Hill-Mail - Goat Ass

Friday, February 17th

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice message from the previous 24 hours!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to dock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents hill mail. They're they're what he had made a great person who collects this year and quarter. On WA EA gaffe. I today snow melt voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com the city bus and credit union uniquely box that. And here for you are the very best film Nell voicemail messages of the previous 24 hours. There's only eight. I own three and again. Oh like tomorrow. At Brevard. Walton wrote over there who. Not only this that and they're. Wounded that. Retired about these people in New Jersey who are very upset because their road. It is now going to be called Dick street Dick street don't wanna be there is a previous. The road there's another road that's called the accident they're turning the dim dark and the that the turning elsewhere thrown into Dick street yeah and also and these people are variants that and I am not I don't I don't I you know. I thirty humor and bad I think it showed he can sign on to extreme they get an image taken in and everything it doesn't have the because of the extreme I get and I got get what they're saying. There's only 4:29. PM. I didn't realize there they would match you know immigrants say oh nobody put up or. Why it it hit. But I didn't hit a good hearted or. Act on it now I guess it was the day. Without an immigrant yes a lot of places are close yes there was some restaurants and bars close yesterday and didn't have anybody nor can help. Though. It always interest standard its second year in a row that that this has gone on them. It's. What is interesting just as food for thought. Is that on known I'm not that we live in a we live in an amazing country. Where you can't be here illegally and who. And you can protest loudly. On a television on radio. On your social platforms. That you are here illegally and who. And absolutely nothing happens steel nano and and and that's a great thing about this country you might not be able to do that in other plays that he shot not a place you think it's enough we should me we should remember that. Paid me 5:11. PM. Yeah we wouldn't probably based on my advise them whether they thought overall but hey that's who led by. Apple app. And that's what we've. April oh man. How do you separate them from possible that he wanted and low grade school from the old men wouldn't show up ineptitude and what might step. People. What a great game of the regular tactic that we are all about look at what. And then that believe. I don't understand from some people say bugs is saving the best for last desist. As if what he's done what every other interview. Yeah he's gonna finally call us and be on the show but I don't I don't buy that now he is just flowed into obscurity either is gonna be out in California is that these mechanisms haven't through these nothing. What's gonna want nothing to do those. Think 44 and then. That but I bet you want to put up into the message from. Saint. We haven't hand you know work or have an acrobat and let it. It out and do nothing all. Day and. Thanks to the old man. Quote. It was into and out there and build rock hit the button yet that it into the seeds get. Break keep animal and seeing well again going into the feelings getting a feel for things adapts not easy. 708. Am. Who didn't get credit they're in the edit it do. All that bad I have like been good and and one of the pocket that we were they that they go to. I think they're totally intact at it you know like I am an eight. And the man who. They did find me and money was doing he'll melt today yet for the reports with the full plays that are being active now. It is theatrical frank and it's really. They did and in this story aired in its earlier the woman who gave them into her husband shared away. Shirts away he had stashed eight grand in cash in the pocket for vacation goodwill did find the money after that your was down. That's how it that's how it came up with good will found out she'd get her near her she told the husband she donated much stuff. And then he was like. Karen I was all the money. At. It and then they contacted goodwill nothing came of it and then. A day later in the student for you with a teeny tiny noticed a pile of sheriffs that hadn't yet been processed. And lo and behold there was the cash in case she went moment to Cashman and if I. Well. That them was that no amount of allegedly that was so melt today. All right it's 815 points and announce that nothing and then in their presentation commentary as most of got nearly they.