Hill-Mail - Happy Birthday LB!

Friday, February 28th

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours! 

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge and pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now it's your Terri did talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Bill mail that I get hit it. It. I would go on WB. All right. Days he'll email voicemail messages are presented by the city of Boston credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit the city of Boston CU dot com the city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston and thanks in advance. For those of you. Who have left the old male voice mail messages over the previous 24 hours. Here are the best submissions. 401. AM. I did although it has not. Done. On Tuesday ya big day down and mark McGraw yeah. I was it ends now right this is the last day or it's or yeah it's I know it's last Tuesday. But I don't know if Martin's Mardi Gras and without Tuesday and visit and on land I was it can all. I am renegade does and I'm Lance yes I think you're right there two yes yes. Monday eight. 47 AM. Mr. know you had trouble announcement of the new Dunkin' Donuts arena of go on days they get what they've connected being productive though. So they're GR AM and didn't doubled in the world you know night. And the madness of from front to Dayton. Monday 909. AM. It says Alvin robot. Now content not content and not come to work the day now on him. And iPods I that I forgot to charge myself. Very confusing discussion yesterday no violence no quietly. You know if you guys these guys and I tried closed John diligently about now. Re quite noticed your illness you're listening that. Only the rich people are gonna replace people. People that don't wanna be replaced or going to be proactive. And get robots not and so that they're not replace. You stick you can't figure out because you're you're you're just you're coming out of your mouth that's why one of them don't you're just convince the dead that. The 1% owners are gonna replace. The hard working people can afford. So you think in your robot instead of buying their own one of my hand Daniel how what what why can't I desirable better than. And whoever order a deep field. Yeah they're above the sign now. Doing and why is where we're all gonna be rigorous. What kind of cargo are gonna escalate OK you drive and escalate and everybody why isn't that you can drive it escalated some strides for. People like it people drive all kinds of different cars like the exact I don't exactly my point is so so. Who says that I can't drive the Ferrari as in the better robot. Then you're drive and a smaller. Well I mean the issue with the robot uprising is those people who own the businesses. Are gonna replace us human blades with robot not quite enough not right now replied I I I'd I uncapped the Topper first what do you what do you. Did you go or how we heard about it. My gonna prevent that I did that it be here but I hired a robot just replace light and I'm going to great because you know what I guess I just what five robots and starting a landscaping company I was pretty I'm starting a group. And I robots are gonna fix cars policy you're gonna captain Popper them on their robot uprising you're gonna get to a before they get here as. You can register your your clothes minding your your pretending that there's no. Upper class middle class lower cost saying difference when it comes to goal ahead replaced me we're why care. You replace me with a robot idol when a garage with five robots affix people's cars that can afford. And make it cheaper than people fixing cars thing you're pretending we're undercutting whether or not they think we're just going to be history you know. Yeah you don't want to senators and I'm not gonna let the 1% or eliminate me night. By my usually stay there there's a zillion things are robots can do on a starter sewing company and make calls. I'm an ominous start. 100 that with four robots. Well on the overhead fire me I don't cameras in them odd to be honest with the world going to be nude because we're not going to be able to afford clothes because we've been replaced by robots that I don't. I mean maybe if you're making robot close. But I mean would eat well yeah would that be like when a chicken. Eats a piece of chicken ram if a bunch of robots were making robot clothes for the other romance. I don't. I don't know we I don't know what more entertaining LB theory that text and I just I know. Yeah and confuse my I mean I just I just kick out of the fact that you pretend like you're gonna be homeless because you lose your job to Roma yet but I not my what Blake who. I know what they're saying to exist when you're all of a sudden two more you have no money I might not be able to start my own company employing robots. As is your model we only need to get your saying that if you get fired from Iraq is replaced by a robot you're gonna go start a company employing robot frighten a lot of people can't do one. Right morneau a lot of people aren't millionaires either. But they they wake up every morning they have kids in the go to work yeah another nice to be able to get the robot to their job actually I don't know that the them and you know again I. Did you know that black guys that you've got to throw like OK you've been called it for years firfer hundreds and hundreds and hundreds years. Guys wanna I wanna break you Tia. The Chinese have been around for 101000 yourself okay well it does that an army can do it while I was and it turned on ideas technology how far technology coming a thousand years the Chinese there's still there right. There's still a gigantic country with 800 billion people. I'm let's get back to home they'll even though it's your birthday. Monday 906. And. That elegant robot come through contract. And art and local news. At this now. This does. Monday 905. AM. I. Thought. The men and robust yet. Monkey monkey get robot now there is a story that we're going to get too soon. About a stolen monkey crisis somehow Florida not like the rest of us yes Dolan monkey a real problem. They move forward. AM. Good morning thank you are gonna gruden still bought radio girls coming up our third go at 740. These and we've eliminated that you're an elementary. Student then all of a lot better than they are spot on and then not warm. Also you sure do and do you guys who are out there and battle that our. I do. And it meant that on have you seen this. The new Boston dynamics robot that was introduced. Oh god I'm so terrified from the robot overlord it's on now. Got wheels arms mean the thing is absolutely sick if you wants. And if you want I will re tweet right now. The the new robot which can jump lift skate. It's up and transformer regularly you'll know it just says I just tweeted that retreated that. On my Twitter feed Greg Hill W. The follow me on Twitter. Five 47 AM. Again Matt in new there you know who we're not there. So. Do and he adds that who laughed not. That come back mile out here in my letter arm. A little break in. You'd pick in my mute that school big things. And I mean honestly. Great product you know I just I don't shill for just anybody now. But as agree is a great product. Quality set of valentines and Melissa well listen I didn't do I'm told around here that's your comment team in place of it but my polo. It is it's completely legit. And if you find yourself. I've we have been find yourself up in ocean park mean. This summer yet take a look at knew my pillow wing. Of the of the jailhouse. In ocean park and then after the hearing knowing it is it's right near the yeses right near the Purina one wing and it's coming along beautifully. Monday to 39 PM. What is great old we call. To be and let the bodies NHL career haven't called them all have a lot of buildup to the anticipation. Does the middle of this there was a lot of explosive their immunity and it would get this particular kind crapshoot. And if message. Tomorrow on the show. Mirage. The doctor who'll perform my colonoscopy. Two in which to create awareness for colon cancer month will join us on the show that's cool and talk about why you. Should really Gil go get yourself a colonoscopy as opposed to waiting until somebody says hey you've got to get a call on our country go like go get one cell. We'll talk about that tomorrow. Where is that my doctor Irish. What he thinks and has yet. Or they pitted and sort of brought a lot of men and then. And a neck tension. And I didn't. I went somewhere and anybody on the problem for mine all of a brothel brothels or something something. We sang old. They're happy about anybody there that they thought it made her underwear and be done and maybe never keep back. But that. I'm. Honestly. Still long and Zardari room until very realistic. That we'll. Oh cool and then. I'll be hit I appreciate you given our own members and everybody I actually got out because you thought about whether your second or third. What he gave out and about including all of. Now on the matter there that is through that a patient zero of the phone yeah I was direct message to sell him. All right thank you for participating this morning. During hell mail. This is sports Tron who is joining us here this morning on LB sport to a birthday yes sports jobs. I want Jewish LP a very happy birthday. Out here is that WAS. Sports was sports on. It tell you something a robot could not do what LB can build when announces board's measure heart there's just and its nonetheless.