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Tuesday, December 6th

The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each year returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resents his old man up. I begged him might not look at that led formula and god I think there has yet I'm thankful. I don't know about I don't know where I want you don't. And on WAA. Adios. Amigos. Kids say the darnedest things on thing. Cute kids. I love cute kid his ticket to the kids and you can't keep it annoying kids are not are not great but it you know Latino parents at that it depends on where you are that. And if their parents you know if you're at a restaurant in somebody's standing on the Booth and peering over renew your boost the local programming in and throwing things in your Booth that's a real problem. Over with the hair touching it's technical Achilles I never bothered me mad occasionally mind indicative that there's the food product in the child's hands. And it said. I let. Maryland on court. Today's home oil voicemail messages. Are but you by the city of Boston credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans. First time buyer programs and more visits city of Boston see you dot com the city of busting credit union. Uniquely Los then and here are the very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been laughed over the last 24 hours. Monday 750 side and then. You know Greg you're gonna find that their ratings went out. When nobody was. All of this and that. We may have had some got a bump in the ratings. And I accidentally. The activated mine my microphone ten or fifteen times in a row yesterday 108. Who old. Do you realize that capital also created the captain on the eve Boyd and and now. No doubt what we've done I'm Debbie captain over. I know it's Casio. And then we need 49 PM. And that you can do have an NFL quarterback there hadn't yet here he had been Marino the ring that Joseph Montana. And the longevity of Brett Favre. Oh wait we do. Yeah. It's. All well. Now it's. He is the greatest of all time. No doubt in anybody's mind I don't you know he's on wins. What's his face on non Monday night's Jim Gray Westwood when. He Jim Gray was asking if he heard from Roger Goodell. The answer last night was no. Tom Brady has not received a congratulatory phone call from Roger Goodell on becoming time winningest quarterback in NFL history well that surprise you not even a little bit now. It Richard exploit it son Roger and pick up and down gitmo phone policy thank you. Monday 7:45. PM. Help me god of the political order forty years old. Or do you do when you're 4040 years old but aria in May and there's important news that. On the market. And you think you hug a sneaky play it. But it got ready for that matter if somebody wants to get my ability you don't I think he's the type of guy he's like to easily Brady he takes care is what it's like literally. Late after the game last night if they were in Tampa if they were Irish Sea and now Miami if it was a home game. It's the rest of the team gets undressed and showers and goes home he goes back on the ice he does after like 45 minutes. And your skating drills is Ohio Galliano really well but he he. I said they did a whole story on him a whole documentary kind of deal iron it was on NHL network but he he does it because. He. Uses that convinced his body. That easy arm. What do you overture he over challenge his body so it was bought he stays yards. Yeah whatever whatever the mentality as a way where every start on its unease he's one of the best players in this year's 4445. That's why do the five K every year coming up on Saturday and trying to convince my body that's the only and of that and it it's Grady kidnapping him and have a record breaking time this year record slowest pace I feel like Pomona minutes at a new record onion I mean Kobe will be running in the five K on Saturday we hear that you're late you're leisure 35 attacks like a seventy that's that thing if you didn't have Colby with you before she may be paid. I'd want the whole thing it. Well yeah chat in the hole I doubt taking every year you have either person bird dog that forces you to keep down. Why have the celebrity police chief yet. For. Like three years ago who made me run the whole entire thing would not let me stop right after Elisa thought it was torture. This public Altria are we're still kind of every time I try to slow down knowing that I Carl oh he's a Marines now. Chief necks now and so the whole entire time he was he was like who drying me through the through the five K and I'm like no like I don't want to run. I don't stop I don't worry I'm reading why do I have to run ads targeting. There's the guy. This is awful to lose a guy who wins the five K every year. Name is John Paul packed yeah. Is a long distance runner guy. And tell us about him I'll tell you won't tell you out of it but it's the first when we used to do the five K in Sudbury. The course came back upon itself out guns so I was like literary. And now. Ten minutes and everything and the dude is coming back and the director and that Canada and Alvin chain and it and I am IMAP I've had my third ordinary. You know I mean he and he's winning the thing fourteen minutes and I mean who does a five K in fourteen minutes EPO is it's just it's it's ridiculous but anyway. We will see on Saturday for the new rule Greg Hill foundation jingle all the way five K it's in Maynard. And we actually celebrate Christmas we loudly proclaim that we love Christmas of this event. So everybody wears. Ugly Christmas letters and we have gingerbread. The good managing to read somebody whose texting earlier. Asking if that was the hard gross kind notes the soft delicious damaging to let gingerbread must be soft and chewy and by and must not be I'm not a fan not a not a candidate for crispy ginger bread now agent Jim yes I don't. I Pena I Krispy day and now it gets his acting on prices that could be taken. That is in me and must be placid ING I it's your bacon should be classic and your gingerbread should be soft. But anyway we got Carol lawyers and it's. Christmas trees and Christmas music and all that stuff so if you wanna join up and you want our run walk with me on Saturday. Just go to the Greg Hill foundation. Dot toward hello Eddie. Yeah you're at your record shattered right. Yes the Minnesota record yet does that theatre sharp early. Eight yes amidst a growing and I at least ten. Minutes dale Haney. I don't England he had. Integrate your typical 1%. We are single bullet fired into tomorrow what went on in Tibet album. And methods I don't will open as gingerbread house this week that I'll take Iowa. Nothing better than having one of those things with the gum drops and all kinds account on it and just picking away at it all Christmas season. And then you have a spare in case you finish it too soon before the holiday Monday 8490. Yeah. Oh god I don't know. And imperial. Little boy. We're we'll. The are both we news. Yeah. Yeah. I'm good I'm not a yeah hey it isn't bad. And then another one of those mornings coming tomorrow it's gonna snow late tonight into tomorrow morning Chris Collins is just prepare for it we're gonna have another one of those mornings tomorrow. Six home to me and. Welcome to ever supermarket as well they were much. Who have you won't let it. I'm well you're looking like he put on the U. If you may put the pitfalls. And. And if you flew back it up wit we'll discuss the Amazon supermarket again in a moment. Because people have some interesting thoughts and somehow some concerns about it. Eleven older. But it but the moment I have about the size of New York. But if you do with a great moral foundation. Art not be at least one time you look I didn't. And it. Your foundation is the work is done by you not by me you know those of you who donated yesterday donated over 151000. Dollars. In the space of what four hours five hours for is families. Who lost their homes in the firing Cambridge on Saturday so. Were writing a check today. To those families for 25000. Dollars so you guys donated fifteen. Foundation donated ten. And if you're if you're if you ever wonder. How is the foundation able to don't donate 101000. It's because you go to events like jingle all the way fund and help us raise money. And so I always like to point this out to do. Because there has been from time to time some scuttlebutt. About certain. A charitable foundations. 100%. Of the 151000 dollars that you donated yesterday goes to those families in Cambridge. 10100. Not 99 not nine to 75. Not fifty. Not for 100%. Of what you donated yesterday to the Greg Hill foundation goes directly to those families in Cambridge. He leaked on Ian. Stated Greg I was so inspired by that story of the robot signal Brad and the dark but I bet there robot they quote yeah. He would run gotten involved did have one country. It goes. Yeah. It's. With that and I love that drop that is in the new entry on bass that you can transfer that to the January and show. Well I'd bad idea just keep that I want to just wait on that and every single intro. Five 38 and again. Larry and what do we do it on the roof. The good that outcome of the work and helicopter. Went with the greeted that way every morning. You know come now. Now that's exciting backflow like running running off the helicopter win two is with my head down yeah running right in the work and starting Michelle every morning I would have never understood beats running with the head down. Well have you heard there the rotors are the rulers have you ever been and helicopter yet it's terrifying when when he out of their village eight feet above your head and it doesn't matter. Not there but not until it's too close for me I ticked up one down the foxwoods. Whenever I was. A couple months ago. And I just I think it's flashback to that moment next and you say on the when the Mitchell of 1% or. Continue or is that a good and maybe maybe it was for me to ever think about that maybe was a charity maybe like a they do helicopter rides for. People who look sick was your wish. Yeah. And I wish but I can knock it off the thing until the rotor blade yeah stopped empire irrational fear I'm only person on I was the only person on the thing. You are valued I was terrified to get off because it scares me like I mean what about that bottled up like her face chopped off by yes. The blades of the airplane when it member. The attention not to go to the foul early I don't know I don't think I don't know there's like two feet off the ground. It can happen the rulers on a helicopter noise means nine feet ten feet in the air. They can come down and they don't have never seen anybody would so what do you do you watch. There overnight guys and how much all my god it's a night of use of half a tank of fuel Shatner I think not that I don't fired back out now. And the helicopter guy actually tells you to wait today get off until the rotor blades there. I have stopped and they're they're nervous do. And it's it is it's it is you know they're doing jumping on her nerve wracking experience. It is it would travelman. Well it's about as fast as I'd zipped down there at the best part about it is that it takes it takes pony Minnesota's. Is it the best part about it is you can see everything on it's it's it's it's awesome it's it's great.