Hill-Mail - Knuckle Down

Friday, December 15th

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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send our college online and on your schedule WOK asp dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male and I wonder if my output of motor for about that about un WB yeah. All right today's a male voice mail messages brought to you by the city of busting credit union is all the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But with no minimum requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of busting Carty union checking account service today. Don't know what then Mo was our vice president of audio services might grant to forty. Was telling me this morning that he was listening and didn't even now did did ebony I had no clue when he's an analog anyway and Felix is an arson so. I'm not overly surprised and that that I know and I am platform like PayPal is basically just little feet yeah. All right while that they'll be peace now that there's not an internal donut throughout are here's today's he'll male voice mail messages at W. Paid me 9:44. AM. Not today it or pulled. Local all day every day. The wounded man who just a bachelor's. I noticed you were baggy pants as you can talk publicly I figured if I lose close to the rest of my. If you go Italy apple what are you. 3 X 5 o'clock. And me think 29 PM. Forward Oak Park quote but what what the report this campaign and he's. It's a serious it was a charity event. I told you were off for a couple weeks so everybody will forgotten about them become enough for a few years ahead and pick up a I think they'll forget about it. And me and 43 PM. Old recruit a player and you're up a moderate. When I'm not. They yeah. Sect that photo out makes you know in the princess lay awake it's on my its program regularly on the seventh it was so nice having hair again you can apply. All of ours. Maybe dark blue energy gimme some of those bonds down I think and patronize any of the nerds proposition you or anything I saw a couple guys checking me out. To eat and eat more and well what about the mood of the moon not a lot of model with a figure that you know. It's that it got a record I would think that the world. Oh my god almighty god that on the Britain we put them in light of Lebanon did that. Let's put up a little sleep well it. There's certain guys. And America and at the root. Act when you play in the neck here. Weaknesses in next year and it's almost 2018. That's a it's amazing I tell people are coming out with the. All the means about. I can't wait to get credit Tony seventeen if that was the worst year ever bring on 2018 like I was about when he 1620. Scheme money every year since the beginning and the worst year ever. Why won't he he he he. Danielle will be the rounded side my other bodies Wimbledon import it. That was not a man in the audience that can afford that car and when her heart into his. Actually that's not true but isn't the table there. Only irony by the whole. The whole deal here Willy did and may begin to think it's yeah. But I doubt that. It is slaves who had this look. There's the great times here though out. Really don't have ferraris. He would if spectacular these days anti any local law celebrities command Ferrari's anybody out it's a killer plant for the little like business guys that command and by Ferrari's yeah there's a lot of sports guys and stuff like I don't like you're really talk about the actual people because who knows. What they do with the car but I'll tell you this. On the weekends. Some guys come in with their girlfriend purchase a car and their wife doesn't even know about. Yeah yeah. That's right that's. Like that's absolutely right they keep it in storage here in the command on the weekend and I take it for my stride and hence why the only time there happier than and is and the husband died drives that explains that then news. Is she doing here earlier he notes you know what's cool about you know Ferrari's and in Mazda writers occurrences that you saw on you during the summer I 95 north. In the Georgetown new report that stretch of 95 north. Date they brace and then to console buster anybody's knots and they Dayton you know to 200 miles an hour. Sent from law enforcement about I was under half. It's a billion dollar industry hit the Ferrari billion dollar industry. He moved on he had big ticket now being. I'm not duplicate their studio and I'm not going to Iran played. I get on knuckle down and I. It. Wouldn't when he's not announce a Texas overnight attacks. One topic to end of and defied a tax incentives among my emphasis that Tennessee. And one man. Everybody else you know American look at it without my help you feel like everything. Was. I called my parents are too high. I. Don't listen. The legendary. And that that that that won't we won't blue man. Have moved the ball goes. It minerals out of sea and you had to move not you wore that type dude where are the belt buckle he died at being cute but he's like get creepy on court. Yeah. What goes. In the creation. Cincinnati place. Who moved to Indiana. Muted. All of what equipment Barton grip. The moon and then move. That is written that you wouldn't. And in this. Fourteen and maybe you didn't get a bid it would be good news today one point two million it TP get there's that. You know how I play Willits swipe at brunch with tender with McNabb has yet see me play will it fit with L between these cards all I guess was the big dividend conceded it didn't look Ferrari whereabouts of Saudi. I can't can't come all can we just take it Dora earned the region. Angry or. That in the color. Good morning I didn't want it to go on a limb and Ripken played in Iraq so that it bait. Mary there's loads the grave of any doubt all of these and why. Credit in the in the morning are a year or let him that one. Man. Well as nice guy yeah the American by Alan thank everybody who has participated all year line in Hillman now and in. Does everything that we do we got some great. Good events this you know look back and look at the lunch with Larry that we did your act together for veterans day in. But he contest yes that does electing a sensible Zealand attic and have so little of them be happening again this year so. This right now is our annual Toys for Tots live broadcast happening here at loch mas a Roddy. On the. Otto mile route one in Norwood.