Hill-Mail - Goodell's Contract Demands

Tuesday, November 14th

Each day, we play the best voicemail messages from the previous 24 hours! Today, a few callers bring up Roger Goodell's contract demands!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the. Pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com and now it's your return to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male or. And she. So you know I've heard some bad you'll have been able. RWA. Yeah. Coming up. Seventh caller is gonna win. TB twelve autographed football it's Tom on the twelve it's so that is about eight minutes away. Here's the angry text of the morning I believe that's from the same guy who. Text in all the time about how he horrible person and primaries that's the I'd text says. Every reported on the mass state police corruption scandals or does that that not fit your agenda while you raise money for state cops and have them on your show quite a bit. Do you support the corruption do you have anything to say about it I just spent fifteen minutes with the governor on it. Hingis that's the rig that day you're around that person that's yeah that's the earnings press. Does a person who claims they have to listen to the show because somebody or listens yeah I like it like it like what are they stuff their ears full of a cotton. You don't mean and one one a big by like did not always silencing headphones or something and and they wouldn't have to listen. The vice stupid show or better yet a division arousal complete it mattered he was nozzle. You know I'm Xavier let me alarm governor of them mapped out of this state would hear an ailment but yes I was I let's listen to dope I've delivered I delivered. You're. Fastball straight down. The middle of the thing that they deliver the fastball down I'm not a baseball that. But a minute a minute to get out and did it and if you ever seen if you ever saw my first pitch and finally you know I cannot deliver any no fast or anything down the middle of the pines. But anyway I was I went hard on the governor and I didn't let up when he was in here right. Today's till Mel voicemail messages. I've brought to you by the city bus in credit union with all the convenience of big bag checking accounts. But no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union. And their checking accounts service today and here are the very best male voice mail messages. That you have left over the previous 24 hours. Monday mind. 32 AM. That that. I can't look at it felt no longer accept one. No but if you put up on it. Talk. The man who. Got it it's gone on it was Colin earlier I didn't put a month while he was on hold for the last fifteen minutes and I did not put him on did not allow one of the show Monday forward. 0:5. PM. So why are there at the time that the people people. Are great. Although there is no perfect apple but I. You know somebody. Whitman he's calling us ugly on somebody said yesterday when our 101. Year old friend Harry was. And he said he he lights thing now beautiful people because they make them feel good that that was just pure. Greatest generation logic and the people just don't say those things and now by but it's a lot of things that I think that's. Just happy eagle beside them every now so we're thinking about others. By this man. Let alone and then you know we're here labored a headphone. Let you know they're always Baldwin org staff there he. We. Looked into believing. And he always blowing. Mark you. It. Well. Well Lara why piano playing. And that's Carolyn Keene. And it's fretted and Vijay show as Larry mentioned yesterday a little confused but I mean honestly are confused a lot of the time and I'm 51. He's a hundred in line it's okay if he thinks my name is spread and that LB's name is BJ I mean I think that's fine. Think blue satin hands. It don't want certain. I was the moon and whoever got up to the London and the message. Roger Goodell wants 49 and a half million he'd be willing to go down to 49 I think he'll done. And he wants a private. Use of the private jet. For life if he has to renew his deal with the food we Foreman oh man. Yet let there if we have one questionable you're out. Include border I'm well it is not a side. That is. A text that says that you happen to notice yesterday during this in view. That Larry complain less about falling in going to the hospital and Greg did about all over the puppy gate areas yeah the years older that I am Hitler is like that's the worst thing that happens to me this week and I'm okay he doesn't care now he doesn't. Seven foot boom all. What whoever you're gonna find out today that it will both increase. The message. Do some kind of a. Like and an online. I guess who's the next that creep not next Hollywood creep is going to be you seem I snapped yesterday now Robin thick. Cookie cutter Michael I'll give it its yes Robin when that he had just before he became popular with the blurred lines new years ago we hear a song called like that you along with excellent song and it came up my iPod rotational omelet. I'm surprised that guy hasn't been peg of the creepy and he seemed like an uneven and earlier attic asking all of you in the video he seems like he Kabila a bit of a creature. Can I just tell you something about and Malia accounts he has you can you know I happen to be obsessed with. She honor instigator and yesterday. She must be advertising some sort of a a bathing suit line or something. But she was in this picture. And she has it and I am not admiring this from from a could be from a creep factor I'm an. And admiring it from a work out actor hurt if you look at that picture of her duties that did you go to orange sphere and I'm waiting for a total load look at the picture. Look at the picture of her and didn't like her Arabs and her like her her she just she was in the gym forty. Hours a day our university well she's got to be thirty you know we'll she's 2720. Gradkowski. You know there comes from those and taking in twelve calories is that is that it is gonna go down a twelve count rising and then that accents the muscles because there's guys that there isn't is it just is she doing the rays and method where you put the rays and any amount and you you move your tongue rather slowly and and a detailed memories and you believe you need a full bag of reasons we've only eat one reason is that is that it. While home 21 older. Note this morning that it I'm out it was an Amazon rock well they've won the bid for the quarter. But now than. There was a race track that was store wrote earlier this morning and didn't realize. You there's restriction that's the yeah. Hole 2620s. And refinement and she's most insurance yes. And he and this is. Everybody automatically gonna say that this is caddie and a not noticing that it's it's not that it is shredded. If she doesn't have a ton of muscle tone his movie when you get the pick I only as an act orange pink what are you outlined in the middle she had the outline Nassau when you might incidents thread I'm not happy. It's saying her body parent. And Vernon is not shredded and that is beautiful and lean and curvy. But there's not kind of muscle tone when I think of shredded I think what across. So that's not how I would not I bunny she shredded but she as the line them. Absolutely putting the effort she didn't say a 115. Pounds match. Excuse are right let's see it is 812. And time for pom on the twelfth but it. If you are the seventh caller right now you'll win football that has been autograph for you by number twelve. It's Tom on the twelve it's brought to you by west Borough Mitsubishi beauty seventh caller right now. And winning football autographed by number twelve this is Nikola neck. Hey good morning guys what oh all put it goes all the party hole like compromise to be dealt. Yes you want the record check epic debate it mr. Kraft is on the competition committee. In the off the capital purchase private jets in the Goodell or go to. The they'll make him fly with Tom Brady every time every time he wants to use the project. For the rest of his life and use them as the plywood maybe. People and I'm older than Roger Goodell you didn't for the remote but the man on the contract. That they can in my salary private jet and not let and all I love my own the lead at Gillette that it soundproof. I looked into an agreement under applause and I'm glad we have no idea that my own may now that would make you glad you hold. Are sort of used to need some good and well. I think that hadn't been there and I hear that that it can't hack. It. Gold was there one day and see if you feel like the feel like your kids like he could be shallow target wacko apparently in the place and he's. Predicted what each route some president Dick the beach route yes you can mess stumble has steadily on to something. Property and they in the caretaker doesn't shoot you in on the NFL have their own police. Basically what doctors you have a little Secret Service. Game on wall right he has played out Frye and but but but I don't I don't know that he has like the beach Waller anything off of of the eighth in the perimeter is secure. I'm sure there's frogman or something out there to make sure no patriots fans say anything negative. Hold on let me give my. And on a graph number twelve football and Mike. Hey congratulations. This thing is worth at least a 1049. Dollars is that the times that gonna signing which got that 1049. Bucks though. You've won the the autograph TB twelve football all right Mike what are you doing it. It's. Well that's that's a good thing to hold Uzi. Eight Saturday that they are pretty bad. And then he can take it back when he goes to college and sell it so he could say to pay for college I hang on and and congratulations. On June 230. Man. I didn't kill a little bit and let it get you look at all why there are. Here is attacks that says it has anyone else noticed. That Larry has quote. Taken a shine on quotes to Danielle who now. And our warden but I think like that can exist. There is no weird about it now now it's on America's enemies the biggest insurer bought. He's taken a shine the that's a compliment or I was married for some 85 years yes yes same woman he's actually admits that you know he thinks Daniels beautiful that's that's of major pump absolutely.