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Wednesday, December 7th

The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit turned talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill man up and. How could give up hope that their ratings went up when your life. All on WAA. Today's home L voicemail messages are brought to you by this city of Boston credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit the city of Boston CU dot com website that city of Boston CU dot com. The city of Boston credit union. You uniquely. Boston here are the best dome will voicemail messages that you have left. In the previous 24 hours. 5:42. Am. They want a black world but came. Coming up we'll talk about what we're all in the second half we'll talk about what we're all of that. About the movie of the act there a way. I've never the I've lived I've got about one world about what. They do I doubt about it well that day when you guys. The world. And. Went out you say that. Any show. That adults can Mike Hsu myself in LB can talk about for days and days and days and days. Is an extraordinary television program via hide so many potential things that are going on so many. Problems to solve some many plot twist. It's an amazing show. And he thinks Ian. I'll brag at the work that gain power and act stuck out iPad and it's. Not conflict about Butler. Relax. Thirteen hours. I'll be on the air all day today raising as much money as is humanly possible for the Greater Boston food bank. The Worcester County food bank in New Hampshire food excel and starting it and she would die. We'll start play this dogs that you have requested. Those of you have Marty called. 617779. FILL. And you live started to fill the coffers of the food bag by calling 617779. FIL Allen requesting a sock. We will start the player signs at 10 o'clock in my guess is that. You won't recognize what the radio station sounds now and and any time you tune in. Over the next three days while I'm on the year you'll probably not recognized what radio station you're listening to. 02. Ian. Lowe. It's loose knit and it awkwardly. It effect block and there are. And that man is yes if I didn't put the bigger the pick. The other hardware. Like you. One of the one of the potential radio formats that them Mike Hsu and I have created during that Iraq for change and that has yet could be adapted by any radio station US or any radio consultant but. We will at some point launch into the harbor won a seven point three which is just. Ocean sailing your boat related music that's all it is and it's it's perfect for any. Radio station that is on. In a city that's on the waters you know you know oftentimes. When it comes radio you wanna take advantage of the area where you are and I try to be local and and unique in your contents and if anybody if any radio consultant is listening. And they wanna use that format harbor one I'll seven point three only only only selling songs. They can go inhabit. 0:4. AM. But I did I do my heart is good it's its debt on. They're going to get a lot of it doesn't yet there's yeah that kind of ride it but that not a store and put it in another I admitted that coming out. Now we are all we are not worry about it. And yet what. And that message I had a that was our house that all these kids. I think. 0:1. AM. Punitive get called out there. But this followed that immigrant group is deplorable waiting. Moved to benefit the I think. 480. Man. I ordered. And all little while but believe that I didn't no more. What. Very. Like. That a couple but what order. Or. About what it cost. Went. Between. All of the without all of those awful. Who. Sleeping on at that point. I'd done that. Obama. Why not if it occurred at an airport or. I ordered an adult court. It would help our boat war but at what what. But whatever went there. Elevate. And then there is. President of the United States Jacqui in just a month or so left in office a month and a weaker so. And I'll play leaving hijacked plane by John Denver your line or I'll play country roads now I'd love to. Last it's on. What kind of a commie. Bigger yield you don't like country roads. Greatest drinking sons in law everybody sings at your at a bar yet and country roads comes on everybody's hugging each other. High five thing. What are you running out at this and but the celebrating and I'm talking about like the bar like the over the bar the bar at the foresees an idea how well you're like oh yeah. Yeah collapse are things that didn't comes on and where we all day that we I'll check that went on there on Saturday there you have it done and we give up in our meetings shoes and get up on the tables means that I five and everybody. Do me fine. 0:9. PM. They're both wrong with that and the they're sort of without. This is what they're so. It. And then that Obama and or complaining. About the way that I announced that jam us during the chairman Graham commercial yesterday and this week old. Where it. And core I can get broke up we think one in airport wonderful to be able to provide manipulative attack. And and then look who it will still be people that direct talks if you look at. And green which let you down don't see that. Have a great day. And that men and that sites are spending like drunken sailors. Of those errors in peril when at all apple Chris the Chris still feels great because he he's our son he's three years left on his contract that traders the do yeah we give away big to get it right. Net certain rotations as good as any injuries or right now they don't pull pitchers wells in the Gloucester. Prospects him in the game boy a lot of prospects. We tool we'll see right or only. Couple months away from pitchers and catchers. Who think it'll only. I don't know who had. And the men who. That. It's not PH you know it's 617779. Apps by now now.