Hill-Mail - Is Kenny Loggins An LB Fan

Wednesday, September 12th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Until mail. I thought about fire fighting. Low profit on WA yes. When it comes to yours servings of dairy a text there it is asking if case officer you know ice cream dipped in chocolate counts. Yeah yes there are courts courts that is. Earth it is our right here for you now are the very best till Mel voicemail messages of the previous 24 hours. To me twelve. 17 PM. I don't move on it and fix every day of the week that they would not or is it. True that equated. What do. Now. We love quitter. You know it was a contract situation it was a veterans situation. Ten years. You know what you know he's making I think two point seven million. You know soured count. And the organization that are when he two and under their mineral for. Decent Carter. A Texas says. Don Sweeney. Could drive the bruins' boss in to a crowd of children and Lindy Lindy would say it was a great close up. I don't. He's never criticized the dot because he's afraid he won't be able to get in the parents and sharpens. Them kidnapped were passer it's. We know there comes a sweetheart I'm talking were taught in suite seats. You know. But I think people really I mean listen. He was a lunch pail kind of guy and he was a tough guy and so people Bruins fans really respect that and so they're gonna they're gonna miss them. You have to understand Don Sweeney had. The hearts of foreign lions to play the way he did. I think he's like fired eight. He's played played like a hundred and maybe 75 pounds yeah used to run Barry's size of the charm yell what do you every day what. Is that adapted suit it to do with the McQuay trade. Not much Quaid wade as a voter I had done what I'm trying to explain to people. All. Old guys. So so quaint is gonna look for three point. Five million or digital for a three year deal to plus one for two point seven million that's gonna go against the cap they've got. They get visas drafted I did anybody who watched the rookie challenge and watch the Bruins rookies. Crush everybody in buffalo and and forget the other team they play there's so much talent in this organization. Because of Don Sweeney. Look at. Did the Butte cared. Defenseman. Karl. I'd voice yeah Mac or look at Mac aboard look at Pasternak look at all the young talent on this team. We've got there's there's guys that played in Providence last year that are just like one years old. Odd 21 years old that are going to be one replied. Stars in NHL it's you know the guy is rebuilding your organizing Asian suited to put together a ten or fifteen year run the gadgets. Enjoy I mean yeah he got a playoff run last year where Roland bay beat. And pole for 48 PM. It. Adam acquitted for road trip hit it. But couldn't crack the top step back in 201010111. Explained what aborted at Harvard Dorado that. Owned now not just about all work. Seattle these bullet that they're never happy never ever ever ever. Yes yes last few years of the Rangers. I mean he's Mars it's nine guys are solid skills guys when he was with the Bruins in if you wanna do little work as I did. He was plus fifteen. In the game since he played for the so you think it's a good move feel like you like I think I I think this is yet he's a puck moving guy he's a solid guy. Ian you know ease ease united again aegis this isn't about him. It's a bold money getting a fourth and seventh rounder for a guy. Data that would play on our skills game and Adam acquitted the game in the NHL now is more skills forward game. You know equator you know it's like I wouldn't exist today. You know meet that teams don't have media and it's great note saying adequate adequate is one of the best runs robbery at an incredible Bryant's career. But because he's tenure track because he makes two point seven million dollars and he's going to be a freeagent. Donnie when what does everybody always complain about oh we got enough good war. God they just let them screw hope of anyone got a three year until we got nothing and so now we have a defenseman to draft picks. This is whichever public on the non hockey fan now well. These are not on this one I mean no one loves to look waves that he would fire and days you absolutely everything you want. You know Ritalin but Kevin Miller virtually the same player and you get behind gore. But you have eight defense and then in salary cap and everything else they have two young defensemen in the system coming out. I think Jeffords is that that got on the miners that date that would of salary dump as much as I love my equated to be done. Yeah I agree that you know it's Amber's given me that call up to act. What the million. Ends Sapp for for the center for. I don't know these it's okay they're big Fella he's got that he's on his 55 and it looked at a. Let me think. 21 PM. I bit then all of a low note that in fact of the thing up. My the than the normal life a little that would be riding with the baby grand piano. It's here for an increase it and that's it I the the fourth time. You do your homework they did hit the her homework but you don't even know the guys just took him. Two point 806. PM. Still at about 830 on and tonight and somewhat in immediate medical rock and boom boom truck you can interviewing both got Matt. Figured out selling them up like up from way that I think that not a real purpose of the so. The message. The listen NC I think 24 and again. Oh man and a healthy that they have their day that the court alternative. Only fitting that when healthy and walking in the band playing in the back. Are people inquiring already. About next year and the second in mule. International corn hole tournament the benefit of regular gas stations you know I we will. We'll lock down a date that we'll do it may again up at the Brunswick awesome and I the only thing I need is negative find more corn hole boards. So can have more teams. We we we took up a good part of being on our front out in front of the nonstarter. Hard to get some some handy listeners that are expert at fencing accordingly or borrow some you know will return him in the same condition in which there about I. I did crack up the other day because corn hole has now reached the level of basic pitch I was at home goods. And there was a corn hole board set that was clearly designed for like the instant grand female because it had. Like a baby blue silhouettes of Massachusetts and is set. Home and person flat on my. This is where corn homeless calendar can be done to there we've gone to YouTube life coach background status. And home goods would. Corn hole board at all that he does that other chick is really into corn hole when her boy friend is playing in his I think that's the I. And I think actually that train accidents can. Like why would you and the ladies and plan their room and my girls red beans and I don't think he won and then. But it got there around. But the play up. We're all of it has not wanna pick them fight it who cited by new order and say I don't want to get him back. Little do reporters there that what that will be a while. That's where. He went yeah. The people's eyes yeah there's throw something Alley that even those socks and a little subdued celebration. Last night it yet so not the giant champagne spouting out thing although they just not only did secure a playoff spot. That he had its host that was it. They did it yeah she's being real low latches real low key and place rule that I think that was that's pretty Richard celebration I don't think it would have even done and that's because they secured a playoff spot is very quiet. Yeah wine. And I mean you're panicked debated dude pasts. In her own team GPS the back to her I I. In the in you know the deal with sale only pitching one meaningless though show that you know he looked good but they don't they wanna run system. That tells me that his injuries you know ways worse you know it's scores stores like I was an engine on fire. Everything's. Nobody doubted that sales this year is that he was he's all he was always awesome during the season and them and they went to the point doubts. He was he was burnt out right you want is your stars well rested as the bull dances. And little. Little additional homework I concede on. Come on now. Or correct pig to little irate listeners little hole yeah it did on coral sale. This is Mike hello Mike. Morning guys I was what might. Oh be oh I agree with you completely on the record player at the funeral committee that a big part of the organization for awhile but. I think people are all upset about him leave them on the street people that for the last. God knows how many months have been saying in the picture you're solid you're growing your wardrobe acutely here though. Those who ordered into the due to a picture you're sort of broader change people homeowners say they're just they can't get all get all the other stuff like this. But the great trade for McQuay you would demand a certain advantage of the season now well you're not stepping up for the Rangers in regular budget cash. Great thing for the Bruins they get to graphics and a pretty decent defenseman. Good. This is David David. Edward government what's going on there. They just been in it back to the diet our conversation with a healthcare professional. So there isn't magic of coconut oil conscious I think they eloped into the trash in a lot of years. And I awful. And not be that they were big Barry makes total sense because they've they've bigots I am. Strongest indicator of extending your light is having a good family and friends support structure around you. More so than exercise eliminate alcohol that's have you ever tried to hang out of begin its awful also begin to have no friend and that's why they died earlier. Think Mel's. Let's that I don't think nothing scientific estimate is that there's nothing LP here. Then a delicious sour cream and onion dip made with the weapons soup packets. And I will be day's worth of sodium intake I will be. I got zero response yesterday. I was thinking about the the Bentley kill gate Saturday for home com yes. Sent mrs. hill attacks they said hey do you think you might be willing to make. The buffalo chicken did it against zero response so you know what. I'm gonna make my own sour cream and onion Lipton maybe even throw in a little bill. That have you ever made a dip where you take sour cream. You're not gonna like this but sour cream parity of the face on a little bit of Maine donated Sonoma and some dill. And then you post some some pita bread you cleaning out the fridge and it's it's delicious like it's just a little it's like three quarters sour cream one quarter may donates richest and lard on a van pelt I am telling you about science give it give it a try and up. It's gonna save you some time you you heard that first. From the pompous score made on the show yes when that what is it well that ironic by the way LB think yeah if you could. It's one on the run on you you be your baking your your pita chips captain toppers that host them. Well what's toaster you'd debate becoming apparent to most of our ready in the people like them to act. In a while and build myself slick and put more about it room. Think 41 man. There or being creative moon today amber if he hadn't come on the go. And not where they the model is it Albanian. Certain if you can't miss it at all or not the cry and I will be you know you're. And then that Kenny Watkins. The meals dream interview. On Tuesday during the 9 o'clock hour stream. Though get in to the dangers on us. There at 9 o'clock hour Tuesday. We're looking for all. Yeah. What about Eric all we I expect it. It in the right implement it on or. Now basically. It's a sports. Here's somebody who says earlier LB said Chris Sale has always had health issues in the playoffs. He has pitched one computer payoff game dummy. India helped us on an. OK so in my mind that some sort of you do your homework. Do your homework aren't Christian OK so I I misspoke about playoffs. Chris sales issue. Is daddy bales in his arm he gets hired at the end of the season not a case though I think. Call me call me a dummy aberrant and listen to the experts. And the reason Alex Cora what was your homework with the into the expert what. Listen I don't do any eyes at home my partner at and you're on your formal bring everybody. IAA you know and that's where Alex core. Happy elevenths for like three weeks because with a shoulder inflammation archery could've pitched like. Forty's after he had shoulder inflammation but when your. Gonna come up 100 wins. You don't need Chris Sale the pitch let other guys get out there own personal regard to our honorable. Wrong. We'll. All want. Yeah. Yeah it's great that problem that it didn't that get well and and enact important China. Back elected the appeal but what is it at all. Our children from around. 720. Okay wow now I get like a white album. And now. Party. And it. If Cheryl light if you missed. The news there at 7 o'clock hour. Sir Paul McCartney. The legendary beatle has done an interview. With GQ. In which he shares details. On a aggressive bullpen session. That he and John Lannan and some of their male friends participated in. I'm so not gay can do this. It's cold I was trying to prove your masculinity embodies what the satellite and haven't an aggressive bullpen session in front of a group dude.