Hill-Mail - LB Gives My Hangover a Headache

Thursday, August 9th

The very best voicemail messages of the previous 24 hours! Today, callers get some words in about LB's ranting on Wednesday!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll. And your schedule. Today asked dot com and now it's your Terri did talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male. On W a death. Tax from woman. He says I only use them. To see if it's worth giving the guy shot though that is what that particular moment. Does win today within unsolicited or a solicited. The we have a lot of apparently a lot of on technically savvy people Lakeland and listen to the show they're all texting and saying what is. Airdrop asking for. Airdrop if you have an iPhone you can move you if you're in close proximity is something you can share photos videos documents etc. You can have your airdrops settings set to contacts only. Or everyone's that if you leave it open for everyone pretty much anyone around you can airdrop UN a deep right. So basically what occurred on this and as a way. Is this guy just airdrop this photo and it's really the name is is perfect for because it goes out into the phone of everybody who is there an iPhone everybody on the call list variation. Of it well problem. I don't have any friends understand this and everything I know. In my life and about two strangers called malicious Steve picked distribution alternatives courted this week. 860 text their load to the continent of connect. Our rates. And. Let's get to today's male voice mail messages that were left value over the previous 24 hours. When they 7:39. AM. Albeit they don't want to get it down like itself. I've got multiple good practice and most important thing is everybody's sake don't think I totally understand why I'd get him back well. I'd love to support you have. Obesity Ali's talking to in. You know this text or wants to know why didn't just pulled your hand in the cast of Hillary talking to him. And said but we don't just pretended. To protect it and analysts is to protect its choice says that's what you do when you're talking to keep your head you know ideally. Yes no answer about it. No I totally shocked you know news area is in ninth symphony tax from the detective dead beat Blake did you know. Once you've seen these once received the panic and I'd notice a box of tampons in the background old guy claimed he was single. You can find lots of information and you get the excellence that mostly. Much like when you zoom in or when you change the brightness and contrast on the photo you can see a lot especially intended to conceal something like present. It's got a photo from a buddy who is like problem going record earnings he'd like involved in the case. Where the court might be out of there. I just kept there and then I looked at that time on his watch. And I was like no you didn't just take that picture you ticket yesterday or some other day at 312. Texas six on seven text from a woman who says it would be fun to air drop aid you be picked. On the train and then watch all the guys around Maine and I want to hook and slicker data protection you do. Mean me eight ohm side and. I want an open ever been equally they've been simple there a message. There's a pretty amazing to me in the years in Sacramento. Is. Really now it's the greatest misconception of how. Should we attending and that right now but I've been using in your era our man at that point you know you're there do I get a you know so many things now. It's socks that I haven't been back Darren amble my parents are dead. But I you know I would love to have the letter for the free ride there Harvard. I'm a free ride to her. And I guess part of me just wanna frame and I went to enter a plea generic can make a bunch of money. When the media and then paid to do a platform the media in Norman was the deal with the Ivy League don't give the news they don't give the athletic scholarships. Here for an hour talking yes to me my agency's super secret forever I don't know if they don't give credit I don't question them. I question no question are at a market a question no you can't. Mean I I I dotted I added I was was it like Harvard Institute of Technology on the very careless or Harvard College so it's a tango. Colgate right yet to read Colgate. And now right now a free ride to do brown didn't know really what a free ride all of these Ivy League schools that don't give the scholarships. Book war and for a. Yeah it caught the I thought about it or are getting right now and I and I just I I love that really can't tell you okay wrote the sealed. What did. You actually are hard to Harvard has nothing to do an intelligence supplied by you now let me get noticeable because I was good people write what you were using it to us everywhere I go right. We were saying that you're not a dummy because he got a free ride the Hartford. But that was about athletics. Norton collagen Wilcox is yet. Private school. The best athletes in and the lights get ago there. There's only to earn fifty students of limited to people right. I got to go. That's a so I guess as a it was a it was a very Smart here. Yeah as. I just love you pretend like I'm hurt and okay oh really like the five guys from Michigan that me and full load of money. There have like a one point one green pointed graduated with scholarships. Bad happened. God yeah GAAP. Prior an Ivy League schools don't give. Free rides OK there you know pulled you know pull it along commission and is not Ivy League school that's not the point oh okay. I heard my point is. Okay Reggie Bush who's the quarterback to play USC. They Baghdad they lived in a 3.5 million dollar Condo how bad happened for a well gosh yeah I know everybody's legit. Ovaries. When during. 7:22. PM. Look at these Lindy Lindy what is the matter with you every morning. Give my angle or headache. Who could. Guys like Collin vause went there and not being arguments on in conversational. Here it is. And stick range and drives it down to locker rooms is owned companies. And goes for launching mushy seven Beers and vodka tonic and then goes back to work. And men are alive and make stuff. I am. In street cobra blood no black candidate. Look. God told him. Couldn't buy that though can make it to that bit more accurate as we or should not call. Of duty on sport. Okay bay. Do you know why I came. Back in. He was aka the deal here you theater there and Sox world refugees which is. Good. My own and. One wouldn't come along later that morning I only lead albeit if you'd better go back. You know like. That. And if you can help the news room there are one of his final Broadway Show. And Max Weinberg. The drummer for the greatest artists of all time Bruce Springsteen Jonas ninety teams. And it's coming to town that's cool playing over the Boston winery and he's doing a lot of bands now I've noticed are doing something where. The audience gets to select the song that I mentioned this about the counting burrows. Where you can donate a block in advance of of the next road show coaches. Next Friday night I have an advent calendar on. Caller to not recognize the days. And you can block the sun won here charity and love that and then Bill Bradley the responses and Max Weinberg is doing similar things though. He will join us at 915 and yes I will ask smells like. In 08 and. Louisville mayor whose failure would need the muddy or anyone not that call would indicate what the mother bought the car no home. Message received. A thousand of those from. My good friend agent to the stars. Aaron small business. We as Airgas. Yeah Martin's game changer lifesaver at this that's an important gift. 7:20. Am. And now that people got. It. Fired it is technically didn't call knuckle down at all. It's a way we do the Monday evening or did you hear everybody talks what I'd do it so hard you know contribute. A person shall go. Send home 21 and. And then that it EPA in America today and of course that they had better not comment and I thought. Age. It. That was one of the admissions questions. The heart forever now. Yeah in Chicago in America right and did an and then when it got it and they were like yeah all right but those in the age he went back and look at my stats from. High school Arkin was like yeah you're you're. Monoline business 617 taxed. From Ivy League sports dot com. Ivy League schools provide financial aid to students including athletes only on the basis of financial and tired as determined by each institution's financial aid office just there are no academic or athletic scholarships in the Ivy League should. The confident that with all this person to shell out of there really there OK so Elizabeth Warren got paid for its part is Elizabeth Warren make 435000. Dollars to teach one class buying parliamentary by not giving any scholarships out. I'd love if people don't tell that her smell it's like you personally got 8085. Mile an hour dollar speeding ticket you went to court to beat it. They've hit you picked up. Everybody. And there are no rules in college yet it did NCAA is that a billion dollar. Cheating industry able time. Are you kidding me but I delivery picked him up. Pretend like I didn't live okay. You know when I say cracker Jack chased by a black hair around my trailer in the trailer park in. Jasper Alberta you lose it real you lived it was real. When I drove my mailed to eager for forty. Snowmobile to the force that's there farm. Five miles from my house when I was like eleven years old and we took twenty twos and we went and just killed stump. Refine. I'd lived it. When though I let it hit when there right no horrified people. We don't think we'll staring in my windows. Cap yeah. I've lived it it will dial it wasn't until now that's now my case why is it wants I'd lost my mind a little bit. I mean I a caiso. LB didn't play pro RT fifty. Well I mean look I can't handle a little bit. Brain damage because I was a meat and whatever but that doesn't mean my life didn't exist. We're actually all just does the dream sequence in Hilton head and mood he's in a wake up tomorrow and none none of this will exist. So like when I was eight years old maid of my stepfather I didn't I didn't I didn't. Hitch hike with a low for Brad. 45. Miles tomorrow effort to turns away from their point none of the bread made of there. I repeat not eaten these men and Columbia happily they're guaranteed right impacted aspect I.