Hill-Mail - It's Bergeron... Finally

Friday, October 20th

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents until mail. All right well don't do well I have what it on W a today's he'll male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans. First time buyer programs and more. Visited city of Boston CU dot com the city of Boston credit union. Uniquely Boston. In here now for you I'd very best male voice mail messages of the previous. 24. Hours and. 8:57. AM. Maybe what I think it. You did you'd been there and because. Being happy and in the game. And that of we discuss. We discuss the plague. That is. Premature graying. Of the pubic areas of real problem there things you can do diet wise apparently to who try to president that are slow it down. Apparently some some some of you who are listening may suffer from. Premature graying. Of years. Care and that in this area so region on it yes. They've been 908. Am. They morning you know. Anybody who could got hurt in accordance with the men are. At the vote and block it out of it that this thing that. And that message is just you know what he needs I don't appreciate producers and good night though. There data grid so last man is it was I was exhausted heading into the first period of the all those goals like. It stand up and cheer it does not lose my voice is it's very exciting do you have a New Jersey for the season and I couldn't see what whose Jersey you're at a Bergeron on okay is that Bergeron. It's Bergeron has yet trees trees and even inspectors via well. Three balloons are tired so publishers about her own horn and I'll be onsite. Bergeron and that Cambodia and the only. Why you haven't got an alias like dead short like all black one and a and Kenya the Bergeron. The typical. Clearly don't have Don Sweeney since you know him wouldn't need unless it's that you see here. This is like how you accuse me of making you 1% or you're trying to excuse me is. The same things I didn't say scientists had high very high very negative about the general manager of the Boston I have been negative vote on scheduling a press conference to fire the head coach. Coach Julien during a patriots. Super Bowl per who's going to be fired from Montreal there's an Al hallmark card to soccer. How did not then. They are they battled since he took over there rerouted to really you know what you think he'll be he'll be gone I can't believe your last. If if he keeps you on the way they're wrong. Won't let omitted these you know you'll make the OEU and never mind the all star break shelf unit that we're really Thanksgiving Day apparently. There's. All 9:25. PM. And then we'll. And Colin you don't have any help these kids that don't let me and it's happened many thought if you include. Said. And then now saying. We really have to clear up this big rock and your finger thing because everybody keeps texting about it we talked about it during the early part of the show. In years snapped at last night people think you engagement and that's that was a ring on your right. Yes because when you're taking self feed mood and snack check it flips the image of what appears to be left in the video is actually married you know and indignant at non. It. Advisor to lift the shroud of mystery around it is that the one you bought for yourself moments and here at work its strength from them when I've got a tanker. What you well lately not have that price point. And then 070. Man. There. Yeah. You Barak last night school three helpers the difference having him back he's just the big difference. We'll who don't own. And now and handed a five and a half. Will that make you a quick and too. I'm not that it. Somebody is asking if you guys lie about your hands eyes light you lied about your dress eyes now and and Iowa I have to change in the. I'm not gonna lie and you get in and catering and then have to go head size of Alec fingers in the fifth inning and the speed Messina ten in the month of must've Smithsonian and make it to get it on what's the average woman. Do go down about us geyser t.'s eyes when she when she worked talking and she's lying about what side issues. And that's what the averages just one size to have 42 before. The war. I pour rain now original little heavy premium. Pitcher at ten. And not negate ranked fifth and heavier so I can say this Kansas thing. I get from weight on atmospheric. But the worst part about it about losing me as much as I love it wouldn't fell on is their boobs and albums. I said to me and this and sons are you see those go but I was happy for the rest of beachfront. I didn't notice that why don't you know color and never looked down look at that I meaning having no I don't know what number are where your butt trying to protect. And I did fairly different metal detect it and charges for that kind of having HR person right now. Like a free for all speaking of lying isn't new survey out. It says that 6%. Of people. Tell some kind of a lie every day. Of course check you. And half of the respondents. 49%. Almost half. Have pulled some kind of a line more than once to their special someone. Well here's the thing you get a tape if you're alive if somebody. You can't keep capitalize especially if it's in the moment we are altering something like where I was who I was with. How many people have slept with you get take notes on that is that comes up on the line and it's not organic and you forget. You're not associate cancer remembers that staff. You're screwed. Well. It's more than once they like there's that special apartment homes might be small lies about what looked fat and that's. No annual or you do you cannot in your profit don't have it yet but think about it. I'll be home in fifteen merits. Beat writer you are tired. Locked on Barack editor I don't what about. You know alluded yes they took care of you know you're supposed to send an insurance form how I did. Instead they and on yes I finished yet your great. Eleven and again. But Bruins who warm night and women who. A way that that came in this message. Now. He's in CNN. You are going to a Halloween party got better what I had a big threat there. If you happen to be there. And tell them that he did Harrison pulled. He heat and then. Are taught workload there or particular food or had turned fifty what and killed outside mortar look at the end now. Danielle recommend I was. We're talking about leaks in and we're talking about open casket saying it didn't want everybody coming up in looking at my small hands and Daniels that I should donate my hands to. Experts tell if there is cans plants per child have a child loss that these. His or her hands and an unfortunate and I have to get those singing lady can be small at that point oh like what it will would have of one of those those spinners would glad control can't take the kids or British politics as center gathered there blood on it wouldn't grow because authority fully formed so that childless person that one small hand and lead and losing their little rest of their lives here now is it worth that and really would you rather smaller kid neared a kidney at all. I'm gonna put that on my license in my hand donor and a played JP Pruitt noted hand model. That was the nickname for several of those hookers and her custody in Florida via handed doughnuts or college. Who thinks he said thought about that battle and copycat it than what happens when you. Rating control forget this I want you to do go wrong you get everything you want that benefit the word no therefore I. Now you got no business you that nobody. That know who the parade and pretty soon he'll have no right. Obviously. Living absolutely no. Good luck out of London that. Now there are repercussions mean he can't just. He can't just burn rates. People and and expect that other people aka I mean I would assume that the client talent coffee shop early in the morning is very frequently. Law enforcement people and artists stereotype that it was for parents they're up early they're going to get coffee and if you start saying that you wouldn't you know there's no way you'd ever do. Copy with a cop and he'd rather do copy with a Fallon like this person did the minutes. Unfortunately there's going to be a repercussion for your business way I don't know if this is accurate that a texture had written an earlier that it didn't open until eight and on weekdays at that's crazy for a while playing it is really easy for profit. Now with the unable to you said the cop with a felony event didn't did the that they carry through on the top of the the coupled felon I mean a -- and India coffee with a talented they carried it not okay they never did nothing couldn't get a Fallon there and one day for timeline with I didn't have one available via they tried to continue with a copy the content nobody should own zone drink crappy candidate Jack stand it's toilet mine it's. Back here it seems like. Coffee with a Fallon would be a good sting operations I got elected civil you know I mean like if you and once. He announced free copy for felons you have you might be able to serve some warrants it seems like. 7:24. AM. Data that if there aren't built. I don't get a kick out of the great day and that helps make up very very different but now at Papa Papa don't grab the outbreak that. And the message thanks yeah. By the way if you were looking forward to going to that coffee shop and Lynn now that their clothes you can go around the corner to tacos the Pete witches and that's really yeah. Rocco Tuesday to tackle everyday I go every and they did tag expiring.