David Cassidy David. I think we yeah. I have much about that but they didn't just top player love this site do that would work everything down that. Is acting idiotic is that why not. I mean there is some kind of an incident where we are playing hard thing bell in the being dealt yap and all of a bit. Bell and the cop that morning radio I'm Eric call. So there you have it it was my hat. It did not seem to be very forgiving for the second time around. But we wish him the best thing on he's on currently on life support him and we hope that there's a miracle and being DMZ is reporting that he's neared that he's near death yes this family is preparing them. And aren't mayoral we'll see see what happens. 6:41. AM. Well look like well you know big until this week. When they actually a product. Who in the pac. Nothing gets on this week this is one of the most unproductive weeks in the workplace of the entire year I mean everybody alien and I guess today you got a little something. And then tomorrow it's like I gotta run out and go. Idle while farms golf vegetables and everything I need in that stuff there now out of places the path awesome I go there every almost every other day to get my French Google offer rules let's go out and make a bunch like that peppery heat you don't wanna go up those places the farm stands I'd like. Over the next two or three days like taking your your life in your own hands with them these angry women. It's mostly women. I 'cause they had the unfortunate. Obligation to compare that the feast. And there like. Running around with their carts. And brain that you on the phone so much fresher than they have the pressure of the whole family reliant on them to make the meal perfect. Wouldn't rule on them. Greg long time what they're here that you know victory. I call you Lockett review god god of. I. Will see what happens. Is that people's. Seven I move forward. AM. You know I was feeling really good about the patriot win. Beautiful April day of Thanksgiving coming out with friends and AM when. And then grant you an act that put on our bumbling and now I'm gonna hang wiped out on the all of history. Let them. I will say this work I will say this Scott call in the middle of an audio eulogy for Malcolm young to talk about how bad CDC was. That's like going to Colby's funeral and shouting out that he was a horrible lie hockey play. And who call in them. In the middle of an audio eulogy. That part about how every single CDC's. Yeah. 704. AM. You have sole can't help but notice that they're old and hasn't played in about a month now. Way to go Greg. And then that in Georgia on what's DO. Large accepted their attacks there. Dexter is blaming the fact that it's. Charles Manson died last night. On the interview that we did with member of the Manson Nance and Diane is great. Like I regret and a half ago are in poor health. Yet you and it he'd died. If he died within 48 hours after we had an interview. That it's heating element thinks it's too far right fuming over its afford. The unbelievable on the first on and off. Once on an announcement but Charles Manson passed away in the hospital. Here's some audio of Charles Manson and reading the sports that LB had written for him to your field vying. Are you mad do you feel like most about drug replenish get fresh and good. They're racist did you. You can get all of a sudden they just let Obama. Albeit written down the names of some of the winners of the past the Boston ponson and. Girls and I'll tell you. The announcement confidence in which the only struggles. On the quality and that's definitely. Hold on to say this is John hey what's up John. It was a great lets out. I don't know you were talking about people like AP. You know this week off and stuff like that now look at this place and meet market over Belli yeah. In this just insane a ball how much prep woodland like people showing up there. And just the amount of late food Dillard getting out of there resistance tea people crazy. I feel bad for her you know in most I think in most cases it's that old like the mom does that do does the big Thanksgiving feast. And you see. That the that terror in their they have the crazy eyes because that. The pressure resign over many about as many of them have the worthy stuff that worked and it's you know everybody has the work it and there and there are just. It's just terrified and sell Henry's market over in Beverly get there early. Seven Abu. 7 AM. Always added that kind CNET and the guys. Yeah. We were talking earlier about a couple navy pilots. Who have been grounded. Because a worse guy writing a penis in the sky if you wanna see would look like. You can't take a look at my Twitter feed Greg Hill W a tough to follow me on Twitter. And those are today's home male voice mail message is says that her. Census said.