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Tuesday, May 22nd

The very best voicemails of the past 24 hours!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. College. And on your schedule WAS. Dot com and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male. But now that they've had a potent report. Lol yeah. On W a death. All right. On let's see this is. Brian real quick and the Framingham Ford studio line Cranium board metro west commercial truck headquarters what's up Brian. And yeah. Let's go go. You know I'm here. Yeah a great I think it's it would bring her they did in afraid eyebrow and opiates that it be a little bit more afraid of left naked. I go longer accuse me strength. She's beautiful it is close being naked I loved being naked in willow did to snake we don't love you being an elephants with all due respect. Pulpit of the respect please keep your clothes on for your hockey Biden he's doing it. Today's. You know Mel voicemail messages but you by the city of Austin credit union. With a all of the convenience of big bag checking accounts that no minimum balance requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union and they're checking accounts serviced today. And here for you right now are the very best film L voicemail messages that you left over the previous 24 hours. Monday 9:47. AM. And I think there's been ethnic or. More bad forward. And come back but important news. Won't it won't I can say it's OK nothing conviction of the reporting from community. And now I never had disembarked. No no. Don't like sweets that's the only way that's a believable scenario direct and I'm Mary Kate. Gerke sweetener to the cinnamon bun thing is one of those things where I've been talking about it Ceylon. People don't. They just thinking can't be as good as it is described and it is and that's better there were countless people. Who said I cannot believe how good the ocean park seven grocery cinnamon buns are they love them. Monday 9:52. AM. I'm not going to be able to get into work today are multiplied my advice through Seattle look simple but cool group that I hungry. I bet on that medal of freedom. Into massive theft. Monday 7:17. PM. Our what do you hear. That he trapeze. Act he. Cracked and the fact he's. Patent. When did not know how do you feel about. What do you geared challenges that are going on. That are going spiraled everybody's going crazy about it is cute and it was Q the first second and listen to it for experts and posted sound asleep and I do engine and the khakis and khakis or art you know it's like that. I don't think you own old. I don't. I. We can. I was lucky in Britain. Think eighteen man. Yeah video as great YouTube product about tracking crap and we get Putin and how we finally know what on without being. If we don't speak again. Into mass and obesity and coming to a host house near you if you want to lose weight we learned this morning according to new research. Then make sure you take your shoes off before you going year house. Or you will be tracking obesity genes and these are. Chemical substances that are around us one walking around outside and they make us so. Don't track the obesity or into your house on your shoes. And everything will be okay. Thanks eighteen and then. Yeah yeah applicable. Horrible people get it LL. Let. And that message at a my with what what what LB he separately talking about her bra LB correction. From a text there. You did indeed have a cinnamon bun on Saturday in fact it was all over your face a young lady was feeding it to you. Yes it's yes I did not I did not. There are it was here when we were having fun and I need to get in taste that right as she was there when asked if it didn't sit down. And Paterson about an half at each table with the ladies yeah and eat it right I get. I get the joke having fun part with a cinnamon buying getting swarmed in my case sort of like a wedding Kate out is Alan happens yes. A lead and taste it when it was when that pressure right. I wouldn't say again. Again you know I just yet it was a party. You know. Guy and a penthouse on the ocean with a bunch are incredibly awesome people that were supporting me Greg you'll foundation. I corn hole tournament what what what what am I supposed to do ours here signal on share smoke could do our part myself on the beach. Well I was having Carl. I mean that's that's what it's about when you when you're at beach bar and 48 and again. And it grab your oil our guys not why not. Right or up on that oil smarter about it. That the burden off or made public by the picked up like that later we could technically blatant that ethnically now. At guard but can't always wanted to move up your car well not that the protests but not nobody wants the work anymore I bought. And now people are upset when the cleaning woman called earlier. And said she really appreciates it. Well and people clean the whole entire house out before she goes. Because they believe that when she say that what she really means is. I don't wanna do all the work just to have the ball and that's what both of you women do you clean the place for the cleaning people. About when they handed it should be about half as Carty did have the house before they got there. 02. Ian praying. Yet the support it. Oh. Yes we've been bombardment inordinately warm mr. trump. You get your wallet and back on the. On the net and believe that the walrus. The the spy. That was theoretically inserted into. The trump campaign in the spring. Of 2006. Team. By the FBI. Was code named the walrus. Whom. Who older. The goal of the Gordon. And Matt Kenseth. You oh. And there are people they'd like to sit and do you know the chicks in in some sort of dance where bikini answered you know. Yeah and info you know sort. Little cheerleader outfits. Walton who did do well again. If we it really worth it would boot up outdoor walk or file independently. Twenty she Ian. Payton. Back I. Think I'm glad I thought I went back into now. He learned according to. New research that. In large percentage of women only go on dating apps or dating sites. To affirm. For themselves that there are attractive and I ask the united stated dating you. On the site they never will go on a date with the U the only reason is they wanna. Remind themselves that there hot. Half is she pull hooked walked on our right.